BEIRUT, LEBANON - Lebanese Food-Economic Crisis-Weak Currency-High Inflation ~ Travel

BEIRUT, LEBANON - Lebanese Food-Economic Crisis-Weak Currency-High Inflation ~ Travel

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Let the beirut trip begin. let's see I landed in beirut now. There's only uber and taxi bolt here. I'm going to ride the motor bolt now. Normally I won't take a taxi. it gets more expensive.

Motor bolt is cheaper because, the minimum is 7-8 dollars or something. Uber gets $18-20 or something. now I'm settled in the hotel I arrived by motor from the airport I came by motor for 10 minutes motor bolt, I found from a bolt app. On the phone, the motor bolt only said 7-8 dollars, and he took 5 dollars from me. There is no exchange at the airport, only dollar chat. the name of the hotel is hamra urban gardens, this is hamra district at the foot of the center of beirut, close to all sides I came to the room.

the room here is for 6 people but there is no one. I am now. better I think. I will stay in Beirut for 2 night. 2 nights for a total of $65 There were cheaper hostels but it was further from the center. this place is better as the location. close to all sides, so I chose this place Good morning to everyone.

Today is my 2nd day. I went to outside. I exchanged now normally 1 dollar makes 15 thousand lebanese pounds here So I cashed out $100 for two days. It makes 7,800,000 lebanese pound for $100. So, I cashed it out now 7,800,000 lebanese pound of $100 we are going to visit Beirut right now. 3-4 years ago there was a port explosion and covid. There was an economic crisis here, the economic crisis is still going on right now.

The provisional government for 2 years is now in place. there is not even a president. there is only the interim president. the system is not yet installed. but these people are alive as normal. There is currently an economic crisis There was a protest for 1 month, they stoned the bank. There is currently an economic crisis 1-2 months ago, the people of Lebanon wanted to withdraw dollars. When the banks couldn't give it, everyone protested.

They stoned and broke the windows of all the bank shops. There was a lot of crisis now, but now there is no there are very frequent protests here anyway the port explosion and the covid time affected the Lebanese economy very heavily. the currency has lost 90% of its value 1 Dollar to 15 thousand lebanese lira there are 60% muslims and 30% Christians in Lebanon the weather is very nice today. it's mediterranean country. below of south cyprus, opposite and on the right side. so, weather is very hot now 18-19-20 degree at the moment so, weather is cool it has the highest inflation in the world currently in 3rd place from the last the latest is zimbabwe after venezuela after is lebanon it has an inflation rate of 125% I came to Beirut Souks but there's nobody here the shops are closed and empty only cafes and restaurants are open. there are very few shops

we came across to market it's just that it's active here shops and stores are normally closed I will eat Manakish. it's the traditional dishes of lebanon. like pizza, eating at breakfast and at snack. there's sesame seeds and olive oil in it. You see the stores here, right? it's empty. here was once the paris of the middle east there's a little bit of silence right now, so it's saturday morning Lebanese people mostly migrated to Brazil the population of the country is 6-7 million, the population of the capital is 2 million, but there is no one here I came to Martyrs Square now There is both a mosque and a church here. There is a church next to the mosque and there is an ancient historical place here.

I came to Square (Place I'Etoile) it's quiet right now it's Saturday It's empty everywhere. soldiers closed the entrances and exits there would be a protest, because there would be a protest they closed the entrances and exits There was a protest here. That's why they closed. it's quiet right now it's Saturday. pretty bad Only tourists can enter here. we came across pigeon rocks.

I rode a motorcycle for the first time yesterday. 2nd time today. it was pretty fun. There are Syrian and Palestinian refugees in this country. I came to Nicolas stairs. It says Nicolas Stairs I will eat the famous Lebanese food. Let's see.

I will show you the famous Lebanese dishes. Let's see. this is meat with hummus and it's the name of Tabbouleh with greens and tomatoes it's the name of Labneh with milk, yoghurt and olive oil. it's potatoes (spicy) (Batata Harra) and baked in the oven. Let's see the food is very good and delicious The price is $20. The bar street in beirut beirut nightlife is flowing but it's calm in winter. it's more active and better in the summer.

During the economic crisis, everyone is having fun and living like normal. There are even luxury cars here. Today is 3rd day and it's my last day. I will have a breakfast right now, I will eat one of Lebanon's most famous breakfasts. Let's try I came to one of Lebanon's most famous breakfasts. I will show now. this is the name of Shaksouka and there's egg, onion, pepper and tomatoes inside. this is the name of Falafel.

The price is $15 Lebanon is expensive country but i exchanged 100 dollars for 2 day, it's not finished yet. Lebanon is nice country but it's capitalist country. the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor government involved in corruption. It's overcrowded on sunday. Everyone is smoking hookah on the coast. There is no electricity or light on the roads, streets, squares in the country.

It works an average of 2 hours a day. It's strange situation. Some of the electricity works and some does not. These baklavas are same in Türkiye. We came to end of the Beirut tour. I traveled for 2 days.

If you exchange it for $100 for 2 days, it's enough. Spend spend spend and it doesn't end for 2 days with $100 It's not finished yet, it still stands now. So very little left. either eat lebanese food or spend it at their place. but i used taxi bolt. because it is cheaper and convenient. Do not use uber and regular taxis. because it's expensive.

Download the taxi bolt app. it's better. I tried lebanese food and took a taxi. everything is enough. 100 dollars is enough for 2 days.

2023-03-14 10:33

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