Crazy shopping in the streets of Kathmandu - Meet the locals!

Crazy shopping in the streets of Kathmandu - Meet the locals!

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For today's video, we are in Kathmandu, and we are going to do a crazy shopping challenge and explore the local neighbourhood, so let's go. So we've been now for one day in Kathmandu, and I am so excited to explore more of all the local shopping here because there's literally so much to be seen. There are so many local products here, as you can maybe see behind me already. There is a lot. We are located in the best street possible with our hotel.

So right now it is time to explore all the local products that they have here and all the local customs and rituals. I am really excited to explore this. It is still early in the morning, so it is the best time to do some shopping and to show you guys what you can actually buy in Nepal, and how expensive it is.

So I'm going to show this to you. It's currently 10 a.m. in the morning. I'm going to enter one of the first shops; they have so many different things. Here you can see a lot of keychains already and it is so beautiful inside. Crystals here as well. Hello! Good morning! Oh, we even have a little cat here.

Hi! This is my favorite thing. Look at this sleepy guy. I wish I could take him. Hello, little one. Hi! How much does it cost to bring you? And if you guys know me, you know I'm a huge fan of knives and they have so many beautiful ones here all the time. Look at this.

I love these designs so much. The thing that I really like here are these sweaters. You can see them behind me; they are made of thick wool and I'm literally so impressed by the color and the designs.

Look at all these; they are so comfortable and so warm and so cozy. I really like that one and the hats. I think these are amazing.

The red one... it's so nice. I'm going to try this one. What do you think of it? - I think it's really nice. You tried it yesterday.

Oh, yeah, but different color, true. New day, new color. - I like it.

You like it? - Yeah! Okay, I'm gonna see inside. Hello! Oh, I like it, but it's a bit too big for me, I think. Do you only have one size? - Yeah, that's only one size. One size. So my head is too small.

- You can take like this one. Is that handmade? - Yeah, handmade! Oh! - This is hemp and cotton. You made it? In the countryside. - Yeah! Wow! That's impressive. - This is good.

You like it? - Yeah! It's actually very cool. I didn't expect that. It feels very nice. - Yeah! How much does this one cost? - 700. Okay! The thing that I see here a lot are also: a lot of beautiful paintings.

So if you are looking for paintings, there are so many here to be found, so many bags as well. Warm sweaters, which is a really important thing and also a lot of bracelets. So what I really like are notebooks. I love notebooks so much and I see here a lot of them with like beautiful paper, let's see. This is how they look like.

So many of them here. These are really nice. Wow! You have so many nice things. Wow! Cinnamon tea.

Can I... Is it smellable? A little bit. Wow! Mixed Nepal tea. So many different ones. I love it. And you even have slim tea.

That makes me slim? That makes me slim? That's good. I like that a lot. Do you have like a best seller here? - Sorry, ma'am! The best seller... Like which one do you sell most? - Tea? Yes, exactly! Okay! I love this packaging. - Buddha eyes. Wow! So inside there are tea bags.

- 25 bags, ma'am. 25... Oh my God! Okay, I love these. I drink Ilam tea, ma'am, because it's black tea and my husband likes masala tea... Oh, okay! - because he likes milk tea. Milk tea.

I like that as well, but then this one you make with milk? - Yes, milk. Oh, okay! And this one is your favorite. - Yes, it's black tea. Okay, then I'm going to try this one, I think. If you say it's your favorite, I trust you. - Okay! How much is it? - It's 250.

250. Okay! Can I take that one. - This one, ma'am, Ilam tea? Yes! But I love this packaging as well.

For how long have you had this shop? - 35 years. 35 years? - Yes! Wow! That's amazing. Okay, 50... 250, right? - Yes! I'm your first customer? Aww! - So it's a good luck. Yay! I love that so much. What's your name? - Kalyani.

Kalyani? - Yes! Kalyani. That's a beautiful name. - And you? Susan. Susan. - Susan. Yes!

Okay! - Thank you so much! Thank you so much! I hope you have more customers today. - Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Namaste! Have a good day. Bye! - Bye! First purchase of the day, I bought tea. - Oh, you get a tea. Must to have. Yes, must to have here in Kathmandu.

I love it and this lady has the shop for 30 years, that's so long. I can only imagine what must have changed in all these 30 years. Crazy! Oh, okay, nice to meet you! Are you shopping? Careful! Oh my God, these streets here are really, really narrow and there's like a truck passing.

Look at this. - Yeah! Oh my God! Wow! We're stuck here, trying to wait for this truck to pass. Okay, now it's clear.

