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Best Coffees In Bandra | #kandepohe | #bha2pa

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Paula, me, and Anusha~ Oh, it's not Anusha. - She's not Anusha... - Who is it then? I think, I... The Pune girl. She's not a Punekar, she's from Solapur. She's fooling people, saying that she's a Punekar.

Kandepohe's made you an actress or what? Kandepohe FAME! Kandepohe fame... Bhagyashree Limaye is with us today. Because Anusha went to South Africa without us! So we decided to start bringing another face of BhaDiPa to food crawls. So she can just wander off whenever she wants.

And Bhagyashree and we share two loves. Coffee and Cats. - So, that's why... - Bandra Coffee Crawl!

We're gonna do a coffee crawl today. We're gonna show you some coffee places from Bandra that you might not have tried. Hardcore coffee brewing culture has started in Maharashtra, India, and especially in Mumbai.

They collect their own beans and they have their own small brands. Paula, which one were we talking about a while ago? Boutique coffee shop? I don't know. A coffee shop is a coffee shop, it's just not a chain... It's not a chain. So today we're trying three really interesting Bandra-based coffee chains.

So we're gonna try Subko coffee first. Then we're gonna do Javaphile. We haven't tried Javaphile before, but it's got a couple branches in Bandra now. And we'll also be going for KC Roaster. Which is another really famous brand from Bandra. So even I don't understand much of this. Even I haven't explored such coffee places.

Today I'm just gonna follow them and learn new fancy stuff. Okay, so there was no need to say this, 'New fancy stuff'! What does that mean? This is fancy to me. I mean, actually I didn't know any coffee after Nescafe. But, let's see and learn many types of~ And make sure to subscribe to Bha2Pa YouTube. Follow us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and like this video! And let us know, what coffee shop is famous where you're from.

If you want to drink coffee and keep it hot, we have our new merch. Maybe they'll put it here while editing. So there's new merch which is hot coffee mug, it's a sipper, not a mug. Make sure to buy it.

It's outstanding! Let's go! So the first place is Subko. According to me, for the Coffee culture to start in Bandra, one of the important names is Subko. One of my favourite coffees. In fact, Bhagyashree drank her first fancy coffee at our house.

And we made her an addict. The first coffee we made you drink was from Subko. I mean, the beans were from Subko.

Since they opened up right before COVID. Is this your second time? And this is my second time. - Yeah. - Yeah.

We've been ordering from them for now like three years. Obviously, I'll definitely start with a black coffee. I think that defines how a coffee should be~ All three of us are black coffee drinkers. But we know that our audience doesn't only drink black coffee. Every shop we go to, we're gonna have black coffee, one milk coffee and one special coffee. Their special coffee.

The real coffee, not the one we lovingly call coffee at home. It's basically milk and we just call it coffee with kindness. The real one. Which has a smell... you can smell it from miles away. That one.

- It's written here in text. - Go for it. What's written on it? [In unison] Subko! What is the full form of Subko? I make such jokes only when I'm with Somesh. It's because they give coffee to everyone. ( 'Sub ko' means to everyone in Hindi )

I won't do it today. You must understand how blurry my life is nowadays. I find this black coffee very strong. It's a little acidic but very nutty and...

It's dark. - Dark roast? - Dark roast. This is a medium-dark roast I think. Of course, they have great coffee and great pastries. We're not going to review the pastries. Because pastries aren't today's topic. It's coffee.

But these are the best pastries in Bandra. They're all made in-house and they're very unique. They have some special ones which we'll see soon. So I think because I don't like to end on milk, we should now have the milk coffee. Okay, it has BhaDiPa's sign.

Come here, see this. Almost. It's the middle finger. The sign says, BhaDiPa's holding the bean. I expected a thicker version of it. It's very watery.

Yes, but again, the thing we call coffee at home with kindness. This isn't it. This is a real one. I feel like it's a refresh drink, you know? It's my kind of~ - Yeah? - Yeah. So I was expecting more strong coffee in this. I thought that there was less quantity of coffee. Oh... I think that's the main disclaimer for the video.

If you're questioning, why don't you milk coffees? First of all, you shouldn't drink coffee with milk. Who told us to add milk to coffee in the first place? Who told us to add it to tea? We add it because we can't digest it. Or maybe because we don't like the taste. So in fact... Yes, I will say that on camera. And they've suggested a Coffee Tonic which has a bit unique name.

They're calling it Arnold Palm~ Palmer. Arnold? Order it here. Arnold... Like the Arnold on VishayKhol? Foreigners react. [#Multiverse of madness] Arnold... - The same, right? - Yes, same one.

