BOAT TOUR | Towpath Jungle and a Canal side CHIP FEAST

BOAT TOUR  | Towpath Jungle and a Canal side CHIP FEAST

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I love the name of your boat You are all up and running again Heidi Now we're going to go inside and have a bit of   a nosy because I know you like you  love nosying round boats don't you [Music] Good morning everyone it's coffee it's not  Rum oclock yet last week Bonny got spayed and   I took her to the vets again yesterday and she's  doing absolutely fantastic they checked all the   stitches no infections they're all healing well so  she can now go out and have a few walks and stuff   which is going to be brilliant she's back again  in a few days but everything's good I love her to   bits when you do get a dog from a rescue center  you don't know it's past you don't know its   history we only know what the vet tells us or the behaviorist and people give up dogs for many many   reasons such as ill health, a family members died circumstances change and there's lots of amazing   dogs in these rescue centers Bonny's one of them she's absolutely gorgeous but I do need to get   Bonny used to my lifestyle and it's a very outdoor lifestyle and after talking to people one of the   big common things is is a lot of people because they work really hard they only let their dog go   in a garden or play with their neighbor's dog and they don't really take them to new and exciting   places and Bonny is quite nervous still outside  we're going on lots of big walks she's frightened   to death of other dogs bigger dogs she's brilliant  with a little dogs but big dogs she's quite   reactive so we are working on that but she is a  beautiful little dog girl oh she's a good girl so I'm just on the way to the post office I've set  the blink up inside so I can watch her but I just   want to see how she is being left on her own so  a little experiment I'm only going 10 minutes but   it'll be just a good practice for her so just left little bonny on her own properly for  the first time and I've just been watching her now   on me camera inside the boat as good as gold she's  on the sofa though naughty thing but she's good as   gold bless her no barking she doesn't look like  she's stressed she just looks like she's asleep   so I'm made up for that  that's another hurdle sorted   so discovering that Bonny doesn't have any  social anxiety issues is a big thing for me   because every other day I'm getting on my bike and  going to find a post office so that's fantastic so if you remember last week my starter motor was   removed from the boat and sent off for  a full reconditioning and Steve's just   phoned and he's on his way to come and  fit it so it's all been reconditioned we've had new brushes new gearbox apparently  there's a small gearbox inside that part there   yeah and two-speed gearbox which flicks are  starting replaced and redone the parts will   be coming up obsolete for them there yeah  so it's hard to get the parts for them   so remember my engine is a 1969 Lister and   while Steve was fitting it me and  Bonny chilled out in the sunshine so the starter motor has all been fixed now  and a lot of you would be saying to me what's   it cost well she's had to have everything done  she's been completely reconditioned new Bendix   brushes and all sorts so that to send off and get  back was 230 pound plus got Steve's labor who's   been absolutely fantastic so he's only charging me  for an hour's labour and in that time as well he's   also fixed my solar panel one of the connections  had come loose so the old girls all been fixed   I've got a lovely nice new reconditioned starter  motor and we're ready to go we'll probably move   either tomorrow or the next day I've had to stay  put here anyway for all Bonny's health checks   but we're ready to go it was a little bit  more money than I expected to be honest but   she's up and running and the thing is with the  boat you always need a contingency and luckily   I had that money saved so it wasn't so much of a  problem but if you haven't got a running engine   then you can't generate power you can't move so  it needed to happen that's life but she's done Sit good girl so for the past few days we've been trying to  work on Bonny's recall so we started off in   the boat with no distractions but outside  she was so distracted by everything she   wouldn't do anything and today we've had a big  breakthrough and yeah she's just been fantastic I've had to stay in this spot for quite a few days  because little Bonny's going back into to the vets   but today it's been a little bit different  because I've met some amazing people I've   met a guy called Michael who absolutely  loves Bonny and Nick and Sarah and Nick   and Sarah have got a brand new boat  I'm going to show you in a minute we're going to go inside and have a bit  of a nosy because I know you like you   love nosy and round boats don't you yeah  we're gonna have a good look inside now after you Heidi oh going in your rear entrance  so this is what's called a semi don't be rude   semi-trad and we've got the nice cushions  here so it's really lovely if I won the   lottery I'd have a semi-trad reverse layout  which is what this boat is because your mates   can sit here when you're cruising along you've  got someone to talk to there's a lot of space so now down into the galley or kitchen  as you land lubbers like to call it so the lovely thing about this boat is  it's got this nice big wide steps and   they're full of storage as well let me show  you this I know where they store the beer so Sarah are you gonna tell us about  your boat no I don't want to she is shy washer dryer Fridge with a little freezer  compartment as well at the top so what I love we've got loads of storage all  the storage cupboards up at the top so we've   got Dinette that turns into a double bed we've  also got a freezer under here a big freezer wow the good thing about this boat is  there's so much storage it's absolutely   brilliant and there's a lovely comfy  sofa here being by Elite furnishings and it's got storage underneath  and it goes into double bed   the lovely Sarah here is going  to demonstrate how it works that's really quick isn't it so underneath  here now you've got loads of storage where   they store all the jigsaws and the maps  there's a map there for minimalist as well and the other