You can go again. You okay? Okay? You are shopping? Nice shopping here, right. I'm shopping as well. - Oh, yeah! Thank you! You're welcome! Have a good day.

We lost you. - What did you buy? Tea! - Nice! Yeah, I have tea and you have... Can I see your t-shirt? - Of course! ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

You feel like that? - I always... Okay, Janine! - I too, I too... Let's cross the street quickly. See what kind of juices they have. Milkshake, mango juice... Sorry! Avocado milkshake.

I love this. Juices are literally my favorite. This is really nice. That would be a good one.

Is that sugarcane juice? - Yes, it's very nice. Oh my God! Can I try sugarcane? - Yes! So in India, last time I tried sugarcane juice and I'm still not sure what I think of it. Everyone always says that you should try it, so right now I'm going to try sugarcane juice here on the side of the street.

Hopefully, it's nice. Sugarcane juice. Yeah, okay! Can I see? Oh, wow! - Wow, it's so nice and fresh. I love it. Oh, where is the sugarcane? In there. - Yeah! Can you put one in? I want to see. - Wow! Oh my God, it's literally going in.

Where did you get these from? - We get it from Terai. From? - Terai. - Terai. I never heard of that before. - Terai lies on the Nepal-India border.

- This machine is really heavy. I'm scared. There are a lot of sticks going in for one juice. - Yes, yes! Yes, yes! Is it healthy? It's good for my health? - Yes! Yeah? I can get strong from this? - Yes! You drink every day? - It's good for stomach, liver...

Stomach and liver, okay! If you say so... This is nice. Wow! And I really like it. I didn't expect it. It's actually a bit sweet.

It's sweet and with the lemon; it's literally perfection. I didn't expect it. Normally, sugarcane juice is not the best, the taste, but this one... Wow! Okay, this is definitely 9 out of 10 for the sugarcane juice. - You wanna try? I like it.

Yes! - It's really nice! What do you have? - Pomegranate, pineapple and... It smells... - It's nice. I don't really taste anything. I like mine better. Yeah, you have to try this one. - Okay, I'll try this first.

He says it's good for the liver. - Oh, liver. - Yeah! So if I drink this every day, my liver is strong. - Okay, let's try. I have no idea what it is, but I'll try. You never had it before.

Let's see. - Wow! Wow, this is so good. Nice, right? - I think this is the brown sugar thing? Yes! - Yes! With the stick, I forgot the name. It's the stick like here and there's also lemon and sugar. - And sugar. So good! I love how sweet it is. - This is so good.

What do you rate it? - 10. Wow, 10! - We have like this in Indonesia, but it's so different. It's different, right? - Yes! It's so fresh. It's even different than India. This is really good. I love it. What's your name? - Dilip Kumar.

D or M? Nice name. I love it. I wish I had a nice name like that.

- Like your name is not nice? Oh, thank you! I'm nice. You have a wife, Dilip? - Yeah! And kids? - 3. 3 kids? - Yeah! Oh! How old are they? - I have 2 boys and 1 girl.

Five, four and one? - No, no! Okay, three people you have? - Yes! - I have two boys and one girl. - Two boys and one girl. I understood two wives, one girl. - No, no, no, two wives. No? - And you? I have two wives. I have two wives.

She's my wife and that's my second one. We are best friends now, right? Mother? - Married. Married, yes! Five husbands. Every country I have one. Can you guess my age? - 25...

25. Wow, I am 25. That's crazy! - How old do you think I am? - 25 or little bit older. - So how much? How many years? - 26-27.

You are older. - I am 24. I love it.

I'm going to finish it. Wow, this was amazing. How much is it for two juices? - 300. 300, okay! Now I have to find 300. There you go.

We see you again tomorrow. - Your welcome. Thank you so much! I loved it. He was such a legend. People like this really make my day.

Wow! What a beautiful man. He was so happy. Look at how busy the streets are; it's wild. We are now in a more busy part, but so beautiful, nevertheless.

A lot of people are out and about, eating on the street, shopping. Okay, I'm going to try crossing the street. So busy.

Look at here what I see. Hello! This is crazy! What is this? Stomach? Oh, okay, so we have stomach here. It's crazy! On the side of the road, it smells very strong as well. Very strong. You and me both. You and me both brother, we both survived it.

How are you? You're beautiful! So beautiful! I have one mission and that is to find a beautiful painting, and I want to have incense sticks because I think that's like something really from here. All the nice paintings, and the nice incense sticks for my house. Super important.

Hello! - Hello! Hi! - Hi! How are you? I am good and you? - Yeah, I'm also good! I came back again. - Sure sure! Because you have the most beautiful paintings. - Take a look. Oh, I can go in there as well.

