Deadly Landslides on KKH to Rupal village in ASTORE Valley EP.05 |North Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

Deadly Landslides on KKH to Rupal village in ASTORE Valley   EP.05 |North Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

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Isn't this a bit scary... I mean this section in particular. The situation is not good. That happened in the next section? The situation in the next section is quite dangerous. Sir you dropped this junk on the road. Please keep it in your car. Ok I remember falling in love with this road, the last time I rode here.

Just take a look... Our north is amazing. If you have Leh Ladakh, we have Gilgit Baltistan. The water looks so pristine and beautiful in color. This village looks really wonderful.

Assalam Alekum. Good morning. Namaste. Sat Srik Akal to Everyone, From Chilas. I was about to say Chitral... but anyways. We wanted to go to Astore yesterday but the roads were closed. However, they have been cleared now. Today, we'll cross Astore ...

And reach two villages by the names of Tarishing and Rupal. The villages are located along the path to Nanga Parbat base camp. Last time I covered Fairy Meadows.

There's a way to base camp from there as well. The other one is from Rupal. Didn't do this the last time. So we are gonna do this now. It's almost gonna consume our whole day. We'll be camping at some suitable spot there. We have just done our breakfast here.

All our luggage has been setup on the motorcycle. Some people are here to meet us. You are from Astore? Yes.

And he's from Ghizer. We'll go there as well. And Awais here along with his family is from Faisalabad. His son was asking me how to do vlogging. Would you like to say something? Go ahead. This is for you Abrar.

For me? Thanks very much. But you should keep wearing it. I insist. No. No. Okay. Thanks a lot.

Can we have your number please? We won't bother you. Let's do that off camera. Time to leave now. Allah Hafiz Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a problem free and memorable day for us. It's almost 10 in the day.

We are a little late though. But we are still on plan as we wanted to leave between 9 and 10 am. The weather in Chilas was more pleasant yesterday but it's quite hot today. The fuel tank of motorcycle is full.

We've got an SCO SIM card as well that we have topped up. Ali was telling me that the road has been fully constructed. We'll only face issues at the points of landslide. The rest of this road is good enough for our ride to be enjoyable. Bye Bye Chilas. We may get another chance to visit here.

For now, we'd want to leave as soon as possible. Don't want the roads to be blocked again. Because that's not completely out of question in this rainy season. We are riding along the Indus river. I don't know but there's always some attraction in water...

Especially when you are riding along water on a road like this. On top of everything, the quality of the road also makes the ride enjoyable. Riding your motorcycle on such roads with such scenery around fills the heart with joy. This gentleman just decided to stand in the middle of the road. We turned back from this point yesterday. Today, we'll keep going.

So, now if you look at those mountains... Their shapes tell you that it has small rocks stuck in soil. So they simply get unstuck and roll down to the road whenever there is rain. And hence block the roads. That's why you'll see such sections with poor road conditions. So today we'll see exactly which section was blocked.

This section even looks kind of scary. You never know... You can get a SIM card from here as well.

There's a fuel station as well. There's an ATM machine of HBL. You'll find such facilities in the small towns along this road. This section is really scary. Just see how these mountains appear to be a straight vertical wall.

And mud. Just look at that. God forbid, it falls down on the road...

It is advised to pass through this section as quickly as possible; without stopping. The last time we were here, we got stuck here for some time, due to a landslide. Looks like there has been a landslide here that has blocked one lane. Excuse me brother... Is this the place where there was a landslide yesterday? The situation is very bad. That happened in the next section? Yes. It's much worse there.

But don't worry. It's all cleared now. Okay. So, there are sections like these where there is frequent land sliding. But they keep on clearing it. Another traffic jam I'm not sure if there has been a landslide ahead. Or whatever the reason is. Look at that. That's another reason.

This is how you block others' way. O they are fighting. I think the landslide from last night has been cleared.

