Best Mutton Thali In Nashik | @mangaaji_ | #Bha2Pa

Best Mutton Thali In Nashik | @mangaaji_ |  #Bha2Pa

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I have heard people say that they don't get good mutton in Nashik. You will get it. But for that, you should know where to eat. So, definitely watch this episode of Bha2Pa to know where you'll good mutton. I am standing in Nashik. For what? It is a nice and cool winter noon. What should we do? Food Crawl! We will have an amazing lunch. And for that, we have called, Mangaaji! Mangesh! Namaste! - And everyone's favourite, our Paula! Paula, welcome! Hi! So, what are we eating here today? We are going to have Nashik's three special Mutton Thalis.

Is it going to be spicy? Because I like spicy. - Yes, yes. The most important thing is, the special Khandeshi and Nashik taste the curry! You can see it on his face! I have been on an empty stomach since yesterday for this. - I have left having food at home! And, Paula... Say something! I haven't tried any of these places.

But, if you haven't tried them or if you have tried them... You should definitely subscribe to Bha2Pa. You'll now say that we must try Nashik's Missal, etc. We have already made its videos. Go and watch from the link below.

Today, we want to eat special mutton this afternoon. - So, we are gonna see which one is the world's best. First, Vinayaka? - Yes, Vinayaka! - Let's go! Their main branch is at Sinnar. They started a mess there. They used to give tiffins on cycle. And to date, all the food is prepared by their mother. - Mother's food! Other people are here just to serve the food. Otherwise, everything is cooked by Aai. Let's go then. - Let's explore their branch.

The Special Mutton Thali comprises Sukka (dry) mutton, chutney, curry, and rice. And we can select an option from Bhakri or Chapati. Should we order 1 plate of mutton Thali? - Special mutton Thali. We don't need a menu card. Give us your special mutton Thali. Our food is here! This is steamy hot! Wow! What a quantity! What is this? - Kheema. - Curry. Mutton, Sukkha and... - Just gravy. What is this Bhakri made of? - Bajri. - Oh, wow! Paula, you start. Ladies first.

Wow! Come closer. Look how nicely we can break this Bhakri. See, this is how it is breaking. It is that soft. - And this should be crispy. The outer layer must come off easily. That's when we know this is the best Bhakri.

Paula, what a Bhakri! - It's a very good Bhakri. Has its own flavour. - You don't need to have anything else with it. That mutton looks so tender! Let's see. How does it taste? It's nice. It's like a mellow spice. It becomes more spicy after. I think it's a comfort food kind of mutton. - It's not like... Wow!

But it's nice. It's well-cooked. Try this as well. I like the mutton that softly comes into your hands. It has to be properly cooked. - This is a perfectly cooked, fresh mutton. The curry is very good! It is spicy, but not that spicy! The spice stays on the tongue. It doesn't taste very spicy.

I liked this. I can easily pair it with rice. They serve Indrayani here. - Is it? Wow! This mutton gravy is nice. I am in love with this mutton. Now, I am trying this Sukka. - The Sukka is mindblowing! Look! Look at the colour.

Superb! I really like the Kaala Masala! And I don't get this in Konkan. Since I am a Malvani, they use Kaala Masala much. Yes, they mostly use the Red chilly powder. - Yes and coconut. But, this taste is... Amazing! What is the difference between Sukka mutton and this? This Kheema... The mutton is completely minced. And this mutton has gravy and this is fried. What is the difference between these two? - This is fried in coconut base. - Oh!

This has Kaala-Laal Masala. - We prepare it using that. And where is this Masala from? - We make it. This is my mother's recipe. - Aai is here? - Yes. Namaste Aai! - Namaste. Your Masala is very amazing! And we got to know that you made it. - Yes, it's homemade. I prepare all the food by myself. Vegetarian food is also prepared in a typical Maharashtrian style.

Vegetables like Shevgyachi Bhaji, Bharla Vanga, Matkichi Ussal. That tastes amazing, too! How did the food taste? - We really liked the food. Sometimes the food is very spicy and zesty... But this has a nice balance of spice and other tastes. It tastes good with the rice, too. Thank you so much! We are eating this good food because of you! Thank you, sir! We are delighted that you came. Now, we'll try Kheema. We haven't tried Kheema, right? Look at the Kheema's colour! I recently went to Kolhapur and had Kheema there...

But I found it to be okay. So, let's try this. The colour looks amazing. Beautiful! I know beautiful isn't a compliment for food... But it's delicious. The coconut base and the Khada Masala... - Sukka? - Mindblowing! I like this the most of these three. - Agreed. Paula, try this as well.

