Dubai - Warsaw motorcycle trip. Episode 2 Saudi Arabia polskie napisy

Dubai - Warsaw motorcycle trip. Episode 2 Saudi Arabia  polskie napisy

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morning Saudi Arabia that's the SEC I think third or even fourth time even fifth time when I crossed South Saudi border so I just came from Oman and uh actually that border is totally in the middle of nowhere it means Under the Desert so the traffic is almost nothing uh enter the area which the locals called uh empty quarter empty Waters means nothing there so just asked about the the gas station so they told me that the next gas station is about oh here is the gas station okay but next one is about 250 kilometers which is not bad if you have a big bike it's not an issue it's not even have a small small bike that could be a difficult so but anyway uh even I have some backup because I have a big full tank and then two additional spare parts spare tanks so just to be on the safe side so uh yeah so again in Saudi Saudi today it's at least next 600 kilometers who will say if it will be only 600 or something more because in fact wise at least 600 because I'm heading to to Riyadh and then uh somewhere in the middle there is a small I found small hotel on the backs of the gas station but it will say but if it will be good timing then I even go further so desert desert real desert starting Dunes very orange nice color Travelers told me that even if that route is pretty difficult oh that's huge tough and uh but the Distillery is really amazing and it's starting to be like that oh well I did it about I think 200 kilometers it's not easy all that sand or Dunes are very nice and spectacular but somehow you know the regretting starting to be feeling sleepy so I'm listening to music drinking water eating some sweets still sleepy not easy a little bit tough day wow that was too easy this is very very strong wind got the runway is right hand side really strong not very nice at least two it wake me up a little bit because the last couple hundred kilometers there was a really disaster feeling sleepy but now it's I was fighting it doesn't look good but uh almost 200 kilometers getting it looks like this is I reached the road which is as I read somewhere register it in the Guinness record the longest straight Road so I still remember there was 251 kilometers just straight so some some good cruise control will be good to have actually I have 500 kilometers to react I spent an overnight in a small hotel which was on the behind the gas station very basic Ally but after yesterday I was totally exhausted so I just needed to take a shower and then go to sleep so today I'm heading to to real where I'm going to stay about two days I play great over the meeting with the local Riders tonight so I hope they will give me the next advisors regarding the direction I'm still thinking should I go to Southeast South West sorry to the region with the village or Abba depends on the pronunciation which is very close to yemeni border because it's another in and out about 2000 kilometers but I think it's worth to do that if I'm here in this country so when the next opportunity will come but so far it's totally flat totally different desert which I experienced yesterday which was yesterday a little bit later he struggling with my boy so so I don't know this is already 10 days so I think uh you should go to the doctor and they are because I maybe I need some something stronger I don't know it's something really strange [Music] so far let's go to Ria good morning Saudi I'm actually in Saudi Arabia and I think directly to Riyadh so uh I reached the road which is as I read somewhere registered in the Guinness Records I said the longest straight Road so I still remember there was 251 kilometers just straight good cruise control will be good to have actually I have 500 kilometers to Riyadh station very basic but after yesterday I was totally exhausted so I just needed to take a shower and uh and go sleep so today I'm heading to to real where I'm going to stay about two days I break it over the meeting with the local Riders tonight so I hope they will give me the next advisors regarding the direction because I'm still thinking should I go Southeast South West sorry to the region with the village depends on the pronunciation which is very close to yemeni border because it's another in and out about 2000 kilometers I don't think he's worse to do that if I'm here in this country so when the next opportunity will come but so far it's totally flat totally different desert which I experienced yesterday but I will I will tell about the desert which was yesterday a little bit later he struggling with my voice so I don't know this is already 10 days so I think uh you should go to the doctor Andrea because I maybe I need some something stronger I don't know it's something really strange so far let's go to Ria most of the road foreign so after I think about 16 000 kilometers uh the first technical issue so my broken you know when I want to put the fold there I need to take it off this plastic part and that plastic part has been broken so I can't put my iPhone which I'm using for navigation here so it doesn't work so okay I have my RAM mount holder but you can easily put here and still everything will work except the power so that's why I decided to save the power because if the GPS is on so the battery will go very quickly of course I can connect to the speech on the USB connector but it's not really a needed at that moment because it's just straight rotary art so I will connect my phone at let's say navigation when while we're reaching here I still have my another Garmin it shows me the basic map and I see the progress of my travel so there's not really a big issue I will go to the BMW in Riyadh maybe they have some solution for that