EP - 2 A Day in Bundi, Rajasthan | street food Bundi,| Bundi Palace

EP - 2 A Day in Bundi, Rajasthan | street food Bundi,| Bundi Palace

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Krishna is like a doctor He puts good spices and good products What you need, you know The king made a permanent solution That swings would be put up here And Queens & Kids would enjoy swing here "Kaith" chutney exponentially enhanced samosa's taste It's a very new taste Quite delicious Hello friends! We're starting our day from Bundi, Rajasthan Right now, I'm showing you "Nawal Sagar Lake" Is it looking nice? Isn't it? Taragarh Fort is right in front of the lake It is looking very nice It is a very good photography point Today, we set off our journey from Kota It took us around 45 minutes to reach here from Kota Now, we've reached Bundi While being on the way to come here, I felt like seeing the Railway Station of Bundi Where is Bundi's station located? I went 100 meters extra inside from the highway. I saw the station from the outside Just to get a feel, how the railway station is Now, we've come here We'll travel around Bundi all day Our tonight's stay will also be in Bundi only This is our today's plan From here, we'll go straight.. ..through the market and eat either Kachori or Samosa in breakfast By the way, I've got the car in the interiors I hope I don't get stuck in a traffic Because, it's 10:30 AM right now and.. How will it be navigating the car through market? I'm not sure But, no problem To have my breakfast, I've come to Jain Kachori Shop Bundi's Bus Stand is located right opposite I'm telling you the landmark This is the famous Kachori of this place It has stuffing of lentil in it Kachori Price is Rs.15/- They've added 3 type chutneys in it One is green & other is sweet salty chutney along with garlic chutney Nice In Kachori, along with masala & lentil stuffing, Asafoetida is also dominating It isn't added in as much quantity as it was in Kota Kachori It is very tasty Very nice There's one another option here We'd have also tasted Kachori & Curry combination I saw Kachori-Curry is also one combination here "Heeng Kachori" is a famous breakfast in Kota & Bundi Besides Samosa, Jalebi & Poha Half a km ahead from here, we're going to eat Mangi Lal famous samosa Samosa gets available at 7:30 AM And you'll get samosa here all day I've got samosa for myself served with two types of chutneys The taste of the chutneys they've served with samosa is unparalleled They usually serve samosa in newspapers But, I asked them to serve me in a bowl I'll advise them to change this system before leaving It'll be hygienically good How many samosas are being sold here? You can make a guess by looking at the scene Right now, it's 11:15 AM There's so much crowd here How would be the scene in the morning? Samosas are sold here all day Samosa's masala has full-on flavor of "Heeng" in it The masala isn't too spicy But "Heeng" is dominating the taste Lovely! As I poured green chutney over it, I got the taste of "Kaith" There is sourness inside the "Kaith" This is "Kaith" about which I was talking There is sourness inside it It's used only for making chutney Sour Chutney So you neither use tamarind nor Amchoor "Kaith" that I just showed you..

It is occurred in whole form and supplied in powdered form It's quite tasty Have a look at the surroundings as well There's a market & wide road in front of it Good So, you serve Masala Chai. Don't you? Yes! All these beautiful paintings.. Look at the graffiti all over the walls Are these made by the customers visiting this shop? Yes, they're scribbled especially by foreigners Moments back, somebody told me that.. when foreigners come here "Krishna Chai" is always included in their itinerary That they want to drink tea here That's the part of their itinerary Yes, they're crazy about "Krishna Chai" Being on the lookout for our shop, they come here This is actually a 'Masala Chai' Though we drink 'Masala Chai' at our homes too But, the game in their tea is that..

I feel they've used a lot of different spices in it If I'm not wrong.. They've used clove, cardamom, black pepper Milk used by you must be sourced from a village Local Milk? Ya.. We really enjoyed it For the first time, I'm feeling like.. this tea will have remedial benefits for my sore throat. As they've also added ginger in it Secondly, this tea is so tasty It's a full-on Masala Chai In generic, I don't like having "Masala Chai" But, I'm really enjoying having it here Very nice How did you find the taste of tea? Of course, it is one of the best in India Have you come to India for the first time Or, have you been here before? Ten times You've been in India 10 times Oh! It means you know India very well Really well I can imagine because you're in Bundi Many people haven't visited Bundi till now Which country are you from? France Lovely! Do you also speak little bit Hindi? Thoda-Thoda (A little bit) Very nice Many people have praised about your tea Of all these people, we too have a praise for you Excellent While having my tea, I recoded a video here and posted that on my Facebook Page When I like something out of the box, I instantly record & post that moment..

