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We're exploring Suffolk in a vintage car. Something we've always wanted to do. We're stepping back in time and we will be touring Suffolk in this gorgeous Morris Minor 1000 Traveller. The Morris Minor is a British economy family car and was manufactured between 1948 and 1972. It's one of our favourite classic English cars. [Music] This is a very very different experience 'cause you can probably hear how noisy the car is. The steering wheel, it's it's insanely huge. It's still a lot of fun. We've never done that before. How was it? It's like driving

a sports car. Driving a sports car? Yes because you need to put all your muscles into the car. I you know what? When we get back I might try like on the road to the cottage. Not here. But I must say I felt stressed. I felt a little bit stressed. Yes because you're now used

to all the comfort of a modern car. The thing is - the steering wheel is much harder, you need to break much earlier because the brakes are so slow. They're - yeah - like in old cars. Yeah of course. Yeah. I just felt stressed - yeah - of the cars behind us. It just puts

you a little bit under pressure. Yes. Our epic vintage car adventure brought us to a seaside village called Thorpeness. Yeah which I think is very special. Yes. I think you can stay in lots of the houses. It was

actually developed in the early 20th century as a fantasy holiday village by a Scottish Barrister named Ogilvie. Yeah. So yeah, we're quite excited to be here. And there is a very special house called Jörg, what's the name? House in the Clouds. Yes. You can stay there but I think it's for a lot of people but let's find it. Yeah, let's discover. [Music] Jörg just showed me a crocodile. Yeah. It's probably very very hard to spot. And it's because of Peter Pan. Yeah. Cause the, let's say the guy who wrote Peter Pan J. M. Barrie

- hmmm - was a friend of let's say the Ogilvie family. The the, I think Ogilvie. Ogilvie. The Scottish the Scottish yeah family. And they created this meare. Yes. So that's artificial. That's not natural. Yeah. And everything, the water. Everything. Even the islands are - artificial - so they dug, they dug it out and the islands are, let's say, the earth from what they dug out. Oh yeah. So that's all created. So that's artificial, that's huh - crazy, isn't it? Yeah - it's - but think about it because it looks so natural. It does. And by the way, over there is the House in the Clouds. Yeah. When I saw this for the very first time, uh, while browsing the internet,

I thought that was like not real - yeah - and made up - no - but it is real. There's the House in the Clouds and as far as I remember it's a huge holiday rental so not for two or four people. I think 12/14. Something like that. You know what? I will double check and put a link for you down below in the description box so you can have a look. So this used to be a watermill I think until 1963. But judging by the picnic tables and

everything I'm not sure if this is just for exclusive hire or if you can just rent a room. I quite like the windmill. It's really quirky. But it's not, say a it's a fancy thing. It's a real windmill. It was built in 1803. Yeah. It just didn't stand here. It was uh - oh it had a different location? Yes, it had a different location. All right. But it's from

1803. Yeah. I quite like it. Cappuccino for two. It's actually not that warm today. I thought it would be warmer. I don't know. We have - two o'clock. No, I was I wanted to check the temperature. It says 11 degrees but it feels colder. It feels a little bit colder. I think this car suits Jörg so much. It honestly suits you so much. And what I find so funny. When Jörg just opened his door but that doesn't mean the passenger seat door is open as well. You

need to come here and open it separately. It's like in the old times. Yeah yeah. It's a lot of fun. My first car was similar to this one. No! You're not that old. Sorry but you're not that old. No, definitely not. I mean look at the steering wheel wheel. This is like, I can't believe the size of it. Look how thin the door is. That's crazy. And how it closes. Like this. But it's a good sound. A good sound? Yeah, how the door closes. It's..

Jörg said one of the mirrors isn't right. He needs to adjust it. This is always a little bit difficult driving off because Jörg says it's so different. Yay, we made it.

[Music] We're now in Wolverswick. And the reason why we wanted to check it out is because it was named as one of the UK's poshest villages by the Times just this year. So let's have a look around and see what we think. This is Saint Andrew's Church and we find it so beautiful because I don't know the stone, it's just so bright.

[Music] We just read that apparently Keira Knightley has a home in Wolveswick, members of the Freud family and more famous people but we don't really know. Yeah. And to me, you said it's very it's called the poshest - one of the posturist villages. Yeah, to me doesn't look posh. But I think it looks very very picturesque. Yeah. I spotted some lovely houses. Maybe

it's called one of the poshest villages because lots of people with - rich people - exactly, live here. We we don't know. Yeah. We just we always go like for what we like. Yeah. We just walk around. Exactly. We don't care. No, we don't care who lives here. This one is gorgeous, isn't it? I like it. So is this one. That's a beautiful cottage. [Music]

So we brought this from our amazing accommodation. Gluten free sausage rolls. Regular sausage rolls. Jörg's favourite. Yeah. They look quite good.

And in case you haven't watched our previous video where we share our amazing stay at a dreamy off-grid cottage, do check it out 'cause it's very very romantic and I would say very fairytale like so have a look. [Music] We made it to Southwold which isn't actually that far from Walberswick, is it? No, it's just down south two or three miles. Yeah so about 10 minutes. And I think this is probably famous because of its beach huts. Yes. So very colourful huts that we need to check out. Yeah, yeah. The beach looks nice. It does. Also has a very big pier and it's 11 degrees but it feels a little bit colder.

We had a little bit of rain earlier but now it looks quite nice. [Music] I quite like it here. What do you think? Yeah. These cottages are quite nice. Yes. There are so many little corners to explore so our first impression is lovely. [Music] We just came to the beachfront with all the beach huts and it's so lovely. There's also a hut selling drinks, snacks and I think we're going to have a tea. Probably Earl Grey or Yorkshire tea. Blue always looks so cheery, doesn't it? This will be our background while

we're having tea. [Music] I hope you can even hear 'cause I'm not sure. I'm sure you can. And I also hope or we hope that you enjoyed our vintage car adventure here in Suffolk. I enjoyed it very much. Me

too. It was an experience. Yeah, we unfortunately we have to head back to the cottage but that was our very first time riding and driving a classic car. Yes and it was really fun. Or it is fun because I'll have to get back to the cottage now. Can I say something? Yeah. That was like like I don't know, it's like when you have a tasting menu - yeah - that was like, I don't know I think I developed a taste - yeah - for driving a vintage car.

Okay, so we have to get one. I don't know. It probably won't happen but it's so fun. Yeah. Well, we hope you like the video as well and yeah, thank you so much for watching as always. Yeah. See you again very soon and until next time. Bye. Bye bye. Bye. Do you want me to give this a try? Oh yes. Do so. Oh, you need muscles.

Well, step one completed. Let's do this. [Music] Oh my gosh, this is so cool. Totally different than like a modern car. I enjoyed this so much even it was just for like 500 meters but I will go back to enjoy it some more. You definitely need practice but it's so fun.

I think I need to steel this car. Ah, this is so fun. I must say I really, I like this feeling. Why do I grin like a Cheshire Cat? [Music]

2023-04-04 12:37

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