Beautiful Ride along Lake Poso | Motor Travel Indonesia [S2-E40]

Beautiful Ride along Lake Poso | Motor Travel Indonesia  [S2-E40]

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Look at this, you guys. > So pretty, it's ridiculous. So pretty yeah. > Yeah, it looks really pretty. There's a big church, the water is clear. > Poso lake. Poso lake is beautiful, it's amazing. > It's big. Good morning everybody and welcome back to the island of Sulawesi. And we are right now... In Batu Putih, in South East Sulawesi.

Yes.. And our today's plan is we wanna go closer to Lake Poso. But first, we are going to have some breakfast. Ooh, shoes off. What is it? > Nasi goreng (Fried Rice). Nasi goreng (fried rice) for breakfast.

We are leaving, everybody. > Stay safe on the road. Thank you. > Bye guys. Gotta drop the key really quick. > I did.

Ooh you did? > Yes, I did. Bye... > Thank you. Good morning everybody. We are in Feronikkel, specifically in Batu Putih in North Kolaka.

South East of Sulawesi. RIght now is 9.30 AM and it''s going to be a long day for us again. Because we are heading to Poso Lake. But, one of my ... uhm... what does it called. Spokes on my rear wheel broke. Because, we've been going through a lot of broken road So, I have to stop at a bike shop really quick to fix it.

Wow, what a beautiful bay there. And it's really really low tide. Amazing. And there is a village too, maybe that's the Bajou people, babe. It's looking like it's above the water, the village.

And again, no beaches yeah. A lot of mangrove forest here, but no beaches. Look at that.. Look at that babe. Wow... That's a lot of mangrove.

Look at this, you guys. > So pretty. It's ridiculous. > It's amazing. The water is so clear down there. Ah, amazing. And the mountains in the back ground. It's really really low tide. Oh my God.

I wonder which route we gonna take now. Are we gonna go through the mountains? Or are we gonna follow the coastal? I have no idea. I like this area more than most of the places we have gone through in Sulawesi. The nature is still beautiful here. But the one in front of us is scary, babe. What? > Look to the top.

No, yeah that one. > Oh wow. I think they burnt it, they are trying to open the land or something. > Yeah. Yeah, the weather is start building, you guys. Please not gonna be raining, because last night's rain was really crazy. I didn't hear anything. > Natalie just slept through it, she was dead.

You are in South Sulawesi, babe. I'm still in South East Sulawesi. I'm not going back to South East Sulawesi. Hello South Sulawesi. Thank you South East Sulawesi. It's been great.

I'm glad the end part of our journey is really beautiful. South East Sulawesi really gave us two different perceptions. Of the industrial and the nature of the South East Sulawesi. It's really pretty here. After BNI. This is BNI.

Ah, here. What's up you guys. So we found a bengkel (bike shop). To fix my spokes, and then when we got here. The blanksack friends, they found us. And, on one of their bike, they already a sticker going on. He is from Masamba. So, I think either Asep or Big Bro Nanda gave it to them. Yeah, the reason why we came here because one of the spokes broke. And we stopped in Malili to look for it, and they sent us here. Now we are changing it. And hopefully we could get this thing done before later tonight.

But, we have to stay over night here. Bro, what is the town's name? The town's name is Tomoni. Because if we keep on going north, we gonna go into a mountain and forest area. A lot of up and down, a bit of off road here and there. It might gonna be a risk for my rim. So, yeah. We gonna stay over night here and hangout with the Blanksack friends. You guys, we are now with Felix. He is a member of Blanksack Indonesia who's been stopping us everywhere in Sulawesi.

And then he's a part of the MeM-C community bikers in Indonesia. MeM-C Indonesia yeah, Felix. They are doing a mission in Indonesia, and they wanna get the MuRi Record. MuRi is kinda like a Guinness record for Indonesia. They are traveling all over Indonesia, started back in 2019. Unfortunately in 2020 Covid pandemic kicked in.

And then it's halted right now. They're carrying 5 missions. What are they, Felix? The missions. There are 5 missions. Which are 1. Exploring tourism areas. 2. Spreading awareness of safety riding. 3. Awareness of the risk of drugs.

4. Giving out Koran and cleaning the mosques. And the last one. 5. And peace for Indonesia. Harmony between provinces? > Harmony between religions or customs. Our tagline is Peaceful Indonesia.

Your missions are so cool. So, unlike us. Just traveling without carrying any mission. Because we didn't understand these things. Like they have a great mission. I will write down on the substitle later. The missions from MeM-C. It's amazing, they want to unite Indonesia. Because sometimes in some areas. If you're different in race or ethnicity or religions. They don't get a long sometimes unfortunately.

