E02 Bergen to Stardalselva Valley. Norway on a Harley Road King

E02 Bergen to Stardalselva Valley. Norway on a Harley Road King

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SEASON 4. DESTINATION NORDKAPP This is the story of a 13,000 Km journey across Scandinavia and Europe From Kristiandand and Stavanger, I will travel North, crossing mountains, seas and fjords to reach Norkapp, Europe's most northerly point 1,000 Km beyond the Arctic circle SEASON 4. DESTINATION NORDKAPP EPISODE 2.STARDALSELVA VALLEY Late last night, I arrived in the Bergen Camping Park, just North of Bergen Camping is extremely common in Norway. It is a way to keep the accommodation costs down. Over 1,000 camping sites will offer a spot for your tent, caravan or motorhome surrounded by nature I booked a room which is was very basic. It was really clean and I could charge all my electronics. "I just want to drop back the key" I was delighted that the camping site is managed by a Romanian family.

Last night I was worried that they will close the reception. They waited for me until late to arrive, outside the normal hours. That was very nice of them! Since I crossed into Denmark, it feels like everyone uses camping sites! After almost every four cars on the road you will meet a camper van. Today I will travel 500 Km (310 miles) from Bergen to Vevang, the place where the Atlantic Road starts. I will take a ferry across the Sognefjord to Lavik then ride along the Stardalselva Valley Across the mountains to Innvikfjorden and rest on the shores the Lavatnet lake.

I really want to reach and experience the famous Geiranger Fjord That is my plan. But will I make it to my destination by nightfall? There are so many places that I want to share with you! This episode will only cover half of today's journey. I am riding along the North Sea shores, despite being 36 Km inland But all I can think of is a fresh cup of coffee and a good breakfast. I decided to take a break in Ostereidet.

They have really nice local produce in this small shop. Breakfast also looks good... Fensfjorden, 30 Km (19 mi) long fjord begins at Holmengrå Lighthouse and flows to Masfjorden-Lindås border and the Romarheimsfjorden that extends eastward from Hokøy for 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) Look at this waterfall. It is not even marked in any way... Stegafossen is an unknown but impressive waterfall in the region of Hordaland. Stegafossen waterfall reminds me of the Powerscourt waterfall in Wicklow Mountains in Ireland I continue to enjoy my ride across the Romarheimsfjorden shores The western end of the fjord lies near the island of Hokøy. It then flows in to the Osterfjorden on its way out to sea.

On other side of the Mostraumen channel, the fjord continues for another 18 kilometres (11 mi) The Matre Power Station is a hydroelectric power station like so many others in Norway. It generates 246 MW of clean energy, one third of the power of the Tarbert power station in Ireland. Tørdal tunnel and the Hopsvatnet lake sit at about 240 m elevation above sea level Instefjord is a small village in Gulen Municipality located at the southern end of the Risnefjorden, This a small fjord arm that branches off the main Sognefjorden. Fish farming and agriculture are the main industries in Instefjord.

I am approaching Oppedal where I will take a ferry across the Sognefjord to Lavik This is Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, nicknamed the King of the Fjords (Fjordenes Konge) it stretches 205 kilometres (127 mi) inland from the ocean to the small village of Skjolden Lavik village, from the Old Norse words hlað which means "pile" or "load" and víkr which means "inlet" Sognefjord is more than 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) deep for about 100 kilometres Cliffs surrounding the fjord rise almost sheer from the water to heights of 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) The inner end of the Sognefjord is southeast of a mountain range rising to about 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) This mountain range is covered by the Jostedalsbreen, continental Europe's largest glacier. This fjord is really big! In 1972 a Norwegian submarine had "contact" with a russian submarine after a 14-day chase in the Sognefjorden In Vadheim I leave behind the shores of Sognefjord and I enter the pass towards Førde Ykslandsvatnet lake Førde, a city of around 10,000 has its name from Old Norse fyrthi, dative of fjǫrthr ‘fjord’. This place is the source of so many Forde surnames in Ireland I need to buy some medication. I am having high fever and severe body aches that I can no longer ignore. Back on the road towards Geiranger fjord. Two paracetamols and a hand full of vitamin C should fix me for the day.

The rainy day and the cold around Hamburg is catching up with me now. As I enter Vassenden along the channel that links downstream to Movatnet The Jølstravatnet lake simple opens up before my eyes... And I find a side road where I can stop to take in the lake and the mountains that surround me In Ålhus I can see snow on top of the mountains. Snow in July! As I approach Helgheim I am intrigued by this foggy valley between mountains I want to stop and have better look, just in case the road will pull me away from that valley. I wonder what this valley is, it looks so hidden and mysterious.. Will this road bring me to it? The white Helgheim Church, was built in a long church style in 1877 by the architect Jacob Wilhelm Nordan The earliest historical records of the church date back to the year 1322.

In Skei the rain starts. It does not look good. Oh no! The road pulls me away from the hidden valley!!? I have to turn back! This will delay me in my plans but I simply have to! Back at the roundabout I can see that this valley is on the road to Fjærland and Sogndal This is it! This is my valley! The road goes under the mountain and my valley disappears in the darkness of the tunnel. Now I can return to Skei and continue my road trip.

The rain has stopped and the sun is peaking through the clouds. I am happy. The mountain pastures around Klakegg remind me of my home region, Bucovina. The mountain opens up and gives way to the majestic Stardalselva Valley The waterfall bring the water from Støylsvatnet lake above into Stardalselva river and then the Stardalselva river flows into the Åfjorden I have to stop again, to just take in this beautiful place I continue my trip along the Stardalselva Valley and I am so surprised with the trafic jam. What could possibly block so many cars? That was a close one... Sheep and goats, of course! This is their land. We are the intruders here!

In the village of Byrkjelo I turn to Stryn on a local road, a shortcut over the mountains. This road reminds me so much with a road in Bucovina, the road linking Câmpulung to Moldovița Behind me is Stardalselva Valley. I wan to stop, have a final look and say my goodbyes to this wonderful land. Leaving Stardalselva Valley behind I ask myself again if I will make it to my destination this evening? On top of the mountain, Breimsbygda ski center, located 600 meters above sea level. That's it for now! Join me on the second leg of my journey starting at Bakkane viewpoint then I will bring you around Innvikfjorden, Lovatnet, Geiranger and Trollstigen, all before nightfall Thanks for watching! Please leave a comment, like and subscribe!

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