Colombia's Naughtiest Border Town, Cúcuta | Where Tourists Don't Dare To Go

Colombia's Naughtiest Border Town, Cúcuta  | Where Tourists Don't Dare To Go

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last time you saw me I was in Ecuador we've come right across Colombia and we come to a town called kukuta On the Border to Venezuela as you can see behind me it is completely chaotic here people who are selling people are selling things all over the place we've got all this seems to be literally like a market City wow look at her hold up carrying stuff on her head like an African bank I literally just arrived here like two hours ago went to the came in from Eden went to the hotel dropped my bags had a shower and now we're ready to explore this town called so let's get stuck into it let's go explore cucuta Colombia so I seem to have stumbled upon the Central Square here in kukuda I do see this church over here this Cathedral that must be the um [Music] Carlos yes 31 is so this is something we have in many cities in South America got it in Bolivia they have in Peru they have it in Paraguay where they have these guys at the squares like this there's another guy over here cleaning your shoes your boots foreign with this shampoo that's I'm saying is so yeah they have this in almost all the countries here comes Venezuela um foreign [Music] [Music] fantasy ideas [Music] all right got some friends visit us here Carlos gives food come on so we've got some visitors here don't you don't they dare [ __ ] on my shoes Valley gracias episodes we're talking about there as I was asking them about Venezuela is a situation in Venezuela which is terrible has been for many years I assume you already know about this terrible terrible inflation especially back in the day um the country under maduro's leadership has just gone even worse and there's Venezuelans all over South America doesn't matter where you go in Bolivia in Paraguay in Argentina in Brazil in Ecuador Peru they're everywhere the Venezuelans and literally they start by leaving from Venezuela into this town here so there is loads and loads of Venezuelans here in this in this city in this town not necessarily living here but they start their Journey too wherever they're headed Mexico up to Central America as well they hate that way as well unfortunately the situation in Venezuela has just gotten worse and worse and worse over the years it seems like the brothers here on the border Stand Together the kukuda with Venezuela people are here I've made loads of the Venezuelans out traveling about and seen them selling the honest working people they come around everywhere they come around everywhere in all of the countries and they sell juices they sell fruits and veg whatever all sorts of stuff so the Venezuelans want to work um paragon okay greater foreign all right so I'm still come to this corner here turn right that's where the arepas are supposed to be what do we have I smell some food here foreign yeah I know okay come on YouTube thank you I'm not sure if that guy really thought I'm early Holland I see you guys in the comments telling me that I look like Poland as well [Music] he was did you see his eyes [Music] Hamilton is [Music] foreign thank you flowing so it gets more horse Okay so he's making it hotter warmer let's see what the ladies are doing over here excellent is [Applause] foreign Grande Aguila so get up here as well Aguila let's take a seat over here Now set up done [Music] Colombia's best beer and we have our sauce here our sandwich the arepa it's kind of like a sandwich kind of like a pizza bread but it's made out of corn and then filled with ham and cheese and plantain an avocado hola is scrambled eggs and tomato that's what we have in here scrambled eggs and tomato and then we've got the ham you see there then we've got some mayonnaise cheese an avocado tell you what this is one of Colombia's very very best snacks out there stunning cheers I finished my food here and then we'll keep exploring see what else we can find out there [Music] that was good that put a bottom right in my stomach there I haven't had anything to eat until then until that rap I didn't have anything the whole day so I took an overnight bus to get here this this night oh man that was good I gotta say are some of the best little snack food you can get here in in Colombia I'm sure Venezuela as well when I won they will make it there oh let's get past this obnoxious music again but yeah some of the best snacks you can find in all of Colombia check this guy out here wonder what he's selling hola hello ah okay okay is [Music] gracias so I was completely wrong has nothing to do with the Venezuelans one two three four five six seven eight what are you doing here you're selling what are you selling money um tell these guys dodo ches [Music] thank you again it's all moving in here she's going crazy you say this is ciao we help the ladies out all day not the ladies the man actually I think it was a brother a friend of some sort who's selling his his money one of the carinosas oh my god did you see her imagine that though like that's how bad the situation is in Venezuela that they literally have to to sell themselves to try and get to France that she was saying she want to go to France man that is mental in it there's more over there hola I think this is the hookah square of the city here kukuta and I think most of them seem to be Venezuelan hello on their way to Mexico to France to Estados unidos the U.S to Spain to anywhere now let's see what else we can find okay the meal um okay llamas Maria h assistant a little chocolate this lady didn't see Mass chatty but she's actually doing some proper work selling chocolate on the streets this is what I was saying earlier lots of the people here that I've seen I made lots of Venezuelans all over Colombia All Over Bolivia all over Argentina and lots of them are like that lady lots of them are like that lady sailing something America uh though Colombiana is ciao so yeah let's see what else we can find now that we found the chocolate as well across the street and see where else this marks the end of the video for today all right Lads I'll cross the street [Music] so I'm on the way home walking back from the center I passed the center I passed the stadium and all the local fans of the local team here are out having an absolute blast celebrating the local team here is about to get promoted to the Primera the first division of Colombian football [Music] foreign [Music] that's why everybody is out tonight they play tomorrow [Applause] two years [Applause] South America wow they're ready [Applause] I don't know what's gonna happen now and this is all the celebration the markings good lead good luck for the local team s we'll see what happens [Applause] [Music] two years they have not been in the first League Colombia they got relegated two years ago because of match fixing because of paying off the refs Style [Applause] hopefully they can make it back now [Music] [Applause] Colombian wildest Columbia's craziest all the town is oh my God look at this foreign [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] like I follow you wherever you go time to follow you I want you even more [Music] it's what I think about you I want you even more one kiss is all it takes falling in love with me [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] four times [Applause]

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