So Arnold Palmer is actually a cocktail. But they're calling it And it's coffee, espresso, on top of Tonic water. And it's very refreshing. Obviously, looks very pretty. - Can I go for this? - Go for it. - Should I mix it? - Yes.

Wow... Nice... Now it makes sense. I mean, how exactly... Your favourite? You could also have this as a cocktail.

Just throw some Gin in there. You'll need to order another one for you. No one's getting their hands on this one.

This is Amazing! So, they've written this in Devanagari so people could understand. It says, Cro-So-Na. - Pronounce is like that. - Croissaint. We call it crow-saint and stuff, it's not that. It's Cro-So-na. - Croissant. - Croissant. Everyone is just~ Have you had Coffee Tonic before? [Nods in No] No...

First time. My Granny would give me black coffee with squeezed lemon whenever I would get diarrhoea in childhood. But do you know... This is true. ... Coffee is actually a stimulant. I don't know why. We drink it for the skin. Stomach good = Skin good.

Yeah, so coffee is drunk to have a clean stomach. Maybe they take it after constipation. Yes. Now it's been years since she passed.

I don't remember how and when... I think this is hands down my favourite coffee from Subko. Make sure to drink Arnold's coffee here. Arnold himself used to come here for this. Arr-nold. We rate it as the Best in the World, District, and Chowk. That's the best in the world.

- Best in the world. - Yeah, that's the Best in the World. This one's the Best in the District. This is not the best in the district. This may be the best in the Maharashtra or the country. Just try ordering beans from Subko... I mean, any type of coffee you like. Very amazing.

- And yes... - For me, it's Best in the Chowk. But it's worth if you come to this Chowk. Because this Chowk itself is the best. This Chowk is the Best in the World.

And Ambiance... Ambiance is like... Arghhh!!! For a visit, if you're anything like me... come here to eat or drink for sure! This is an experience. Firstly, you'll like these alleys. Ask anyone for Ranwar Village and come to this Subko.

So, now we're at Carter Road. For Punekar's reference, Carter Road is the Fergusson College Road here. Young college kids come here to chill and eat Shawrma.

Many kids come here so a coffee house named Javaphile opened a centre here as well. Their main centre is elsewhere... at Pali Naka. And it's outstanding. So what do you think? Have you been to Cater Road? Nope, never. Why didn't you come even after staying here for so many years? Where do you stay? In Mumbai, right? But you were saying like when we said Javaphile, you had something else in your mind.

What were you thinking? Yeah, in the morning she asked me if I had coffee from Javaphile? Only one thing came to mind, that's Javachip. I mean, you get that Javachip coffee in Starbucks. So I thought she was asking about that and I was like, 'Yeah, I had...'

And I didn't know it was~ Two Javas have opened it up together. (In Marathi, Jav means Co-Sister in Law.) Javaphile means someone who loves Coffee. Oh, are you sure? Yes. - Where did you read it? - There. Let's go have coffee. Let's go! Say Hi to everyone.

They're not letting us Shoot. But they're doing one interesting thing, measuring everything. They have an electric scale. They pour everything after measuring it in ml. Like the quantities of milk, cold water, etc. It's very interesting.

Unfortunately, they aren't letting us shoot. But if you come to Javaphile, you get to see it with your own eyes. From this, you might comprehend how blurry my life currently is... My future has been like my sight recently. I can see everything blurry in front.

Paula, only you can show me light. I can see it. We've got ourselves Javachip Iced Coffee. Just because Bhagyashree thought we were gonna get a Javachip from Starbucks.

So this is a Mocha. So, coffee - chocolate. It's a dark chocolate that's like, their specialty. Sarang, what are you holding? Origami Japanese Coffee.

Basically a pour-over. So you pour the water over the coffee into the filter. Should we sit here? What should we start with? Well, Bhagyashree's got the cold brew. It's brewed overnight in the fridge, so it's gonna be less bitter. Stale coffee? It's cold. It's black. [Ignoring his comment] You know, it really tasted stale to me.

- Stale~ You tried it? - Yes. Why? I took a sip a while ago, because, we were walking from that far-away point... This is irresistible. I'm~ I'm so sorry. It's okay. Tell us how it is then.

I don't think that we should make food vlogs with her. - She broke the first rule of food crawls. - Come on! We talked everything about how they do it in Vancouver...

And we're supposed to do that too, right? I mean... Sure. Okay. [Guilty verdict] Okay. [#Don't Be Like Guilty Bhagyashree] So that coffee tasted stale to you. Now what?

