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- Hi guys. Andrew here from Accelerate, and today I'm super pumped to show you this 70th anniversary 79 series that we've just completed this full build for Scotty. He has flown over from Perth to pick it up today, and it's gonna be awesome showing him what we've done.

So let's go get Scott and show him through this build. (upbeat music) How you doing Scott? - Hey Andrew how are you? - Oh, it's good to see you. So Scott, we've known each other for a long time. We did his caravan a couple of years ago. Have not seen him since. Emails backwards and forwards, but yeah.

So what have you been doing, Scott? - Well, been sort of setting up our online camping store, Beach to Bush, Australia. So our plan now is to, once this is, now that you guys have finish this build, is to travel around Australia as a family, promote ourselves as an online store. - Yep. - But also get out there and actually travel around and enjoy Australia.

- Yeah. Sensational. - Yeah and sort of do it for at least 12 months and just have some fun. - Super Jealous. Super jealous.

That'll be me one day. We'll get there. Yeah. So why 79 series? - I don't know. I love building four wheel drives, and my old Hulix that I built it was 10 inch lift, 35 inch tyres, pretty big.

So I like the chunkiness of the 79. - Yeah - It looks like a four wheel drive. - Oh yeah. - Yes, you do lose a bit of comfort in the 79, but we've also done a bit of mods to that as you know. So we've done a few more mods to coincide that.

But yeah, I just love the look at the 79's. - I think you'll see we've definitely done some things to make it more comfortable. Continuing the shameless plug on the store, which I really want to do. What made you choose the products that we are gonna go through and show everybody? What was your main factor? - With this build I wanted to try and stay all Australian made or Australian companies.

So I think we've done, I'm pretty sure we've done our best to do that. So, you know, with the JMACX, the REDARC system, all the other products that went into it, ARB. - Yeah - So yeah, so there's, we tried to stay as much as possible with the Australian companies and Australian products.

I think we've done it. I've gotta go through. - Yeah, it's a tough one - Through it. But I think we've achieved it. - Yeah, I think pretty much the same.

Yeah, we pretty much bought, you never, quite know where everything comes from, but I think it's as good as we can get. - Yeah. - So yeah, we need to hang a little triangle on this. (Scott laughs) All right, well enough about us and our shameless plugs for me and Scott. Let's talk about the car. So we'll start at the front and we'll go our way around.

It's kind of the best way to go. ARB bar, why'd you choose a bar? - ARB, there's heaps of other bars out, coming out now, but again, I wanted to stay with ARB. They're well, their products are pretty, you know tried and tested. - Yep. - Throughout Australia.

So I went that way. I love the big tube, thick tubes. I just love the look of the ARB bull bars on the 79's. - Yep. Cool, we'll get a winch in there eventually. - Yep. Yep. - It's actually- - I had to wait for that.

It's actually pretty wide for the winch. And then we've got on the GME, so this has got the XRS connect. - So we've been running, we've been running the GME in our in our four wheel drives for quite a few years now. I can't fault them. Yeah. So again, GME.

- Yep, certainly. And probably, I don't know if you can see it in this shot, safari snorkel. I guess that's again.

- Yeah, again, that's a high flow snorkel. So eventually when we do some engine tunes to it it's all gonna compliment that. And so as soon as, if we can get more air into the engine we can start playing around with the tune. - Yep. Certainly.

And base rack again ARB. - Base rack, I just like the look of the streamline. - Yep. - And the new fastenings up there to fasten stuff to. I think that's pretty good.

- I think the low noise is what I'm hearing a lot as well. - All right. - And Ryan and I used to have the front runner, and it was a bit whistley and I hear they're pretty good.

- Good choice. - I'll let you know. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. She, I think 29 kilometres on the clock so it's hardly been, it's been trucked everywhere, this thing. So yeah, it's as good as new.

All right. I guess, well let's head on down the side. So now we're down the side of this beautiful car. Let's start with the mirrors. Next Gen ClearViews? - Yep. Got the ClearViews on my other build as well. The old ranger that we got. Just love 'em.

I reckon they're just perfect for the job work. Towing a 18 foot caravan around. So yeah, I just had to go the ClearViews again.

- Cool, cool. And canopy. Let's talk canopy. - Okay - StarCraft.

- StarCraft. I like the look the lines. They all sort of blend in with the 79. They're Australian made obviously.

They were really good to deal with, and I just again love the looks. It's all about looks - It's all about the look with it, cool. All right, well I guess let's see what's inside. Obviously it's nothing simple knowing us. All right, so here we are inside the canopy. Scott sort of said I want plenty of power, and I know that 'cause we did his caravan, 400 amps lithium in caravan.

