Beirut Streets Restaurant: Lebanon Has Landed in Dubai. Delicious Nostalgic Food. Unique Sandwiches

Beirut Streets Restaurant: Lebanon Has Landed in Dubai. Delicious Nostalgic Food. Unique Sandwiches

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Good morning, good morning, good morning, a new place opened, it's very nice, it's called Beirut Streets. I saw a picture of it on Instagram, it's like you're in Beirut streets, you walk in Beirut, Beirut brought you here, where? In a very big mall, most of it are restaurants, flat, green, the face of one of the Emirates, it's called B1, why did you stop at 4.30 on a Saturday? I didn't ask you to come with me. You're the only one that I go to eat. No, we're one team. Beirut Streets, let's go, let's go. They have, I'll get you some olives. Let's go, let's go.

Beirut Streets Beirut Streets I missed the olives they have here, I missed the streets of Beirut, but not only that. Please, if you live here, you didn't miss the streets, and let's go down. All these details bring me to Dubai, so you don't feel like you're far from your country. I miss them a lot. I love it, really. I miss them, I'll go back to Lebanon later. The first thing I want to do is to start from the parking, play in Dejoncteur, and then go home. I feel good. It's been a while. It's called Beirut Streets. It starts from the ice cream,

the food, the nice vibes. We'll start in the kitchen. Chef, we met for the last time in 7 years. 7 years. That's how long it's been. We met again. The first time I entered, I saw an open kitchen.

You can see everything that's happening here, and I saw something neat inside. God bless you. Tell me what you have. I've been in Dubai for about 9 years. Lebanese restaurants, and we also worked with ice cream, and some consultancies, and now, this is the concept. Tell me what people come and eat here. What's the food here?

You eat and remember immediately, from the first bite. Nakeesh, Hummus, Tabouli, Fattoush, Mtabbal, the hot Mezzat, Shawarma. All Lebanese food is close to the heart. Falafel, the most delicious Falafel. If you talk about food, it becomes Falafel.

He's enjoying his Falafel. Let's have breakfast. For me or for you? For you. It's very important, I want to tell you about something very important. They trusted me, welcomed me, and invited me to the kitchen. They've been open for only 4 days. In 4 days, the guys are still working, the music is still playing, the sheets are still being fixed, they still have the motor's lights, they're installing and connecting electricity, they invited me for the dish, they're going down to the roof.

The internet is working on its own now, but it's lagging. For 4 days, while we're in the kitchen, look how delicious it is. He's hungry, he's eating, he's thinking of making the Falafel, and I have it all together. It's called Beirut streets. Beirut streets, it didn't go or come.

Beautiful vibe. When we opened the door, it was like this. I missed Lebanon, but he takes you to Lebanon. Beirut streets. We use the Neapolitan way, but we use the Lebanese mix. Lebanese Manoucheh, only in the pizza way. How much time do you rest? 24 hours.

24 hours in the water, to rest. You rest for an hour outside, then rest for 24 hours in the fridge. They are beautiful. They are beautiful, they need a picture once, two, three, and four times.

The pizza is beautiful. I called it pizza because it is made in the pizza way. Very thick on the sides, like a pillow, and in the middle, thyme. How beautiful are the plates, Beirut streets. They didn't do anything as it was, they worked right, they made the plates right. They were late to open from year to year, but they worked right. The plates are very beautiful.

The presentation is very nice. One of the few Hummus plates that doesn't have this thyme in the middle, in the old mountain way. Its smell, where I am sitting now, is very nice.

Sorry, I am not full yet, I want to film more. This is the Hummus plate. This is the Labneh plate. These are the Kaaket. This is the Manoucheh.

Where do we start? We start with the Manoucheh. Before we start, let's start with the Manoucheh. Let me show you how thick the Manoucheh is. Let me show you how soft it is from the inside. Manoucheh. Wait, wait.

Oh my God. Pizza Manoucheh. Who likes thick Manoucheh, if you remembered me in Merchak, Batroun, it is the same. Okay. This is the Labneh plate.

It has olives and sun dried tomatoes. Oh my God. Its name is Beirut streets, but it took me to Batroun. Its name is Beirut streets, but we went to the village. Its name is Beirut streets, but the thyme is amazing. The village's breath, the village's vibes. Their Labneh is

sour, sweet, and delicious. Sour, with its olives, sun dried tomatoes, and the crunch of the walnuts. Amazing thyme. Arbo. Oh my God.

The thyme is clean. Lebanese thyme. Its color is correct. It is not open green. It is organic. Colonia. Parfum. Its smell is amazing.

We continue. We continue with this Kaake with sesame, thyme, and Labneh. Labneh, olives, and explosion. Wow.

Simple things. Nostalgic. They bring you back to Lebanon. They feel you in Lebanon. If you are Lebanese, here is your place. If you have a guest who is not Lebanese, you bring him here.

