Caught in a Storm and Forced to Stay overnight in Kumbhalgarh EP.21 | Pakistani Visiting India

Caught in a Storm and Forced to Stay overnight in Kumbhalgarh   EP.21 | Pakistani Visiting India

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We have come to visit City Palace. It's the biggest palace, not just in Udaipur but in the whole Rajasthan. It has a very unique artwork. You'll see peacocks a lot in Rajasthan.

Assalam Alekum. Good Morning. Namaste. Sat Sri Akal to everyone. From the city of lakes. One of the most beautiful and peaceful cities; Udaipur of Rajasthan. You can see the lake in the background.

Today, we plan to show you around in Udaipur. Especially the City Palace which is right behind us. We have heard a lot about this place. So, the first thing we are gonna do after breakfast is to explore the City Palace.

After that we'll go to Kumbhal Fort. And we have heard many good things about Kumbhal fort as well. Especially the wall. We might as well spend the night there.

It's almost 70 to 80 km from here. Our ride will be about 2.5 hours long. For today's breakfast, we have cauliflower paratha. Some yogurt and pickles as well.

The paratha looks really good. Hope it's delicious as well. They have served us watermelon juice.

And a cup of coffee. We are not having tea today. So this is our breakfast. Let's start with the name of Allah... And then we'll explore the city.

We have come to visit the City Palace. It's the biggest palace not only in Udaipur but entire Rajasthan. It's also one of the most important monuments here. A really beautiful and impressive building. We have just taken a tour. We'll try to capture it in the best possible way for you.

Let me share some information about this palace. Some sections of the palace are open for public, that we are gonna show you. Even today, the current ruler family lives in the private section of the palace. It's construction started in 1553 and took 400 years to get complete.

The subsequent rulers kept on making additions to this palace. That's why you'll see a blend in the construction style. A blend that appears when a new generation replaces an older one. You'll see all those things here. We are standing right outside the palace. Looks very beautiful and impressive.

Especially the overview from here. Because of its location on the hilltop, you'll get the view of the lake on one side and the city on the other. So lets go inside and see some of the important sections of the palace.

The areas we have visited so far have a lot of paintings. These paintings act as a medium to depict different eras. Also the wars that took place here.

Right now we are at the point where the Maharaja used to sit. From the first glance it looks like a bath tub. But in fact, this was used to place silver coins. There are many balconies offering great views; such as this one shows the lake. Since the palace is built on a hill, you can gradually move from one floor to the other. Right now we are on the 4th floor.

It's location on the hill is such that you don't realize which floor you are on. You can also see trees on the sides. These pillars that you see are made from single piece marble. At many other locations in the palace, they have used single piece marbles.

I've been told that limestone is used here. Cement is not used at all. Take a look at this room. You'll see a lot of paintings and artwork here. This is probably one of the most beautiful parts of this palace. You get a very grand view of Udaipur from here.

Udaipur is called the White City. Similarly, Jodhpur is the Blue City. And Jaipur is the Pink City.

So... we are in the White City. And you can see that most of the buildings here are white in color. You can also get a beautiful view of a section of the palace from here.

This section is called Chini Chitrashala. Something like that. I don't know the exact meaning.

I tried asking the tour guide but got no answer. You can see these colorful tiles here. The artwork on the walls of the open section is very impressive.

This is Pearl Palace, built in the 17th century. The doors that you see behind me are made from pure ivory. You'll see many other items of similar sort here. Let me get some nice shots of Pearl Palace for you. We can't go inside. Only look through the window. This is probably one of the most important sections of the palace.

It's called Diwan e Khas. It was used to house special guests or arrange parties. It's really beautiful. You get to see a very unique sort of artwork on these walls. Peacock is a very common sight in Rajasthan.

Naturally, they are an important feature of the artwork here. If you look behind me, you'll see the balcony of Maharaja. The balconies on both its sides belonged to the wives of the Maharaja. Everything about this palace is so impressive that you lose track of time. We have been here for almost 5 hours now. Time to leave now.

Standing over there is Vijesh. He's from Udaipur. And there's Sachin who got here from Mumbai today. Stayed in Ahmedabad for a night. Let's go then. Their motorcycles are up there but we still have to take ours.

Thank you bro. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* This route is a bit...

I couldn't even finish my prayer. The road is broken here. May Allah make this a very nice and memorable day for us.

I wish the same for all my viewers. We've already spent more than half our day in the palace. Videography of the palace took almost 5 hours.

Sachin is on his Royal Enfield Himalayan. And... Vijesh is probably on his 70 cc. Either 50 or 70... Something like that.