So we've done 200 amps of Invicta lithium in here, and then basically a full REDARC system to, to back it up. We've gone with a full REDARC TVMS with the red vision screen. There's actually a second screen in the front so don't run away on this video 'cause there's a lot of cool stuff going on inside the inside the cab.

And so you really wanna wait for that, anyway back to this system. So it's gotta manager 30, it's got a full TVMS system, it's got a 1250 D BCDC charger. So what we've done that for you Scott, is if you ever need to recover your battery quickly, you can actually switch on that 1250, and that'll give you another 50 amps of charge. - Oh wow. - So yeah, this single crank, so normally a manager 30 you'll only get 30 amps of charge. And then we've given you this extra one to give you a full, a total of 80 amps of charge while you're driving.

JMACX actually fitted a upgraded 220 amp bolt NATO when they did your core conversion. We'll show you that. So the alternator is ready to go to handle it so- - That's plenty enough power to run the fridge and the freezer on the other side. - Plenty of power to run the fridge, freezer, and the other thing you can do with this which is forgotten sometimes because we've fitted a 2000 watt REDARC inverter.

It says if your caravan's in the shade for a few days and it's starting to get a bit low, but you know you're going on a day trip that day you can run an extension lead from this into your caravan. - Oh wow. - Dump your 200 into the caravan. So give you 50% recovery of your 400 amp system. And then when you go on your day trip this will charge back up in two and a half hours driving.

- Fantastic. - You've got a fully charged canopy, and hopefully you've given your caravan a really good hit without having to plug it in when you, when you're off grid. So yeah, it's a really good feature.

- Yeah. That's brilliant. - And with everything we've done, and the way we've set it out if you did want to increase the capacity you could literally put a second 200 in that slot behind there and double that, and that would give you equal for your caravan. So you could literally dump this fully recharge your caravan and keep going.

- Totally off grid. - Totally off grid. So let's go through, you can see the hardcore lights. We've got hardcore hundreds all the way through, local Brisbane company, REDARC down there, and Bushman 130 fridge.

But on the other side there's something really cool I wanna show you about his fridge. (upbeat music) All right guys, this is the first time I've seen one of these. Have a look at it. - Right, this is Slider Solutions fridge slides. You can get 'em on our online camping store Beaches to Bush Australia.

They're so simple, there's no straps hanging onto this fridge. They're just pretty much got feet on the bottom and they just lock in. Pull it out to there, hit the button once more, and then you've got your tilt slide only weighs 14 kilos. - While we're over here Scotty, so let's talk about the ARB compressor. So we fitted the double pump on there, it's got the air tank. The segway for this is, it actually is plumed into obviously you can pump up, we've got a fitting on either side for his tyres and so on, but we've actually got this running his airbags as well.

So inside we'll show you the airbag controls, but it's probably a really good time to check out where some of the dollars went underneath this thing. So what suspension have you got? Tell us about it. - All right, this was a very long sort of decision making time. We went with the JMACX 4.2 GVM upgrade

with the four inch lift to run the 35 inch tyres. So obviously incorporates the airbags which you guys have pumped into the ARB compressor. Obviously we're towing so that's gonna take care of our towing weight on the tow ball. But yeah, that's again, that's where we went 4.2 so we can load the canopy up, and then also be out of tow as well. - So I think we missed one point of this, what shocks you got? - We've got the alpha alpha shocks from JMACX, because a lot of people go on the American ones.

Again, we're trying to to stick with the the actual Australian made products. If I actually went the Alphas, and they have a problem with 'em I can get 'em, call JMACX straight away that I can get 'em rebuilt or whatever I need. So that was the thought process behind all that. So keeping along that Australian product, and Australian company thing.

- So just to top it off, that is full core conversion with the JMACX alpha shocks and airbag man airbags. Airbag mans, also includes that track correction. - Correct.

- That everyone's worried about for 79. So yeah. - You gotta do that. Actually one thing I forgot to mention is this also 20001 what inverter that we've slipped in there that'll run a full induction cooktop. So that'll run 99.9% of induction cooktops on the market. So either we've got a GPO on other side this side, that side, wherever he wants, he's got a full, he can be running two inductions - Kettle toaster - Kettle toaster, obviously all that as well.

But induction cooktop seems to be something people really want at the moment. Once I got one, I'll never ever go back to gas. We've done it in our caravan, everything. We've actually done a video showing how quickly we can cook on it and the power usage. So we'll put a shameless link to that.

And on that note, let's go out and have a look at the back. (upbeat music) Alrighty, so here we are around the back now I guess first thing we'll talk about is the cameras. Now we fitted Safety Dave to your caravan, didn't we? Way back when. And so yeah, we've incorporated Safety Dave system into this so when you get back to WA, plug it in everything will just work. So I guess we'll start with the, let's start with down here with the woza cable.

