Best Frankie in Dadar & Matunga | #Frankie #Dadar #Bha2Pa

Best Frankie in Dadar & Matunga | #Frankie #Dadar #Bha2Pa

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Hello! I, Ameya Ravindra Kadam, am back with another episode. I'm at Shivaji Park. My birthplace! I wasn't born in this park. I was in the building next to it.

But, I spent my whole childhood here. That's why, I know this place like the back of my hand. Today, I have brought a friend of mine. Which is our lovely Indrajeet! - Hello! Indrajeet thad taken me to eat the best Vada Pav in Dombivli last time. Another iconic food item that Mumbai has other than Vada Pav is Frankie. Is it just the two of us? - No, not just us.

There's another friend with us who's from here as well. She's from Ruparel College. Let's call her. Sayli Raut. Hello! Frankie is actually a college item. It's a food item from Mumbai. - Yes.

We're representing the iconic colleges of Mumbai! Ruia, Poddar and Ruparel. - Yes, Ruparel. So~ For no reason, these outsiders are calling Shivaji Park their home! Only Ruparel's kids are at Shivaji Park. Look. Basically~ We'll go to We used to go to Balmohan School here! I'm not alone. Another friend of mine from our office is here.

She's here to cover the topic of food! Please, Prachi. So, fifty percent people here are from Dombivli. Fifity percent are foreigners and fifty percent from here.

Even though we came from Dombivli, we belong to Dadar. Sometimes, when we didn't get tiffin for school, we used to eat a Frankie. Actually. Now, we're going to try a Frankie which is a part of our childhood memories.

Tibb's Frankie next to Balmohan School. Tibbs. Yes. Let's try an original Frankie and let's go quickly. I'm hungry!

Let's go. Okay? Let's go. We'll have Tibbs Frankie. If you haven't yet subscribed to Bha2Pa then you should feel a bit shame. Please, subscribe to our channel! - It's for free! We travel here from so far way. Why? For you all

to see us eat stuff! He's hungry. Let's go. -Please, subscribe now! This is Tibbs Frankie. Legendary. Legendary. - The OG.

By the way, we're going to eat a lot of Frankies. So, I'm going to order only two frankies. One Chicken and one Veg Frankie. Anybody for Tawa Chicken? - Yes, Tawa Chicken. Honestly, I've never tried a Veg Frankie from here. I've always had Tawa Chicken here.

Nobody eats the Veg one. Nowadays, we get comments that we only eat Non-Veg food. They want to see us eat Vegetarian food too. So, we'll try Veg and Non-Veg both to balance it. We'll give a genuine review.

Okay. For our audience. - Yes. One Tawa Chicken and One Veg Frankie.

This is the Non-Veg one. This is the Veg one. Let our guests try it first. I feel, there are two major things about Tibbs Frankie. Firstly, the masala. It's quite spicy. You won't get it everyone.

Secondly, every Frankie has this tangy flavour. All of them. Tibbs is an actual name of the owner. In London, he ate a roll and loved it.

Indian spices and ingredients could be added to this roll. Stuffing ingredients in a Chapati. Chapati or Roti is like~ We can actually call it a Punjabi food item.

It's basically a roll. Tawa Chicken. He made a roll adding Tawa Chicken and came up with other varieties. This roll can't be called a roll, right? It should have a name of our own. So, he was a fan of the Cricketer 'Frankie' from his times. That's why, he named it after him.

Oh! Nice! Since then, this roll is called a Frankie in Mumbai. Did you listen to these Frankie facts? For the first time, I'm eating a Veg Frankie. Do you like it? - It's amazing! Amazing! This Non-Veg lover is saying that the Veg Frankie is good. Which means, it definitely is!

Did you try the Veg one? No, I didn't. - Then, eat it! Eat that one and pass this Frankie here. I was completing my protein requirement! Look at the layering in it. A nice egg layered Roti onion, masala and shredded Chicken. And, this started in 1969! The way we keep saying nostalgia. This shop has witnessed us growing up! Please, give me one. - Yes, running like this in shorts.

I used to always feel~ I'd recommend the Veg one. Which one is this? Classic Veg? Classic Veggie. I recommend this only if~ It's quite common that Non Veg eaters come to Tibbs. So, any Vegetarians who haven't tried Veg Frankie here~ We tried it for the first time and loved it. Can I tell you a fun fact? This should remain~ You aren't taking it at all. Even if Tibbs is good, there's a shop called Move N Pick I know. We'll go there next.

