EL PEOR DÍA DE MI VIDA | La Natación de Hielo SALE MAL

EL PEOR DÍA DE MI VIDA | La Natación de Hielo SALE MAL

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And we came to do something that, let's say, I'm not very happy to do... - Come on, my love, come on. Can't! - I saw you were like that, getting desperate... No... - Uhh! A fish.

It has potatoes, cucumber... What was the plan today? Go skiing, among other things. We are coming. It's starting to snow a lot... Show people.

I can't even see with the car 5 meters away... And the cloud looks so long that I don't think it will end in half an hour. So, I turned around and we're heading home. - How crazy...

Oh... Well... - You can't even see it from 5 meters... - Look what this is... - Not even the Estonians expected that it would be so cold here in December.

- It's a bit unusual this winter. Yes, in January or February. But December? No. I mean, it doesn't stop snowing. It has been 2 weeks since it hasn't stopped snowing...

We entered the forest, the road is... I don't know, maybe they clean it once a day, right? And the snow was like this. The car was able to pass but I knew that if we went to the end, then we wouldn't go out to come back...

We reached the other swamp. Swamp, I don't know how to say it. The route ended. Could it be there? Oh... There's water downstairs. - I mean, here I can already be stepping on the water, right? About.

So, be careful. - But I don't understand why I'm sinking so much... I don't know, there's a lot of snow. And we came to do something that, let's say, I'm not very happy to do. Moved.

anxious. Fearfully. And that is swimming in frozen water.

I don't know if it's a good idea... If I'm honest. I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing. - Where is the lake? I mean, there's a well there. I mean, is the lake there? Or could it be that the lake in which we swam further on? - Here ahead of us is the lake. - It's frozen, you can't see it.

- I'm going to try to make a hole with this. - So we can throw ourselves. - The practice of "ice-swimming", which would be swimming in frozen water, - is very local, very much from the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries. - It's good for circulation.

- Good for libido. - It gives you an energy like that when you jump into the water. - It kind of wakes you up, a shot of adrenaline.

- It's good for stress too. - And many people here in Estonia practice this. - They even put their heads under the water. - They swim. - It's crazy. - We who are not professionals cannot put our heads under water.

- You always have to wear a hat. - That's only for those who know. And I, being Estonian, have never done it.

I hate the cold... So today we are going to see if we can do it. - Theoretically... - There is a piece of wood here where we used to jump over the lake. - Do you remember? - Sure, in summer.

- And then, I don't know... - where the lake begins. - I think that the side is like... Ah, there it is, it ends there.

- Oh. - Is there the lake or the wood? There's water. - Let's see, give me the axe, give me the axe, love. It looks like a granita that we ate in Ecuador... Now you can see it. good.

- The good thing is that the ax kind of gives you heat, did you see? - Who knows what will be under that frozen lake... First I'm going to warm up. Because that's what they recommend. So we also have warm water in the thermos. To then put ourselves on our hands and feet.

- I kind of got hot with the ax. - For God's sake... Nah... - You're crazy today, Lisanna... Oh... I don't know where to start...

Because it's cold... - You're crazy... - Are you going to step on the snow? feet and all? And how else am I going? - Remember to leave everything in order to do it quickly. - I'll do it later. - People, I'm just going to ask you one thing.

- We do this for you, because we love you. - Subscribe to the channel. - I'm also going to wear my underpants here. - What you are seeing, people, is unprecedented... - Never seen before on any YouTube channel. My love, I'm very cold...

- Come on, do... - I mean, do you have something to dry your feet? - There is. - Come on, go. My foot froze... My love, I can't... - Cover yourself, cover yourself. - She couldn't, she couldn't...

- If you can't, don't go! How cold! - Come on, my love, come on. Can't! Turn off the camera, help me then! I feel very cold! It was a stupid idea... I thought "oh, last year I took pictures in the snow". In bikini.

They're on my Instagram, if you want to see. And I felt fine, I wasn't cold. But the difference is that there were boots. But, to go swimming, you have to take off your boots. I thought "oh, it's going to be easy".

I also don't know if going to the sauna before will change a lot, because it's very cold. - Estonians do that. - First... some come to the lake, right? - You told me.

- But others go to the sauna. - But as you said "let's go to the lake, which is more natural", - I say "well, it must be something"... - If when you say something, I don't say 'no' anymore. - Because you're always correct. - I trust a lot too.

