EP #100 മുല്ലപ്പൂ ചൂടിയ തമിഴ് യുവതി വിളമ്പിയ Italian Pizza | French Breakfast, Pondicherry Food Tour

EP #100 മുല്ലപ്പൂ ചൂടിയ തമിഴ് യുവതി വിളമ്പിയ Italian Pizza | French Breakfast, Pondicherry Food Tour

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This is Tech Travel Eat INB Trip's 100th episode We are at Pondicherry now There is a French street here It is a beautiful place where you can take a lot of photos and videos Today we will have a French breakfast from there and go to Chennai That would be our Tech Travel Eat's 100th video He will not let us take him. He wants to walk He goes mad when he sees water Welcome to the 100th episode Come let us go to the French Street We are going to see the beauty during day time of where we went yesterday I have to take a lot of photos. That is why I wore yellow today She has put a lot of makeup too That will go later. It is correct now.

He wants to walk. You go, we are also going Abhi, take the car. Let us go He is going to play in the water We are going Father's same habit. You also go restless when you see water

We are at the French street of Pondicherry This is Promenade beach area We had come here last night We have come to enjoy the beauty of French street in day light We should have breakfast too This is Rishi's new shoes We didnt have much difficulty in parking because it is day time. You have to check for No Parking boards before you park Look at this gate Looks nice Everything is well maintained. These houses would be ages old We are going to have French breakfast from Cafe De Arts Swetha said it is famous in Instagram It is a photogenic place You have a lot of artwork and caricatures Rishi, look at this small pond We have ordered food It is full of greenery in here A cycle rickshaw here This is the olden times cycle rickshaw A beautiful place with good ambience You have a place to sit outside Lot of bougainvillea plants.

They have a bar counter look here where they serve juice too You have place to sit here too Lot of space here. We sat inside It would be awesome when you come in the evening When you get inside, you find seats like this You see a mini library inside. They have given these kind of seating spaces in here This is where we are sitting. Have you understood what this NO PHOTO is? I understood now.

People come here just to take photos They would be walking on the streets Such people shouldnt come inside and take photos Look at some of the items prepared and kept for display I do feel greedy seeing them What are all these? They have peanut butter, soap Awesome ambience Abhi, if you bring your camera, we can take good photos here Beautiful ambience to take photos. Why do you need a camera when you have the photographer here? He is not taking any pics He said he will take only train pics with that phone He is not taking any other pics He is going inside there I loved this cafe. We should actually come here in the evening You will have a lot to look around in the evening Few old cameras are kept here I thought you were going to read a book Went to see what is there Rishi liked the place. Lot of things to touch and pull here and there Lot of things He is taking the spoon now This is cinnamon roll Do you feel anything seeing its shape Looks like a worm This is croissant It is a French dish. This is plain. You get with fillings too

It is hot. If you put meat inside croissants, it becomes meat puffs, right? It is almost the same Both are different Puffs is crispy but croissants are soft He is taking my wallet In UK, you get this free or as a side in most of the restaurants like we get vada here You can have home many you want Here 1 is 150/- He cannot sit or stand Full time active What is this? Scrambled eggs. It is a typical French breakfast It is scrambled egg and is very healthy Eggs scrambled. A hash brown made of potato A grilled tomato 2 slices of bread Some sprouted salad A piece of butter All these form a descent breakfast This wont have any flavours. You can add salt and pepper and make your taste Rishi is going to have scrambled egg First he didnt open his mouth Now he doesnt open his mouth. We have to force him the first time

Then he gets to know the taste Once he likes it, he will open his mouth That is Rishi. Did you like the scrambled egg? He usually doesnt eat all these. Now he is eating He is feeling sleepy That is Marquis tea. Marquis is a place in Morocco They give it to us in a pot or glass If we are 3-4 of us, pot is reasonable If a glass is 100, a pot would be only 200/- 3-4 of us can have that Rishi is having French breakfast We had our French breakfast It only came to 770/- You have an art gallery close by. Many of these kind are seen here. You see a lot of French food joints too All the names would be similar or real French names Pearl bell Villa. Looks nice

They would be charging 10-20000 for these houses. Or could check out. It is a special feel This French area is well planned You have roads crossing everywhere. You can see that in google map. Full of cross roads

Most of the planned cities are like that. This is a famous catholic church here. A beautiful church at the seaside.