We'll go there and eat. It's our secret love. Let's go and try. This Frankie's last part is remaining~ The ritual! - The ritual.

What I'll do is have a last bite and then the main remaining part. The chemical. Who wants it? These aren't my clothes. I'm wearing Mayur's T-shirt. It'll get stuck in my beard. I won't let you watch that horror show. You want to have it. I'll just have a bite. Do the honours! There's one more bite left. You can have a little bite.

He's little bite is a bit~ Look! Look! Stop, stop! It's finished! It got finished? This is the main part! This is the main thing and in it there's a juicy~ Chemical! Chemical! The masala, onion and chicken. Aha! Where did you learn those tongue skills? This is where! He has the habit to say Non-Veg things while eating Non-Veg. I feel like I'm eating a crab.

It's so~ You're sucking out the masala? Let's go to Move N Pick. Let's get a Veg and one Chicken. One Veg and One Chicken. This is Chicken Tikka and this is Veg. Both look so clean. Look.

Right? I finally got to eat Chicken Frankie! There's a chilli on top which I'll~ How well will it justify the 120 rupees spent. I'm a bit doubtful. It's too thin. - Try it first. The chicken is a bit sweet. This one's sweet too.

I think, the spices in it are a bit sweet. Actually, we recognized it because we ate a tangy and spicy Frankie earlier. Let's see. I'll try now. It's a bit sweet. It's soft too.

Yes. It's not spicy. The quality is great. Remove it.

It's quiet mouthful. There's a difference between Frankie, Roll and Shwarma. But, Frankie is a type of a Roll.

It's called Frankie because Tibbs named it that. I think, they patented the name Frankie because they use the name 'Naan Roll'. Yes. Because, Tibbs took that name. Though, it's the same category.

And, the stuffing in here is quite a lot. How does it taste? It's good. Not bad. It doesn't taste like the Move N Pick we knew.

Yes, it changed. [Famous dialogue from Munnabhai MBBS] You know, why I used to come here when I was a kid. Cause, Tibbs always used to be crowded.

Yes! Same! By the time my number came, I'd get it at Move N Pick! Maybe that's why they named it like that. Just move and pick here! Yes, maybe. That's why, they got famous. You ate it? No. A pro tip for you. If you want to open a restaurant, open it next to a famous one.

Because, you'll get their crowd if there's any. I give business ideas as well. The next place we're going They put Lays wafers on top of it. Let's go there. Let's get laid. Lays* Let's go.

One Chicken and one Veg. Add blue Lays in one and orange Lays in another. Actually, things like Lays are~ Eating rice with such crispy items is fun! Huh? You too? - Yes! Don't eat rice by itself. Add chips to it cause they're crunchy. - Crunchy?

You can have Papad with rice. Papad and chips are from the same family. Lays belongs to that family too. The lays packet must feel so weird. 'So much stuff is in me?!' 'How?!' 'Generally, I'm so light!' 'What happened today?' For the first time in life. Now I'll show my Frankie.

For you, because you have never eaten it. Let's begin? Cheers. Cheers. You in heaven now? This experiment is a success. Yes! It's actually working. You know what's good? The crispiness that hits in between.

The crispiness of Lays. - It does qualify as a street food. It's unhealthy but it is a street food. They speak too much. No. Please wait.

I can't eat Lays like before. I can't just eat Lays normally. No, I'm waiting for Tejas. What is it called? Heaven! Heaven, right? We can eat another easily.

Yes. Mainly, the Roti here is nicely thin. - It's good. It's not thick. - Yes. The flavor of Tibbs is familiar. Yes.

This is familiar too but there's a different combination. It's interesting. What I like is they don't throw away this packet. They're using this packet. They're reusing it. The Lays tagline actually applies here! 'No one can eat just one.'

You have to! Really yaar! I showed you where the best Frankie is near Dadar's Shivaji Park. You were going to take us near Ruia College. Where is that? Where else would Ruia's Frankie be? It must be in front of Ruia college! Let's go, next stop Ruia College! Poddar college's canteen is disgusting. But, we never felt bad about it because there's such good food outside! There is Mani's, DP's and we had Gulshan as well. But, I've never eaten the Frankie you're talking about. Yes, I've never been here.

