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wow we have a big plate here here what are you  drinking I'm good I'm good how are you what's   your name uh n n n yes I'm Tim all right all  right guys welcome to another video I'm back   in Rong East Thailand and uh the plan today is as  it's a super super hot day the plan is to go find   some swim spot and uh I found this spot here  on Google uh I don't know what the name is in   in English but this is it it's a 34-minute drive  you can do some swimming some chilling along the   river uh maybe we can spot some waterfalls have  some good food uh so I'm looking very forward   because it's really really a hot day today uh  so let's see where I park my bike uh it's right   there I think and I think it's in the shade kind  of kind of my uh Honda click here the trustworthy   click I've been driving quite some kilometers  with this one for now uh let's see actually how   much so we're now on 88 uh no 8,800 no actually  88,2 193 um and I start I started around 87,000   so it's definitely a th000 kilm already um and  it's my last day here in Ron tomorrow I'm heading   back to Bangkok I might make a stop along the way  probably I will do a video on a few stops along   the way but now we're going for some swimming  and let's hope there's some water because it's   uh summer here so the water level gets really  low so uh let's hope we can swim let's go let's [Music] go and it seems like people are driving  in so uh maybe I'll do that as well I   don't know if I'm allowed but I think I am  look at this it's so big I think this must   be the largest temple I've ever seen and  I've seen some temples but this one what   it's on another level I think I will just park  here for a minute and then continue on my way wow ooh I'm so tempted now I'm so tempted to gong this so big I wonder what they used  to to gong this all it's empty on   the on the other side let's do a quick  exploration and then back to our uh water adventure so I did a quick Google on this  Temple and it's what non crap I don't know   how you pronounce it like that but what  non crap and look at this they have all   these kind of statues there the big buffalos  pulling a cart and then here I think this is   the the main Temple but wow so beautiful no I'm  not entirely sure if I'm allowed inside I guess   not so I will not even try because I'm wearing a  swim shorts because I'm going swimming obviously   but um yeah I'm not allowed to go in the temple  here look at this that's a bit too short I guess   but uh let's just do a quick uh walk around this  this Temple here even the Hulk is here look at this let's see if we can get a selfie with the Hulk how are you going to do this like this WOW protecting the Temple look at this  complex it's just not it's not just one   Temple you know it's like a whole  complex look at this there there's   a gorgeous building then here and here like  a stoa and behind there's also a stoa wow   and there's even some food here which  is kind of cool but the main main main   entrance is so big so large look at this  this must be the highest gate I've ever seen here we have the sitting Buddha come on how much work  that must be look at all those   details and then you can see the sun  shining on the top there on the peak wow even some dinosaurs here and here we have Buddha I assume on  top of a turtle uh it reminds me yeah   so this uh statue here reminds me of um  a statue we have in Belgium in namur and   it's called searching for Utopia and it's  on the Citadel of namur looking into the   valley basically over the city and it's a  similar statue a guy sitting on top of um   of a turtle okay guys enough exploring  of the temples let's go to the river now now I can't R tie but that looks like a  river to me and a sign pointing that direction   so that's where we're going it seems like a  tiny bit off the beaten pot here no paved road   but it's not too bad really uh but my GPS says  we will arrive in 3 minutes oh we have roads again but wow imagine we're like 25 minutes  away from rayong right now which is a city   and then you're already surrounded  by Nature just a 20 20 minute ride   away a it feels so good to be in nature  really it feels really good I'm loving it um I think this is uh a very very  touristic spot you can see the parking   is really full and uh I didn't expect  this but of course it's a Sunday so uh   yeah local people also come here for some  refreshment let's see where I can park the scooter so we made it let's  see uh where the river is I'm   assuming it's somewhere there let's follow all the [Music] people like really the whole population  of rayong must be here so many people I can see the river  there and it's already full of people so you can do some tubing here  you can swim here you can just do your   own picnic here hi do you speak English  a little bit little bit uh what are you   selling here what is this can I see can I see  yeah oh what is this is it fish fish sh shell   oh is it like muscle muscle like a muscle  can I see oh it's like muscle okay and how   do you prepare it you boil it or you fry  it what is this here this guy here keeps rambling can I oh okay I'll speak I'll  speak thank no no I'm kidding what are   you selling here um is it muscles  and do you fry it also is it muscle okay clam salad okay I can do one salad please one   salad for shellfish okay okay one  please one please 170 120 okay okay [Music] okay this guy doesn't stop behind me 120 okay okay I'll we have some Greenery which mixed with  onions oh nice I this spicy sauce yes okay okay oh wow that's a lot of sauce though