Now, we can say he had a nice mutton. Now we have to start a ticker, how many times does Amey use his towel! Or how many towels does Amey get through! Summer's essence in winters, Nashik Mutton! Kheema is also yum. - But we are keeping control. Because we have to visit 3 more places.

So watch this video till the end. Just imagine, if this is the beginning, then how amazing the end would be. Thank you. - We will just start with a small amount. - Thank you! Let's pour this gravy on it. Friends, this is what I was talking about. This is how it has to be. Amazing. That sound also.

Full ASMR. Sarang, my friend, you are missing out on this! The oldies in our house used to say to our shy guests, the mutton's gravy has to drip down to your elbow! Bye bye! Thank you! - Thank you! They came here to say bye. How sweet! Here we are on the road. Outside Nashik? Where are we? Where did you bring us? - We have now come to Sinnar. Jay Malhar.

In Nashik, whenever people think about having a mutton Thali, the first thought that crosses their mind is, let's go to Jay malhar. - What are you saying! - 100%. So, people take out their cars and drive here just for the food?! This has a typical Dhaba vibe to it. You can hear the sound of vehicles, the trees are planted and this also has a nice roof vibe. If you visit Jay Malhar, book this special spot. Actually, very quickly... This camera... just show the ceiling...

Show what have they done with the tiles and everything. It's very nice. Come back, come back! Could you come here for a minute? Please give us one plate of Special Mutton Thali. Even these people had a proper mess in Sinnar That is still open. But that is slightly crowded. Yes, they have written that this is the 2nd branch. - Yes, 2nd branch. Okay. - And they are planning to open a third branch in Nashik. They are searching for a place. - Oh!

Oh! - But this is my favourite mutton Thali in Nashik. My personal favourite. - When was the first time you tried this Thali? - First I had it... approximately 5-6 years ago. I recommend everyone to stop by Jay Malhar once, whoever is travelling from Nashik to Pune, or anywhere. This is Mangaaji Mangesh's recommendation, if you are anywhere on this road, or have visited Nashik, then please travel a bit and visit Jay Malhar. - Sinnar. The best thing you'll get here is the gravy. It is so tasty that people literally just take bowls of it! Oh! - And say, serve us some extra bowls! My mouth has started watering! For anybody who is not aware of Mangaaji...

You should be, first of all. He almost has 1 million followers on Instagram. You may not know, he has a YouTube channel now. - Yes! He has a YouTube channel which he started recently. So make sure you go and subscribe over that as well. Yes! It is named as Mangaaji. Woohoo! - Wow! This is the best thing! Look at the colour. Colour is also different, Paula.

Kheema is also different. Kheema has Kaleji as well in it! Kaleji in Kheema! Paula, look at the garlic! Woah! Lasun! Let us try the Bhakri as well. Oh! Look at this! I was talking about this thing. It is very important. - This gravy? - This gravy!

And Paula, this Papad is different. Nice! What is it made of? - This is Nagli's Papad. - Nachani? - Nagli. - Nagli? Isn't this Nagli's Papad? - What is it? - What is Nagli? It's Nachani. - Nachani! The mutton is cotton-like. Bro, look at the mutton. Wow! Wow! See. The food from the first place was nice. Just like homemade food.

But this is one you'll only get here! We have travelled 30-35 km for this! This is one of a kind! I'll have a bite of Kheema. Oh wow! This is really nice! This has a woody taste to it. It's a little woody. - Yeah. This is not the regular Kheema we get. Just as Paula said, you first get the taste of mutton, then the spices and the smokey flavour linger in your mouth. Amazing. - And those who think that you don't get good food in Nashik,

you will get, but you just have to know where to eat. - Who says this? Who says you don't get good food in Nashik? People say we'll go to Kolhapur or Satara to have mutton. But no one mentions Nashik. You just have to know. - I have heard good things about mutton in Nashik. Is it? - Yes. What is this? - Ukkad Mutton. - Ukkad Mutton?

Is this a part of Special Thali or this is extra? This is extra. - Okay. This is just extra. - Thank you! There is a pro of going to places with Paula. We keep getting complementary things like this. I'll try Kaleji now. I didn't even expect it to be in it. - You must try it! I think, in the Kheema, there is a fat oil of Mutton.

I'd say that this is more on the oily side than the... - Vinayaka. - Vinayaka. - Yeah, yeah. This is not just the oil, this is fat also. Now, Sukka. See how it looks!

