Discovering Amsterdam | City Tour | Red Light District, Madame Tussauds, and Canal Boat Magic!

Discovering Amsterdam | City Tour | Red Light District, Madame Tussauds, and Canal Boat Magic!

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This is Red light street This is the world's first 3D printed Steel Bridge Here Circus is happening on Amsterdam square street After exploring Rotterdam, we took a bus to go to Amsterdam We have just left for Rotterdam I saw it in Map that it will take us there by 1 hour exact Right now it's 12:30 noon we will be there by 1:30 Only 1 hour journey This is Amsterdam Airport and it's name is Schiphol Now this bus will stop here and some passengers will get out And some will get in and then we will go straight to Amsterdam Central We have just reached and now stepping out This is Station This Station's name is Sloterdijk Follow instructions if you wanna buy the ticket By walking we have reached a place This place name is Gashouder Westergas Like this water canal etc are present And some restraunts etc, peoples are seated here Water flowing like this This place is Otterbrug This was a old factory, Now they have turned it into a restraunt or theatre like It's name is Fabrique De Lumieres Right now we are walking Our hotel is just a 20-minute walk away. Not so far So let's go there by walk and check in there Then we will explore Amsterdam city Look over there, the bridge has been lifted right now. Because boats will pass through.

There will be a big ship, Of course! Oh! So this is the ship we've been waiting for. You can see it's so big This was the reason for the bridge being lifted. Look at the many bicycles and the public gathered here. Right now We are going towards the City Central All these canals! This is the dry Amsterdam Let's find out the wet Amsterdam (lolx) How you find out my humour? (HEHE) Here we stopped at a place and ordered Pizza And we got it in 14 EU (except cold drinks) Now we are walking and about to reach the hotel. In that building our room is located, Hotel Continental Check out the location! Such a good main location We reached hotel, checked in then we left to explore the city So this is our Hotel, Hotel continental And below our hotel, there is MannekenPis. Do you remember I showed you a statue of a child in Brussels A Child who is urinating This is the Holland's no.1 fries

You can see the chaos So we are out to explore by walk We will go towards Dam Square We just left our hotel and Right behind me is Our Hotel You can see Tourists crowd behind me He is finding places on phone Let's go and explore! This is an old Church and now also an Art Museum Right beside it, there are bakeries etc present, They also named as The old Church This is Canal, boats etc Amsterdam is known as City of Canals See the other side; boats are sailing. Awesome! This place is No Alcohol Zone 100 EU fine, Please drink inside Also fine apply on urinating publicly That's why they have made Urine stations at many places. You can use them All these streets are known as Red light streets Capturing photos, movies etc are not allowed there See Red light museum etc, So much crowded by tourists This bridge is World's first 3D printed Steel bridge This steel is printed by 3D printer See Isn't it Amazing! And on it peoples are walking, running etc Amazing! Guys this is Dam Square so crowded Many tourists, etc., are seated here.

Radiant vibe All this is Dam Square See this Such a good place it is! Here is Madame Tussaud Museum located Will explore it as well Here circus is happening at Dam Square Amsterdam This is all Square area where we are roaming Let's find something to eat Here are so many things by the way I see one right in front of me something and one is here Turkish kabab Saba And one is Istanbul Kabab, Turkish doner So Different things and much variety are here Let's see what we're going to try. So we have eaten food in that restraunt behind me This Restraunt's name is Turkish Kebab Sabba Food was delicious And I also found my new subscriber from here He asked me if I make videos I said yes, then he said me to show him my videos I showed him my videos, He really liked them So he became my fan and subscribed my channel So if ever you come Amsterdam, You should definitely visit here and have food, It was so good! This is a golden statue And around it some sort of show is happening So come let's see what's going on She is performing good tricks over here We have eaten food so we'll relax a bit and roam around Here at some places, camera isn't allowed So we understand, we won't take camera there And let's explore more This is Red light Street Camera isn't allowed ahead, So I ain't taking it there And couldn't focus on that girls as well, it isn't allowed And you can see at night also it's too much crowded Queues etc are present This scene is very similar to Karachi , Same Karachi vibe it is! This is our hotel above See this Right after exiting from hotel It's very crowded, and also the queues are quite long. This is our Hotel and below it is Manneken Pis This statue of child is very famous statue of Belgium Known as Manneken Pis You can see this in my video of Belgium And this is very famous Fries It's written here that Holland'd no.1 fries so Let's try It's good that it's very near to our hotel and this is Amsterdam Central station Here is also Royal Palace and Dam Square And right in front there is Madame Tussaud Museum So we have bought Manneken Pis fries And you can see how they put sauces and garlic etc in it It's very crowded, so let's see if it's really worth it or not. So let's go and walk in this direction This is Central Station We are walking here Let's explore it as well Central station building and its surrounding like this Let's go inside as well To explore and see how it looks from inside Its style is a bit older.