okay  it's okay it's okay perfect okay we will do   a din in by the river which is good yes please  look at this big bucket of fried onions so many w so many fried onions okay uh what is this uh   okay okay I don't know what it is  but let's do it I bite like this okay okay wow we have a big plate here of um  musles pretty much covered completely in   um grilled onions so many Grill onions and  the greenery I don't know what it is I just   need to find a spot to eat my clam salad  so guys I have my food here I'm sitting on   another chair so one chair is my table one  chair is where I'm sitting on and this is   my food here uh it's a little bit tricky  I think to eat here but let's give it a   try let's give it a try so we have muscles  I'm pretty sure it's muscles but it's like   covered in spicy sauce and in lots of lots  of fried onions oh looks a bit slimy let's see very slimy and spicy wow now  about this green stuff she told   me she told me I just have to  bite it like that's what I will do no clue what it is tastes like grass honestly just like a planty   taste she gave me two spoons  for my imaginary friend as well okay another one M this this is not muscles guys I  thought it was muscles but I don't   think it is too slimy for that it's almost  like drinking and eating at the same time   so slimy so liquidy but it's also [Music]  refreshing still not quite sure what this [Music] is [Music] that sauce is really [Music] refreshing like a  lemony flavor with a bit of spice so good okay   guys I'm done I'm done it's so spicy it feels good  though it feels good refreshing spicy I feel like   Thai food you always need to pair with a drink as  well let's see what we have here Coffee and Tea let's see he's chopping up the ice is  the ice ice oh he's he's cutting the   ice so let's see I can do something  with ice but um nothing in English   H what should I go for SA Cup um what  do you have here what is this it's a lemonade so uh what do you have here what are  you selling uh what is this what is this soda   ah soda okay um okay I'll do one soda uh  okay uh which flavor which which one is   the best the best one okay let me choos then  uh pineapple for sure not no pineapp what is   this honey honey honey okay honey honey one  honey ooh honey soda I never honey soda so   they have like a syrup of Honey there they add  some soda water to it one shot of honey syrup   and then soda water and I'm sure they will  add some ice that the guy was crushing just now o yeah I need some refreshment I need   some refreshment after that uh  after that spicy food cup 70 okay 70 that's 70 Okay C cup uh 70 no ah I touched this  at 70 okay thank you C cup so it was not 70 uh it was I got uh uh it was 35 okay c c okay we have our honey soda here and look  at this the honey is all on the bottom so I   have to stir it and then uh I will enjoy a  beautiful honey soda let's do it let's find   the table Yeah so here guys these are all  the tubes I guess you can rent them their   pric is here 40 60 and 100 not sure for what  it is I think 40 minutes 60 Minutes or 100   minutes or something or I have no idea what it  says but you can rent a tube here let's have a look uh you are you renting the tubes you rented  what is the price how much uh toai cup T C type   of me big big yeah for me I'm big I think 200  I'm 100 200 okay for how long 1 hour I I need   18 okay I I think I need a big one big for  big for me know yeah yeah yeah okay but uh   not now first I have my lemonade maybe later  they also rent speakers here I see that they   rent speakers okay let's have the lemonade first  and then maybe I'll rent to one of these the only   problem is that I didn't bring a waterproof  bag so how am I going to manage that I don't   know yet look this is where all the people hang  out it's a little bit uh chaotic because of all   the music somebody's blasting music there somebody  is blasting music there there's somebody blasting   music there it's a little bit of a chaos here  because they rent the speakers you know so   everybody rent speakers and then they uh blast it  everywhere [Applause] obviously hello how are you good okay I'll sit here for a minute  wow it's so noisy here so many people   here sorry how are you good good  I don't know what they're saying   it's so noisy here look at all these  people here wow it's so many so many everybody's here with friends or  family and I'm I'm all alone here   oh you're single good good for you good  good I'll have some of my lemon soda first good good happy for you happy single Cheers Cheers what are you drinking what are you  drinking oh okay what what is this what is   this uh beer beer ch ch okay enjoy enjoy I'm on  the honey soda though let's see how I can mix [Music] this it's a little bit hard to  mix but uh I'll just give it a try oh wow the problem now is all the syrup  is on the bottom so I'm drinking pretty   much honey syrup and no water I really need to mix [Applause] [Music] this okay let's try again it's still a lot of syrup but it tastes good so guys I was planning to do the tubing  I was planning to do the tubing but look at   them they're barely floating and they're kids  so imagine me 85 kilos I won't float at all   um I will be stuck all the time I think the  water level is a little bit too low you can   see people are mostly not even floating it's  because it's summer you know and uh when the   water level is higher it makes more sense but  now it doesn't really make sense so I think I   will forget about the idea of the tubing  because it's just too too too crowded and   also the water level is extremely low so I  don't think I