If you feel proud of your culture, and what do you think of the people hanging in the electrician, and Bouza Bashir, and graffiti on the walls, and the nice seating, and the nice pictures, this is the place. They have been open for 4 days. They deserve support.

It is time for the truth. Hummus. Hummus. Hummus with tahini. Hummus with soft bread.

Hummus. The taste of hummus, the taste of tahini, and the nice sourness. It is hard and creamy. Bravo.

Bravo guys. This is the first time I miss Lebanon and I get hungry. Let me get to know the place. Let me get to know the owners.

Let me get to know. I left the chef like this because he is stressed. Oh my God. I can't stop.

Alaa, what an amazing thing. Thank you so much. It is really amazing.

Beautifully done. Your childhood brought you here? I always had this vision from years ago. I thought I wanted to do something similar to Shawara. I had this long time ago. It came to the perfect time.

Where are you from? I live in Hamra. We spent all our lives between Hamra, Jemayze, and Nour Khayel. Between Shawara which is full of life, vibes, and youth.

So many interactions and engagement happening there. These beautiful details that we love and are proud of as Lebanese. I feel that I am connected to it a lot. I think all Lebanese are connected to it in a big way.

What I liked in this concept is to bring the real Beirut. I didn't want to go retro or remember the beautiful time. I wanted to bring elements from the Lebanese streets With all the as it is right now. We have this elements from the Lebanese streets 188 0:11:36,000 --> 0:11:31,940 as it is right now. organized chaos

in Lebanon. These are beautiful details that we see everyday in Shawara. As much as organized. Tell me what did you see in the place and how did you organize it? First of all, I wanted to make it like a street. I did it concretely.

The idea is that you are walking on the street. This is related to the name of the concept which is Beirut streets. In all Beirut streets, we sit on the sidewalk, we walk on the street, we eat on the street, we hang out on the street, we sit under the tree. Even under the tree, we have a wall, you can sit on it.

I wanted to tell you these details. I think this is the real vibe of the street. We even brought the street lamp. We hung up the signs. These signs win the award.

The sign with the electric disjonctor. Oh my God! This wins the award. Everyone who comes to us out of a sense of humor tells us that we have electricity in Lebanon. We are playing around. When we entered, the electricity was off. Now we searched the hotel.

There is no electricity. These shutters, we made them as an element of design. This is the architecture of the building. This is like a building. This is a shutter at the bottom of the building.

This is like a place that opens and closes. The graffiti and street art in Lebanon is the modern spirit of Beirut. Our youth in this new age have a lot of energy, creativity, ideas, and character. They express themselves in the streets. They tell stories. Probably political or non-political.

Community related. They like to express themselves. One of the things that we drew here is a character.

I got a graffiti artist. It's just a character. It has no meaning. It expresses itself. We built this inside our shop.

We wanted to have greenery in the shop. The olives, the mushrooms, the signs. They have something that moves.

What's the brand promise? The brand promise is that the food you eat in Beirut streets can't be from the theme. But what we've done is the following. We tried to master every single flavor.

We decided that Lebanese is a creative person. Why not get out of the authentic mold as it is. We add a bit of twist. The twist is from the soul of the cuisine. For example, you put Labneh on top of olives. All people eat it with olives.

I put Kaakeh for example. I think everyone would like eating Kaakeh with Labneh with olives. They collect them. I collected them and I presented it.

It's very simple. Today, we're going to make another average Manoucheh. Another average Hummus.

It's called Fusion. It's called traditional flavors. The traditional taste.

It's presented differently. It's simple. We made a small twist. Very simple. Very simple twist. From the soul of the cuisine.

Because our cuisine is amazing. It's so diversified. People love it. We wanted to say why can't it be street food. Crafted. We can't say where is crafted street food.

We're looking to be in this place. It can be crafted. Why not? Our parents and grandparents used to do it.

Everything can be presented to make the customer feel that there is a value. It expresses the character of the cuisine more. We played.

I don't want to say played. We tried to master every single recipe. It took us a lot of work, a lot of tasting. A lot of different chefs worked with us in order to attain that.

That's it. Street food crafted, presented, placed in plates, that look like streets. They look streety. In the end, we took care of an important point.

It's a good portion. I don't want people to come here and it's not a fine dining experience. Everything is generous.

It's a family destination. Yeah. It's a business meeting place. The guys are together. It's street food. Streets are for everyone.

I want to tell you 2 things. You can go to the street, you can go in the street, you can put your bag on your back, you can be a taxi driver who stops to eat. It's for everyone. It's made for you to be relaxed and happy.

Even the music. I did something with the music which is not in the background. I made the same music as Marankhael and Jemmaez. I worked with someone in Lebanon. He's that person who does the music.