This is an entrance? - Yeah! Oh, wow, it's like the back end of the store. Look at all the masks. Oh, that is crazy! I've never seen anything like this before. So many masks. Wow! And this...

Look at that on top of here. Wow! That is really beautiful. There's lots of dust here. Wow! Even this, look to put alcohol in. I love this so much to put drinks in.

What a vibe, but I can't take it with me, unfortunately. Let's see, it's a bit dusty here. I'm going to go back to the front of the shop.

I really like that one you have there with the... - That one? Yes! - Have a seat. So beautiful! Thank you! Thank you so much! Really amazing! Perfect! And where are they painted again? - Here.

In here? - Yeah, before 12 years ago. 12 years ago. - Yeah! So that's an old painting. Yeah! Really? - Yeah! Oh, okay! That's really nice.

Wow! And how much is it? - I told you before... I forgot. - 3,500, but for you 3,000. 3,000. - Yes!

Okay, let's see. I want to see it first. I'm really curious. So we have small sizes as well.

Oh, okay, that is small. Let's see. Okay, this is the small size, but I still like it; it's not too small. - Not too small. Price is same for this and this.

Yes! How is that possible? - Honestly, you see. Okay! - It's not that much, you can see. Compare this and this. Yeah, then I take the big one. - Yeah, sure, why not.

If it's the same price. - Okay, no problem, no problem. I love that. So you have a lot of big ones. Wow! And this is all the Himalaya? - Yeah, it's the Himalaya.

Oh my God, I love this. Here, look at this how beautiful. Wow! Do you have with the yak? - Yeah, yeah! I also have it with yak. Yes, I want to have with yak. I love animals. - You can check it one by one. Okay! So nice.

This is so talented, whoever made this. - Yeah, this artist is already abroad now. Abroad? - Yeah, in Australia.

In Australia? - Yes! So he's doing good. So is it he or she? - He. He, it's a man, okay! Oh, this is beautiful. We have this one.

Okay, I love this one, I'm going to keep it here. - Yeah, sure. Then that one? No, that one no. - This one? Okay! And you don't have like with the thing...

- No, I have only one piece left. Only one. - If you want, I can take out this one. Yeah, maybe. Maybe I want...

Look... I love it. - I love that you're settled here. I'm settled. This is my shop now.

What do you think? - This is nice? Yeah, she doesn't respond. - Hi! I'm sorry! You liked it? - I liked. She likes.

- I remember him from yesterday. Yeah, right! - You make a... - Photo and video, yeah! Are you good today? - Yeah! - Feel good. Have a seat.

They're my last two favorites now here. It's either this one... - Wow! Okay! Or this one. - I think I love this one more. Really? - Yeah! - Because this is with... - Wait, can I see again. It's so difficult.

- I love this one as well, Yeah! but I love the light colors of course, because I love light, I don't like darkness. Yeah, I love this, like this is more blue, blue and this is more... Yeah, true! Okay, I want to have this one, but it's dirty. It's a bit dirty. So can we do better price? - Best price for us, okay! We are special guest here.

- I know that, so I told you before it's for 3,500; now I offer 3000. You know, if you ask this kind of in Thamel, they may cost you 7,800-8,000 easily, but not here. - Okay, then we have to think about it maybe. Do you have small ones as well or these are only? Yeah, these are smaller, but they're same price. - Oh, same price? Yeah! - Look at this.

Look at that and touch. Wow! - This is expensive one. Why? - You see the paint. Oh, okay! - It's a master paint. Really nice. - And this is different one.

Different one. - Yeah, 7,000 for this. Wow, can I see one. - Yeah, sure sure... 7,000. - Yes!

- It's very cool in your office. Okay, let me see one. Oh my God! 7,000 for this...

Oh, but it's beautiful. Okay, I understand why. - Wow! That one. This one. - It makes me emotional. Wow! Okay, that is...

Why do you show this to me now. I want to have this one. This is stunning. - This is Art. Wow, that is true art. Okay! Now I have to choose between these two.

That's crazy; that is so beautiful. Wow, so talented. Oh, wow! This one is truly beautiful. Okay, I take this one. - Okay!

This is going to be the final one that I take. 3,000 okay? - Okay! So that's around 18 Euros, I think that I'm paying now. Can I pay by card? - Yeah, sure. Amazing! Okay, I got myself a painting.

Check-check! This is the perfect souvenir. I love it. This is so nice. So we get this one as a gift? - Yeah, this one is the gift.