will float at all let's just   get rid of this I'll just go for a walk around  here and see what else what else is up the tire   people seem very excited that I can see they're  on the Chang in the afternoon but yeah it's a   Sunday afternoon so it's all good you know it's  all good let's see if I can make it across the   river actually I think I can go this way they  even installed some sand here which is kind of cool this looks extremely slippery hello how deep is this water because  um I'm carrying some electronics that are not   waterproof so I don't want to go too deep hello  yeah tubing will be very difficult here I think   I need to come back when the water level  is a bit higher but look at this guys look   at this so many people everywhere wow wow so  chaotic here everybody with their music that   would never happen in Europe like if one person  would put his music on the other one the neighbor   would be complaining already and here it's  everybody probably everybody on max volume as well it's a Cool vibe though it's a Cool  vibe I I mean if you're with friends or   family it's a perfect spot to  hang out here everybody's in a   good mood you have some water it's  really good actually it's really good [Applause] hello [Applause] hi W people are really  going all out dancing and [Music] [Applause] everything I'm good I'm good how  are [Music] you sorry you have uh Belgium   Belgium oh in Thailand thank you very  good very good very good very good nice to getting huged here and everything [Music] okay are you okay yeah I'm okay how are  you yes good what's your name uh n n n yes I'm   tim tim tim tim yes where you come from from  Belgium huh Belgium yeah where where are you   going what are you doing I oh you come here by the  river party and uh party yes with my friend oh so   many people come here no no no no and friend yeah  but I I see so many people around here yeah yeah   how many every weekend yeah no no no no uh Sunday  oh on Sunday mostly oh so I came on the right day   yeah oh that's good that's good so you just come  here with friends and family drinking eating like   that like that oh that's nice that's nice yeah  I didn't know it would be so busy here yeah yeah   when I came I thought I will be just chilling in  the river but I came to uh see that there's like   a thousand people here what is it what is that  you your friend is your friend yes where the girl   girlfriend no no no no no oh no girlfriend friend  friend friend friend okay nice okay okay lady   friend lady friend oh my my what my ca ca what  is that huh your crush crush no no no no what is CA are you okay Thailand oh I'm okay I'm very  okay yeah very nice yeah I'm just walking around   a little bit Yeah you come with who sorry come  with who what you you you I come alone alone alone   yeah I come alone and explore Thailand oh you  working here no no I'm working well I'm working   I'm making videos oh video that's my work H what's  what is the best food here the best [Music] food   I already tried uh I already tried a few things  but maybe something else that I can try like a   really good food uh yeah not good not good oh  I go to the other place then yes oh okay okay   okay I'll you go there ah with your friends  okay okay I'm following you ah look Thailand   Thailand yeah very nice very nice so where are  your friends oh here are your friends hello hello Hello nice to meet nice to meet you you  come from Belgium Belgium yeah yeah yeah I'm   making videos about Thailand yeah showing my  friends all over the world okay okay also your   friend hello oh very nice wife your girlfriend  yes girlfriend oh nice nice nice okay I'll I'll   just keep walking okay okay nice meeting you  nice meeting you nice to meet you okay nice to   meet you too bye-bye bye bye he just wanted  to show his friends very nice of him very   nice but he was a bit touchy though he was like  hugging me and holding my hand and everything I'm   like I don't know I don't feel so comfortable  with that but uh yeah let's explore a bit more here but he said the food was not good  here so hello hello hello what is that   yeah beer enjoy enjoy enjoy huh I I'll I'll  take one step I have to drive no yeah yeah   beer CH beer CH beer CH okay I I'll try  some beer CH you put a lot of ice in big cup you you I come from Belgium Belgium yeah   Lukaku yes yeah we have the  best beer in World also in Belgium no it's okay okay okay okay okay enjoy   enjoy thank you thank you wow okay  okay give me a fist bomb boom okay okay I feel like uh people like honestly uh I've  been in Thailand almost two weeks now and I see   that most Ty people are a bit shy I would say but  I think here they're not shy because of the Chong   the Chong helps to not be shy so I think that's  the reason actually hello hello how are you good   see everybody that says hi is on the chong chong  connecting people since uh I don't know how long   CH exists already but since 100 years maybe beer  connecting people all over the world look at this   how cool is this so they used the bicycle and  made a t out of it I really love this design   actually it's really cool does the bicycle still  work though oh no it's stuck oh yeah actually it   still moves even hello hello what are you selling  what is it s cup ice cream ice cream maybe I do I   want ice cream can I see let's see what he has  oh yeah I've been hearing his Bell already for   the last uh oh he's struggling a little bit  bad spot to ask for ice cream oh yeah yeah   I've been hearing his Bell already can I see  what you have let's see what he has oh okay   what is the best one can I see what is this one