Kirti college and Ashok Vada Pav. Ashok Vada Pav is the best. Ashok Vada Pav has a tremendous fan following. They serve Chura Pav as well. Chura Pav is better than Vada Pav.

We'll go there when we're doing a Jagaat Bhari recommendation. Chura Pav. Now, we'll go and taste Mamaji's Frankie. Let's go. - Mamaji. So, this is Mamaji. - Yes. This shop is so small that I never spotted it.

But, you never came here even though you were in Poddar college. I've never been here. I've never even noticed this place. There are two good things about this place. I'll tell one while eating Frankie. The main thing is that Satkaar Xerox shop is next to it.

I genuinely feel that crypto is a stupid fad. If you open a Frankie stall and a Xerox shop outside a college, then you're settled for life! In college, we used to get scolded and we used go to Satkaar to print notes. Then, we used to eat Frankie here. That's our story. - Nice! So, let's try it. What's good here? I eat a simple Veg Frankie of 20 rupees here always.

Okay, okay. I'm trying Noodles Frankie which I never liked. There's a large audience that loves Noodles Frankie. We must cater to them. Okay.

Give me a Mayonnaise Frankie. Mayonnaise Frankie is such a cliche. One Mayonnaise, Noodle Frankie and? A simple Veg Frankie. Okay.

Yes. Thank You. I liked the prices of this shop. The most costly Frankie here is for a hundred rupees. One Hundred and ten rupees! This is for the college students who don't have much pocket money. That's why, I used to come here often.

These are considerate people. At our place, college students eat it too. Still, they sell it costly. We eat Tibbs Frankie of 110 rupees! That is the least costly Frankie there. A simple Frankie. There's a difference between our areas! Yes.

I used to think this as a kid. I've talked about it in my standup as well. I used to think that roti is made so that our hand won't get dirty eating food. That's why, i used it Dal Rice with Roti. So, these noodles with this roti~ I can eat it actually.

Eat it. Somebody like me invented it, I feel. Remember how it was at Balmohan School? It's like that. - Yes, it's the same here.

Nostalgia. I'll eat this on pure nostalgia. I've never tried this thing.

Not bad. - Let's see. It's super hot. The people who eat.. Oh! It's hot!

I can finish this Frankie easily. You're not supposed to finish it. - Give us some. Give us some to eat. Don't be greedy. Actually, not bad. There's no different taste of noodles to it.

Yes. People who eat it, they love it. You can eat it. You can eat anything.

The stuffing in it is of yellow mashed potato. Yes. That's why, I like it. We'll eat it even if they add this stuffing to a Masala Dosa. It tastes the same. - Yes. It is good! For a change, there's cabbage in it too.

Give it. I liked it. - Give it to me as well. I liked it because it isn't stuffed too much. It has less stuffing. It looks like a sloppy sleeve! We're done with eating all the Frankies we had planned. But, now I'm going to take you to eat a bonus Frankie.

Just like this~ Just like your cheap Veg Frankie, we'll try a Non-Veg cheap Frankie. Yes. Just like you said. When you're hungry and have limited money.

We used to eat Sherry's Frankie. We're going to eat here. Well, I know that you're a bit dicey about this place.

This shop is infamous in our friends circle. Oh. I can see why.

I've never been here. We can share one Frankie. We can share on Frankie. Come on!

I'll get a coupon. I'll just watch you eat it. We can skip this one. No, no, no. You've to eat this one! - Okay.

I'm going to make them eat it. Sherry's Frankie. They're selling Chicken and Paneer at the same price.

How'd you like the size of that Shawarma? They injected protein shake in those hens! Shawar-Bhai! Those hens are filled with Protein shake! You know, the best part about it? His shop doesn't even have a name. Yes! I was just going to say that. Why is there no name? - Nobody can sue them. Unboxing video. - I don't want it. You're going to have the first bite. It's packaged like a pack of Laddoos! Please, don't! No, no. I can't. - You'll have to.

Prachi, you have to eat it. Should I do the honours? The Roti is soaked in oil! It's cooked with pure Ghee! Ganpati Bappa! It's good yaar! You guys are overacting. It's worth it.