Rotterdam's station is of the latest style. It is of old style But it's a very good and unique building It's kind of a passage, Let's see by stepping below To find out what else is here. This area is of modern style The upper side has a somewhat older style. These are shops etc Starbucks etc. also located here See here.. It's a quite big station You can see on both sides, you can find every train Many connections are here All these downside going routes is for trains And if I continue walking so Let's see It's written that you can take ferry from here So let's see this place It's look nice You can notice that the backside has an oldish vibe.

And this front side has modern vibe These Cyclists are cycling See this! This is Central station's back side We are walking here So we thought to sit in Starbucks that's located there in front Why don't we sit here? Have a coffee and plan our further trip Our Cruise ship trip is also ahead So let's see and go to Starbuck's Here my drink has arrived Mine is Pink Coconut with strawberry And this is Mango dragon Look's very nice Let's drink it and move ahead! Here is Victoria Hotel This place is very crowded This is Amsterdam's stock exchange See here! Beursplein 5 written here, it's in Dutch And also some stocks that are going on here. And see this Bull statue is located here at outside Here is all his details Falun Dafa is good! Whoever wants to know more They can search Falun Dafa on google I support Palestinian human rights, a man is protesting So this is called Freedom of speech This is Royal Palace And in front of it different protests are happening Spreading truth to people about world's cruelty This is Royal Palace Dutch Royal palace at Dam Square It's surrounding radiance At the back of this station, this is Magna plaza shopping mall Let's go inside of it And explore it All this is located very near to each other See this is Royal palace and here is Magna plaza So the King whenever he wants to shop anything He just step out from his palace This is Magna Plaza shopping center Let's see how it is from inside There was any old building which they turned into shopping center How amazing it is! See here how people have parked their bicycles on bridge Looks good! Let me show you the view with flowers This is Amsterdam's canal Boats are sailing in and out There are some Hosts roaming for tourists You can ask them anything about city See the architecture here These Dilbar cuisine building is slightly tilted How amazing the architecture they have made! This is also a very famous museum here, named Body worlds In it, human body parts, etc., are shown in detail. We are walking in straight direction and in front is Central station and on my right side is Amsterdam conference center It's quite huge Right now it's under construction And there are many restraunts On my back all this area is called Red light street Capturing windows pics is not allowed here because of girls They only allowed me to focus on canal My front side view is also same Along with Red light street area is China town Here they made all the buildings etc of Chinese style All this is known as China town On this side Hotel is situated And on this side , it is Church Church of Saint Nicholas So let's see I don't think so it's open at this time I'll you from outside It's closed at this time Outside of Amsterdam Central station, Everyone is enjoying I got a subscriber here in Amsterdam Subscribe, subscribe! So now it's time for our cruise trip We have to be there So let's go there, enjoy the cruise ride, and capture some clips. And I will show you, and we'll also enjoy that ride.

And after that we'll decide what to do more here So Let's go! Canal tour has just ended It was 1 hour journey by Lovers company It's their logo in front We have just stepped out You can see that other people are already in a queue, awaiting their turn to sit. Now they will go So we should go now This is Amsterdam Central station's back side And if we go ahead Adam's Tower can be seen Let me show you Right in front on which lights are on This is basically Adam's tower From here, you can get a good view of Amsterdam. 360 view On top they also placed some swings You can also ride that To go to Adam's Tower You have to take ferry from Amsterdam Central station's back side Otherwise you can't go without ferry By taking this ferry, you can go Adam's tower Ship is sailing and we are going to other side This building is A'dam tower And these are some hotels Going to other side And we'll explore that side also Ship has just dropped us here We are walking This is A'dams tower These are bars, restraunts etc Along with it, that white building is Eye Museum Eye Film Museum, right now it's closed In it 5D films etc are present I just researched about it so got this information That it's kind of Film Museum We decided as we're already too late to be here Going to A'dam Tower at this time is not a good decision. It's a Hotel basically. So we decided to go back again to other side We'll take ferry to return to other side.

Whoever is coming to Amsterdam for a trip Try to take hotel in this area , where conference center etc is located So it will be easy for you that every place is near. How you find today's vlog? Go like, subscribe and also share this video Do tell me in comments what you liked and what I missed to show you So see you soon, Please don't forget to like and subscribe See you soon Take care, Bye.

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