Oh, you guys are the sweetest. Thank you so much! So beautiful. I'm going to hang this above my bed in my room. - Yeah, this is very nice and everything is noted here. Name and height, you see.

Oh, wow, yeah yeah! Have you ever climbed one of the mountains? - Before. Which one? Which one did you climb? - Annapurna, this one. How was it? - 30 years ago. 30 years ago. - Not now. How old are you now then? You look still young.

- So young? Yeah! - Thank you very much! How old are you now? This store is already 45 years. This store 45 years. - 45 years ago I started my this business...

- Wow, so it's good business. - In the Freak street. You know Freak street? No! - The Hippie coming time... Yes! - That time I started this business.

Wow! - This is for you. Crazy! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. - Thank you so much. That's so nice. So how long ago did you climb Annapurna? - Maybe three or four times. Three or four times. - Yeah, that time. Was it difficult? - Yeah, that time it was easy for me.

Yeah! - But now... Because you were young. - Yeah, and now it will be difficult because of high altitude and the oxygen levels are down. Okay! That makes sense. - This is for you. - Thank you so much! Wow! You guys are the best. Thank you!

Bye! - Bye Oh my God, I love this store. Hey, I see stranger here. How are you? - Strangers too. Hello! How are you today? - I fine. Do you have nice incense sticks? - Yes! Can I see. Hello! - Namaste! Namaste! Oh, so many.

That's going to be very difficult. - Yesterday you buyed one. Yeah, my friend bought. - Yeah! Which one did she buy? - Sandal wood. Sandal wood...

Oh, this one. - Oh, you remember. - Yeah, my memory is very good. Your memory is good. - My memory is good. Mine is not.

I wish I had a good memory. - Even you have a good memory. I have, okay. - So that's why you remembered me and came here. Yeah, exactly! I love it.

- This is sandal wood. Okay! - It's so good. Oh, this is perfect! But I want to have like more smells. - More flavors. More flavors.

I don't know how to say it. - The mandala one is also nice. Yeah? - And amber? - Amber is also good.

Mostly people like sandal wood, mandala and nag champa. Is that also your favorite? - Yeah, I like this one. Yeah! Okay! - And Nag Champa.

Nice! Okay, let smell. Really important. Oh, no! - No? - Can I smell? - That's strong for you? That's too strong. That's for me, like what I use... - To clean the toilet. Yeah! Toilet cleaner.

- Sorry, I'm really honest. We don't want... - No problem, whatever you like... I really like this one. - So we have many choices here. Many choices, okay! - So you can smell this one. Oh, I like that as well. Oh, that's good.

- Can I also smell? I'm really curious what you think of it. I like it. Special! - Yeah, special. Very special. Okay! So that's the most famous one then. - Yeah! These two, and how much is it for two? - Normally we sell it for 120, but yesterday she gave me like a 100 rupee.

I also remember that. You remember. Okay, so I get two for 150? Okay, two for 200. Okay, then I take the blue one, no, the green, I mean and this. Perfect! I love that. - You're so funny.

So you say, don't hurry, chicken curry. - Yeah! Then what to do, Kathmandu. I love that.

That's amazing! Don't hurry, chicken curry. Here we go. - Thank you! Bye! See you! - Thank you! All right, here we go. Bye! Thank you! That looks so nice, no? - Is it good? Yes! - Yeah! You like it? - I feel comfortable, yeah! - I think we need it. Yeah, like we might need it. - This is cool, though.

You look so Nepales now. - Oh, yeah! Yeah! I love it. I'm going to maybe try this one. - And here also.

Is it warm? Yeah, like this. That's how everyone has it. - It's warm. Yeah, in the mountains; it's really nice. - Yeah! - And it's also not as big as a scarf, so it doesn't take up so much space.

Skinny boy. Okay, so maybe this is too much. I think this is too much. - No, I think it's nice. Yeah, but I already have my jacket, you know. This one I like. I love it.

It's my style. - Wow, this is so thick. It is. Janine, love the bags here. - I'm so excited.

I bought one yesterday. Well, you cannot miss her anymore now. - Like this is so handy in the airport.

You can see straight away your suitcase. Yeah, exactly! It's really good, that you can also put it on your back. - But it doesn't have any support. I know, but like this is super handy and then this you can just use it as a duffle bag. How many liters is it? - 80 liter.

80. - This is the biggest? - No, we have 100 liter. Can I see the 100 one? Do you have it in black? - Yes! And orange? Oh my God! - If not here, then we have in the storeroom as well. Okay! It fits? - Can I see? Wishu is buying a new pant. - It should be perfect.