It really tastes stale to me! So how's it? Because I like cold brews anyway, it's a decent cold brew. Personally, from Blue Tokai, which is famous now, the only coffee I like, is their cold brew. This is interesting too. I think you need an acquired taste for this. It's like when you drink Black Coffee for the first time.

- I love this. - Which one is it? What is that? This one's hot. The one you brought. This is the pour-over. The Japanese Origami Pour-Over. Oh, I loved it. Black Coffee without sugar. - It's not mindblowing. - This is nice.

Paula, come under our umbrella. Make sure you watch VishayKhol's new series, 'Under my Umbrella' if you haven't already. You have it? Okay. It's okay for you, right? It's a bit dark. Let it be.

My whole life is dark now... You know, the Javaphile beans are very fruity. It's very drinkable. If you're in Black coffee but you're scared of it being bitter, then this is a nice one.

Hmm. Actually, I'm not liking the coffee beans in this. But the way this is made is the way I love my coffee made. The one that is brewed slowly. Anything that is made slowly is definitely great. So that way, they poured hot water over it 4 times. So if you're looking for a coffee tip at home. If you're gonna make coffee at home,

If you're making it with boiling water, let that water boil and then let it sit for 2 minutes. So it's not, 'hot-hot' hot. Cause if you pour the boiling water on the coffee beans, you might burn them.

And that's what's gonna give you a bitter taste. Because the coffee beans are already roasted. If you pour boiling water on it, they get roasted more. That gives the bitter taste.

This is the Javachip. Javachip. This is something that I'm not excited about.

Iced Mocha. Make sure you try this if you get the chance. ( Moka - Chance ) [Humour doesn't have a standard, it has laughter.] - I love this. - It's good?

Yeah. Wow! It has a buttery taste to it. I never thought that Sarang would say that he loves a milky cold coffee. It has buttery taste to it. She won't like it. Cool...

We should do something about your palette. It's going unidirectional. Your tongue should be twisted like this. - But I'm starting, right? - It's very creamy. When I drank black coffee for the first time, I had felt the same. But, I should start trying. Should go out sometimes.

Instead of coffee at home, we should go out and learn some new things. Should change the friends. Should make such friends who know this stuff. We go out because of them. - Who are your friends? Tell me. - These two. - And you're suggesting replacing us? - No, no, no.

- I've caught them. These are the new ones. - Oh, new ones. Okay. Let's get over with the rating before the rain starts. Japanese Origami Coffee... Japanese Origami Coffee is the best in the world for me.

Best in the world, right. And this... But is this really the best in the world or among these ones. Among these. But you liked coffee from there, right? You liked everything at Subko? Best, best! - We're gonna marry you off to Subko. - Subko was the best.

Okay, done. I didn't like the beans in this. The actual coffee powder in it. But the way it's made, it's amazing. Come to see the process, to try this coffee. It's amazing.

Javaphile? Javaphil? Java? Java? Yeah, after that? Javachip Iced Mocha. [Java Marathi pun inserted] - Best in the district? - In the chowk? No, in the district. Because this... the cold brew for me is the best in the Chowk.

For me, their cold brew is good. The hot coffee is good except for the beans. And Javaphile, yeah, the best in the Chowk. For you? I think Java Mocha is the best out of the three. The Cold Brew and the Japanese Origami, I think they're the best in the district.

But I think other people would really like it, probably. If you like Indian Coffee like Nescafe or coffee from Durga, then you might like this coffee. - Try it. - Yes. Let's go, on to KC? On to KC! [Pun with the KC and Kaisi] So we're at KCRoasters Aahat. (In Marathi)

Aahe. Okay. Aahe. - Yes, Aahe. - Aahot. Aahot.

Aahe. Aahe! ♫ Aaho... Aahe... ♫ Maximum times, the coffee we order at home is from KCRoasters.

KCRoasters and Baba Budangiri, these two beans, we keep on mixing. But I had never been to the actual roasting location of KCRoasters. They're roasting the coffee here like we saw a while ago. They've made espresso shots. I think we've not had espresso shots anywhere. We see Italian people take shots from small cups... those are espresso shots. We should take one espresso shot for sure! Americano.

Americano and~ What are your top recommendations? And one Vietnamese. Three. Come here. I'll show you something. This is the most amazing product for people who want to make coffee. This actually can be put on the stove at home.

And add water inside, then add coffee on the filter which is inside of this. Then when it boils, it rises up and fills the top. It's one of the best way to start coffee drinking. And if you prefer an easy life, then this is the pour-over. You keep this on your cup. And then...