Well, this time... - But I... - I got very worried - when I saw you that you were like that, entering despair. - I got really worried. - There I grabbed Lisanna, lifted her up. - I picked her up like this. - Like... that's how I had it. - Clear.

In order not to step - So you don't step on more. - And I poured hot water on his feet. - I helped her put on her stockings, pants, everything.

- And there I put my feet in here like this in my jacket. - No, first I did: - Like this. - I rubbed and rubbed and pulled...

- And then I put his feet inside the jacket and left it there. - And I put the poncho on him and everything and... - Thank God, he recovered.

When I stepped on the snow... I'm not lying to you... I felt like my foot was burning but cold. - Clear. - It was a pain that I never felt before.

- You have to go to the sauna first. But there are people who do it like this... - Those people must have professional training. They are crazy...

- They already have tanned skin, do you understand, my love? I told Mateo "I ask you not to do it." - Of course, after Lisanna finished, - it was my turn. - I was going to see how she did it first. - I learned and then I did it. - But there, when she finished, she told me "don't do it". - "Because you're going to die."

- Your feet are freezing. It was a pain... - And I was worried about her. - So, we went back to the car. - To turn on the heating. - But luckily he's fine.

- It's all heated up. - That poncho is the best there is, right? - The ponchito, right? - Yes. - You left me worried, my love... Yes... - You almost made me cry...

I brought Mateo to do another Estonian activity. - "Perita Spordikeskus". I'm lost again... - Why? Because I don't know where to enter...

Let's see... - Through the door, my love. 90 meters. - 90 meters? - But what we are going to do today, Lisanna, - is it skiing or is it something else? Ski. But not ski touring.

- It's like skiing vertically. Clear. - No, horizontal*, sorry. - Horizontal. - Let's go horizontal skiing.

- I never skied horizontally. - I mean, this is new to me. It's going to be fun then... - It's going to be a lot of fun. - Here they come, see? - The family with the skis.

- How many are there, Lisanna, look... - Eh... - Is this mine? - Own? No. - No.

That yes. - Oh. - Okay.

- Okay. - Thanks a lot. - Thank you. - What did you bring me to do? - How is? Are they special shoes? - Explain to me a bit because I don't know anything...

- You didn't explain anything to me... - Ah... there are obstacles below. This gets hooked there and stays. But this moves.

- And how much does it cost to do this? - I didn't even see how much you paid. 6 euros I just paid. - How cheap... - Yes. - Cheaper than playing football.

The two persons. On the page I saw that it was 5 euros each person, 2 hours. And now it came out cheaper then. I dont know.

- I wonder if the people who watch us would come to do this sport. - Or I'd rather go play ball. - Put in the comments, people, what you prefer to do.

- It's crowded huh. - Sure, it's so cheap and so good that it fills up. - You came with who? With your family when you were little? I never came here. We had classes at school every winter.

In winter sports class we go outside to do this. Ski. And I went to another place with my family. Where we wanted to go yesterday but it started to snow...

- Ah... - So, when you have gymnastics at school, - they give you this type of sport. - Uh, it was tighter... Yes? - What number is it? 41? Yes. - Ah...

- That's how I have my fingers. Wow. - Can it be like that or does it have to be looser? It has to be comfortable. - How do you say "excuse me, one more number please" in Estonian? (She speaks Estonian.)

- (Speaks in Estonian). - Thank you. It's OK now? - Yes.

- He's fine now. Well, Mateo, do you want me to teach you? - Yes please. Let's see, Professor Lisanna. Oops. - Mmm... The teacher falls...

- The teacher... - Look. Here you have the metal thing, right? - Yes. - And that has to go here. I mean, you just do that and it grabs. - Oh ok.

And here it is loose, right? - Yes. And the other one too. - Yes.

Oh! - Mmm... - The teacher, the teacher is leaving us... Done. - So, I put this... - Ah, the click goes forward. - Clear.

- Did you see that they gave me skis in my size? Clear. - Sight. The ski has to be your hand. And the hand thing almost from the shoulder. - Almost the shoulder... I mean, yes, the shoulder.

- Those are the rules? - Yes. - And this, do I have to wear it? Yes. I mean, not yet.

But when you ski, yes. - The teacher has to explain everything to me... Yes, that. - There. Let's see. - So? That's an option but... - How boring... A.

- Che, why is there a church here, Lisanna? I don't know... - What is that? I don't know what it is but it reminds me of the church in Piriápolis. There in Piriapolis, Uruguay. - Oh, look, it's true. - I don't know what it is... - From Piria. If you want, I'll show you now.