Have it. Just eat it like this. Without the Bhakri. I have stuffed the Masala in this bite. Sukka, I like that one. I mean, I can't taste anything. Mutton tastes very good... But, for those who don't like spicy food, but want to eat mutton like this which looks black, this item is for you! You will experience the fun of eating mutton and it has a nice taste of Kaala Masala as well.

Now, the odd man out in this Thali is this... Javla. This is Jhinga Chutney. - Is it? - Yes. But this is Javla only, right? - It's the same.

This is called Javla. - The names here are so unique! Let me try now. Did you have Javla? Javla tastes as it should.

I don't think it would make any difference if we take out the bowl from this dish. Instead of this, order more of this. And they have nicely put the egg in the rice. So... - Like a little creative. But I don't think this rice is Indrayani. - No, it's not. - This is not. The gravy is very good on its own. - Yeah? - Incredible!

Yeah. The gravy is nice. Fr rice it's perfect! And I love egg curry. I don't know if it's a part of the Special Thali or another extra. The curry is non-veg. But some people don't like to eat mutton and chicken, so they get eggs. Those who are half vegetarians. - Half vegetarians! We are gonna buy a sweatband. Maybe at least you'll buy this T-shirt.

This is our merch, 'Mani Maau' if you like cats. Otherwise, we have other things like 'Nista Wanderlust' and bags and other things also. ~Attempt at making a unique Marathi pun~ We are in Nashik's... - Yes. We are in core Nashik. - I am so full! We drove 1 hour back and I am still full. So, I don't know. But, I love this old Nashik vibe. - I know right?! The tree also, it's fascinating. - It looks like the tree has held the house. I can smell it. - Yes, it's aromatic!

That means we are closer to the spot. Is this Jayesh Khanaval? - Yes, Jayesh Khanaval! Let's go. - Guys, you may not feel it, but the aroma has spread in this whole lane. You don't need to ask anyone where is Jayesh Khanaval. The aroma will show you the way. This space is so good. It's tiny and cosy.

Is it very old? - Yes. This is their first branch. Then they opened a hotel in 2 more places and started a mess again at another place. So, their mutton is famous?- Yes. Who makes the spices? - Our Mothi Aai, as we call her. She makes everything. She has done all of this.

All the mothers from Nashik. They have prepared all these recipes. Please give us a plate of your mutton special. - Okay, we'll give you Special Thali. Do you come here from your childhood? - No, not childhood... - When were you introduced to this place? 6 years ago. - 6 years ago?

Oh wow! The food arrived very quickly. This is Mutton soup, and we were served fried Jhinga Chutney and Kheema. Mutton plate. - Mutton plate and this is? - This is our special Charbi Vati. - Charbi Vati?

Charbi Vati. - And, is Sukka Mutton available? Sukka Mutton isn't available? - No. - Give them one Sukka Mutton. - Isn't it in the Thalli? - It is. Either Kheema or Sukka Mutton. - Oh, it's an option. - Okay.

Got it. - We are trying both items for you. So that we can tell you what you can choose. That makes sense though. I mean, if you're gonna have this chutney... What is it? - Charbi Chutney, Charbi Vati. - Oh, Charbi Vati. Sorry, not Chutney. Which Bhakri is this brother? - Bajri (pearl millet). - Bajri. Okay. This Bhakri breaks... nicely.

You can ask them for the rice flour Bhakri. And friends, it's 4 o'clock. This means we have visited after lunchtime. Still, the food is steamy hot.

And it's still so aromatic! Mutton is soft. - This is more like homemade style. - Yes! But, it's good. This is the toughest to review. You have taken just 3 really toughest places. Clearly, if there's so much competition in Nashik for a good mutton Thali, then it is a speciality of Nashik.

And the quality of the mutton everywhere is really nice. It's not as soft as the earlier ones. But, the mutton is good. The gravy is a bit salty. But I think that's how it tastes.

Try Sukka Mutton. Even the Sukka Chicken is the same. - Mutton. - Yes, the Sukka Mutton. But just the gravy is thicker. But the taste is similar.

And it is spicier. - The kheema is very spicy. Paula, this mutton is soft. I think you have got some other piece, but this mutton is very soft. You can see, it is easily coming off. I'll try Kheema now.

This Kheema is nice, but this is a typical Kheema. Wherever you get a basic and nice Kheema, this is that one. This is not bad at all. But, it's not like, you must have it when you're in Nashik. But, it's nice. The Kheema from the earlier place has my heart. It had garlic in it. I'll try this special... Charbi vati.