eventually I will buy the new Gradle because I really like that that's that solution and still let's say pretty long way ahead will be let's see so this is right react pretty strange because today is uh Saturday so the weekday weekend day and the traffic is pretty heavy oh I'm in in Riyadh finally I read the doctor it was very very smooth and she gave me some antibiotics so hopefully hopefully I will recover my voice finally anyway so yesterday evening I met the local Riders from Riyadh and they gave me the another let's say a local Riders In other cities on my way so it looks like I'll have full support all the roads which is great because those people they give me a lot of good informations uh advices and so on so now I'm heading to Ria Tower to Main Building in Riyadh is really visible on different postcards that kind of things I also visited BMW dealership and tried to to buy the new cradle because I have this one mine is broken when on faucet is not available in all Saudi so it looks like all the way home I need to use the sperm spare holder from around Mount so I need to prepare it somehow because actually it's you know I did quickly something like a temporary solution but maybe even I will find somewhere how to do that how to connect it on the better way more convenience or somehow maybe I will find a way how to put the phone in the BMW cradle and then uh well maybe it will work because it gives me a a power supply where should I go what should I go now this way give me the power supply and it's better visibility now I don't have a tank pack a tank back with me right now at that moment oh wrong wrong see it's always happen when I'm talking not really taking care about the road is slightly different city it's very crowdy very crowdy the traffic has been already changed uh significantly comparing for example to Dubai those drivers are have to say faster so though it's necessarily a little bit fight on the road just to be on you know to go ahead the good thing is it's not really such Extreme Hot yet it's only 30 degrees which is still still okay so I will always enjoy today and tomorrow and Tuesday morning I will start heading to Direction Jeddah Mecca but of course like of course I will not go to Mecca which is obvious because it's not allowed for non-muslim people to go to Mecca uh so I supposed to stay let's say two nights in Jeddah after Mecca but they look alright as they told me no no it doesn't make sense because Jeddah is just the regular City so it is suggested me the smaller a nice Village looks like in the mountains before Mecca so there will be even another local Rider who will be let's say assist me somehow to show me that a nice Mountain zigzag route direction to Mecca but in somehow avoiding Mecca and then to Jeddah so slowly slowly I'm coming home area there's a lot of that kind of yellow or Sandy color buildings usually they have a governmental building buildings A Sign so it's a Ministry there's a lot of and a lot of constructions a lot of development so all the things which I had about Saudi Arabia the day development it's really happened it's in every single place you can see some they build some some buildings some big projects uh uh right okay yeah that kind of buildings which by the way all of them they have very small windows I don't know why maybe or because of hitting because maybe I don't know foreign [Music] yeah the people they want to take a picture with me [Music] but very often situation here in these countries they taking pictures you know smiling talking something so it's nice maybe from my perspective sometimes too much it's okay [Music] hmm should I go which way [Music] so one of the highlights of uh Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower in Riyadh done and the next evening in Korea so I was invited by lovely local my new friends friend from Riyadh please Hi how are you my name is Saudi Arabia good so anyway we are in the local restaurant trying the local food which is totally a bit and the first impression is really crowdy and messy but then to him take a look deeper it's that it has some logic so just necessary to understand what is what and how it works first we need the cash test to pay for the bill and order the food and then after that collect this food from different different places so at least the juice is really good so let's enjoy the dinner [Applause] for some dinner and some ride so we'll see what what will happen but uh at least let's say riding in the city is much is much nicer now first temperature which is 27 very nice and then the traffic which is totally different than it was seen during the day during the day there's a really really heavy traffic none of them they use them the light indicator what they want to change the line for example or turn totally though on the roundabout that that's the challenge that's a really challenge because I don't see any rules there not at all so nobody knows who has a priority who should go fast we should go second you know and being a motorcycle instead of a car it not gives it's not really the comfort situation yeah but this is just a matter of time just I think it's necessary to get used to that and to understand somehow and and of course to be very very careful we just joined it the BMW motor at Club India the guys they invited me for the dinner as a lot of conversation a lot of good advices so thank you for the team [Music] so we have a great time you know a lot of information even he told me about where should I go in the next next place so just lack of time so after the good dinner we have a ride together all the guys thank you foreign looking for the edge of the world um he told me it's about 20 kilometers that kind of road so far it's easy but the only thing is which I'm really afraid it's in fact where's the direction um because there is something like