Completing our Journey in FLORES and NTT [S2-E26]

Completing our Journey in FLORES and NTT  [S2-E26]

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Cappuccino... > Cheers... Hey Natalie, where are we? > In between the paddy fields. We made it... We´re back, Flores! How are you? How much are the mangoes? > 20000 for a group.

30000 for a group? How much? 20000 for a group? Which one is ready to eat? Try to hold it? > I don´t really understand. How much are the bananas? > 1000 each. Can I get 5 of them? Thank you very much, sir. Bye.. So the lake, he said is only 6 KM away. > Okay.

What? > 3 Bananas for 20k, that´s a really good deal. You mean mangoes. > I mean mangoes, yeah. Thank you.

Ha ha ha, 3 bananas... That´s expensive for bananas. 20k? > 20k for three mangoes, yeah. 20k for three mangoes, wow.. No, that´s something else. > I don´t know where the lake is, guys.. Here, Ranumese. Selamat datang, means welcome to, yea? > Yeah.

Ok, so it has to be in front of us. Ooh, we can do it here. > Ooh, we are going down now. It´s nice here. > Is it? Okay, we just ate our delicious bananas. > But, we couldn´t find the lake.

Yeah, we just checked online. So actually the house which we just passed before, that was the entrance to the Lake. But, the gate was closed and then we just read online as well, we have to walk down to the lake. Pretty far, I think. Yea? So, okay. We are not going to the lake, but we have another plan. We still wanna go to the monastery, to visit the nuns. Which are making their own coffee, so that´s like a half of an hour from here in Ruteng.

Ready? > Yes, I am. Bike, bike, bike.. Ya, go. It´s getting really really cloudy. > Suddenly yeah.

Nati, today is Angela´s birthday. > Oh yeah.. Happy birthday, Angela. Happy birthday, Angela. > Wish you all the best. Well success, good health, happiness. And another baby. Welcome to Ruteng everybody. Welcome back to Ruteng, actually.

Hurry up, we gonna make a left. Here. You see? Maybe it´s giving us a different route. We make a right in here too.

Oh wait. Straight? > Yeah, it´s written there. 50 meters. Yaayy.. We are here.. Hi nuns... Ooh.. Keep going. Selamat datang di Gembala Baik. (Welcome to good shepherd).

Gembala means? > Herder. Okay, here we are. At the monastery, where they produced their own coffee. Lets have a look. Oh wow, that´s a pretty garden. Oh wow, look at all these flowers.

What coffee do you want? What coffee do you have? This is the process of coffee They work together with the farmers. > We have a lot of farmers. They´re taking the best coffee from the farmers around. > Yes, local farmers. We taught them how to process the coffee well. > Gardening and everything.

After it´s half way done, before it dried. > So, this is before roasted. They shipped it here. > This is the raw. Is the coffee from Flores? > Yes.

From Ruteng. > Not only from Ruteng but Manggarai regency as a whole. Ooh, so it´s Manggarai coffee. Because Ruteng doesn´t have many plantation due to the Elevation. Ruteng is 1200 m above the sea level. Coffee is better when they plant it above 1300 meter above the sea level. That´s why the one in Bajawa. Cappuccino... > Cheers...

Enak sekali (Really tasty). > Really yummie. Can we say enak sekali in Indonesian for coffee. Okay, Enak sekali means really tasty. Okay, we spent here like how long? > It´s a while. We´ve been here for three hours.

We were talking for a long while with Sister Natalie. She´s the Good Shephard here. And then, she told us a lot of history and what´s going on here. There are 53 monasteries only here in Ruteng. They also called it the Vatican of Indonesia. Suddenly it´s raining really hard, so we can not go to the Plantation, but we have to wait for now and then hopefully later we could make it to Labuan Bajo. Thank you, Good Shephard. Thank you sister Natalie and the others. > Good luck with your journey here.

