By far my most INTENSE experience in India

By far my most INTENSE experience in India

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Look at the load of this truck Oh This must be the gathering point for.. whatever is in these bags I mean I'm not sure what I expected But it's a bit more intense than I thought Amritsar, Punjab India Alright, good morning Internet! It's 7:20 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in Amritsar, in Punjab And well today, I'm already riding to the next state in India There I will spend a little bit more time 'Cause the next state I'm riding to is Rajasthan And it's.. well, India's desert  state I guess I could call it that right? So I'm heading towards the desert Which is going to be interesting Let me see Oh. Street dogs And so my first..

.. Place that I'm going to, I'm riding towards a bigger town called Bikaner So I'm not planning to stay in Bikaner I want to stay in a slightly smaller town, where there's something I think pretty interesting to see But it's a really long ride, so it's 530 kilometers So it's far But there wasn't really anything that I found interesting to stay, or see in the middle So So let's do it Yeah, it all depends on.. on the road I suppose If I'm again only averaging 50 kilometers an hour, then it's going to be a very long day But uh.. let's see Anyway, I dug around my bags one more time, but I really did forget to bring my summer gloves Which is unfortunate But I did stick my goggles on my helmet So I can ride with my goggles That will also help A lot with the heat And the dust actually So I guess I'm ready for the desert Bring it on! Oh, these are.. what are these?

Pomegranates Pomegranates They look huge Oh, someone going against traffic It's always something Oh, these are some cool buildings What is this? I see something It's all in Hindi I think I don't know It's a temple as well Or am I again at the Golden Temple? No..? I'm confused Maybe I am I don't recognize How I came from the other side Oh, it's a market Vegetable market here What are they selling? Lettuce Banana Cauliflower Lot of vegetables. I have no  idea what they are Okay, let's put my goggles on I don't really have matching ones in the right color But hey These ones will do Look, at the load of this truck Oh How many tonnes would that weigh? I don't know what..what's inside those bags But (Basmati rice being transported) This must be the gathering point for.. whatever is in these bags Another temple here Beautiful horses Ohpa Study in Canada Do you see that?.. .. Sign. Pay all fee after visa Ah, there comes the train It's a tiny one Hi Now everybody lined up on this  side Over the full length of the road And the same they did on the other side That is going to be fun There we go Mayhem! Ah ha ha There's an ox wagon in front of me Another ox wagon They're so impressive right? Look at those horns Hi! Cows on the road See if I can fill up here I have clearly entered Rajasthan hey? There are sand dunes everywhere Does this place have fuel? Diesel Full, please Full Huh? Full Full Full Full Full Oh, the sand is already creeping  up the road here I made it to Deshnoke Oh look, look a camel, a camel! Just going to find a place to stay And then.. go and visit the place what I came here..

.. Really for Cows have been here What can I do for you? I'm looking for a room Sorry we don't have a room No room available Ah, shame This would be nice if I can park inside the gates Oh doves I put the cover. Yeah, yeah So this is the room that I'm staying I even have air conditioning, so it's actually really nice See this is the room, it's really cute right? I even have a little bonsai tree So I also just ordered some food here So I'm just waiting for that, then I can finally have my lunch It's like 3:30 now I think So another late lunch Uh, but anyway I'll have to wait a little bit Because so, I want to visit the temple. That's actually why I came to this place And it's very close from here, but everybody says, it's best kind of like in the evening So when the sun goes down, it's  better So I'm just going to wait a little bit Well, wait for the food, eat and then uh.. go to the temple So you will see that I covered a lot of distance today So I left this morning from Amritsar And I'm now.. the town where I am is actually on the map here Deshnoke Over here So.. zoom out a little bit

So if you look at the whole of India, it's quite a lot in one day So I went down here.. yeah, I must have followed just this route I think Like that So I think the state border of Rajasthan runs.. I think it's this line Um, but basically all of this, all of this is desert I just had my lunch delivered to my room I ordered some dahl Ah thank you! Just got me some water. So I ordered some dahl and chapati and rice This is the dahl, I think Rice And we have chapati and some vegetables Looks yum! Alright, it is getting dark now soon so it's time to go to the temple And this temple really is one of a kind I think It's dedicated to Karni Mata, who was a mystic in the 14th century But who many people believe, she was actually the reincarnation of the Goddess Durga And one day her son, Laxman tried to drink from a pond and drowned So Karni Mata begged the god of death, Yama to bring her son back from the dead Which he did, but reincarnated as a  rat So her son and all of her male children, were reincarnated as rats And so this is the only temple in the world, where rats are being worshiped And it is thought that 25,000 rats live  at the temple So let's go check it out Oh, um Oh, oh Oh, I think it's plenty of rats already Hi They don't bite? No bite - No biting Safe I go here? Yeah yeah, come inside Where you from? Netherlands - Netherlands Sit here  - I sit here Next to the rats Oh But are they.. they're all in the temple as well?

And here They're in the temple also? - Yeah, yeah, yeah Everywhere In all areas - All areas And never biting? Never biting, it's because they live with people so is very human friendly Ah ha Okay, okay. I take my shoes So.. first time here Huh? I put this.. - Yeah, yeah You can wear the cover I walk careful Everywhere, okay I go check Are you scared? No You look like! Little Unreal I mean I'm not sure what I expected,  but it's a bit more intense than I thought Okay, that was quite a bit more intense than I thought Yeah, it's definitely, I believe that number of 25,000 people.. uh, rats

I believe it 25,000 rats How was your experience? It was overwhelming Ha ha ha You see the rats inside? Yeah, many Many You see white one? White rat? No It's white rat? Yeah, yeah, everybody trying to find everywhere white rat Because here the people strongly believe it's symbol of good  luck But there is white rat? Yeah, white rat, but is very rare.. rare to find it Ah. Okay Otherwise the normal days, the inside - Normally it looks like this Wow Okay - Okay And here is the special rat, it's white Oh, that's the white one Oh okay People find everywhere white rat, because here people   strongly believe the symbol of good luck It's good luck And this is the picture - Ah yeah, yeah And this is last year That's during the festival? - Yeah, yeah in the last year More than 15 Lakh people come here in one day Ah, wow okay So maybe now is good time to visit - Yeah, yeah it's good time to come here Because.. - Less, less rats and less people

Alright, so it turns out that there is a festival coming And when the festival is happening here at the temple. 15,000 people will come and visit in one day   But there's also about 10 times more rats So he said then they open all the gates and more rats come I didn't really understand it but I think now was a good time to visit Because there was only 10% of the rats and yeah, not so many people But this was plenty of rats for me I think So I am back in my room What an experience, this is one I will not forget very easily This was really.. I don't know what I expected, but somehow I was still shaken to see like yeah, thousands of rats Anyway, that was it for today I really hope you like this video. If you did, please give a big thumbs up

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2023-11-14 08:34

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