either on Visa2Explore Facebook Page or on the Instagram Handle Now, let's do one thing First of all, let's do check-in in a hotel Then, we'll go for hanging out For our night stay in Bundi, we booked our accommodation at Ishwari Niwas I reached here 10 minutes before I saw the room Room's Tariff is Rs.2800/- (Double Occupancy) Tax is included but... Breakfast isn't included in that I'm sitting outside of the room I thought to sit for 5 minutes Then, from here, we'll go to visit the palace This is a heritage property There're two gardens opposite to.. ..where I'm sitting right now The look & feel of the place bespeak.. ..that it's a heritage property The lake that I showed you in the morning Distance of that lake to here will be around 2 km The palace we're going to visit now..

..will be around 2 to 2.5 km far from here Let's leave within a few minutes to visit the palace I'll also plan a subscribers' meet in the evening in Bundi That reminds me to post an update on.. ..Community Post about Subscribers Meet-Up to be held today evening We've reached Bundi Palace Entry Ticket is Rs. 100/- per person After getting inside, having walked up a little, I've reached this point The building you're seeing in the front.. used to be stable of the horses once When Bundi's king used to rule this kingdom, He used to keep horses over there Soldiers would guard atop the building After entering the palace, we saw a Hathi Pol A huge door ..upon which spikes are fixed Even elephant wouldn't break open this door After coming in, we got to the first floor We saw the throne of King Rao Ratan Singh Ji He used to sit here This place was called "Diwan-e-Aam" To put it in short, when king's courtiers failed to solve any problem of their subjects That problem used to come for King's hearing That was heard in "Diwan-e-Aam" The huge door we saw at the entrance that too was made during this King's reign Now, we've come to Diwan-e-khas It is also called "Chattar Mahal" Built by Rao Raja Shatrushal Singh Ji 1658 AD It means he was the next king Here, we'll get to see the Fresco Paintings Taragarh Fort is located atop the hill See it over there That is Taragarh Fort It takes 45 minutes on foot to reach there Queens & their attendants would sit by the window made in the front and look at the activities that were performed below in the palace The lake that I showed you in the morning As we're looking at the same lake from the height it seems as if stars are twinkling I'm really getting that sort of feeling It's a pleasant feeling to see the aerial view of the lake These type of Sheesh Mahal are generally seen in the maximum palaces across Rajasthan As it happens that..

with the march of time, gems & other precious stones come off We're seeing the same thing here Badal-Mahal is the highest section of this palace Perhaps, that's the reason, it's name is "Badal-Mahal" Earlier, as traders would come here to buy knives, they brought along artists with them Some of those artists have made these paintings here that we're seeing over these walls These are very beautiful paintings Badal Mahal is a part of Rani Mahal If we look at the paintings closely, we primarily get to see "Shri Krishan Leela" in them Of all the forts I've visited thus far, I never saw such type of swing in any of fort or palace It is called "Jhoola Chowk" There was a Neem Tree here Kids & the queens would swing under the neem tree Sometimes, branches of the tree bent down or the ropes of the swing snapped So, the king came out with a permanent solution The swing will be put up here And queens & kids will enjoy the swing here Rooms inside it are inter-connected Plus there used to be a lot of queens So, while sitting inside the rooms, Queens would behold the kids swinging back & forth They themselves also would enjoy the swings There's a Shiva Temple under this Chhatri (dome-shaped structure) we're seeing in the front There's a Lord Ganesha Temple as well Having come out of the palace, now we're going to Chitrashala that's also the part of Taragarh Fort We're going to walk up from this way Today, we'll visit Chitrashala Then we'll return here Right now, I'm standing outside Chitrashala It's been half an hour since we reached here There're a lot of miniature paintings related to Shri Krishna's life Lord Krishna's Raas Leela has been.. ..depicted in many different ways The royal court here is shown in the paintings We saw the paintings showing Bundi King hunting If you've interest in watching old paintings, then you won't realize when your one and half hour has passed here I'm specially mentioning about Chitrashala Each & every painting is telling a tale about the olden times What kind of artwork used to happen in olden times? Immensely beautiful As I'm standing outside I could see the entire spread of Bundi city Maximum number of houses here are of blue color Just like Jodhpur being called "Blue City" Exactly in that same way Have a look at the scene Is it looking nice? From here, now, we'll move out ..to have our lunch Right now, it's 3:30 pm we have left the palace Earlier, I was trying to get "Dal Bati" in my lunch Then I learnt it's difficult to get Dal Bati So, let's go to some random restaurant and do a normal lunch Thereon whatever time is left till sunset, we'll explore around Bundi By the way, once again, have a look at the Haveli on both left & right side See, how wide the road is! If you're planning a stay in Bundi, and you decide to stay in this area only especially in some Haveli At least, once, do check the parking facility Because I feel if there's no parking facility in the Haveli then where you'll park the car This is the point to be noted To have our lunch, we've identified.. Blue Door Restaurant It is located on the 3rd floor Landmark: It's located next to City Kotwali As I came here I learnt that.. Zostel is also located here So after having our lunch, We'll see the Zostel as well What are its accommodation charges? As of now, for my lunch..