uh  sandwich okay sandwich okay I take one okay uh is   this strawberry only chocolate it's chocolate okay  okay I'll take chocolate okay how much is that to cup how much is 20 20 20 okay thank you okay okay  c c okay we have a a chocolate um sandwich   ice cream but it looks a bit like strawberry for  me hello Hello nice to meet you hi nice to meet you wow friendly people here um it looks like  strawberry but he said it's chocolate so I'm a   little bit confused and again the same struggle  where am I going to eat this that's the problem   when you Vlog you know you only have one hand  available let me just do it here in the middle of [Applause] everything that actually smells like chocolate  a little bit so it might be chocolate anyway let's see let's see H interesting actually it tastes a little bit like banana maybe it's just a package maybe it was  packaged with other ice cream that has banana flavor I can appreciate that though really  good especially in this this setting walking   by the river with some ice cream life can be  [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] good huh   yes enjoy enjoy okay these guys were calling  me like like this like this they want to be   on video I was not even filming but yeah of  course I have to film them when they ask hello [Applause] oh my spot is taken  I was here before but it's taken now wow people smile so beautifully to me I don't know what this guy was saying chocolate  because there's even strawberries on the image   I realize it now that's definitely not  chocolate maybe chocolate and strawberry mixed wow this Riverside chilling here in  Thailand is a whole different vibe really   I think it's time to go honestly maybe I can  explore something else after this I wish I I   could get drunk here as well with my friends but  honestly I'm traveling alone right now so and I'm   driving as well so I cannot uh I cannot get drunk  hello sir hello sir how are you sik how are you good yeah so I think it's time to go  oh no that screaming guy again hello   that screaming guy is there again okay let me  find my bike and then we will be on our way so while just uh random exploring here  around rayong I found this beautiful   Lake well I assume it's beautiful but  it looks really huge on Google Maps so   Google Maps says I can go straight over  the water um I don't think that's true   or maybe it is is there a bridge  look what Google Maps is showing me I don't know I don't know but Google so  Google is saying that I can go straight here   over the water um I'm not going to do  that so the name of the lake is npla Li   and you can see on Google Maps how big  it is so uh let's walk over there and   see what we can find here here I already  see some fishermen and here some little shrines wow I think U it will  be beautiful for a sunset here   as well the sun is there right now but  I think the sunset might be somewhere there oh wow the sun is hitting hard  even though it's uh afternoon already   the sun is still hitting very hard so  people bring their own tubes even here   this would be better for tubing  look fishermen going wow so many fishermen is cussing out you sa cab okay I think I found my piece  here it's a whole different vibe   than around the river people here are really  chilling out well fishing but chilling out so I've been driving around the lake for a while  looking for um a sunset spot and uh I think   I might have found it first I need to do some  mountain biking and then I'll be there okay let's   do some mountain biking let's give this a try with  camera I don't want to fall though should be all   right should be all right okay all good all good  no issues whatsoever and it smells very strong   like um some kind of fruit here there's probably  fruit trees around well not probably for sure   let's see if we can make our way a bit further  but I think I'll just park here I'll park here yes all right we will  experience a beautiful sunset I think now there was a bit of a fresh Mark here  of another bike so maybe I'm interrupting someone   ooh there's a car there actually so maybe  this is even like private property maybe   they're uh doing some nasty stuff on the lake  okay I don't know if I want to interrupt that   um because this is like really secluded and  there's a car here but uh I don't want to go   too close honestly you know what you know what  I had the view I'm leaving again because uh I   feel like I'm interrupting their uh privacy so  I don't want to do that so I'll find another spot so I decided uh not to stick around for  the sunset and instead make my way back to   rayong because it's uh 36 minutes driving  and uh I don't like driving in the dark too   much so I'll just make my way back and enjoy  the sunset well on the road and uh probably   find some food in Ron because there's  a really big food market there uh and I   guess on a Sunday it will be also really  crowded there and really busy maybe some   concerts maybe some special stuff going  on so that's what I'm going to do let's go [Applause] all right guys I made it back to my hotel  here in rayong uh I had a great day it was   great fun hanging out at the river seeing  the beautiful Temple then also seeing the   the beautiful Lake uh I had a little bit of  a sunset but I had to get back uh because I   don't like driving in the dark that much so  I made it back and um now I'm just going to   chill a bit then get some food uh but I  will end the video here so uh I want to   thank you all for watching and you already know  if you're still watching you're a legend legend

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