- Well, show me, please. That. - Like that man, like that.

Clear. Or you can also go like this. - It's like you're walking...

Sure, but I like the first one better. - Let's see. Ow... - My love... - People go by quickly here.

- I'm trying but it's not very simple as it seems. - Nothing in the snow is as simple as it seems. - The place, too beautiful... - But these skis, mommy... - Yes.

Ayy. - Ouch. - Oh no. - Lisanna, the eggs... - What do I do? sit down. - I can't move... - Ooh...

Well... - How do you say "my balls" in Estonian? No... One, another, one, another... That... almost. - This never starts... - One, two...

No, but the stick only when... No no no no no no no no, love! No... ... No...

... - Au... My love... Oh... careful that... - How do I get up now? - I can not get up.

It happened to me too, don't worry... People. Subscribe to the channel because Mateo is suffering a lot... Here we go. Oops oops! Ah, well...

Ah, well... - I'm going back! Ah, well... Mateo... You have an ankle... - 1, 2, 3! - There is.

- The Estonian who speaks Spanish told me "1, 2, 3". - 1, 2, 3. - 1, 2, 3. - 1, 2, 3. Wow... he's improved, look... He's a fast learner...

- Woohoo! Oh... well... - I trusted myself too much... - My love, I was doing too well, right? Yes.

- Look, my love, look. - Look, look how I'm going downhill. - And this is so? - Yes, this is for mountains.

- Let's see, how do I get up the mountain? - How do I do it? - Let's see. - Because the Estonian gentleman is teaching me. - One by one. - Right left. - Yes. - Right, left. - Oh.

Now, my love, I'm going downstairs. And I came in... I don't know, 30 seconds? - Go ahead.

Me with one hand, look. Oh... - Are you going to one hand? And... I have no choice... - Lisanna is very crack. Whoops! Woohoo! Whoa! He's not coming... Could it be that something happened? Matthew, where are you? Here it comes.

Yay! - Oh... what a scare that I... You arrived! I thought something happened to you... What did you think of today? - Very good. You would do it again? - I mean, I'm sure that if I practice and it goes well, - I'd like to, because it's a healthy sport. When I was a girl I loved to throw myself on this. It is fun.

Ah, well... Just going up there again... - Wow... you get tired after 5 times. - A frozen football stadium.

- Isn't that crazy? Ah, to play soccer, woohoo! - There are the arches, here it is arched. - No... that's crazy... But it looks like a ski slope too. Because did you see that there is a route made? - Clear. - Well...

- Tell people what that is. Look, poor thing... - Look, poor thing... - How nice... Look, now we are in the Paltiam market. Before this building was... How do you say it? A shed? - A shed.

To save things. - From the Soviet Union. There they made the market and now a few years ago they renovated it. And now it is such a modern market. Many tourists come.

From abroad too, to see it. So, if you come to Estonia, recommended. - Lisanna, but for people to understand, - it would be the equivalent of a central market, a public market in Latin America. Clear.

- Where are you going to buy the fish, the fruit... - They sell a little of everything. - All those markets that we went to, for example, in Peru.

- That we exposed them in the videos. - It would be exactly the same here. - And this market, a few years ago, - looked the same as the Latin American markets. - Today already renovated, it looks like something else.

- Fua... - Here in the summer it's full of strawberries, fruit, everything. But since it's cold, he doesn't go in. Those are Christmas trees.

- Ah... this is the one we cut. Sure, but there they sell from the plantation, right? - Look at all the che. Look how cute... - There are even little ones. They don't even have leaves... poor... - Look at you... - Look how beautiful... - And people come and kind of buy it, they choose it.

How nice. - AHA. - Beautiful. Since 1993. - Ah... There's the market.

- Hey, Lisanna. - What is the difference between an Estonian public market and a Latin one? - Particularly for me, since I like people more, the commotion, - that they sell everything inside, - I like Latinos better. - The style of the market. - Here everything is organized, neat, did you see? - Chocolates, sweets... Also... - In the summer there are more. - Dresses? Of course, since it's cold now...

- They sell coats. - Hello. You said 'hello'. - Ah, 'hello' I said, poor man...

And now they come like browns. - Ah, little coffees, how much is a coffee? That is a vegan cafe. - 2.95 EUR. - No. A black coffee, 2.50 EUR. - 2.50 EUR. - Average price. There they sell flowers and here comes the fish market.