I've ordered rice, lentil, matar paneer Since it's located on the 3rd floor so we're getting the aerial view of the city Overall, it's a pleasant feeling to be here Sitting set-up here is also nice We're sitting comfortably outside There's a restaurant inside as well If you want to dine-in at the A.C. side Brother, you've brought the chapatti Yes, we do need it Ok, nice First of all, we'll have chapatti Cheese is the remarkable thing in "Matar Paneer" Rest, its taste is just like any other normal Matar Paneer Less spicy I mean to say, such type of milk isn't available in cities nor such type of cheese This is what I notice as we go to small villages & towns that over there, taste of the cheese gets altered Lentil is also fine It has a simple taste Now, after finishing our lunch, we'll go for local sightseeing Basically, we'll visit the monuments I'll join you after half an hour Then I'll tell you what all main monuments are here I, myself, will see & share the same with you I came to see the Zostel If you want to book private room here Then, its tariff is Rs.2200/- Dormitory price is Rs.500/- (In season)

You get in the range of Rs.350-400 (Off Season) Accommodation is quite neat & clean I'm really liking the Common Space Area as well Overall, I felt nice having come here Zostel reminds me of the times.. when I went to Tirthan Valley We'd then visited Laida village Tirthan Valley comes under off-beat Himachal A very less number of people visit Laida village We'd gone to that place I also saw a Zostel over there If you haven't seen that episode, do watch it I will mention that link in this video's description Let's now talk about Rajasthan again Bundi is 475 km away from Delhi And it is 220 km from Jaipur We're very much far away from Jodhpur, Bikaner With Udaipur or Chittorgarh, if you want to club Bundi tour Bundi & Kota Yes, it can be one circuit Our plan is to visit Bundi, Kota, Sawai Madhopur to reach Alwar We'll end our journey after reaching Alwar Yes, it can be Rajasthan Tourism circuit spanning over 4-5 days Especially, the places where we're travelling to Bundi Tourism is active for 4 months in a year From November to February During summer, it gets very hot here So, tourists tend to avoid visiting this place After having our lunch, we travelled for around one & half km Now, we've come to visit Raniji Ki Baori We've taken entry ticket of Rs.75/- per person

that includes 3 monuments We'll visit this place through a guided tour We've brother Ashwini with us right now Hello Hello, sir I'm so happy to meet you In the last few minutes of our conversation what I understood is that.. He is an authorized guide from Rajasthan Tourism Right sir And to visit Archeological sites and.. get in-depth information about them is your passion You love doing it Absolutely sir Sir, I like Archeology very much The site where we're standing right now.. ..this monument is called Raniji ki Baori And, I want to show it to you as per my own experience Where will we start from? We'll go from this side Bundi is also called "City of Stepwells" Because here around 50 small and.. big baoris (stepwells) were made by kings Ok This Baori is called Raniji Ki Baori ..

because the queen of this place "Rani Nathavati Ji" built this place in the year 1699 AD 1699 AD It was built in the year 1699 AD One thing I'm noticing here is... This archway located in our front plus those elephants carved atop it I've seen such type of architecture before as well Something similar in Ahmedabad? I'm unable to recall it properly Similar style Actually, this Baori is Raniji Ki Baori Similar type of Baori you saw in Patan, Ahmedabad.. ..is also called Raniji Ki Vav Hmm If you look at Rs.100/- note,