When you come to the beach side, you see a lot of government offices Some of the old offices are now government offices Rest mostly are cafes, art galleries and restaurants You can see Tamilians speak French and Foreigners speak Tamil here Seriously. If you go to Aurovilla, you can find foreigners speaking Tamil fluently There are many people who still live here You can see them there This side, most of the roads and buildings are written in French Bot of you purposely wore yellow To become a contrast when you come here Only I am black Last night when we were here, it was crowded with people Now at 10am, you dont find anyone Who will come in the morning All come to the beach only in the evening People come here to walk by the beach You have a lot of white coloured buildings. All look beautiful All these look awesome at night. They would be completely lit up. Day time you see another beauty of it You can see a small sea bridge far there.

There are some people at the beach There are so many places in India where beaches can be well maintained You have a lot of beaches all over India You must see Goa and Pondicherry to know how they develop tourism at beach That is one thing I dont agree with Kerala We have beach from Trivandrum to Kasargod We are not using it proper everywhere Only if some of our rules would change, we can use it We have Kovalam, Varkala and many more If they are maintained well, we can bring in a lot of beach tourism You cannot build a hotel or resort near the beach.. Only if it is like that, tourism will get developed We have restrictions for our good But I feel some has to be altered to bring in changes Saw the beach? Simply sweating It is very humid I am sweating simply sitting Show mine. You will understand. You have applied make up But still you can see me sweating Rishi going behind a crow His alignment is wrong He goes where he wants to Look at your google map and walk Walk straight He wants to take that flower You want a stone, I shall give you. Now walk

You got a stone. Now walk We took a lot of photos with our car at the French street It was a photo session with the car You have beautiful buildings here It is all No Parking areas. You can keep your car, take pics and go Police keep checking. Some say ok, some say cant stop No other issues Rishi has slept Ask Abhi to take photos for you.

He is busy clicking. He is sweating taking pics Took pics? You dont feel like stopping That is Pondicherry You keep taking photos at Pondicherry Yellow is actually an attraction I first thought of wearing red Yellow and red are not a got combo It is You dont know that Do we have to stay here for one more day? No need. We shall leave for Chennai That is better We are leaving Pondicherry Next we are off towards Chennai We shall take the ECR, East Coast Road Lots to see on the way. Mahabalipuram and what more?

You get good food at Auro Villa. Nice pizzas, but we are not going now We shall explore the EC road and go to Chennai We went around Pondicherry for a long time It is a place filled with vibe The best way to go around here is taking a bike for rent Unfortunately 3 of us cannot go around in a bike But its amazing to go around here in a bike Lot of places to take photos We have reached Auroville beach. But I dont feel like getting out Is this a beach? This is not what I expected Not good You should have a feel when you say beach We shall go to Chennai. Besant Nagar beach Those are happening places.

Auroville is a place with mixed cultures You can see a lot of French people Tamilians speak French and French speak Tamil You have a place to get bike for rent I think Auroville is the place where most of the foreigners come in Tamil Nadu It is surely because of the French touch You have a lot of budget homestays, airbnb's, rooms You have calm and quite villas and luxury villas too. You have different kinds of stays here You can say gypsy kind of culture is seen here It is surely a different style Auroville has yoga and lots more Lot of things connected to those are seen there We have come to a place where you get Italian food Tanto is an Italian restaurant in Pondicherry You get awesome pizzas here Let us go and have pizza The main crowd in such places are in the evening Day time it is less crowded. Let us sit. People here speak many languages.