He even asked me if he should change his motorcycle, to which I said no. I just asked him to lead us to the Fateh Sagar lake. There are two lakes here. The first one is Pichola lake where we stayed last night.

I think it's the biggest lake here. Many of the big hotels are along its shores. And also the City Palace. The other lake is Fateh Sagar. For this reason, Udaipur is also known as the City of Lakes.

Riding through the local bazaar to get to the Fateh Sagar lake. Since there's a road by the lake... We can explore it in a better way on our motorcycle. There wasn't any road by the previous lake. Because it's in the old town. You'll see temples in the city center.

It's a really beautiful construction. The benefit of riding with a local is that they know the inside routes. My navigation was suggesting some other route. There is a very beautiful lake on both our sides.

The city has a totally different vibe. Riding through the center, we didn't find any traffic. Even at the moment... As we are riding through these streets... You get a feeling of being in a very laid back city.

I guess all the effort was this ride by the lake side. The best thing about both these lakes is the small islands that you see. And the historical buildings on them. For instance the palace that has been converted to a hotel.

Even here I can see sort of a park in there. Here you see different types of street food. We need to sit somewhere for lunch. Lets make a round and then we'll look for some hotel. The weather is really nice today.

Must be around 27 or 28 degrees. Slightly cool breeze is flowing. Much better than last few days when it was rather warm.

We are in the new town of Udaipur. And you can clearly see the difference here. Quite visible as you get to the new town from the old town. We have left the highway now.

Riding through a very small Rajasthani village. As per Google, the next 50 km or so will be on a similar route through the village. There's no highway here. The highway goes to Jodhpur.

So we left that. Looks like there was some wedding happening there. It's rather interesting riding through these villages or even these cities.

Something is always happening around you. For instance, a buffalo just crossed the road in front of us. I mean a cow... that almost blocked the way. This keeps the ride interesting. Check out the beautiful looking rice crop down there.

Simply amazing. Look at the colorful dresses. Most of the women had their faces covered. It's a part of their culture. Little puddles of water here.

I'm getting the vibes of riding through a hill station. I mean of course there are mountains here. But these Rajasthan mountains are not big ones. May be that's why I'm taking them lightly. But it's a really beautiful place nonetheless.

Three cups of tea... without sugar. Absolutely no sugar? No. Just give us some sugar though... If someone likes they can have it. What's your name? Harish. Make us some good tea please.

Are you a vlogger? Yes. What's the name of your channel? I'll tell you in a minute. I don't think I have seen a smaller tea cup in India before. But it looks tasty though. Thanks very much.

That's our tea. The tea was really good. Thank you. And it costs only 10 INR. But it was really well prepared.

So we had a nice cup of tea for 10 INR only. It has just started raining. Looks like we are gonna have to wear our raincoat at some point now. It's not too heavy though.

It would be nice if it stays like that for another half an hour or so. Because in that case, we'll get there in time. Anyways, it's just a light drizzle. Looks like it's gonna be heavy rain though. We put on the rain gear with so much effort...

But the rain has almost stopped. That's good. My GoPro is not waterproof. But we have to make footage anyway. Hopefully GoPro will keep on working. Because when you turn the media mode to record sound and everything, it stops being water proof.

And this is the gate. I think we are there now. Just another kilometer to go. People are playing volleyball.

Quite a lively area. You can see villagers busy in different kinds of activities. Look at that. What a beautiful place. Awesome As soon as we reached the fort, it has started raining heavily. Neither we could see the fort nor record any footage.

We actually wanted to cover another 50 or 60 km after seeing the fort. Just wanted to reduce a few kilometers from tomorrow's ride. But... that didn't happen. Everything happens for a reason.

We have stayed at Kumbhalgarh. Found a nice hotel here. I'll give you a room tour shortly. Will try to visit the fort tomorrow. We'll resume our journey tomorrow.

Let me get rid of this gear now. I can hardly breathe under all these layers. This is our room. It's quite a spacious and clean room. Moving on... There's a cupboard here and washroom as well.

This is the balcony. It offers a great view of the city. It's dark at the moment... I'll show you during the day.

We paid 3200 INR for this room. Almost 40 USD which is quite decent. The hotels we had before also had the same rent bracket. The location is really nice.

Hardly 1 km ride away from the fort. Here for dinner now. Sachin is also with us. How was your day, Sachin? It was really good. Riding with you was really good. I've been feeling quite nice after meeting you. You joined us today and brought the Mumbai rain with you.

We have ordered veg for us. Paneer Tikka... We are gonna have our dinner now. I hope you must have enjoyed this vlog. Remember me in your prayer. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share.

Thank you very much. See you soon.

2023-04-27 23:19

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