Upon it is printed "Raniji Ki Vav" picture Hmm How many steps are there from top to down? There're around 108 steps here 108 Yes, sir During earlier times, water level used to be almost very high here Baori (Stepwell) never get filled through rainwater As groundwater level rises through spring water then water starts to fill these Baoris (Stepwells) Ground water All these carvings made on both sides.. ..are of Lord VIshnu's ten Avatars The very first avatar is Matsya Avatar That's why you'll see a Matsya (Fish) here The carving right in front of you is showing.. Hiranyakashipu That is related to Narsingh Avatar This carving depicts Narsingh Avatar tale having devotee Pralhad & Hiranyakashipu in it Very nice This season as the monsoon was very weak so the water level remained very low Usually, water level remains very high here Where does it rise up to? Water level rises almost up to our starting point Ok It means it's a matter of chance that we'd descend the steps to the water level Very right sir After coming here, I'm feeling like as if.. it may have taken 3-5 years to fully complete this Raniji Ki Baori I'm feeling in this way because..

ground water rises in the monsoon times Yes while during March-April time, the water level drops down That's only when they'd have done carvings here And completed it with the limestone Yes, sir Actually sir, it doesn't have any certified date How long did it take to complete this Baori? But, it'd have surely taken 4-5 years to complete it Only when rain was fully stopped then the carvings work could be done here It's natural, otherwise.. see, where the road level is.. and where we're seeing the Baori And, carving is also in front of it It means, in earlier times too, the ground water touched these points Yes, it has surely come That's why artisans could do carvings here And, this Baori is 45 meter deep Ok, when measured from the top Its top-to-down depth is of 45 meter Did they use pulley above in former times? Yes, sir Pulley was used above because..

Because this water was safe to drink In case, anyone wanted to use water for some purpose. With the use of a pulley, the water was drawn up & used for outer purposes For example, in those times, for bathing purposes , doing laundry or if someone wanted to.. water their livestock Generally, such type of monuments get closed after sunset Within a space of 15 minutes we've, can we go to some other monument in the vicinity? Yes, sir Just around 500 meters away from here, there's a Baori or Kund located that's called "Dhabhai Ka Kund" We can go there Let's go & behold that kund Hmm..come on Sir, now, we've reached Dhabhai Ka Kund Dhabhai Ka Kund Dhabhai means Son of Dai Mai Ok, that's called Dhabhai Why is it named like that? Because in those times, Dai (Traditional Birth Attendants)were ..employed during delivery times of the queens So, there used to be relation of foster brother between son of Dai Mai & the kings That's why they're called "Dai Mai" And, resultingly, their sons became "Dhabhai" Ok Before going to Kund, let me show you one more thing Small platforms are made here in front Upon which made is a temple formation Sati Pratha used to happen here in those times Sati Pratha meant that whenever..

any soldier was killed in a battle Henceforth, their wives would perform "Jauhar" "Jauhar" didn't happen here Sati Pratha was a traditional custom here The platforms you're seeing in your front resembling the shape of a temple ..are actually "Sati Stone" What is it depicting? Lady is riding a horse. Isn't it? No, that's a soldier shown fighting in a battle While the lady standing next to him.. ..is the figurative representation of a "Sati" Sir, now, we've come inside Dhabhai kund This pond is called "Dhabhai Kund" Oh! it's so beautiful Sir, it's called symmetrical Baori/kund Owing to its symmetrical layout, it looks so broad & wide There's a "Chand Baori" in Rajasthan Which is also globally famed as "Abhaneri Baori" Where is it located? It's around one & a half hour drive from Jaipur Chand Baori? Chand Baori This baori is locally called .. "Mini Chand Baori" Because it also has a symmetrical shape Sir, there're two differences between them Baoris were usually made in narrow formations While Kund was made in a wider structure There's a huge gap between their architecture Baoris' water used to remain still for a long time On very few occasions, water in a baori dried up But, pond's water would dry up quickly in comparison to Baoris Because they're made broad & wide Plus they are kept open Water in it dries up as quickly as it gets in from spring water Unfortunately, this year..