However... That has gathered so much traffic here that it will take some time to get cleared. But motorcyclists like us can still sneak their way through. This is not totally unexpected. It can take hours before all the stuck traffic gets through, even after the landslide has been cleared.

You can see how worse the road is in this section. Other than this section, this is overall a really good road. All because of landslides.

Well, now we have traffic on one side and an awesome view of Indus river on the other. They are constantly working to unblock the sections with rubble. They are on it. We have reached the other side now.

That means we have crossed the blocked section. We just have to cross the traffic that was stuck on this side. Wow... I'm so lucky. Let me have this handshake. How are you, Sir? Great. I just recently watched your whole India tour. Abrar... Assalam Alekum How are you? Let's have a picture with him.

Assalam Alekum. How are you? I am good. We watch your vlog very eagerly. Thank you so much for that. He's so courteous. Do I need to remove my helmet? Would be great if you do. It's our lucky day.

What a surprise. You know we have been looking for you in Gilgit. But we were destined to meet here. We watched each and every vlog of yours. Thank you very much.

Assalam Alekum. How are you? When we found out that you were in the area, we were looking for you. How are you? I am good by the grace of Allah. What about you? Thanks a lot guys.

I've watched all your vlogs. Every single one of them. India.. Saudi... Assalam Alekum. We watch all your videos.

I told all my family that I saw your video from Babusar Top. And we kept looking for you all along this way. That's why I'm making a video of all of you. Where are you headed to? Astore. You are going there to see the Shandoor festival? No.

Just Astore. Shandoor will be quite crowded. One picture please. We are finally out of that traffic jam.

This is Raikot. The path to fairy meadows starts from that point back there. Are you hungry? Not really. Breakfast was not too long ago. Let's grab some water and then we'll resume.

Take a look. The guys in this car threw this wrapper. Lets return them their gift. Excuse me... You dropped this back there. Please keep it in your car. Well, that's the road to Astore.

Hopefully it will be open. We'll reach Astore from here in about 2 hours if all the roads are open. Wow... Just check out this road. Just look at the steep fall on one side and we are on this narrow road by this mountain. As you can see that there has been a recent landslide in this section as well.

It has been cleared as well. I remember falling in love with this road when I rode here for the last time. But it was really dark back then. So we couldn't even see it properly. But now we have another half of the day.

We can see some houses. That means there will be small villages along this road now. We are now on the other side of this river.

But the views from here are no less amazing. You can also see huge rocks hovering above us. It's frightening for sure. I mean I'm not someone who gets scared. But that's what I read in comments. That we get scared after watching such scenes in your videos.

I have seen many people who come here on their own cars and are really scared. I mean it's really difficult for someone who has not driven in mountains. Looks like there had been a landslide here that has been cleared. Those who follow me on YouTube and Instagram from Pakistan... They must have already visited this area. But many of you who started following me after India tour or even before that...

You can see that how wonderful our north is. If you have Leh Ladakh, we have Gilgit Baltistan. I think the scenery at both these locations is quite similar.

But I have never been there yet. I'd love to showcase that through my lens if I ever get a chance. Simply amazing.

That's some adventure. The road here is in quite a bad shape because of landslides. I think landslides are a very frequent phenomenon here.

I mean this landscape and these rocks also suggest that. I don't think this road is more than 5 to 6 years old. We can see some valleys now. I guess this is the first or second green patch by the riverside. That section has now begun. Ali has asked me to go a little off track to see this waterfall.

It's hardly a 2-minute ride from the road. I never stopped here before. What's the name of this waterfall? No idea.

No worries. At least this looks so beautiful. That's the road. We just went a little off track. Take a look. That's a carriage on a rope line to cross the river.

You have to pull the rope to get to the other side. Look at that water stream over there. Just see the gushing waters. Can't really call it a stream. It's a river. That's how big it is. It's water is so much cleaner than that of the river.

