BMW M3 Touring, czyli praktyczne jak dres, agresywne jak dresiarz! (TEST PL/ENG 4K) | CaroSeria

BMW M3 Touring, czyli praktyczne jak dres, agresywne jak dresiarz! (TEST PL/ENG 4K) | CaroSeria

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Looking for a fast sedan? We're sure you'd choose M3, C Class AMG or Audi RS4. And if you're looking or a fast station wagon? That leaves us with RS4 Avant or C class AMG. Well, it used to leave us this way. The M3 wasn't available as a station wagon. Until now, because finally, someone came to their senses in Munich. M3 Touring. There it is.

This is the first M3 Touring ever. Sedan is available with various drives, packages and transmissions. But here there's only the Competition version with 510 hp and 650 Nm. xDrive only, but you can disconnect the front axle. And there's only automatic transmission. That's enough about it, you can watch our M3 sedan test, click here. But here we have some extras. A lot of them, to be precise. M Performance Parts series lets you choose various stuff. Like these. But let me check the prices, I don't wanna lie. Two ailerons: 3250 PLN (690 Euro). Front carbon splitter: 11450 PLN (2430 Euro). Carbon intakes: 14480 PLN (3000 Euro).

Carbon gills: 4180 PLN (890 Euro). Carbon mirror covers: 7450 PLN (1580 Euro). Tresholds: 11060 PLN (2350 Euro). And this black spoiler costs 3200 PLN (680 Euro). Carbon diffuser: 9400 PLN (2000 Euro). And you can also have a carbon filler cap! 420 PLN (90 Euro). Valve caps from M Performance Parts: 123 PLN (26 Euro). And last but not least: door lock pin: 210 PLN (44 Euro). But for 4 of them! Sorry! Only in the front. Two of them.

How much are all the carbon extras? 90k PLN (19 150 Euro). And it would be fine. But it's all made so poorly! Seriously. Looks like made by students. Look how it's mounted. And it looks even worse this side. It doesn't fit. I checked it, it wasn't broken. It's just cheap. They could've made better for 90k PLN. Look here: it should be touching the surface! Honestly? - Honestly. It's not f***ing nice. You need to splurge 90k PLN? Be my guest, take them all.

I like the trunk, though. It's identical to all the other 3 series tourings. I CAN SEE YOU'VE TRANSPORTED SOME SEEDLINGS. I won't be talking about it now, just click here to watch the M340i test. I've talked for 20 minutes about the trunk. As well as about the back seat. Let me only show you the back of the front chair.

These are standard chairs, with this suede here. I must say, it looks really nice. Of course, you can also have carbon ceramic brakes for 40k PLN. We don't have them. 19" front rim and 20" rear rim are standard, but you can also choose 21" and 22". And one little cute detail.

The BMW logo stays in place when the car's driving. Like in a Rolls Royce! The exhaust comes from the M Performance Parts as well and it costs 28k PLN. With 8k PLN extra for titanium. So, 40k PLN for an exhaust. Normally, the pipes are placed on the sides and I like it better than this trapezoid... Triangle.

IF YOU ASK ME, IT'S A TRAPEZOID. Let's check if the sound is better. The standard one wasn't awesome. These horses have asthma. But maybe they will be more vulgar during a more agressive ride.

But first things first. We have to check all the buttons. That's fun! Of course, you can customize M1 and M2 profiles to keep your favourite settings. But you need to set them first and that's a lot of work. Engine. Efficient, sport, sport plus. No Eco, comfort like in other BMWs.

You can choose the M Mode: road, sport, track. But, apart from that, you can customize them. Setup. Engine: sport or sport plus. Chassis: comfort, sport or sport plus. There's the variable steering ratio and electronically controlled dampers. And there's more. I can turn the traction control off - I mean, DSC off. And now, M xDrive setup, 4wd, WD sport, 2WD.. I can set the M traction control.

It can be off, from 0, up to 5 or 10. As you wish. It's useful when you're learning to drift. Once you can control it at 8, you can go down, step by step. It will work later and later. Of course, we'll put it in OFF. The M Performance muffler sounds nice! I've got the M Driver package here as well. It means the top speed is 280 km/h instead of 250. But it's not so easy: you need to take part in a training, for your safety. Yeah, 30 km/h, what a difference.

I can tell that the front V6... IS THERE A BACK V6? ...sound so different than the old ones. It's artificial. It comes from a speaker and it's not so juicy. The active M Differential is fantastic! The power transfer between right and left wheel is perfect, it can feel the grip or lack of it so smoothly.

In some sport cars the differential works agressively, it gives you a kind of unpleasant feeling. But not here. The handling is beautiful. That's what we love about BMW. Fantastic. And it's so predictible during the wheel spins. I'm glad the track is wet today, 'cause the grip is amazing.

Maybe this time we'll be able to give back the M BMW with the same tyres we took it with! No. We always do. But they usually have wires. I love the way it's behaving in the slips. Fantastic. I love the predictability, I love how smooth it's going in the corners. This car absolutely awesome in these conditions. The best.

Well done. It's 85 kilos heavier than M3 Sedan. But I can't feel it. Or even more: I think it's balanced better. It's doing better in the corners with this heavier back. Phenomenal. According to the BWM, takes just 3.6 seconds to power from 0 to 100 km/h. Under ideal conditions, of course. We don't have them. 3.6 is 0.1 worse than the sedan M3 Competition. Only 0.1. I can sacrifice it for this practicality. Alright. Drive, ready, DSC off.