So his caravan will actually plug into this, and that will instantly then just bring it up on the rear vision screen and we're gonna show you we're gonna move inside next and all this will probably make a bit more sense. So yeah, caravan plugs into there. Because you got a 79 series with a canopy Rear Vision mirror.

It's redundant. So we fit a camera up here, and that's a full time all time camera, and it'll give you full rear vision. So you basically get the experience of rear vision camera. And then the other camera we've got going on down here is a teeny tiny little one hooked up to the Alpine head unit and that's just a reverse camera. So when you're in reverse you can see it's a very wide fish eye lense. You'll be able to see your tow ball for reversing up.

And you'll also be able to look up at your top screen and give a full all around view like you had a rear vision mirror. - Excellent. - The other thing we fitted you is a tow bar. It's a tow bar. Does it sink? - Yeah. - Do you like this one? - Love this one.

It's got the recovery points on the towbar here. - Yeah - We do a lot of beach camping so if we get stuck with the caravan or anything like that, I can actually then give it a little bit of a nudge to pull it through as well. - Yep. Certainly. And probably one other thing that we did that's a given Ando 12 pin plug off your caravan keep everything going in your caravan, charging you caravan. We've actually run quite a large cable on this one, because we do have that lithium system in the caravan. So that'll tie together nicer when you get over there.

All right, now for the good bit, I love this bit let's go inside. (upbeat music) We'll talk about the stuff you can't see. So we've done a full car builders sound ending all the way through. So back wall roof, we've had the roof down, we've everything all the way through. Sound ending, bit of a sort of must do on these to be honest, if you're touring in 'em. So there's that.

So you'll just have to believe me, it's there. Pull up the carpet, you'll see it. And probably the elephant in the room. Check out these seats. Pro seats.

- Yeah, pro seats in Brisbane again, Australian company. - Yep. - Wanted to use again Australian companies, and showcase what Australia can do, really.

- Yep. - So yeah, Pro Seats everyone knows the 79 series seats aren't that comfortable. And the wife is one of the main reasons why I was allowed to get the 79, was to do the seats. So upgrade the seats.

So we've got little pump controls here for lumber support, leather, and they're modelled off the I believe the GTS Commodore or GTS Holden Commodore seats. So they're real comfy seat. - Yep. Back seat, front seat.

And dunno if you can see in the angle. - Gold cards - Gold cards, which tie in beautifully. So yeah, even though the 70th anniversary ones had the little extra bit of material they were still a bit plain. So this is cool. - Wanted to make change to the 79 from a farm truck to a little bit more comfortable.

Look, it's not, it's not gonna be any 300 series, but I've just tried my best. - I've got a 300. That hump in the middle of the backseat turns you off.

All right, let's start at the top, I guess. Department of interior roof console and yep. So plenty of storage throughout. I think we picked that one for you. That was, we just did that.

- Yep. - The red vision screen, and we'll go through that in a minute. That obviously all ties back to the canopy.

But the beauty of this Scott, is you can pretty much go through, and you can see everything that's happening in the back. You control your exterior lights, you can control your airbags. So we'll get to that in a minute. And yeah, so on these 79's, very light on switches like places to put them, unlike say a 200 or something where we've got lots of options.

So this basically gives us an extra few channels so that we can control everything from here. And it also means that, you know your fridge is working, your battery's getting charged it will give you a good, and even some voltages, and so on. So you know, kind of give you a bit of an idea how your car is travelling as well.

- That's fantastic. - Yeah. And then the GME XRS. So yep, back on that.

That's a full Bluetooth one. And yeah, happy days. Talk to your phone, GPS locations, I dunno more belLS and whistles than I know how to use on it, screen. You had one of these in your ranger, didn't you? - I had a clip on one for the caravan.

So JK caravan, they supply one so it clips onto your, to your mirror. - Yep. Yep. So this is a clip on as well. - Yep. We've still got the clip on going on.

We've still got the plastic on it just for like, there's no fingerprints. So if the screen looks a bit funny just rip it off, it'll look great. But again, there's V1 and V2, so that's abnormal.

Let me check the key on, we'll give it a whirl. Beauty of cameras. Yeah, so there we go. We can see my ugly do not disturb sign back there, and that'll be on all the time.

So basically you've got a rear vision mirror, in a car doesn't have rear vision. And then the minute you plug in caravan hit this V2 button and blue screen now no caravan, and that'll show you what's going on behind your caravan. So I'm good for reversing, and I mainly use it for overtaking.

- Great for it. - Yeah, yeah. Same. Same. - Yeah. - Plus if you've got bikes on the front of your caravan, you can easily just check that as well.

- Hot tip. Cool. All right. There's a vacuum in the workshop. Hopefully you don't hear it. All right, so while we're here, let's just talk about this.