- Ah... Welcome. - Fua... - Eh... it looks like a mall... The first floor is all food. The second floor is crafts, clothing. - Yes.

And somewhere, there is meat. - And where are the fish? - Let's see, show me the fish, Lisanna. - I want to see the fish. There is fruit there.

- Ah... - Let's see, let's see the fruits. - I want to see as if we were in Peru, put it on. - Central markets. - Where I can choose the fruit. - Oh, here, look.

- Look, there's avocado, Lisanna. They sell from Peru. Is from Peru. - Where does it say? There, "avocado, Peru." - Look at you... - 9.80 EUR per kilo.

Pretty. - And it is to eat it, yes. - And where is this from? Spain. Lots of things from Poland. And Spain.

Poland would be like the biggest producer in Europe, right? - Cologne what is it? Poland. - Oh, Poland. - I had also seen avocado from Chile. - "Avocado Hass". At the supermarket. - Yes. From Colombia. - Where to?

That. - What was that fruit? It's delicious. - We tried it already. - Yes. Azerbaijan...

They also sell things... - From other countries. Clear. Someone would have to open a Latin American position. - Sure, only things from Latam. - Whoops.

- Eh... - It's what we tried but we didn't grab it because it was white. It has to be like that, do you understand? - Ah... - Cachai?

- What did you think, Lisanna? - Where will the onions come from? - Estonian. - From Estonia? Yes. - Onions are always from the country... - They grow everywhere...

- Cucumber. - Marinated. Or which is it? Marinated or fermented? And the sauerkraut. - Very Estonian stuff. Brazil and Costa Rica. - Look... Which one? This?

Costa Rica, Brazil. - The melon from Brazil! - If I have eaten these melons in Brazil... And papaya from Peru. And a lot of honey because that's what... - In Estonia there's a lot of honey, right? Yes.

- Che, another thing, Lisanna, is that here people are quite silent, did you see? Yes. - There is not much baruyo in the market. "I came to try, buy me." - Clear. - Almost everything here is imported. I mean, you have a bit of everything. There's the meat.

- Where to? - Here. - But this is a supermarket... - Or is it still the market? - It's the market. Steak, EUR 18 per kilo. - EUR 18 per kilo of steak. There, how much is it? - No, much less.

- Eh... look what this steak is, Lisanna. €36 per kilo. - Hmm... Wow.

- How much should that steak cost? Like 36 EUR that piece alone. Is it 1 kilo? - It could be. Caro... - Do you know? - But it must be a steak... As they say in Chile, 'a fillet'. Ah, here they are from several countries. - Sight.

- Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Uruguayan meat. Yes. - And there, the last flag, isn't it Paraguay? - Lisanna. Uruguay. - Ah, look at the Uruguayan meat.

- Sight. - Brazilians too. - Brazilian meat, nice thing huh. - I have many Brazilians now on the channel. - We could see your meat here. - Look at the Milanese, Lisanna.

- Uh... - Pretty, very pretty. - Estonian pork is the best in the world.

- Of course! - Che, Lisanna, I would like to have a car like that, it's my dream. It looks like Mr. Bean's. - No... look what this is... - A Fiat 500... - Che, don't they sell fish, Lisanna? Here are the clothes. There are crafts there.

Things like that, not food, right? - I wanted to buy an Estonian hat, Lisanna. - It can be of second use, second hand. - It doesn't need to be new.

- I want to buy... - Did you see those hats that are like squares, that go up? - Look, what kind of girl does that have like that. - Something like that I wanted. - Ah, those are women's. - 32 EUR.

- I wanted one for 2 EUR... - This is very Estonian, huh. I don't know... more or less. - Something like that I wanted. It doesn't look good... - Why? I don't know... it looks like a nest...

I don't know... because of the fabric. - "Where the birds live." How do you say? - A nest. Oh.

- This hat is re Estonian. So. - This is re Estonian. - Re Estonian.

- How do I fit? Nah... with the poncho and everything... - Hey, the funny thing is that here in Estonia when you enter a store, - nobody comes to serve you. - No. - No one comes to say "hello", nothing. - In other words, you can go in calmly and nobody tells you anything at all. - There are people who like it and there are people who don't like it.

- Me, particularly, if I go in just to browse, - I prefer not to be attended to because I feel bad if I don't buy anything... - But there are times when I like to be attended to too. You like me? - I liked how it fits me but I didn't like the price. There are many jackets like this here.