a big plateau and I'm just you know guessing a little bit which direction I should go so we'll see 20 kilometers is not really the case so it'd be easy but if if I will be riding in the right direction so we'll see well I already did some five seven kilometers I'm still not sure if I'm heading the right direction just stick to the main track and that's it so we'll see I met some Germans on the beginning they asked them about the how far is that they set about 20 kilometers so just you know counting the kilometers right now so but I think you know that's they're pretty struck so I think um I think in the right direction empty [Music] completely remote area [Music] well the last last one kilometer I think that's one kilometer it's not really accessible by car and motorcycle maybe very light off-road so I left my bike there there's also some car from Germany and I'm just walking right now to to see this edge of the Earth foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah that's the reason of traveling that's why I like traveling to reach that kind of amazing sometimes even strange places amazing [Music] wow so now it's necessary to find a path how to come back on that edge of the world [Music] oh I was on the edge of the world which took me a couple of extra hours so there was a plan today to reach al-ta if which is 850 kilometers from here which is totally impossible because it's three o'clock afternoon [Music] they're in that place uh the local Rider who is providing the guest house was waiting for me but then he texts him that's unfortunately I will not be able to reach this that place because it's too far and it's too late so so far we go forward and then somewhere on the on the road I will find some place stay overnight so should be okay but at the end of the at the edge of the world was really really amazing that was worth it so I was running all the day um to the Village tea Taif so that was about 800 kilometers from Riyadh by the way uh they have only two types of uh fuel petrol they have a 91 and a 95. but 95 is not everywhere available straight it's not always available so it means that uh some places I wanted to to take a fuel but there wasn't so it's again necessary to to take a view before not on the last moment so um today I will stay overnight in some uh I got an invitation from some local motor Rider so he invited me to his uh his house to stay overnight so we'll see should be like always interesting so now now it's something strange and I need to check my navigation because I think something is wrong yeah the rules are there's no rules in fact but I noticed if you put the first wheel the front wheel a bit uh at front of the other car then you have a priority so it means that's just to and there's no stress in fact nobody worry about it if you're a little bit just ahead then you can then have a priority and you can go they're pretty often they use horn but just you know somehow informing you that okay I'm here so watch out or go go faster a little bit yeah but no stress I don't see any let's say bad emotions scenery is amazing it's a bit cold only 15 degrees but somewhere here there is this house of this guy yeah that would be pretty nice pretty nice experience to stay overnight even the locals and take a look a little bit how the lockers live [Music] it's a coffee so actually we are in the old town of Taif and the praying time so thanks to my local friend who oh say hello something hello my friends welcome to type City I'm Shaukat from type welcome to Good so thanks to him I can have some opportunity to see a little bit the city so it's it's really a different but it's a nice experience here so it's really cloudy Ramadan starts from tomorrow so they will be totally different there will be new experience for me yeah we're trying some um local we can see like a lot of fast food what is the name of this food vanilla balila we'll see good morning just woke up it's the apartment when I'm stayed this night absolutely nice totally enough everything is for my use the living room the kitchen and even this swimming pool and everything thanks to nice local guy who shows me the city yesterday showed me everything actually by the way I have a nice breakfast why it's happened like that because today started so in fact no official eating in the public places even for such a non-muslim people we should respect and do not eat or drink in the public places so I'm interested a small breakfast and then I will go to to see the signs of Mecca because it's not for me and then heading to Jeddah and heading to Next Village jumbo I think properly pronounced on the Red Sea Coast and actually the place where I mean I'm here it looks like that very nice and summer in one time it's called political you know it was a little bit freezing quiet so let's let's finish the breakfast and time to go the the mountain is around dive my friend from Taif he told me that this is the region where all Saudi people in the summer [Music] who are looking for some cooler places they are coming here exactly because even in the summer when in their cities are you know about 50 degrees Celsius oh wow wow and then here is much cooler oh wow didn't expect it so the night was really really cold even I woke up on the night and needed to wear something else because it was really really freezing uh actually it's 15 degrees which is still it's a bit unusual which I didn't expect in that country so what do we have we have make a left Muslims only on the right the others non-muslims but actually I should go left doesn't mean that I will go to Mecca but I want to go to Jetta hmm what to do all right this is totally not my direction left that's my direction go left direction to Mecca um even there was some checkpoint that nobody asked me for anything so still hope that there will be some another Junction and then