there's been less monsoon in our region There's not been much rainfall Owing to that, this pond is completely dry Does its level rise after rainfall even today? Yes, sir Its water level rises too much Those 2 windows you're seeing over there They get submerged in the water So, you just imagine, how high its water level rises Have a look Even today, the impression of the water is still present all around at such a high level It is visible in the front Yes Its good that we came here Moreover, we reached here on time Had we got late by 5-7 minutes, there'd have been no visibility in dark. Your father has identified.. rock carvings & rock paintings. Hasn't he? Those are pre-historic rock paintings We'll travel for 40 km to see them This is our plan for tomorrow I'm planning of having..

my tomorrow night stay in Kota Let's do one thing As there's some time left for our dinner We'll now do our dinner And we'll catch you up in the morning Very right sir Since you've come along with us So, I'll drop you back your home or wherever you wish to go I will catch you up in the morning I'll see you all in a short while For having my dinner in Bundi, I've now come to Krishna's home Today afternoon, for having our tea, we went to Krishna ji in Bundi market As I was about to leave from there, he asked me to have Rajasthani Food at his home Because they prepare the food for the tourists So, I got very excited Same afternoon, I visited Krishna Ji's home Right now, wife of Krishna is with us Namaste! She's prepared a lot of items for us It is "Gehu Ka Khichda" Ma'am told me that.. after sprinkling some water over wheat It is mixed in the mixer owing to which.. its skin gets peeled off Remaining wheat is boiled in the water and once it gets softened Later, jaggery is added to it It is lentil Tell us about these 2 items It is maize flour & curd We mix it well and make it round Once it gets cooled It is eaten with milk So, ma'am, is it milk over it? Yes, it is milk A little bit of salt is also added to it Ok Salt is also present in it Nice I remember when I went to Bikaner Over there, I tasted Rabri That was altogether a different concept Every place has its own speciality It is very famous in Rajasthan. Isn't it? Ma'am, please tell me little bit about it It is Dhokla made of maize It is eaten with lentil Ok, with lentil Malai Methi Did you like it? Honestly speaking, This item is eaten generally in our North India But in it, Methi added by you.. ..has lent a unique flavor to it This type of Methi is majorly grown in Rajasthan It is Desi Methi It has a desi taste I was searching for the right word Desi Methi & Desi Palak ..

are primarily found in Rajasthan I'm thinking... What should I say after eating this? This item is very different in taste You can also have it without lentil Since, we're having it for the first time, we'll find it even tastier as we have it 3-4 times There's always a newness to an item But, I can say, I've never had such type of item We make it 2-3 times in a week You consume it so much! It tastes great to us in winters Ma'am, please tell me one thing As these lumps are formed, if I fully mix them into it Would it be fine then? Yes, you can mix it There's one thing As I mixed it, its taste has enhanced Generally, we've it after mixing it I feel to get it reserved as of now As I move to having a sweet dish, then we'll add sugar in it Yes Its nice Rice grown in Bundi are also exported. Aren't they? Yes, they're exported What is the market price of the quality rice? Rs. 90/- kg Khichda It tastes best when eaten piping-hot Khichda is very tasty Have you eaten it for the first time? I don't remember exactly I think I've eaten it once before This isn't the first time, but... In it, ghee is added in copious amounts Khopra Raisin & cardamom are added Plus, wheat in it is tasty per se You also add jaggery in it Yes, we add jaggery in it Even if the jaggery isn't added Milk is surely added in it Then sugar is added to it Here as well as in other regions of Rajasthan, Ghee is used in liberal amounts In almost every Rajasthani home Ghee is prevalent in Rajasthan No dish is made without ghee It means, ghee is used too generously here Nice Well, there's one thing Its combination is nice with Mogra I hadn't thought of it That it will be so tasty Since we're Punjabis So, we can't imagine our curry without fritters Well, the matter of the fact...

I'm discerning mogra's taste in the curry Good! Very nice! Let's have our food in the next few minutes by fully relishing its taste Our plan for tomorrow is that.. We'll start off day early morning We're going to see rock paintings dating back to pre-historic times I'm feeling intuitively to get an amazing experience Then we'll return and go for sightseeing in & around Bundi Thereon, we'll make headway towards Kota As our tomorrow's night stay is in Kota Right As of now, I bid bye to all of you here Thereon, we'll go to our hotel & end our day Thank you ma'am for preparing delicious food for us I'll get some more insights about the food from you while having it It's good that we're acquiring knowledge as well as enjoying the food Right now, I bid bye to all of you here We'll see you all again very soon Thanks for your time! Namaste!

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