I think this is coming from some point where snow is melting on the mountains. But the water in the main river is a bit different as it's coming from a long way back. We'll keep on seeing many more water streams like that along this way. Assalam Alekum We have entered Astore now.

The motorcycle has been refueled. We'll be passing through the market now. We won't have much time to spend here if we want to reach Rupal.

We'll have to leave soon. Lets show you around in this market. This road, running alongside this mountain...

Takes you to Skardu and Deosai... We are gonna be on this road for the rest of our journey. However, we'll have to get off it in order to go to Tarishing. Do you wanna make a stop here? Let's do it here. We have only had our breakfast today. So we thought to stop here and see if we can get something to eat here.

The place looks nice. Apparently they have done some fine arrangement for sitting as well. Quite nice.

It has started to get somewhat cold here. That's why I have closed the vents of my jacket. Hope to enjoy this next part of our ride. The mountains over there just had a fresh snowfall. We are told that Deosai had a heavy snowfall last night and this morning. And that's why Deosai was closed.

Any road in the north can get closed at any point in time in July. Even Babusar Top was closed for a few hours. Look at the water in this river. Such clean and pristine in color. Throughout this ride, we have been riding along the riverside.

And that's how it's gonna be. We are in Chorit right now. Another 5 km to go. What's your name? Muhammad Waleed. Waleed is telling us that we can go straight to Rupal base camp. But it has just started to rain. How far is it from here? Almost a 45 minute ride.

45 minutes by your standards or ours? Yours. We are thinking about staying in Tarishing in this weather. Thank you very much Sir. Regards Till this point, we have had an asphalt road. Except only at some locations. Nevertheless, you can't say that it was a difficult offroad ride.

I can now see the glaciers for the first time. The closer you get to the glacier, the more you realize how massive and gigantic this glacier is. This could be the Nanga Parbat side.

It's covered in clouds for now. We have reached Tarishing now. Assalam Alekum Wa Alekum Salm. What's the situation of the road back there? Where are you coming from? We are coming from Chilas. The road is clear till Chilas now.

Are you Abrar? Yes. Wow... Sir... Great... How are you? I am good. What about you? I have been watching you on YouTube. Many thanks. Where are you from? I'm from Rupal village. Tell us if we can be of any service. Just need your prayers.

What about a cup of tea? We are headed towards Rupal Resort now. Thank you very much. Brother... Assalam Alekum Allah Hafiz Looks like there's internet coverage here. There's no other way they could have watched my videos.

I'm really pleased that random people in such a remote place recognize me. By the grace of Almighty Allah Look at that tiny bridge. This is a really wonderful village. Water coming flowing in from all directions...

It's so green with really massive mountains in the backdrop. Assalam Alekum. That's Rupal Resort. You want to stay here? Yes. That's Tourist Police. You'll find them almost everywhere in Gilgit Baltistan. They are really helpful.

You can also say that... You won't find better policemen than these guys, anywhere else in the world. We have got ourselves a room in Rupal. The name of the place is Rupal Resort.

We can't show you much from outside for now. Because it's quite cloudy out there. But the view of Nanga Parbat from here is remarkable. We have been told that the visibility will probably improve in the morning. I honestly didn't expect to find a room with such good facilities at such a remote location.

Let me show you. We have a really clean, tidy and spacious bed here. Then there are two chairs back there. There's a TV but I don't know what we can see on it. The washroom is also very spacious and clean.

Hot water is also available. We paid PKR 12 thousand for this room. I think breakfast will be included in this. We'll have our dinner here.

Can't fly the drone as it's raining. But would love to create a time lapse for you. Our dinner has been served. Ali, would you like to tell us about our meal? Today we have chicken karahi. Like always. Along with some roti. This is our karahi.

Hopefully you must have enjoyed this vlog. If you do, please Like, Subscribe and Share. We'll have our dinner and pray for a better weather tomorrow. So that we can share Nanga Parbat base camp or any of its worth sharing views with you. Remember us in your prayers. Allah Hafiz

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