Unfortunately we can not go to.. Ooh but I could see coffee there, the cherry. > Oh yeah. Excuse us. > Hello. The coffee was really nice. We got a curcuma powder for Natalie and then a bag of good coffee for us. And chips, the banana chips with ginger is so good. > Yeah, that´s something that is really really good. And I have never had it before.

Ah, look at those mountain range. Watch out, slippery. > And the rice fields. Those kids looked soaked. Oh no! More rain jackets,, you guys. So, the indicator to know when to put the rain jackets, just check the incoming traffic If all the people are wearing rain jackets, you should wear wear a rain jacket too.

Very good analysis, Natalie. I didn´t know it before until you told me "oh no rain jackets, rain jackets". Because I´ve never ridden a motorcycle before, you know. > And then not long after that... Hopefully the rain moves on to the different direction. You guys, you see this? This is paddy before it harvests It´s almost ready, the paddy, the rice it comes out from it shells. And then the yellow it gets the more time it´s ready to harvest.

So, give or take, this paddy in front of me will be ready in a week for them to harvest it. There is a saying in Indonesia, be like paddy. The more knowledge you have, the more low you bow. So, what means is that, don´t be a cocky person. If you´re smarter then you have to be more down to earth. Oh yeah? > Ya, there´s a saying in Indonesia. Hey Natalie, where are we? In between the paddy fields. > In between the paddy fields, said Natalie.

And this is to show my dad. Because, that´s my dad´s favorite fruit. And he always says the fruits from asia are the best. Because they are fresh, they do not need to get exported. Look at that.

Enjoy. So, we are in Lembor right now. On our way back to Labuan Bajo. We arrived in Aimere around 7 AM. We left... What time did we leave Kupang last night? 4 PM, 3 PM, no 2 PM.

We left Kupang at 2 PM, yesterday. And then, We made it to Aimere at 7 AM. Yeah it was a long ferry ride. But yeah, we got a bed. So it was pretty okay for us. And then we picked up some mangoes.

Somewhere around Ruteng. And we are going to do some picnic right now. In this beautiful area of Lembor. In Flores. Look at that... Mountains everywhere. And paddy fields as far as your eyes could see. Yeah, we passed this area a month ago, and then we wanted to come back here because it´s so beautiful.

And on our way back to Labuan Bajo, we finally get to go here. We gonna get some mangoes, and we will be back on the road again. See ya! Off we go. I can never get enough of this place. Lembor is so beautiful. We almost there, 24 more Kilometers. But it´s gonna be a full on winding road, guys.

We love it. > The really cool mountain road. Keeping us awake. Shopping mall! Ugh.. I can not see anything. Truck. Ugh, glass. A lot, there was an accident. It´s a wind shield.

Ah, look at that. Yay... We are here. Hopefully they have room for us. Welcome to Labuan Bajo, everybody. We made it. And I´m going to show you on the map where we drove through. So, at 9 AM, we were waiting in Kupang. On the harbor for the ferry.

At 11 AM, we could enter the ferry. And at 2 PM, I think it´s 2 or 3 PM. We left the harbor of Kupang.

And... Okay, around 19 to 20 hours of ferry trip to Aimere. Here. And then we took the same road to Ruteng, where we check out the coffee shop of the monastery. And visiting the family of the warung, again. And the same way to Labuan Bajo.

The ferry ride was very rough last night. It was shaking left and right. But, we were glad we have a bed we could sleep a bit. I will never forget the ferry ride, because it was over crowded. Too many people on the ferry.

And all the pigs and chickens and cats and animals on the ferry as well. That´s crazy. I didn´t see that on the ferries in Java and Sumatra. It was only in NTT, here. Was again a new experience for me.

Today, our ride was beautiful again. Through the mountains and through the paddy fields. It was amazing. And also, sister Natalie, she was explaining us a lot about religions and situation in Indonesia. In general, it was very interesting. And I hope you also like our today´s video. And, if you did. Then give us a BIG LIKE and don´t forget to SUBSCRIBE down below. And see you on the next VIDEO!

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