End of Kashmir Short Tour | 2022 | Episode - 06

End of Kashmir Short Tour | 2022 |  Episode - 06

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Another Goodmorning from Bagh We are leaving Bagh city from Valley Inn Hotel Please see our view in the front mirror Please sit on the bike "said to my wife We are going toward a new destination This was a short trip From one place to another place and so on... We don't know where will be our next destination We are saying Goodbye to Bagh now The weather is clear now but will be rain today as expected in the weather forecast Here today is a sunny day now The clouds are away and no rain till up to now Today is Sunday here and Bazar is closed The Bagh is a big city and District Headquarters Sunday is a closed holiday here All Government offices observe the holiday as on Sunday We are going out from Bagh city as we have refueled our bike with petrol We are traveling back on the same road as we had come "Dhirkot~ Bagh road Let's see where up to we travel today We are not in any hurry and will travel smoothly and safely Please see the road we have traveled so far and here the valley is very wide See the front side thick and lush forest there This year the monsoon season was long Yesterday was also a rainy day in Bagh Today again prediction for rain from the weather report and forecast Please see the view as created by Almighty Allah for us Crossed "Arja Town and please see that beautiful Mosque is there This is Jamia Mosque Abu-Hanifa (RA) What a view here "Subhan Allah" Look up from that bridge thick forest approaching We are also traveling inside the forest Look at both side views (left & right) from here What a view here as "Kohala" is 12 km away from here Look downward at the valley's view what a beauty here! The weather is also going attractive here Cloudy weather in the sky here Facing another rain cycle monsoon type What a view here "Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah" Kohala is about 9 km from here and look at that view as a camera will not justify capturing I am capturing shortly all views captured when we were traveling towards Bagh I want to stop for prayer, some rest and a cup of tea This is the right place to stop here and will stop here for some rest and to capture Here we have reached the Kohala area via Dhirkot The road on my right side is going to Muzafarabad and the left side to Rawalpindi, Murree Murree is about 15 to 16 km away from here Mostly I have closed the camera and just go on now The weather is cold here as clouds are also in the sky The cold wind is blowing here I think maybe it was also raining here yesterday As we are coming from Kashmir and there was rain everywhere "Ganga choti, Bagh and Lasdana" all over there The clouds are coming down in the shape of fog here Facing fog everywhere in the Murree area I have put on the bike's headlight As all vehicle's headlights are on position except local vehicles as they didn't on The local peoples are brave drivers and they are driving without any fear The fog is increasing and also the cold wind is blowing weather is very cold here This is the current weather here in Murree (Next day) another good morning from Murree last night we reached here and checked in a hotel We reached here from Bagh last night and the weather was not well last night Now we are going to explore some tourist places and views Will take some shots and also snaping here This is my bike and we will leave shortly We are on the "Jheka Gali " and going to explore the famous tourist point "Patriata" Will explore some views and for some shots From here 2 km away the turning point towards "Patriata" There will be a signboard with a pointing arrow on the road In Murree, less number of tourists are here now The reason that the tourist season is going to end and another factor is children's school summer vacations end Due to this families are not here to explore as last we observed Mostly tourist visit here in the summer season May, June, July and August Due to heavy floods and the long monsoon season tourists have not visited this year But the main factor now opening of all educational institutes Hotel rates are cheap nowadays I personally like this season and environment One can enjoy and explore easily in this condition Now we are on the Patriata road This is the single and narrow road and up to Patriata descending here This road also goes up to "Kotli Sittian" another tourist place Patriata is about 2 km away from here The road is narrow and single Finally, we are near to Patriata parking area Here we are watching some gatherings of tourists and locals We are in the chairlift and going up Patriata viewpoint We parked our bike along with our safety gadgets there and now going to explore the viewpoint This road leads toward the local population's area This is a side area view and also a backside view We are sharing today with you our touring accessories mounting tricks Please watch our touring side bags as we have purchased from "Gear To Go" and thanks to Hassan Bhai These are the side bags rain cover as I have done some modifications Now I will show you our tank bag setup This is a normal tank bag and I have done some modifications to it I have put foaming for my all camera and accessories in it This is my bike without accessories On the back side, I have mounted our hiking sticks watch This is our Top Box This is our club's flag and the bike is in a normal position standing Now I will mount all my accessories I have also modified its seat as this was GS-150 (Suzuki bike) seat I have modified and divided in two parts as you are watching Now I will mount our side bags There are two bags one will mount from the right side and another will be from the left side There are two adjustable straps for holding bags that will be attached to the hooks and will be mounted opposite sideways Now I will mount its rain and dust cover attached from the bottom side There is a strap belt available for covers protection during driving Now I will mount the seat upper part for the pillion rider On both side hooks are available and will be attached to bike body hooks for smoothness during driving Now I will mount the tank bag this normal tank bag with magnets on the sideways I also modified my tank bag a little and attached some hooks on the sides For extra care and safety, I knotted the bag with some straps attached to the bike chassis frame You can make the straps mechanism permanently for mounting of tank bag more tightly This was the complete set of our riding and mounting of accessories and hope you will like it Another good morning from Murree and we have decided to close our tour from here as the weather is not suitable for further exploring the tourist sites The weather is foggy and visibility is poor and now started our back traveling The winter season is approaching here Watch this foggy condition and clouds are coming down We stayed and waited here in Murree but the weather didn't allow us so decided to close this tour The visibility was poor and can't be explored anything From here we will follow the "Express Highway" towards Islamabad and Pindi We are going down and watch the downward valleys but the views are not clear We stay here on the way the place's name is "Missyari" Taj Guest house for a tea break We had not taken tea there in the Murree The views are not clear through the human eye and what the camera will capture The weather is still foggy and cloudy here The road sign board wrote "Bhara Kaho 35 km Islamable 43 and motorway 61 km away from here We are happy as Allah does best for everyone Insha Allah will capture more shots in future We will shoot more as will be visited more destinations in future We will capture an overhead view with the bike on the road in the future Insha Allah As we are going down the weather and temperature is changing with still cloudy conditions and sharp windy Up to "Bistiyal Morr" the weather will be pleasant and from there, hot will be started From there Pindi -Islamabad area will be started and the temperature will also increase As we felt in the Murre area and its valley pleasant temperature now vanishing Now our feelings have changed as we have put on our safety jackets hot vibe feeling Due to the construction of this road (Express Highway), this traveling is the more scenic and short way In the past 1970~1980 that was a narrow and difficult road and was hard traveling Facing some road diversion ahead perhaps some renovation or construction on the road there We are crossing the "Bastal Morr" now After some time this greenery and views will be disappeared and the hot weather will be started The plain surface territory will be started there The temperature will also arise there We will feel hot as we have worn our safety jackets that can't be removed due to safety point of view Finally, we approached the Bhara Kaho bazaar area, and one phase of traveling completed here We will travel back the same as we come I mean we will travel by public transport with our bike Now in public transport, you can put your bike after removal of some bike accessories in a standing position This was a successful procedure and in future we will follow it We will stay short with our relatives here in Islamabad and then will start our journey for home (Lahore) I will share all details with you and this first time we are sharing these publicly We are riding for many years but sharing the first time This was a short trip as told earlier many times the reasons I will share all explored destinations details with you hope you will like these Until then we say goodbye to you Will also share the bike loading video with you as captured by my mobile (SHARED IN EPISODE # 01) UNTIL THEN ALLAH HAFIZ (GOOD BYE )FROM OUR SIDE. THANKS

2023-04-05 14:20

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