From... how do you say? - As if it were made of animal skin but it is artificial. Clear. A curiosity between cultures.

Estonians don't usually wear this. But the Russians love it. Everything about this, they love it. - From animals, like that. Clear. - Estonian is more minimalist. - Dude...

- He likes the simplest things. An Estonian would wear something like that, did you see? - I think Estonians are more monochrome minimalists. - They use more opaque shades of colors. - Few colors in conjugation with each other.

- A. Aa... - He was the fashionista, did you see? Mateo found his beloved fish...

He didn't want to leave before seeing the fish... - Wow... - Oh... The fish feels. - What a smell of shrimp empanada. Aa... - Ah, I thought they had fish...

- Did you see how we saw in Peru that they used ice like this in the market? Yes. - But no, here they are all like behind the glass. I love smoked fish.

And dried fish too. - Oops... Look at the octopus. - My love, we bought one of these steaks - and we threw it on the grill. - Mmm... yummy...

I'm going to ask you for something very Estonian, look. Do you want a dish or soup? - A plate, love. - Something very Estonian, my love.

So, I choose you and you will see what came. - Go ahead. - Okay. - Don't tell me what you're going to choose for me. - Okay.

We change places, because there is more light. People look at us... - We grab the window, look.

We ordered the food. They don't know yet what's coming. It's a surprise. - I don't know what I'm going to eat, right? No.

- I learned some new words. - How good. - Excellent. - I speak Estonian very well.

- Thank you. - How are you? I'm Matthew. - And you? - I dont know. - Ok, how good (a person). - Let's speak Estonian, please.

- OK, you are welcome. - Oh, I got to the end of the day... - Come here.

- I'm coming. - I love Estonia. - Love you.

- Me too you. - I'm here. - My love, did you ask for the breadcrumbs again? It's not breadcrumbs, wait. This is an Estonian stout.

Try it. - Delicious. - Yes? - Yes. Did you like it? - Yes, it tastes smoked, like that. - As if you were taking a smoothie chorizo. Now try that Estonian drink.

What happened? - It's like breadcrumbs with sugar. - And water. It's not breadcrumbs, they're like different flours. It is a mixture of wheats. With kefir.

Which is like milk that is also fermented. And a little sugar. It's rich, I like it. - Yes me too. And they say it's very healthy.

- What did you bring me, my love, here? Now we have two plates. Let's start with this one first. This is a fish, it has potatoes. Cucumber... pickle?

- Yes. And on top of the fish is onion and cream. How do you say? - Which one? How do you say that cream? - I don't know how to say it. - But it's a white sauce. Milk. - Of milk. - That in Estonia they put it on everything.

And it's a little sour. The fish is herring. - Is the fish raw or cooked? - Because it looks raw here. - It doesn't look like it's cooked, look. - It looks raw, raw fish. - It's even cold.

oh. - I love it, Lisanna... Yay! - I'm lovin 'it. - The fish really is raw.

- The cream and the onion kind of kill the strong taste of raw fish, right? - And everything mixed is very good. Since now I try more things and not before, - Because it was 'Latinized', my little girl. No, but more experience. I have never eaten this fish. Cold, raw, nothing, never. So, it's going to be my first time too.

It's good. But I think what makes it rich is the combination. - Yes, if it were the fish alone, it has that fishy taste, did you see? And now we have... Okay. A Milanese! - Well, that's already more Estonian mixed with German. - German culture, did you see? Sure, but it's Milanese pork.

Top has tomato and melted cheese. This is also very typical to do at home, put some potatoes in it. - It must be delicious. - Hmm.

Very rich. - How strange that they didn't put that cream on the potatoes. - That here they put that cream on everything. - When I say that the pig here is the best in the world, - I am not exaggerating, people. - I would love that all Latinos can come to know Estonia.

- And try a piece of pork and tell me. - What did you think. - It's so delicious, so delicious, - that it's as good as the beef we know there. - A toast, my love. - Chin Chin.

- A toast. Well folks, I hope you liked the video a lot. As you can see, today is Saturday and the Christmas market is full.

It literally filled up. - Sure, because it's one of the few options like that, let's say... I mean, there are options but, since it's Christmas, it's the season, people come here, right? - Oh. - In 7 days it's Christmas.

So thanks for watching the video. Leave a like, subscribe. And a comment. We love you very much. Bye :)!

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