we can avoid the mechan yeah there are some Day rules and then if you are the guests in some other country you need to respect the rules yeah I would like to see my car definitely what rules are rules see and I was the next checkpoint and they said no only Muslims but even if I said no no I don't want to go to the city I want to only to take a ring around the city heading to Jeddah no so I need to find a way how to [Music] huh it's not the easy case ah here it is yeah they told me that somehow I need to go this way in fact I need to reach this bridge how to reach this bridge so let's do that in the local Style [Music] I'm still trying to avoid Mecca we're looking for some other road so on the map it looks everything very very easy when the real life they don't allow to go there so um okay there's another try and I see on the map there's a little bit of the somehow like the big Row the bigger Road and again it was probably will be some checkpoint Italy I'm hungry I tried to find some food everything is closed because I'm somewhere in the middle of Medina and Mecca so finally I found something small coffee and just hidden on the parking place after the motorcycle try to eat a lunch delicious so that's the first day and the next 30 days see Ramadan I mean uh report City pretty nice by the way Village on the coast of Red Sea straight overnight um yesterday I jumped to this place and the temperature was higher and higher so now since everything is empty and closed first today's Friday so it means for them it's a day off second there is Ramadan which by the way the Ramadan is not easy for say when you travel if you not get used to that because it's really there is no any places to to have some lunch there's not only places to have to even to drink a coffee so it's really difficult to find something fortunately I found something finally yesterday on the gas station and then I needed to somehow went to the parking place and and eat and drink there respecting their rules but uh but let's say from from let's say our perspective non-muslim um that's it's not easy we'll see but the other thing is that today the second day of Ramadan which is always 30 days and unfortunately I have I think about at least 10 days yeah 10 days even two weeks because especially turkey uh say traveling across Muslim countries so traveling across Ramadan rules so it won't be easy it won't be easy now I need to find a gas station and then I have about 360 kilometers to Lula um the place which was I was told but that I have to go there to Something in the national park and now I'm going to stay there two nights to really let's see see that place so we'll see but at first I need the fuel because then I will start climbing in the mountains as I so from the on the map traveling I can say that I will all I will do almost all the country maybe accept that small region which is South West near to yemeni border so when I was traveling across all the country the cost of fuel is the price of fuel is exactly the same everywhere so this is two point 33 reels which is uh okay around half Euro per one liter 95. so uh doesn't matter which gas station you would choose it's always the same price something like a fixed price or regulated but the government no idea but uh but it is still the same price which again you know half a Euro for one liter comparing to European prices lovely you can let's say travel travel you don't really feel even your expenses for fuel region somewhere there is the city some of the some some interesting spots but wait a second in the meantime I try to find a gas station with the 95 because everywhere is so far as 91 only 95 full tank so I will go fast to find my place maybe they can change and take some more information what is what and where because it's 30 degrees it's still hot so [Music] [Music] hmm yeah it's really a low-cost holiday wow it looks like a paradise good morning alula I stayed overnight in some really amazing place looks like like a different planet totally different planet so all those mountains rocks in fact are really incredible in the night there's a lot of nice lights so I will I will make some video on the evening as well but actually after a night in that small house I will take a tour to see some highlights in that region because not all of the places are reachable by by vehicle with the public vehicle so we'll see should be very very exciting day and uh so so in that place in the middle of nowhere finally I've seen some tourists some foreign tourists I've seen a couple from Portugal from Lithuania from I think Spain and surprisingly I met one girl from Poland so something where from what are you doing here I'm from Poland and I'm traveling and hitchhiking as you can see just got a ride foreign today we will spend a little bit just a couple hours together so at least I will have an extra cameraman uh cow woman with me so we do that Tool uh where it's not accessible by by any let's say private vehicle so let's see it will be at least some some new experience and finally I can a little bit talk with someone in Polish thank you thank you so as as always was told that it's impossible to go by my motorcycle then we took a tour and we go by bus so unfortunately we need to change the type of vehicle see hello good morning or religious area okay but we can just do that it's not allowed to climb or enter inside the tool and to please don't smoke in our tour okay so that's the first stop take a look you know I'm pretty curious what is inside and it will be good to take a look there really really pretty that it's not accessible by motorcycle because that area is pretty amazing to see more and he grow also known as a medallion salad or city of sale why here is this Mission side because the hegra was the first Saudi archaeological side to be added to the inner School list in 2008.