It is like this. You liked it? - Huh? Let's try it. There might be a bone in it. I think, it's a placebo effect because of how negatively we talked about it. Is it good? I ate the egg in it. I only ate the egg.

Actually, I ate egg too. He ate the main part. So? Two reasons. First.. extremely strong masala.

Chicken's taste is strong even though there's such a strong masala. Think how strong it'll taste when you eat just the chicken separately. It might not be chicken. You know, what the kids used to say? This was a joke from our college days. They used to say he adds pigeon's meat. This was a famous joke in our college.

The pigeon one, right? I don't see any pigeons here. There aren't any. All pigeons vanished. Cheers guys! So, after eating spicy Frankies it's time to drink this for sure. But, let's decide now~ Which one's best. What we came here for.

We aren't here to just eat. We have to give our reviews as well. Which one's the best Frankie? We roamed around Dadar, Matunga and Mahim. We tried various Frankies. I know, everyone must have a different opinion. That's why, I'm asking. Which is the world's best Frankie for you? Hands down the best one! Tibbs Frankie! Chicken Frankie from Tibbs.

It had fresh chicken, perfect masala and a juicy Frankie entirely! AHA! Perfect! Perfect. Which one did you like? - Me too. Tibbs Frankie. - Tibbs Frankie? Even though, I like Mamaji's I'll say the same. I want to say one thing. We tried their basic Chicken Frankie. But, Tawa Chicken is~ Which we didn't eat today.

So good! So good! Seriously. Which one's your favorite? Same. Tawa Chicken. But from where? From Tibbs. I thought, I'll get different answers.

I genuienly love Tibbs as well. It's the originak Frankie. They know how to make a Frankie. And, one more thing is that you remember that taste. We ate so many Frankies today but taste of that frankie is imprinted on our minds! World's Best, Country's Best and District's Best.

District's Best. Country's best comes first. We go chronologically, right? Noodles Frankie is country's best. Noodle Frankie. - Same. For her it's Noodle and basic Frankie for me. - Mamaji's Noodle Frankie. Basic Frankie for you.

Yours? Actually, I liked the Veg one a lot. I used to eat Mamaji's Noodles Frankie but now I prefer Veg one. Because, Veg is a lot. Mine is different for country's best.

Second level, yes. I'd like to rank Bombay Scottish on the second number. For me, it's the simple Frankie. Let's keep the nostalgia aside.

I think, simplicity is important for a street food. And, price wise too! - Price wise. Any food that has simplicity and less overload. Correct.

Street food is like a quick food to eat. The taste~ Why do we like Vada Pav? Cause the taste is simple and basic. - It's basic and good. That's why, I like it. In 20 rupees that is worth it. - Worth it. Amazing! - Obsolutely.

Country's best for you? - The same one. Veg Frankie. And District's best? Then, Bombay Scottish. Oh. Move N Pick's is District's best for me. They didn't have anything that'll blow our minds.

How? But, it was simple and good. The stuffing was good too. - Yes! Clean! You could feel that hygiene while eating it.

The roti was good too. It's a properly crafted Frankie. - Yes! Taluka's Best? What else did we eat? For us, it's Move N Pick. We gave the third rank to the other one. Move N Pick is my least favorite.

I used to love Move N Pick. Their~ They've changed the taste and quality wasn't great too. They've moved on! They moved on! There's a Frankie that got my attention. That was Noodles Frankie.

Yes. We judge people who eat Noodles Frankie. I used to judge people who eat Noodles Frankie. What are you eating? Either eat noodles or a Frankie! Yes.

But, he~ Showed you. - Changed me. It's possible. It was good. So, let us know if you liked this video. Let us know which Frankie you liked too.

If you have a favorite Frankie stall~ "You didn't try Frankie from our area! Try that first!" We'll try those too. Let us know. We love to eat everything! Let us know in the comments what you think about this video. And, what did you think about our co-hosts? Let us know about that. Keep on supporting us and~ We have our Merch as well. The link is in the description.

Buy those as well. Because, we get our salaries when you buy that merch! Right. And, the next food crawl depends on that too! And, the next food crawl~ Subscribe to Bha2Pa's YouTube channel! Follow us on instagram! And.. have fun. Go, have fun yaar! Don't think so much. Eat, drink, enjoy and repeat! Okay. Bye! We haven't paid.

We have to pay! - No, let it be!

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