F**k me! This grip on a wet surface! I really hate this artificial sound! I'm not sure how fast I'm going. Wow, 220 km/h already?! That's fast. Yeah, let's brake! I don't have the optional ceramic brakes, they cost 45k PLN extra. There's even a special package Racetrack: ceramic brakes, M driver, bucket seats. But these are just fine, trust me.

And they're way more comfortable. You can see the bucket seats in previous M3 video. They're not comfortable, especially when it comes to getting in and out. OK, let's find out the result. Wet surface. Just a reminder. 0-100 km/h in 3.78 seconds. It shows how efficient the all-wheel drive is. And 3.78 seconds. Less than 0.2 worse than promised.

And now, 0-200 km/h. I might be still shaking a bit, sorry. 13.1 seconds. It will be less than 13 in better conditions. Sorry I'm not talking. I need to enjoy it! Will it give so much fun on daily rides? Let's say, there's a roundabout here. Yeah, it will be fine. You can drift around it. I have no words to describe it. This car is just perfect, and I'm not using the "P" word too often. It's predictible, soft. It drifts in the corners. It has a lot of grip, even at the rear axle, with 4WD off and differential on.

I don't know how it's done, but I think it's better than the regular M3. Maybe it's a question of conditions? M3 on a dry track didn't impress me at all. But will these emotions stick around on the public roads? Of course, you need to change the settings when you're leaving the track. Road, setup. Comfort, engine in efficient mode. M xDrive 4WD, traction contol can't be changed now.

Even when it's off, you need to keep the 2WD to control the 10-step sensitivity. And I'm really curious, will it be comfortable? Purchasing such family, touring car, with large trunk, means you wish to take your family from A to B. And you wish to make it comfortably, yet fast. Let's reset the fuel consumption. 8 kilometers to the expressway, and we'll be driving 120 km/h there. I know, if you're paying 750k PLN (160k EURO) for the M3, it doesn't matter if your tank will cost 50, 500 or 5000. But stopping each 300 km can be annoying. Driving back roads 90 km/h reminds me of any other BMW.

I just need to turn the exhaust off, I can hear it grumbling all the time. So, it's a normal BMW at the moment. And I can't feel potholes, ruts, nothing. The suspension is comfortable. Dashboard looks like in every other new 3s, and this carbon costs 6k PLN extra. But it looks awesome. I really like the interior, and these two curved displays. It is a reference to the older BMWs. The console is embracing the driver and it shows that the car was made for the driver.

I don't like moving the AC here, though. Especially that the seats heating is controlled here, on the screen. These buttons are set in glass, you need to touch and press them. They're not separated and the glass can "feel" where you're pressing it. At least the volume knob stays the same. You can turn on the windshield evaporating and rear window defrosting here. And that's it. Of course, there's an induction charger and this center panel. I guess it will be scratched pretty soon.

It's covered with glass. Some of you don't like the thick, massive wheel, I know. But I do like it, it's good for my huge hands. The paddles are also huge and easily accessible. And they're moving with the wheel, which I don't like. I like them placed here, in the steering column. It's somehow more comfortable. But they're carbon, big and with rough surface, so the finger won't slip. The quality is absolutely perfect. The leather has a nice stitching, the 6k carbon looks great,

everything's very soft. Even the glove box. Oh, and it won't shut if the book's misplaced. In my opinion, it's all very nice and aesthetic. And I really like this soft element. You know, on a racetrack, you'll need to push your leg here. Your knee should be fine. Same here, on the left side. So you can push your legs both sides and the chair will keep you. I can't get used to the new multimedia system with all these new icons.

I know, it can be set, I can make widgets, it should be comfortable. But it just looks complicated and I never wanted to try. Apple CarPlay is wireless and that's important. I'm using it all the time. The rest of it should be set once and for all.

It's loud. It has to be said. Of course, it's raining and the wet asphalt is making noise. So maybe I can't judge it 100% objectively. So, how much does it drink? 11l/100 km, as you can see. I've been driving it for a few days, back roads, expressways, 90-120 km/h, normally, according to the speed limits, and I can say the consumption is more or less 11l/100 km. In Germany, driving up to 180 km/h, you'll make 300-350 km on a single tank.

I think the tank could be bigger. 60L is not enough. 75L would let you make 500 km. And for me, if a car can't make 500 km on a single tank, it's not fine. On the bright side, I can't hear the engine and exhaust at higher speeds. If you're accelerating, it can be heard, but still - the sound is better than this artificial "sporty" one.

So, in short, this car is just like, let's say, 340i. It's not too loud, too agressive, too crazy. It's a comfortable BMW made for driving from A to B. You can take your family, kids, friends, pack up the trunk. I'd say it's a family station wagon car. But when it gets off the leash, turns its sport rear-wheel drive on and leaves the DSC behind... It becomes a f***ing awesome sports car. I really don't know why I wasn't so impressed with the M3.

The sedan one, tested at Silesia Ring. There was something missing in that car. This one is a complete sports car. Even though it's heavier and 12k PLN more expensive, I'd choose this one. But without this tacky, insanely expensive carbon sh*t. There's one competitor, though. And it might be a better choice. 340i Touring. Watch it here. It will be more or less 200-250k PLN cheaper. Of course, it won't give so much fun on a racetrack, but it has a fantastic B58 engine and it's quieter, more comfortable and just as practical.

As for me, I wouldn't overpay for the M3. I would stick with 340i Touring and keep 250k PLN for a used, sports car to use it on a track. But, if you wish to have a f***ing awesome racetrack car and a daily car at the same time, this one is perfect. The real question is: how many of you will take it on a racetrack and give it a real hard time? I guess most drivers won't know how to turn the racetrack mode on. Or if they do, they'll use it on a roundabout.

2023-04-08 06:14

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