They make pizzas here They are doing it the traditional way It is baked in this oven It would be awesome Have you ordered? No coffee? Do they have tea? No. They have only ice tea Order anything. Order good pizza They have a wide range of soups and salads They have veg and non veg You get pasta too. Pasta is an Italian dish

You have veg and non veg in it. Chicken and seafood too Lot of veg, vegan and non veg pizzas in their menu Veg and vegan are different From non veg pizza, I shall take masala chicken All these are added to the spicy masala chicken pizza You can ask for extra toppings if you want. They have desserts too They wont take order until it is 12.30pm

They start at 12.30 and will take order also only then Lot of people now. There wasnt anybody when we came All the tables are full now It is like that wherever we go They are preparing the oven to make They have to use wooden logs and set the oven Lemon juice and Nannari jucie too You can see them prepare the pizza base She is flatting the dough like chapathi They place the pizza base like this You can see their skill now Let us see how do they top it. These are used to top the pizzas Different kinds of sauces, jalapenos, tomatoes, olives Cheese and many more If we have said for any extra toppings, it would be on the order sheet He looks at that and prepares his pizzas Preparing pizza is an art. Some do it fast

This is their first sale. They are making 4 sets of pizzas They use fresh ingredients for all The mushrooms and jalapenos are fresh I saw them cutting the jalapenos and cleaning the mushroom That is how I ordered. It comes in frozen form too But this is fresh. Saw him take and put it in the oven using that

Nice to see that He then takes it out and puts it on the wooden board and serves This is like the tandoori oven where people make roti and naan. It is a natural oven It gets cooked in there I dont know the baking time. I had ordered a tomato basil soup We ordered 2/3 In 2011 when I was at Bangalore, I had come to Pondicherry in my Pulsar bike I had pizza with my friend from here that time I shall post those photos for you Those photos are sitll in my profile in facebook I got the photos from there That time these pillars were yellow in colour Now it is green. I am coming now after 11 years I dont know when did this shop start. But it was there 11 years back too How is the soup Swetha? Awesome soup It is not like the usual tomato soup It is sour Can feel the flavour of basil The pizza is ready in 10mts They put the pizza on the wooden board You can see 2-3 people cutting it They will cut it like this and serve it on the table Some buy parcel. It is packed in boxes

It is served on the table like this. Awesome. It is a big pizza Sprinkling some leaves over it. See how many people are there to make the pizza. A lady to make the base He does the topping and baking She cuts and serves it Is this ours or somebody elses? It is not ours. Ours will come soon We came and sat first But they got first This is our masala chicken pizza being prepared See what all they top it with This is chicken masala. That is also fresh

We ordered extra mushroom and jalapeno All topped on top and set. Awesome Our pizza is ready I think that is Swethas. This is ours. Should remove the dried part from the sides. They are cutting it for us to eat. They are very fast See the aunties making pizza for us A girl with jasmine flowers has brought us pizza Why are you taking my pizza? Is your name on it. We bought a large for us to have.

Swetha bought the small for one to have Which pizza are you giving Rishi? He will have mine Try giving him the base. He may have it You dont have to put all that. It would be spicy Let it be spicy Everything on top looks juicy The jalapenos are fresh Everything is fresh They were cutting it like chillies when I went Abhi have it. I shall take a video on cinematic mode

It is very hot. Try it out I am sure it would be awesome. Nothing to say Superb You wont get this pizza even at Dominos This is amazing Pizza is the most famous food here Take one. I cant take it. It is hot. Awesome We made it little more rich by adding more toppings How is your pizza? Why does the jalapeno have no taste? That is because they are fresh. The other ones are soaked in salt

The salt soaked are tasty This is original Rishi is calling a foreigner grandpa Smart boy How much was the bill? 1628/- Even if we go to dominos and have, it would come to this rate When I asked them they said, they make around 500 pizzas a day Dominos pizza is nothing when compared to this It was awesome If you come to Pondicherry, you must should surely try this. It is on the way to Auroville. You can check the location to Tanto in google map Come and have pizza Now we shall enter ECR road and drive to Chennai You can see a lot of Cashewnut trees here This is Tamil Nadu side. You have a mangrove here somewhere. Shall check out

There are many places on the way. Shall see We will be going by the seaside now But the sea this side is rough. That is why we are not able to enjoy the beach You have a lot of beaches here.

