Cycling the Islands of Denmark - Part 3

Cycling the Islands of Denmark -  Part 3

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We made it back to Svenborg. It's quite  hard pushing a heavy bike with your left. hand. That's the view from our overnight  tonight. Just looking at the cattle in the   water meadows. Over towards the lake. The area  around here is quite clay, the soil. There's a   brick works just up the corner and the managing  director of the brickworks back in the late 19th   century built the house and I think we're in the  orchard here there's apples we're just having a   beer. Apples and pears. Just through here you  can see, I'll give you a glimpse of the house,  

I don't want to spoil their privacy but  you can see its lovely isn't it? The tower. There's two trains here. We're off to a  Odense and there's the other train heading on to Svenborg. We're having an ice cream in Odense.  We went to Goodis - goody goody yum yum.

He has sun in his eyes on the way back. I didn't know you go in there. Hi there Peter. Peter the Potter just  pottering around in his garden. Wow look at all these.

Peter collects pots. It's not Odense  - the D is a soft. Othense. So this   is our - should we put the lights on - oh  it's warm in here isn't it's our kitchen sofa... ...telly. Morning. Coming into Faaborg. A flag. There's where rich  people can stay not the rest of

us. After there we went there, to  there, then we went up here,   Stenstrup Then we took the railway line up to  Odense down again. This morning we went down to Faarborg, around there. To Fynshav - we're going  to go back to the campsite. So we made it back to our campsite. There's the  van still safe. Hopefully it'll start and we got   back at what time? 4.40pm. So I thought before I  forget... what wouldn't I take next time? I took  

three battery chargers of which I only needed one  battery pack. I thought the children were going   to require more. I took a tripod I didn't use  that's quite handy for the GoPro.I took another   tripod little handheld tripod I didn't use. I took  too many cables because I was in a rush when we   left - I just grabbed a load because I thought the  kids will probably want them. We took lights but  

we didn't use them but that's just to be on the  safe side. I took a long pair of trousers that I   didn't use. I've got a spare pair of underpants.  I got a spare pair of socks. I got a spare shirt.   I only broke the hoodie out today, which I could  have got away . I don't think if I was traveling   in summer I would take the lightweight sleeping  bag. I took a quilt because my wife does get  

a bit chilly. I would just make do with the the  quilt because you can zip it up like a sleeping   bag. What else wouldn't I take? I've got a pair  of waterproof trousers that as last time I didn't   wear. Other than that we've eaten our way through  the food. We've got a few bits left as you always   do just in case. We got the straps to keep the  lid on there and that's all ready for if we have   any breakages - just to strap it up. We broke  a pole on our tent or rather I broke a pole on  

the tent so that's 40quid of to repair. If anyone  likes to send me some money that would be great   or replacement pole. The kids bikes all held up.  We didn't have any punctures which was lovely.   They were all very good so thanks to Richard at  Oxford Bike Works for our bikes and also to Shaun   in the village for giving a service to the the  kids bikes - just to make sure that the wheel   bearings were good and everything. He took them  all apart and put new chains on and made sure we  

had new brakes and everything was super duper. I  took a helmet, wore it a bit but generally didn't   wear a helmet. Last time we were in Holland and  got trolled by some people, mainly the Dutch, or   certain elements of the Dutch, for why we wearing  helmets and being very rude but in Denmark helmets   seem to be I would have said probably 60:40 people  wearing helmets. Obviously the more you're in the  

town the more likely people are to wear helmets.  Is Denmark flat? No. If you're just on a road bike   great! If you're really lightweight touring - and  we're not - we're comfort touring really - you're   probably okay. With a trailer it was hard work. I  mean, it's undulating countryside so it can get a   bit hard. I think I walked up a couple of hills So  what else wouldn't we take? One of the things we   did take that I thought was good was the flat pack  5 litre water container so we had enough water   overnight when we needed it. Oh the Dutch are  leaving. It was them in the camper van . They've  

just arrived back. They're off are they or they're  going to get back the same as us. So we're just   going to put the tents up now and then have a  shower and reacquaint ourselves with civilization   and then probably pop out for a pizza or some nice  nosh. Well, that's our broken pole. Fortunately,   I had a repair section and the ubiquitous gaffer  tap which has held so far. If anyone from Wild  

Country or Terranova is watching if you'd like to  send us a replacement - I don't know 8mm section,   or better still a whole new pole section for  your marvellous tents. We've got the Hoolie 3   etc which has the little extra bit out the front  for your gear. That's what Mr and Mrs Antagonist   are in. The kids are just in the straightforward  Hoolie 2 both of which we picked up second hand   because we're not rich. So what have I got in my  panniers? In this side I've got my sit mat that   helps waterproof and protect. On the other side  in the the gauze which I used for drying out I've   got my the good old Crocs. In the back I've  got my wash kit and towel and the other side  

I've got... my waterproofs. In the side I've  got my tool kit. Then we've got clothes one   side and tech and then the other side I've got  the sleeping system. And then in the trailer you   can see I use Karrimat or sleeping mat. It not  only protects things but stop things making a   noise and bouncing around. I helps keep things  waterproof. There you've got the kids sleeping  

mats at the back. We try and pack over the wheels.  And we got an Ortleib waterproof bag that has all   our communal kit - cooking stoves and mess tins  and bits and pieces. And then when you go to   conferences and you walk around picking up these  bags they're really handy for just prepping so I   know the beige one has biscuits in, the white  one has all our coffee bags hot chocolate,   tea. The orange bag has.. what's in it? I think  that's bread and bits and pieces and then the blue   bag has porridge oats - that's the breakfast  breakfast bag. There's our waterproof bag,   our water bags, more water bags. We didn't  really fill up the trailer. You could have put   more in but of course it's obviously then heavy.  Here is our cool bag. It's just a Sainsbury's  

job for about 4 quid. We brought some salted  butter with us which kept okay. We did bring   a little tiny bottle of olive oil and a little  tiny bottle of washing up liquid with with us   as well. For breakfast we had Danish bacon and  eggs. We brought our own mixed up porridge. As   we were going out every day we managed to buy  some milk. It didn't take us long to get the   old site up and then I'm going to nip up to the  Reception and settle up for the next couple of nights. I'm just going to  let that cook down reduce

down. Now we're back in civilization  just waiting for dinner to cook watching   Simon a Bloke in the Woods on YouTube  catching up with what he's been doing.   They're all up at the kitchen cooking  dinner. 'A little bit of spice that's   just... Andy from Kent Survival ...season  Moroccan.. it's got fenugreek and cloves  

and onion and garlic and cumin' I'm wrapped  up like this to try and stop the mosquitoes. Walk down to the fjord swimming area. It's  absolutely millpond calm - look at - it's about   9:00pm I think. I'm just going to be tucking into  to my pudding which is Sainsbury's rice pudding   which is using up the last of the food that just  happened to be in the van so that's my pudding for tonight. Lavatory we say in our family. What  did you buy? What are they? Caramel   wafers. Butter biscuits. You got a hot  one? We got two hot, two fresh ones.

[Music} Interesting version of Frere Jaques. It gets a bit thin around here -  I don't want to drop the camera. We've just been to the art gallery.

15 Euros! Well Sunday morning breakfast time in Kampen - stinky smell of cigarettes. Signs on the wall there. Underground, overground  wombling free! Has anyone seen the canal?

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