- Sorry! I put my bag here. Yeah! - See... Oh, yeah! - I think it's weird. Sorry, I'm just being honest. So they also have the duffle bag in 100 liters and it is huge.

It literally looks like this, but the good thing is that you can also put it on your back and I think I might take it. - I got it. You bought it? - Yeah! In orange? - Yeah! Oh my God, I love that. So you have 80 liter? - Yeah! I probably going to get 100. - Yeah? - Yeah? Where you going to put it in? - I don't know yet.

It's really good. - Yeah, it's really good. - How are they, comfortable? - Comfortable.

Like thin, but like wind stopper also, so it's really good. Perfect! We're buying here so much in the store, it's crazy. We're going all in.

Bye! Thank you! Here we go. Janine and her bag. - I'm so happy. Yeah, I know. Something sparked my interest. There's an art gallery and I love art so much.

There are a lot of artistic things going on here. I've seen so many beautiful paintings already. Look here.

I really like it. Wow, this is so cool. Look at this here. So beautiful.

Hello! Namaste! Wow, this is stunning. There are a lot of paintings here and all very beautiful. Look how huge this one is. So beautiful! It's a big one.

- It's 8 feet. 8 feet. Wow! Wow, thank you so much! Really cool. - Where are you from? I'm from the Netherlands. You know a little bit Dutch? - Little bit.

Okay, nice! Okay, nice to meet you. Bye! Hello, people! - Hello! I'm an official tourist with this and this. You were already. Thank you! I just see here Momo. Veg, buff, chicken.

This is how it looks like. It's good? Yeah, very nice. Which one do you recommend? Veg, buff or chicken? All good? - All good! Which one is your favorite? All of them? - Yes! Okay, we're going to try it here.

Let's see how it is. I'm hungry from all of the shopping. They look different, but this one looks pretty interesting to me, so let's check out this place. Okay, shall we just ask them what Momo they... - They have here. Fried Momo, steamed Momo.

Okay! I don't know what's like more typical, fried or steamed. I'm going to ask. Hello! I have a question, which one is better fried or steamed? Fried or steamed? Which one do you like better? - Better? - Yeah, your favorite? We never had it before, so what do you recommend? - Fried or steamed? Which one is the best? What is that? - Have fried and have steamed.

Okay, let's do it. Yeah, let's do that. - One portion veg. Okay! Yay! Thank you so much! - Your welcome! So we have half fried, half steamed, right? - That's really cool, yeah! The Momo is arrived.

Half is steamed, half is fried. I can't really tell the difference, but everyone else does. - One side of each one is fried. This is half fried and half is steamed.

Okay, so it's just like this side is fried and this side is steamed and then I think it comes with the chutney, I think you can say. Let's just go for it; it's veg. So there's no meat in here and it smells like nothing, so that's interesting. It's my first time ever. I can't wait. Oh my God! Wow, wow, wow! Oh, the chutney is so good and I love that it's half steamed, half fried.

It adds like such a good texture to it. This is perfect. It's very spicy. This is how the inside looks like. Wow, this is so good. - Yeah! It's like a soft flavor, but the chutney adds like a little bit of spice.

Adds a sparkle of spice to it. This is so good what's inside, but I don't know what it is. It's like a creamy base.

It's kind of... That's in here if you can say it. Like vegetables and something else, but this is amazing and I love that it's half steamed, half fried. - How do you rate it? Good question. Maybe even 9.5.

I don't want to say 10 because I'm curious when it has chicken in it. This is only with vegetables. - Okay! Like I would love to see and taste what the other one is, but the texture is just one of a kind and I'm normally not a dumpling person, so it's really good. - And it's a really big portion for 300, which is 2 Euro.

Yeah, so this is 300, so that's around 2 Euros, and it's like a huge portion, as you can see. It's perfect! Might be my new addiction. - Really? You should try it. - Let's give it a try. This is so hot.

Spicy? - It is spicy. There's coriander. I don't know if I like it. That's a huge disappointment. I loved it. - Yeah, the sauce makes it spicy.

It's better without the sauce? - Yeah, but still it's unexpected. What do you rate it? - 6. 6. You? - 8. I give it 9.5.

So nice. One of my favorite things I've eaten up until now. Love it.

Don't listen to them there crazy... This was so good and I am so full. We had so much fun shopping today.

Trying this local food, trying out a lot of new things. I truly love Kathmandu so much. We are still here for the next 3 weeks. So I'm going to end this video here. There are so many more Nepal videos coming, so please do not forget to like and subscribe, and as always, I will see you in my next one.

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