El Salvador 1 1/2 years later. A U.S. Gringos adventure in Central America"s best kept secret.

El Salvador 1 1/2 years later.  A U.S. Gringos adventure in Central America

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Hey hola everyone! First I wanted to show  you my overall route and the stops I made   and then we'll get into more places as we go  okay I flew in from the United States to San   Salvador and then the next stop was Antiguo.  Cuscatlan, Playa San Blas, Ahuachapan, Santa Ana   Metapan, back to San Salvador, San Miguel, La  Union, Usulutan {and I know that's wrong} Beach   Vibes and then Playa San Blas. Alright San  Salvador I stayed there two months and it   was a great place to start this adventure. I  stayed in San Benito, there are car shows night   live, cultural historical events, restaurants,  shopping, I mean everything, it's a modern it's   a modern city with all the great things that  you can possibly want as a tourist or to go   shopping or to take care of your immigration  issues. That's where you go San Salvador.

say hey what's up guys this is Irvin from Salvador  here shout out to JD off-course that is uh giving   us this chance this opportunity to be on his video  e we are down here in El Salvador we are in a big   car show right now in El Centro historico so I  recommend you guys to come down to El Salvador   and come visit us it's a very safe place now so  you already know we are here come visit us! Antiguo   Cuscatlan. now located close to San Salvador sort  of like a suburb to me, I stayed there for 2 months   just about. it's still close close enough to the  big city where you have all the big stores but you   have that small town Vibe. I lived in one of the  big Avitat complexes, which was like a eight-story   apartment building and from there I could easily  walk into town, enjoy the amenities, get pupusas   tacos, go do a little shopping, just get my  exercises and get those steps in. You know how it is   when you get older you got to get the steps in. But  anyway yeah that was a good place to good place to

stay. Playa San Blas. My next move was to the  beach! Finally! It was a six-month lease in   a condominium complex had me a little nervous  there at the six-month thing but I'll give   it a shot now there's many public pools in this  complex a gymnasium, a clubhouse with restaurant,   direct beach access, and being here for six months  I really did make quite a few friends. I enjoyed   the area it's right between LA libertad and  El Tunco, now those are the two places down here   along the coast that I found that seem to  have the most activities going on festivals,   night life, whatever you want and of course the  restaurants this is a good good spot to [Music] be hi my name is Jerson Morales I am  Salvadorian and welcome to playa san Blas I   serf him for the last 22 years ready  and I am happy to be living on the beach too Ahuachapan. One month, okay now I headed north  for this one. going from a huge two-story house   there at the playa to a one-bedroom one bath  motel room was quite a challenge, but La Casa   de Mamapan did not disappoint. owner and  staff were great, treated me like family.  

the town had a lively Square which was just  right outside the front door A Hot Springs   Park was nearby not too far away and I did  make a video on that one as well and uh it   was very relaxing and an enjoyable experience so  that's a pretty cool one to check out the Ahuachapan nice little desk area to work at do some uploads  on the videos I need to work on I'll get a minute nice bathroom I think it might  have a hot shower. Oh my didn't expect   anything to be going on I just a regular  night but it is the first of the year so   it looks like whether I wanted to go  to a party or not I think I'm here. Santa Ana. Now Santa Ana is the second biggest  town here in El Salvador and I thought well I'll   stay there for two months yeah I'll I'll do that  because it'll probably be pretty cool and I stayed   on the uh second floor of this house had two  bedrooms and two baths located in the historic   district. Now that being said when you go to rent  a house in the historic district you get narrow  

roads the buildings that are just packed together  multitudes of potholes in the in the roads and   even in the sidewalks there were huge holes that  were not marked or anything like that so you'd   have to be real careful at night walking back to the  house from the square which wasn't very far away.   You sure didn't want to fall in one of those  holes they might not find you for a day. yeah   lots of truly memorable buildings though plus  the other side of town had a huge mall and night   life. I really think my sort of bad viewpoint  on this town was the area I stayed in it just   needs some tender loving care, some maintenance  on the streets, and sidewalks, and step it up on   the parks Santa Ana they were pretty sad.   but anyway overall if you're in Santa Ana you can  

shop you can uh dine and you'll see a movie I  think as well so yeah there's lots to do [Music] Metapan Hey in Metapan I stayed one month at  the Hostel Villa Blanca awesome service from   the owner and staff, free breakfast for longterm  stays too, now I stayed for like a month so that's   a long-term stay, and I had a a great breakfast  every day. I think I gained weight on this trip   just because of the breakfast cuz I used usually  don't eat breakfast but uh anyway it it was uh   it was a one-bedroom with a bath I did a lot of  walking in the town met a lot of great people   in Metapan, uh this was close to Guatemala. I got  to enjoy my first futbol and basketball game   in El Salvador while I was in Metapan, at the  square they've got a huge futbol field right   beside it and right behind it is the basketball  arena and I met some some guys from the United   States were playing ball down here so that was  that was pretty cool and uh enjoyed the games immensely [Music] Now my next stop was in San Salvador. I stayed  in an older twostory home in a gated community  

I had to take care of some immigration paperwork  and that was the best place to be. The Beach Vibes   Hostel. The next long-term stay was at the Beach  Vibes Hostel in El Sunzal. I stayed maybe a month   and a half. Sonia and Nelson really took good  care of me, ran to some old friends while I was   there which was very cool because you know I'd  be on the other side of the country, pretty much   all over the country and got some really good  music videos and they're online too so check them out Playa San Blas II. The second time. Okay the wait   was finally over, after a year or so traveling  

around the country, I found a house in San Blas, well  actually my buddy Edwin did a lot of the leg work   he's really good about finding homes for people  and he's located here in San Blas too. Now we looked   at five or six houses I met uh some sort of shady  homeowners I'll just say it honestly uh they did   the little Gringo thing I think to me on a couple  of them where they found out that I was uh not an   El Salvadorian and the price went up. So tourism  people you might sort of take note of that and uh   I don't know I don't know what you can do there  it's their houses they're going to do what they   want to do but I did meet a man and his son who  were more professional than the others so now   I finally have a home base for quite a while  I did a long lease I'm going to be traveling   though and doing videos of El Salvador at other  towns festivals and plus I might just have a new   helper. So that'll put a pretty interesting spin  on the videos, if I've got a another camera going   while I'm doing my camera work too, we'll see. Now  there were some other stops along the way and I   didn't really cover them because they were like  short one or two night stays and I'll cover those   later like when I went out towards uh La Union  and cover what I found out there and   everything but uh a lot of those places that I've  stayed at throughout this whole thing has been   Airbnb so I'm going to do a video on airbnbs and  hotels and it'll sort of give you a perspective   of what the Airbnb situation is their fees and  different things like that and I think they're   having some issues right now actually with  um their charges from airbnbs might be losing   their popularity just a little bit so we'll see  but that'll be in a video later on hey thank you   for the comments the uh subscriptions the likes  sharing uh we're up to almost 750 viewers right   now or subscribers which is amazing and just  thanks so much for that uh hopefully you're   enjoying this this trip this adventure as much  as I am like I said I'm locked in here for two   years and uh hopefully I will get uh a lot of  video from around the area and further out and   bring it to you. So until next time and hopefully  a shorter video it's Hasta Luego and I'll see you later! Bye....

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