who are the numbers of Arab they used to travel from place to place in Arabian Peninsula and in three Century BC they decided to establish their Kingdom and they started from Petra do you know about Petra which is in Jordan yeah and withdrawal the first capital for them then they accepted their Kingdom until they arrived to this area and they top control on the side in the 30th Century BC why did the nabatians come to alola alola is a k location in the ancient instance the trading route linking Southern Arabia to the Mediterranean and this route had been used for at least 600 years before the nabatina arrival to this area is naturally more up into the water and that supported the largest subtle population execution olives were planted in this area for more than 2000 years ago and also as you can see it's surrounding by Mountains from all directions and that give it more protection okay now we are in front of the Red Mountain why we call the truth Mountain because it's rigid and iron and with the rain is still into the rich color and the Red Mountain contains around 19 tombs the most important one the two number 117 this one why because it was covered by sand and no one under inside it before the archaeologists unlike other tombs that was open for a long time and with when the arcade just removed they found the tomb and inside the tomb they found a body of a woman about 40 years old and 100 67 centimeters tall and she was wearing necklace made by date and her name hyena daughter of Bob and we know about that from the inscription in the tube of the door it's not allowed to go inside but at least to take a look what is that for the future if I can recommend just let take a left rather the private tour to visit by small JP instead of the Big Bus you see a bunch of the people it's too many people just like that but it's possible to come to the to the entrance and hide the small Jeep sexual guide a small tour it's much better thank you [Applause] [Music] the weather is changing which is really bad because it should be the blue sky and there is no even there is a the forecast the rain is coming [Music] the good good place is to to take a look strongly recommend to visit this place alula [Music] hey let's take a look another one what is inside what is that thank you looks like Apartments [Music] foreign looks like this is the last one the last spot which we have seen uh in Agra it's actually we're just coming back to the bus unfortunately the weather as I said it's not the perfect so hopefully it will be not even raining so anyway so that's it for for hagra it's worse to do that even if there is a lot of people here but a nice experience absolutely was to do that yep thank you [Music] foreign [Music] one of the mushrooms is there a lot of them in that area this is in today so what was the amazing day today it was kinda amazing [Music] not a lot of them I would expect some more after two like three hour trip but it was okayish yeah something like that too too a little bit complicated yeah it's so bad it's gonna start raining so unfortunately the stuff that's the that's the issue in fact yeah but we still are in a good mood so it's fine yeah yeah at least that's it this is the building huge mirror thoroughly amazing it's really bad that it's not really the blue sky today because it could be even better perfect visual effect inside that building there's a large restaurant of course you're too close right now well maybe fortunately because we almost probably be put expensive this is just out of the season and then many places are closed and on top of that is Ramadan so uh yeah it's really difficult even to to buy a coffee somewhere so I just visited harat Lounge harat Hotel there's a big complex of lecture reveal us there's some others up far away it's also that mirror building which is inside the restaurant and the ballroom and it's really amazing place a really amazing place so it's quiet it's how to see season right now so there's no people but they're the the best season is here during during winter so it definitely was to to come here stay for example to two three days to take a look all the area because that's that's really really amazing Place really amazing well today's my last day in Saudi Arabia so I can say that I so almost all the country maybe except the last region which is uh next to the yemeni border on South with the city I think but anyway I seen the mom region I've seen empty quarter I was studying in Riyadh and then tiaf Taif I'm sorry and then actually I mean alula which is really amazing place and it's necessary to visit so in general Saudi Arabia was really uh surprise