Beautiful Canyon on the way to Tana Toraja | CELEBES | Motor Touring SULAWESI [S2-E31]

Beautiful Canyon on the way to Tana Toraja | CELEBES | Motor Touring SULAWESI  [S2-E31]

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Really slippery, Bro. We are slipping around. Is it all mud all the way up? Good morning everybody, good morning all motorcycle riders. To everybody we met last night. It was such a great event. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much you guys for everything. For inviting us to the event. Such a great experience for us. Our experience riding with a big group, it will be unforgettable. That was so cool. And wherer are we right now? > We are in Sudu, in Enrekang regency. We are going to say bye to the bikers we met last night, we hung out with.

And we gonna go offroading with, you see that? He´s really really ready. > Risno. This place, check it out. It´s Wisma Diamond in Sudu. If you guys passed through Enrekang, which is a touring route. If you wanna enter Toraja from Makassar or from Bira.

Make sure you guys stop here, enjoy Sudu. It´s a beautiful regency with beautiful mountains around it. Lets go! We are going to take the adventure route there towards Toraja. We´re lucky enough, we have Ris to show us around. Look at this, right away. My God, my God, my God. It´s really beautiful. And in front of us, that´s Ris. Ris is showing us the route. He´s a local rider here.

Otherwise we wouldn´t have known where to go. Because it´s kinda like not on the map. Enjoy the ride and the nature. > Yeah, following Ris. The road is getting beat up.

Amazing yeah. Look at this plantation area. So beautiful, huh? > So pretty. Amazing. So pretty. These people are so lucky. A lot of traditional houses. Hopefully the weather will hold, huh. > Yeah that´s why I´m kinda worried about it.

Enjoy the ride. > Enjoy the ride, OnTheRoadAgain. I´m running out of voice because we were out late the past few nights. Two nights. > Three nights.

Yeah, a bit tired. But the scenery is kinda like helping. It´s really amazing. > It´s really green. And the view, just like in front of us. Oh my God. Watch out. Ah! This is the gravel road. Oh not, not yet.

Oh yeah, it is. A lot of flowers here. Jesus Christ. > Watch out the road.

Oh my God. Woah, that´s so beautiful here. But I can not look down. I got dizzy.

They are really high. Careful a turn. Ya, don´t fall here. Crazy. > What a beautiful view. Wow.. My God. Look at that. Really steep road, huh.

Oh wow, we saw this route from top of the road. Like on the street. And then I told Nati, would be nice if we could go there, Babe. And then, guess where we are... In the middle of it. Look at this corn plantation. They have everything. Like you could see, this is corn right here.

And the in the front there, tomatoes on my left. > Tomatoes... And then there´s cabbage plantation there. This is something that I don´t know. Yeah, there´s a lot I don´t know. > So cool. Right, right. Many plantations here. So pretty. > Before we saw scallions and shallots.

Here. > Ya, this is shallots here and scallions. So, FYI. This region, Enrekang. They´re supplying shallots and scallions to the eastern part of Indonesia. And look at the right side. Oh Lord. My God. > I don´t know where to look. Left side or the right side, everything is so cool. I think that´s the love hill. Because I´m in love with that hill. I´m in love with the shape of you.

Push and pull like a magnet do. Low gear. Wow... You guys... Oh my God. Lean back. Lean back low gear.

Muddy. Careful huh, baby. I´m not sure, Ryan. I´m not sure. So slippery. Go to the right side, can you? > No, I can not go up. Okay, hold on.

Be careful, huh. > Yeah, I know. Careful huh. It´s really slippery for us. > I know. Yeah, just with our stuffs.

Really slippery. Really slippery, Babe. Careful. I think there will be tarmac up there. Going up there.

Really slipper, bro. We were slipping before. So? Is it mud all the way up? > Yes. We gonna go down hill once we hit the top. Just like this? Slippery for us, we are heavy. > Yeah, just like this. We should just turn back. Is there any other way? > Everything is like this.

All the same? > Yea. I need to change to muddy tires to go through here. It´s worse up there. > It´s worse there?

Boy, that´s terrible. > It´s worse when we´re closer to the destination. Yeah, when I saw your tires I knew it would get bad. Your bike is off? Why? > My clutch... Go go go go, be careful. My clutch. Slowly yeah. You okay? > Yes, I´m okay.

Are you down there? > Almost. Good? > Ya. Yes, I´m glad we turn around. It´s okay.

We´re just using the wrong tire. It´s not mud tires. > Ah, and he has mud tires? That´s my tires when I go offroading in Bali. The one that I used at the beginning to go to Sabang.

There we are. It started to rain and Ryan´s clutch plate broke. Or what does it call? Came off? So he´s fixing it now. This thing here. This here. And Ris is so nice, he even brought water and yeah... Was a cool ride so far. We are going back after we fix this bike. And hopefully the weather will get better too. But actually I´m glad we didn´t go through the mud because the rain, it would be crazy.

Soon on the road again. And.... Thank you so much, Ris. > You´re welcome. Oh wow. We supposed to go there, but my bike had a problem. Good thing I could figure it out. But, Ris helped me getting clutch cable. And fixed it on the spot now we are heading back to the city try to make it better on everything. Another group of bikers. Sunmori. Sunday morning ride. That´s a term that bikers in Indonesia are using. Because, to get away from your routine. 9 to 5 job.

They travel on the weekend with a big group. Riding with their club, somewhere you know. Just to refresh. That´s a term that I learnt. Sunmori. On every sunday I´m always looking forward to meet the bikers on the road. And everytime I see that. Look look, babe. Sunmori people. It´s so cool. And then, yesterday was the first time for us to ride with a big group.

With Wajo Max Owners. Tana Toraja.... I wanna take a picture. Tana Toraja, we made it. > We are in Tana Toraja... Where are we? > In Tana Toraja... Okay, we made it to Makale.

But we are still 24 minutes to the homestay where we gonna stay. Beautiful city. > It´s pretty big. I´m curious what statue is this. I don´t know about the safety though, because this police truck is looking big. And then, in the far there, I don´t know if you guys could see it. I don´t think you could see it. That´s the biggest statue of Jesus Christ. > Statue of Jesus.

For sure we gonna go check it out. But lets go to our homestay, we are really exhausted. Welcome to Toraja everybody. We found a place to stay for tonight. And this is gonna be our house where we can sleep tonight. Amazing.

Look at that. These houses, they use them to keep the rice dried. So they store the rice in there. And then, this whole place here is already in the family for 6 generations. Our stuffs is already here, we already got coffee and tea and then look at that. This is all hand craft. This is our place tonight. The bathroom is over there.

Welcome to Nuansa homestay. Was another beautiful day. Yeah, was a beautiful road we took with Ris. Unfortunately we had to go back because it was just too muddy. There´s to go trough this area. But Ris, thank you so much for taking your time to show us around. And helping us to fix Ryan´s bike. Really really nice. I hope we will see you again here in Toraja. And yeah, we are looking forward to explore Toraja because it´s a special place where they still practise special ceremonies And I owe you the map. So from Enrekang, we took somewhere here like a mountain road. A beautiful mountain road. But then we had to turn back because it was just too muddy. So we turned back and then we followed the main road up to Makale and closer to Rantepao to here to Nuansa Homestay.

That´s our checkered flag. I really hope you like our today´s video. If you did, then give us a BIG LIKE and SUBSCRIBE down below. And then, see you in the next video.

2022-11-16 01:39

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