We watched it in the previous shop. They were pouring it over for the Origami coffee. The we add filters in there and pour hot water over it. If you want to shop for coffee related products, then KCRoasters is a great place. So the thing we were saying before... It's condensed milk and Coffee right? Cold Brew? Nice.

One great thing about coming here is, you can see your beans. You can smell them and see how they look. For example, this pour-over coffee is made from these beans.

Their name is Santhagiri. And they're brought from Chikkamagaluru. Where is Chikkamagaluru? I don't know.

- Karnataka! - Karnataka? Okay. I'm super excited about this one. Basically KC Roasters are the guys who started fancy Indian coffee.

It's basically like a local coffee roastery in Mumbai. As far as I know, they were the first ones. Just a warning. Don't go for espresso shots until you become a hardcore coffee drinker. Italian people drink this after meals, like it's the Saunf or something like that. It's to end your palette. Life ends here. It's so bitter that you can't taste anything after this.

But I'm starting with this because I think if you're entering coffee culture, then espresso shots are must. So I'm gonna have a sip and Pass it on again so I can tell you more about it. I've liked it so so much. The only ting is, it's not for everyone! I'm warning you again. It's very bitter! Imagine, it's the extract of coffee.

You should try it at least once in life. It's very yummy. Very strong. Yeah.

As it's supposed to be as an espresso. And nutty~ But, it's~ It's very chocolaty. You know it has that chocolaty nutty feeling. So now, as an almost palette cleanser, I'm gonna go for Vietnamese. Because, this is the balancing act to the stale coffee we had a while ago. This is very fresh and refreshing! So we've made it with the regular milk and the condensed milk.

- So there's a~ - Yeah, there's a mix. Yeah, regular milk. And we have our cold brew in it so you get a lot of taste of coffee. You can't taste that condensed... Yes! I was thinking the same. Usually in the Vietnamese coffees you taste lots of milk and less coffee. This one is balanced. Like it has a lot of coffee taste as well.

It's very nice! Now I'm gonna try... ...pour-over! Hands down the best! The best pour-over we've had today. It's very smooth. Honestly it's a little more ecstatic than I normally prefer. You think so? Not in a bad way. But I just generally prefer more like a dark roast kind of... Okay.

It's very nice and smooth though. Now, when it comes to rating, best in the world? I like this more, I think. Yeah, I like this beans more... ... but I love this pour-over, like... This is the first time we had dispute in this vlog. There's no unison in the decision. Beans-wise, I like this the most.

- Santhagiri, right? - Mmhm. And I like this just below that. I tasted~ like~ It has like a tanginess to it. That I'm not liking much. As much as I'm liking this one, the nuttiness. - I think it's opposite for me. - Opposite? Yeah.

I feel like this one's nutty and this one's tangy. I'll have to drink everything multiple times to rate it correctly. This is the first time it's happened to me, I liked everything that we tastes here. Like it wasn't like this in the previous cafes.

I think this one... For the people who want to start drinking black coffee, they should start with this one. [Both in kind of a unison?] Great starter pack. It's not too dark, not too bitter. And those who wanna start cold brew, start with Vietnamese.

It's developed for out palette, we drink milky coffees. So it's a great choice. So make sure you try it.

Let us know which coffee you liked after you try these. And plus, if you're drinking some other coffee which we don't know, then tell us through comments. From all the 9 coffees that we had, which is the best in the world? I think, for me, I can name the place, which is best in the world for coffees, which is, KCRoasters. I really like all the three coffees that I tasted.

As we said, - Vibes-wise. Vibes-wise, Subko was the best. Amazing. Like, I've seen such a cafe before. Very beautiful place! KCRoasters should build a cafe soon.

Yeah! We want to come and hangout. They've an coming up in Jio mall. So yeah, you can visit there. And the third one is Javaphile For me, Coffe-wise, this is the best in the world. Because, this is my taste. Them, I'm talking coffee-wise. Not the place.

After this, if I liked any coffee, then it's the Tonic one from subko. And the third one is this espresso shot. So two coffees from here and one from there. You know, out of all three, I think KC is my favourite. Like, KC out of three is my favourite. Then it's Subko because I love the vibes and their baked goods are really nice.

And then Javaphile is... Coffee~ On Coffee rating, it's low. Yeah, I don't like their beans. But I think it's a cute place and they have good sour dough. All three are worth checking our.

Tell us your feedback about this coffee episode. Tell us if you want us to go to a different city and drink coffee, chai, or alchohol... And we'll go and make those episodes. Subscribe to Bha2Pa if you haven't already. Those who don't subscribe to Bha2Pa, will have a bitter tasting coffee. Okay! [Bye-bye greetings inserted]

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