Wont these roads get washed off during tsunami? I heard that this area was affected during tsunami We didnt think of it. We filled full tank before that It is not even half since we filled full tank If we see any Pondicherry pump, we shall fill the rest and go It is just 86/- here I thought Pondicherry is over You have Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu alternating in between This is Pondicherry University. Many students from Kerala are studying here We saw many people at the walkway yesterday They were saying that they were studying here You have a Pondicherry petrol pump here.

We shall fill full tank diesel and go Just 86/- here In Tamil Nadu it was 95/ - Good difference The machine is talking Tamil We filled 29L, 2500/- All use jasmine flowers here Swetha, do you want jasmine flowers Let me buy you? Why is it that you dont want? He is saying bye to them This is East Coast Road ECR road is Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Pondicherry-Rameshwaram-Kanyakumari. It is a long coastal highway by the Bay of Bengal It is called East Coast Road From Chennai to Kanyakumari, this road is nearly 777km Majority of the highway is 2 way We have traveled through ECR road at Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram We have done videos also on it In cities it is a bit crowded, but other places the roads are good Now we are going on the East Coast road We will be going upto Kolkata by this Bay of Bengal coast One guy is in a hurry behind us. Let him go They think when they horn, a car goes fast You will see the proper driving when you reach Andhra People have kept the horn under their seat I think It is like that only You can hear horns like the ambulance siren You might think it is an ambulance But it wouldnt be an ambulance He is pulling your things down Rishi, what are you doing? He is trying to climb up Sit properly A draw back in our car is the speaker reflection is on the glass when I shoot I find that difficult If anyone knows how to go about with it, please do comment Anyways to black or cover it? I find that very difficult It is very cloudy It is raining heavily in the North When it rains, we shall drive in the rains It is not good for me if it rains You wanted to drive in the rains. Can you see anything?

No. I cannot. That is the problem. Water is spreading It is just 2pm and it is dark now The person who wished for rains can enjoy driving You can see cars with flags coming from behind. Might be some politicians They horn and drive us crazy. They think the road is theirs They drive fast too Have you heard of Buckingham palace? The name of this canal is Buckingham canal Google map showed me that Buckingham canal. Good one

Looks nice. Water all over. I think it flows to the sea Google map says it is a canal. But it is so huge We are going to see a fort now. Not like the forts in Rajasthan

A fort that is reckoned and good for nothing Elamparai fort We took right from the highway and we are going through a village now It is beside the sea We are making our this INB trip a different one We will be going into more villages now Wow! We reached near the sea Can see a bus here We have to go straight I think they take sand from the sea Can see lumps there. People playing cards here Go this side We have reached Alamparai fort Car goes in there Awesome I read and understood that is a fort of the 17th century Alamparai fort is fully in ruins. You will understand when you come here You can know locals use it for their uses now You can see that on the sides, up and down Lot of bottles here I would say it is not a family friendly or tourist place Just a fort by the sea We just came to see what it is He is playing with the car on the sand when he got a chance If it sinks anywhere there, then we are stuck What are you upto? Nothing much. Just gave a try You play. We can manage if anything happens He is planning to drift or dune mash Dont play too much Simply going round and round. Nothing else to do We should go to Chowdhry How about going once I just now thought about it Going to Chowdhry uncle How about going in this car and off roading? In the desert.

So simple. What is it? He will also drift one day. Will you? We asked you to sleep He wont sleep Whom are you calling? Do you want food.

He doesnt want anything Anything you ask him, that is his action That is his new way Anything you ask him All he does is nods Smart boy He is becoming naughtier day by day A naughty boy We came to Alamparai fort. You can check in google map This is pappadavada Some call is bholi In some places it is called pappadavada We call it pappadavada Our uncle from Ernakulam gave us this It is a nice crispy pappadavada You can hear the sound when I bite We stopped thinking it is an accident Road blocking just began. I dont understand what is happening Some problem going on. People are violent

Some issue because their matter isnt happening We cannot go through the side when it is like this Some local issue Some issue there. Big problem. They were saying somebody was caught or killed. Looks like we are stuck here What shall we do? No idea.

Anyways, we shall end this video here. Shall see what happens tomorrow. Do comment and dont forget to subscribe. Shall see what happened and what we did in tomorrows video Until then, bye bye

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