Even, right now is 2022. They wanna carry this, they wanna teach everybody. Hey, we are the same. We are still one Indonesia and we have to get a long with each other. Unity in Diversity. Hopefully. They will make it. They will go to 34 provinces all over Indonesia. 514 greater regions. And then, they will go back to North Sumatra to resume their travel. Good luck, you guys. We'll watch you on youtube.

Good morning everybody. So, we stayed over night here in Tomoni. And Ryan's bike is fixed. He has now black golden spokes. Yesterday, we drove this way here. Somewhere in this region. And today, we wanna go closer up to this part here. See you again. > Right on. Thank you very much, bro. Till we meet again, hopefully it will be in Bali.

Bye.. Felix, thank you so much bro. Okay you guys.. We are ready. Tomoni, thank you for a pleasant night. The unexpected pleasant night. Got my bike fixed, the weather is not looking promising but it is what it is.

We are heading to Danau Poso area or Poso Lake area. Today's trip will take about 4 and a half and 6 hours of travel. Depends on where we gonna end up at today. Wow huh, really really dense here. And the winding road is really fun to ride here. Only the road sometimes is breaking everywhere.

That's the gate going to Central Sulawesi. Welcome to Central Sulawesi, everybody. The gate is pretty beat up. And we gonna have some lunch over here in this warung (small restaurant). With beautiful view to Lake Poso. This is Lake Poso over there Okay Yessy. > Bye Yessy. Take care on the road. > Thank you, bye. That's Danau Poso (Poso Lake) Everyone.

Finally we had breakfast, at 1 PM. Weather is holding so far and... > And it's 1.15 PM, I don't know if we could make it to Bada on time. To put the tent up, so maybe we gonna camp by the lake. > Ya, we will see.

My god, I don't know how deep this would be. Deep? > No. It's raining there babe.

It's raining so hard on the left, babe. We better be quick, babe. What? > Drive faster. On the left is raining really really bad.

Is it deep here? > No no, none of them is deep. Look at that you guys, it's raining really heavy there. That's not smoke, that's rain. My God. You couldn't even see the back part of it. You couldn't see the mountain behind it.

Rain is coming. We are racing with the rain, now. So pretty, yeah. > Yeah. Looks really pretty. There's a big church, the water is clear.

Poso Lake. > Poso Lake is beautiful. Yeah, and it's big. A lot of nature still. > But we have to be fast. It's dark. Look at this, you guys. We just did some serious climbing. > And then we got this as a result.

It was a bit of off road back there, but now is tarmac again. But this is some serious beautiful thing here. That's a really cool road here. Basically we have been on this double track here. Maybe like a single lane for cars. For the past two hours, enjoying this beautiful nature, you guys. Man, it's unbelievable this area. Poso lake is not populated at all. Yeah, we thought it would be a lot of houses.

I thought it would be like Lake Toba. Lake Toba is really populated right next to the lake. But this one is really really really quiet. Only some villages left and right.

But most of it is just plantation. It's really fun to ride here. Surprisingly, we started to see a lot of Balinese houses here. Heah, again.

So people from Bali transmigrated here after the eruption of Mount Agung back in 1960s. Hello Balinese people, we are your friends. DK, license plat. DK, your homies are back. Woah, look at the temple babe. It's a beautiful Pura here. Yeah, there are beautiful Balinese houses here. Really pretty. Pura desa yoga murti. I feel like home again. Like back in Bali.

Yeah that's... Oh, Pura Ulun Danu. They even have a temple on the lake. This is legit Bali here. Oh here here here.

It's here? > Ya. Yeah, Bali Cottages. Ooh, that's the bathroom? Hello. Can we camp here, bro? Yes, you can camp. > How much is it for camping?

30000 per person. We have to use our tents for that much yeah? Yes, your own tent. > Where can we put our tent? Normally on the beach.

Do you want to check it out? Where to camp. Hello. Where are you guys from? > Bali. Beautiful place and the water is warm. I will take a swim right after. And, our tonight's place is... Here...

And then, I'm going to show you on the map where we drove through today. So, yesterday we followed the coastal all the way up. And somewhere over here in Tomoni, we stayed over night. And then, today. We took this beautiful road, a bit off road. And, we are now somewhere in this region here. In Bali Cottages. That's our checkered flag. Yeah, was a beautiful ride today. Actually we wanted to go a bit further.

But we checked out this place here. We loved it, so we just put our tent here. And, the only problem we have. We saw that Ryan's wheel is not well made. Like, I don't know if you can see it. But in here is less distance than in here.

So, it's not straight in the midde. So we have to look for a bike shop to fix that. But that's gonna be our tomorrow's plan And, yeah. I will take a swim now. Enjoy this beautiful place. And I hope you guys like our video. If you did, then give us a THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE down below. And then, see you in the next video.

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