thing I love about  these boaters here Nick and Sarah   is they support Roving Traders and if you  look around the boat here you'll see loads   of artwork from Jan Vallance and Jan Vallance  is an amazing artist that works from her boat we've also down here got a rose or  poppy is it a poppy from cruising   crafts who are other Roving Traders  but they also have a YouTube channel and we've also got a lovely Macrame  hanger and that's from the narrowboat   project who are roving Traders  and also have a YouTube channel I will put the links to all these here  in the description but it is really   nice to see fellow roving Traders  handmade work all over this boat I really love these side hatches because  they've got the glass panels here so they   can either have the hatches the flaps fully  open to let the breeze waft through or they   can shut these and have just the glass in  the window or they can have them shut totally now these are very special because the artwork on   these is by a legend in his own  right and that's Phil Speight so onwards to the bathroom  this is a walk through bathroom   and you can see here loads of storage  in the bathroom and a huge mirror kinky   which leads us on to the bedroom  and well deck the front of the boat so we're here now in the gorgeous  bedroom where all the magic happens   and the funny thing about it is there's so much  storage in here there's overhead cupboards and   there's even storage underneath the steps going  out onto the bow and it's a nice big bow a little   bit of an overgrown foliage there it needs a trim  but if you look under here now you can see all   the stuff in the locker so they've got all these  lockers out here that stores a hose pipe bags of   coal all the things you don't want in your boat  and I've got a little treat for you look at this there's also two extra drawers down  there but they won't let me look in them so an absolutely beautiful boat and this was  built by borne boat builders in penkridge yeah   gorgeous gorgeous boat oh if I won the lottery  guys if I won the lottery this would just be   perfect for me because I could have my Mum and  Dad here at the back and mates and that I just   absolutely adore it beautiful beautiful boat  everywhere storage more beer in there that's an   empty bottle because we need to recycle we've  got some nice knobs there Sarah which is your   favorite it's got to be this one Heidi is that  because it's a big un I don't know what it does   anyway we're gonna have a drink now on  the Towpath and just celebrate being alive what a gorgeous Summer's evening just wet in the lips cheers so today is an absolute Scorcher it's red heart   but it's nearly four o'clock so  I'm hoping it's gonna cool down tomorrow we've got massive thunderstorms  coming in I'm gonna be moving the boat   hopefully if it starts I've had my starter  motor fixed so hopefully now she'll start   first time no banging needed and I'll tell  you why we're moving once we get going The   Mooring   I've just come off has been absolutely  wonderful because I've been able to get the   van and the boat right next to each other  which has been fantastic for all Bonny's   appointments yeah because she's got stitches in  she couldn't walk far from the van to the boat   and there's a couple in the house wow they were  so supportive they let me fill up with water   well they offered me water I didn't need  it they let me take my rubbish they were   just lovely they invited me to a barbecue  and everything and they kept an eye on the   boat when I was at the Vets so just lovely but  I'm moving now to catch up with some friends I've   left little bonny inside today because it's  nice and cool in the boat but it's too hot   out here for today and I've not tried her on the  roof yet but the roofs hot, you can't touch it so she's inside and I'm heading out to meet my  friends I'm gonna leave my boat with them for a   few days because because I've got Bonny's last  vet appointment they're going to be checking   the stitches and everything and also I need to  get the van back to my parents so I can spend a   little bit of time with them as well so we're  just making a way in this direction and then   eventually I'll get to Great Haywood Junction and  I don't know which way I'm going to go from there   but I am needing to get some trading  done because it's been an expensive month hot day to be doing this - it's 28 oh wow [Music] They're   just doing this lock and their boat's just  coming up so they're finishing off for me   so I was able to get back on board which is  fantastic so no having to shut the lock Gates I love the name of your boat [Music] so I've just seen my friends just moored up  up here now so I don't have to do another lock   which is great and I'm gonna moor in front of them  knowing my boat will be safe for a few days so it   makes me feel great that feels I feel relaxed  and I can enjoy some time with my mum and dad it's lovely here isn't it hey Chico so I've just moored up here now in this lovely   little place I've got my friends  here we're having a little drink she's alcohol free and I've poured a little  rum but it's a beautiful little place there's   some gorgeous views just there so I feel  really safe now leave them a boat for a   couple of days to go and visit my mom and dad  and take little bonny on a little vets check so I'm moored next to my friends Militza and John  here and we're having a chip night on the Towpath breathe in John little Bonny's got a cool vest on which you put  in the water and keeps really cool she's loving it and this is little Chico who's also a rescue dog so Militza and John got the fire going they  have an amazing fire they cook on this all   the time it's off the ground it's on a really  sturdy base and it's just bloody fantastic put these chips in we might do  a double dip yet Heidi oh like   a double one get these in here and  get them fried up who needs a chippy so we'll not put too many in  just them will do get the lid on come on so what does double dipping do don't be  rude just make some crispier so yeah obviously   I've whipped them out now of that fire then  I'm just getting that really hot not to flash   point because I know all about that yeah  uh and then what I'll do is I'm just gonna   give them another oh smokes me eyes  and whack them in and look out that's   gonna get them really nice