So this is our BCDC control. So when we're running at normal you can see we're using four amps. That's, that'll be your fridge running for sure. When you're driving if you wanna start it up, let's see what happens. There we go.

Give a start. We're in neutral. All right. Now this will take a few minutes. It'll be like a watch pot. All right, as you can see, we got it turned on.

So without it turned on at the moment that's your battery there. This is your charge from your alternator. We're put basically putting in 32 amps. The minute I turned on this BCDC you'll see a positive amperage come in on the load. It'll take a minute and it'll start winding up. Now in auto, we're not gonna get the full 50 but as you can see we're already putting in 40 amps.

And if you bring those revs up a little bit this be good to watch, it will come up. Trust me, it's a coming, oh, you know what, I'm an idiot. Let's leave that alone. We're at 99% perfect blooper reel. Leave it in though. So that's a good lesson.

If your battery's full of charge you can't charge a full battery. But anyway, you saw a positive globe coming and that's exactly how it works. Now this button won't work when you've got the ignition off. - Yep. - So it's basically idiot proof.

You can only leave it on. And that is that beauty of really being able to recover that battery quickly. Now moving right along, these are your two roof lights.

- Yep. - You know, so we have the ARB lights on the base rack so you can turn them on and off. I won't because we'll blind the camera man. And these are your interior lights. And then this is the cool one.

So we'll hit this. This is your compressor. - Yep. - And that's pumping up at the moment. So we've got some pressure in the system now and this is a good move on into the airbag system.

- Yep. - So there, your pressure's left and right. - So when I want to adjust my airbags while I'm underway.

- Yep. Those buttons over there. - These buttons. - So we got them specially made. They're, they're a custom momentary switch that we got made up and yeah. Up and down on them left and right, and so you can totally tune your right if you're getting too much bounce, not enough bounce then that, that's really for that. - So what I wanted to do with the airbags was to have, get Andrew to fit all in cab controls, because if we are going from vegaman to corrugations I wanna be able to adjust the airbags on the fly.

And it's the same with the alpha shocks. They're electric control as well. So I want to be able to not have to pull over all the time. I just wanted to be able to adjust it on the fly. So when I said that to Andrew, he said perfect we know exactly what to do.

- Yep. - So, and then moving down, we've probably we've got the alpha shock controller here. So that was fitted by JMACX, that's all part of your suspension and it came to us like that. What else we got? We got REDARC brake controller. - Yep.

- That's probably a given. Mirror, so because you got the upgraded next gens. - Yep. - Or power fold, they'll fold in and out.

What else we got? And oh, there you go. That's perfect. So we've just within an Alpine in dash head unit and that quick, that's full Apple play. - That you advised to go for this one, because a lot of people get the floating one. - Yeah. So the halo screen. But as soon, so everybody wants a gear stick extension which you do so much nicer with it, but then the minute you try and put any sort of halo your first gear is up around here and it actually, so we'll do that.

It gets quite close. - Yeah. - So that's, that's probably the better.

- Yeah, that's to me that's perfect. - Cool. Hoped you'd say that. Sub tank down here again, that would've been fitted by- - JMACX fitted a 185 litre long range tank, and with the core conversion they were able to fit another 49 litre. So we've got 234 litres of fuel, and with a a switch on the dash here to switch between the two. - Yeah. And probably one sneaky little trick.

I dunno if I've told you, Scott. So we've incorporated your Apple Play port into the factory USB charger. - Yep. - So that's actually your Apple Play there.

This one's a charging one and that one's Apple play, so. - Perfect. Yeah, again, I wanted to try and keep the 70th anniversary feel. I know I've totally modified this truck, so it's a lot. It's not at the original 70th.

But yeah, I just love it. Love the little bits and pieces that the 70th anniversary had. So yeah. - All right, so let's shut it down. Let's go get out the front and do my favourite bit.

- All right. (upbeat music) All right. So I said we're gonna do my favourite bit. I'm also a little bit jealous. So here you goes, Scotty, here's your keys. - Thank you.

It's been great. Oh mate, I'm so excited. - So what's next? Where are you off to? - Well, about to test out all your handy work.

So we're about to leave the sunny coast in about a week's time, and we're heading back to Port Headland. So it's about 6,000 K's. We're gonna zigzag across the country, and test out what you've done to the truck. - Yeah, I'm kind of just a little bit jealous. All right.

So guys, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope my excitement came across. I love doing these builds for people. If you do want to get a vehicle build or just some advice on something like that, please comment below. And also, we'd love to know what you think of Scott's rig, and if there's any parts you think are amazing.

So moving along, if you wanna watch any more of these videos, check this one out here. And YouTube thinks you should watch this one down here. Thanks guys.

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