Same, whole spices. Manges, what do you think? - I think, I am full. I have had this much mutton in Nashik in just one day. Now, I am gonna try their Sukka Chutney. Jhinga Chutney. - Yes. Sukat.

Jhinga Chutney is nice. If you want to change your taste pallet while having all this... Have a bite from this. Then the taste will settle, and then you can restart. I think this is Basmati rice. It is a little long. - I think it's Basmati. - Some Jeera Rice. Is this Basmati? - Jeera Rice. - The raw rice? - It's Basmati. I was right. Let's try Mutton soup now.

The soup is normal. They boiled mutton in water and served us that boiled water. The aroma of mutton is nice. The spices don't overpower. If you have come near the Godavari river, and you feel like having some mutton, then this place is at a walkable distance from the Ghat. You can quickly come here and eat. If we would've eaten this first, then maybe... - It'd have tasted different. - Absolutely.

Consider this point as well. Now we will give a review after this. We will give a review outside. Till then, our not-so-hungry crew can eat. I am taking my stomach in and talking, otherwise, you'd see how much I have eaten. - It's impossible. It's not happening for me. I am not being able to do anything now!

But we have to do an important thing to do. We have to give them a review. Among the three places we ate at, which one is the world's best, the nation's best, and the district's best. Let's start with the main dish. - Yeah, the mutton curry Rassa plate. So, the world's best mutton with the curry gravy is Jay Mahlhar for me.

Hands down. - I agree. Same. It was delicious. Such a nice combination of food. - Even tender mutton. Even the marination of the mutton. Yeah. - And it wasn't that spicy.

And even after eating, it wasn't feeling very zesty! - Exactly. - The spice just lingered on the tongue. yeah. So that was great! Kheema. - Kheema for me is, same. - Jay Malhar. - Jay Malhar!

I know you liked... - I like Vinayaka's. - I know that. But for me, it's Jay Malhar. What's your favourite Kheema? - Jay Malhar. Yeah? Then, Sukka Mutton? - Yes.

Sukkha mutton for me, is from the first place. Vinayaka. - I agree. And Vinayaka's mutton tasted good just after having a bite. And basically, the spices were delicious. That's the best thing. It was well-cooked and the Masala was interesting. And Jay Malhar had a really nice Sukka Mutton. Very nice Sukka Mutton. - Yes. - Honestly, the cooking was even better than the Vinayaka.

But, the Masala was simple. If you want that, I also thought it was the world's best, frankly. Why it wasn't the world's best for me was because I needed it to be flavourful and it wasn't. Jay Malhar's mutton's quality was very nice. When you had a bite, you could not only taste the spices, but it was also flavourful. I liked that about Jay Malhar. But taste wise, the Vinayaka. - Vinayaka.

And why aren't we talking much about this place... What's the name? Jayesh. - Jayesh Khanaval. The food from this place was good too, but it wasn't excellent. Compared to other things, it must be good. But he made us try food from places that were all amazing! Now we have to rate between the 3 of them. Now, final? - Final? The world's best? Jay Malhar. For me. - Yeah, I would agree. Jay Malhar.

Nation's best? - The nation's best, Vinayaka. - Vinayaka, hands down! - Hands down! And 3rd, the district's best, of course, Jayesh Khanaval. - Jayesh Khanaval. It is the district's best because it is actually in Nashik. So, it's definitely, the best. - Yeah!

But, I have to say this is hands down the most difficult choice I had to make in the food crawl. True. - And the most difficult food crawl I have done. Please don't call me for Thalis anymore. It's a lot of food!

And mutton is so hard to digest... Having 3... My God! We are going to Mumbai by walking. How was it for you listening to us judge your Nashik mutton? I won't comment on which is the best because I have to live here in Nashik. Otherwise, they'll make your mutton. - But my personal favourite is Jay Malhar.

That's why I was insisting you visit Jay Malhar. Jay Malhar is really the world's best. No doubt. Please travel there sometime to eat and try their Bhakri as well. And for the next time, you must consider at least 10-12 options and not just 3. It would be easy for me to suggest as well. If you have liked this episode, please like this video.

Make this reach everyone. Let them also know where to have good mutton in Nashik. And let us know what else should we try in Nashik in the comment section. We'll definitely visit to eat. Yes! - make sure you subscribe to Mangaaji's new YouTube channel. - Yes! And keep supporting us like this. Thank you! - Thank you! - Bye bye! - We'll take a nap now.

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