and  crispy some places triple dip I love a good double dip does any of  you like double dip nice and crispy we just need to put it in there  chip shop Style look at that apple cider vinegar which is like what you need we've got John on the rum tonight  aren't we yeah where is it then   Heidi that one's an orange rum  that's from Captain Glenn that   one do you like that one yeah all right  excited I'll give it a try give it a try hmm different but yeah prefer the other one  was the other one that was Kracken no no it   was it was Kraken cherry and vanilla oh  right that okay yeah it's all different   flavors you see we're getting John sort  of sorted with the rums experimenting look at them chips you can't beat proper homemade  chips on the towpath a little bit of curry sauce are you enjoying that John yeah lovely yeah so me and Militza we're actually drinking  wine don't don't diss me because you know   just because I'm a full-time pirate sometimes  I like to have a little bit of change you know   hey change as good as a rest yeah Pinot  Grigio Aldi's finest so nice [Laughter] yeah you're a good girl oh you  are beautiful girl you're so good hello are you watching the cows so me and Militza and Bonny and her new  boyfriend Chico yeah she loves him to   bits best mates we all went for a walk back  to the van and oh it was so overgrown it was   horrendous yeah I got stung in places I didn't  think you could this is what the towpaths are   like at the moment they're quite overgrown in  places but I needed to get the van because I   needed to go back to my parents drop it off  and also Bonny needed another vet check wow we're both wearing shorts  I've been stung to buggery Bonny won't go come on Bonny  I'll have to pick her up I think but we eventually made it back to the van so I've come to your parents today because  I've had to drop the van off here and we just   spent some quality time Bonny with the Nanna and  Grandad my mum and dad here and it's been lovely   mum and dad are loving it and Bonnys loving it  as well and she's loving being in the garden   and all the attention ready come on come on okay so old Polly the van is now  back at my mom and dad's and we've   had a great few days here and took us to the vets   the other day it was Bonny's final check  everything went well which is fantastic mum and dad absolutely love Bonnie to bits  they've been helping me with the training   they've been playing with her learning it to  fetch and to drop and just still working on   that recall but we're trying to get there because  we want Bonny to be a really happy dog and also   because of me being on the boat and running  a business from the boat we needed to be okay   with everybody but she really has changed  my life for the better she's just amazing so it's a lovely little morning where I  am here just outside A ton Trussell and   it's so nice watching all the cows in the  water yeah some of them got massive nipples   but it's watching them drinking and weeing the  canal it's beautiful I've just been getting on   with all my badge orders I'll show you and  I think now know a few of these don't we   hey hey and this one as well I've seen a couple  of these as well go past the other day yeah and   all these crew Badges and pirate badges are all  available on my website anyway I'm gonna package   these up now and then walk into Acton Trussell to  post them and it'll be little Bonny's walk as well so Militza and John left this morning and I  may catch them up in a few days but for now   I'm really happy being here it's just me and  Bonny we're in the middle of nowhere there's   cows in the field there it's just gorgeous  we're surrounded by Fields it's beautiful   very very quiet and it's just a great place for  me and Bonny to start doing some more training yeah she's off the lead she's been  off the lead for the last couple   of days and she's been brilliant however  we are just remote and it's been Militza   John and little Chico and she's been  playing with him so I still wouldn't   be confident having her off the lead in  a busy place but for now she's loving it I'll just show you where we had the fire because  the thing was so raised off the grass and on its   own stand no marks are left yeah and they're very  very into the Eco Militza and John they're very   into the environment and so you can just see  now so no Trace was left which is what we want   so anyway on with our training she is such a good girl okay so we'll  leave the training there for now we're   just doing this every day we're coming  out six seven times a day and doing   little things I always try and end it on a  positive where she does succeed Bonny come so it's a beautiful day today and my mate Stuart  has just come on his bike don't be rude not that   way and he's brought me a bottle of rum I've  come to pay my Heidi Added tax it's like VAT   but it's H-A-T oh bless you enjoy look at  that it's the roast coffee we love that you   want one Stu oh go on then yeah it might only be  lunchtime Stu But It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Heid no no that's not your toy you've  got loads and loads of your own   toys so this one you can't have it  no leave it leave it leave poor Rosie we're here in the rear entrance I've got me a  lovely Kraken from Stuart so thank you so much   for that he's going to be moving his boat here in  a couple of days so I'll have neighbors and it'd   be nice I think we're gonna have a barbecue  or something so it's always nice when you   are moored near friends it's brilliant anyway  onwards with this week's ditty and this one is   from Angela Buxton and it goes a little something  like this oh thanks so much let's have a drink Cheers everyone and a massive shout out to  this week's pirate crew thank you so much   for everything you do for me it really  makes a difference so thank you for that   and also thank you so much to you guys for  watching liking subscribing commenting on   these videos it really does move the world to  me anyway so I'm Gonna Leave the video there I   really do hope you've enjoyed it but before  I go just a massive shout out to my patrons   these guys are just so supportive and very  encouraging with their kind words so thank   you so much anyway that's it guys so please  stay safe take care and I'll see you next week

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