place for me first of all all the distances there's a huge country the distances between the cities are sometimes 500 or even 1000 kilometers which is pretty long but all the hospitality all the people all the services are really really nice there's no issues very nice people very friendly very helpful in many places they asked me okay maybe do I need some some help do I need some maybe water maybe that kind of things no problem in some places this is the Cash country so it's necessary to to have some cash in your pocket because in some gas stations you need to pay by cash some places in some grocery shops yes you need to spend cash instead of carts so it's it's necessary to have some uh some cash in the pocket but in general it's pretty easy and in general it's not really expensive maybe except that kind of place where I'm here right now alula which is something like an exception and definitely worth to do that even if it is more expensive yes it's worse to to to to to to take a look at that place for sure I will come here that's this is no doubt this is something like really for alula you need something like a two three days to explore all this region and to really enjoy the the place so looks like tomorrow I'm leaving Saudi uh hopefully there will be a long day but hopefully I will reach Jordan border without any problems so I want to do that in one one lakh so it will be pretty long day but I will leave Saudi so well there was somebody that you know the country visited I'm more than happy to be there and I really recommend to everyone to come to Saudi Arabia it's really easy actually you know to get a tourist visa which gives you the one-year multiply entry uh you can do that online in 15 minutes so in 15 minutes you can have a Visa I can go to this country and actually they are in that stage they are welcoming the tourists most probably in a couple of years there will be more more let's say tourist and it will be everything more expensive and more crowdy but this is the really bright moment to visit Saudi Arabia so strongly recommend so anyway let's say it was probably goodbye to Saudi Arabia hopefully everything will be okay to see when I will reach the Jordan border and cross the Jordan and then we can say see you in Jordan [Music] well I decided to go to have some coffee in some nice resort so when I if you want to enter that first of all you need to pay 100 deals to go there but then it's 100 years videos you can easily spend for your drinks or food [Music] I already nice yeah [Music] [Music] so from that luxury place if I want to go down I need to take a electric bicycle [Music] I took a shortest route to the border to join the Border is that it was probably the same foreign it's uh almost eight o'clock in the morning it's a little bit chilly it's about 15 degrees but the Sunray is is really stunning condition is sometimes really bad it's amazing scenery yeah the road is really bad too it's really difficult to go even faster it's a lot of holes on the road so [Music] there's nobody here nobody I already did about 50 kilometers I have seen only one car and it's really cold it's about 10 12 degrees and the altitude is about 1500 meters above the sea level so hopefully hopefully I will start to go down oh some cameras again yeah in many places I've seen the camera just uh walking acrossing the road after the bad Road always has to come the good road [Music] chicken what the hell Broadway and what does it mean maybe there's something New Roads I hope so really hope so I don't want to go back the same road back it's like over there it is about almost uh yeah I think 100 kilometers on that bumpy road s I am about 40 kilometers before Jordan in Border and just realized that I did exactly 20 000 kilometers on that strip already so 20 000 kilometers it is more or less the same as what I did in 2010 riding to Beijing China but that trip is not finished yet still couple thousands ahead of me will say what will be the final result 30 40 kilometers to Jordan border yes that's it another first check you took my passport and asked you to wait strange and unusual okay okay [Music] hello I'm good good how are you why are you so empty no people here a bike yeah Wy thank you do you know this is the border to Jordan but there is supported to Iraq another border is it open you is it open border for foreigners for for can I go you don't know okay thank you hello this is the number Robert Visa where is his passport now the paper the passport is a number a number is in passport yes yes foreign thank you [Music] hello thank you foreign

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