I wanted you to be able to hear me. This brand is made for all Lebanese. Of course. It's made for anyone who visited Lebanon and stopped visiting. It's made for people who didn't visit Lebanon.

I want Beirut Street to be the brand ambassador. To tell people about Beirut. In a friendly and nice way. We want the culture.

Alright, our country is not stable. Things are a bit difficult. We still have the spirit which we want to bring to people.

I hope we can. The most important thing is passion. Yes. He's lighting up the conversation. He's happy with his place. Not because we opened a restaurant.

There's a story behind it. There's no success without a story. Wow, bravo.

Success all the way. In a very nice location. It's called the B1. It's facing more the Emirates. The mall is at the end of the road.

It's one of the options. There are tons of parking behind it. Back to the kitchen. Yes sir.

It opened my eyes in an amazing way. Your labnat, hummus, mankisha, and the old Beirut. Hello. Can you please leave without saying bye? On our way. And me. I started to miss you.

I started to miss you. I thought we were born. I started to eat without you. I started to fill my stomach without you.

I started to enjoy without you. I missed you. I won't let you leave without saying bye.

I smelled a chef story on Instagram. I told you that I will come and eat with the guys. I will give you the smell. Thank you. We also have not only breakfast, but also lunch, sandwiches, and a submarine.

Submarine. This is called the famous submarine. Escalope, lettuce, cabbage, mayonnaise, barbecue. I couldn't wait. I couldn't wait. I came straight from the kitchen to here.

I couldn't wait. A friend came to eat with me. What did I tell you? Should I tell you or should I eat? What did I tell you? Don't sit with this boy. Now look. Before and after. Before.

Anthony, from my hand to yours. The bread is soft. The breath in it came from the kitchen.

I couldn't wait. Cheers. It's cold. It's cold.

As if you are walking in front of the Ayyubi. Look at these. From the afternoon till 2 am. We ate it. The guys ate it. Look at the bread.

Look at the sesame. Look at the chicken. The sauce is at the bottom.

Oh my God. I can't stop. No. Are you feeling responsible? Oh my God. It's amazing.

My childhood. I put it in one sandwich. There is a lot of Lebanese food. There is a lot of food from everywhere.

They put all my childhood here. Look at this sandwich. They left at 1 am. We used to run between rows. My friends used to run from rows to eat the sandwich.

We have kids. Amazing. What is this? Amazing. I want to eat.

There are still things coming. Amazing. Amazing. Falafel. Let's see. A piece next to the other.

The question is how do I remove it. It's pierced in the middle to let the oil enter. It's done correctly. I can't make falafel. I'm sorry. Come on Rabih.

Look at the dough. The pizza is a mankoushe with tomatoes. This is a mankoushe with cheese.

Look at the Karawet. If I put tomatoes on it, what will happen? It will become a pizza. If I put cucumbers on it. Look at this.

Look at the softness of the dough. 24 hours. 24 hours. You can eat it in a second. The cheese is soft. It starts on the side.

Anthony. Look at me. It doesn't look like any other mankoushe. It starts on the side. Unbelievable.

Each mankoushe comes with cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives. It's generous. All the plates are decorated. All the plates have an edge. It's very important. I started from the side.

I don't know if I will burn my tongue. What a man. Pizza.

It doesn't fit. You can't smell it to taste it. This fits better. Let me show you from the inside. The Lebanese burger.

The Lebanese burger always has coleslaw, potatoes, it's big. Look how big the portions are. All of this doesn't fit. Nawal. Look. Look.

Cheers Anthony. Cheers. I'm lost.

I'm flying. It's making me feel like I was a kid with every bite. The burger of the Lebanese childhood. It's not Angus, Wagyu, Qabriyeh, and Tal'e Anazel. The childhood burger. There was a place

next to our house called Bedouz. This is it. After school.

Taste it Rabih. Taste it Rabih. The place is amazing. The place is really amazing.

The decor is nice. The decor is very nice. The vibes are very nice. The bread is good, the food is good. The hummus is good, the labneh is good, the fries are good, the burger of the childhood with coleslaw and coleslaw. The bread, the sandwiches, everything in between.

It's next to the mall of the Emirates. It's next to it, not inside it. Lastly, look at how the cheese is cut into small pieces. Look at the softness of the bread that is talking about itself.

The red pepper. Mmm. AUB. With premium, high-end, done right ingredients.

Come to him, encourage him. He raises the Lebanese flag very high. He shows the Lebanese food, the right Lebanese food. The neat and clean. The ambassador of Lebanese food is here. Come, support him, and eat at his place.

I'm impressed, he's not leaving, but the plane is a bit late. It's really moving. Take it with me, take it with me. We're eating in the car.

We ate a lot, we filmed a lot. Here you go. Cheers. See which spring is faster. Oh my God.

Rabea, you should go to the airport. Show me. This is after. Twins. 10 days.

10 days. I'm here, you're here.

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