Batroun Spring Festival 2023: Local Products, Great Food, Drinks, and Enjoyable Entertainment!

Batroun Spring Festival 2023: Local Products, Great Food, Drinks, and Enjoyable Entertainment!

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Hi, Nohra Sassine with you from Kits Factory. We are now in Batroun Spring Festival. We invite all families to come to Batroun.

We are in our station. The kids live a whole experience, okay! We are waiting for you to come and see the experiments, planting, electronic experience, observation from insects, underwater, fossil gemstones. We are waiting for you. I will show you how to make a dip. It's a homemade dip. I make it from fresh vegetables.

It has three flavors, no hot, medium hot, and very hot. The story behind it is a bit deep. Imagine an image with me, a jar on the table, and everyone around it is sharing it. My purpose is to gather people, families, friends, and share this jar of joy. This is all vintage, but we are working on a new style for creativity, to go with the new generation. We have new bags, and all handmade, all crochet.

I am Sara from Keep Smiling Agency. We make birthday, bachelor, wedding, glitter face painting, games, competitions, drinking games, and a lot more. Check us on Instagram and figure out everything we do, packages, events. We are Porky's from Alma beach, today in Batroun.

We have a butchery in Alma beach, and we go to events, private events, and everything catering. We are in Batroun, honestly, the atmosphere is great, and hopefully this year will be a good year in this summer. Let's go. Hi, we are in Biblos Veronica, our place in Jbeil. We go to events, we have pizza, baked potato, fries with pizza, and mac and cheese.

We are in Batroun, the original movement, we decided to support our activities in a new way. We opened Beer and Nuts, to be in the festive atmosphere in Batroun, to be serving beer and delicious fruits, to support our activities. We are here, a wild and natural stand, we do natural things, bees, and herbs, and fragrances, and flowers. All natural things we plant, to take it from nature and preserve it in our country, and preserve the biological diversity. We are Naturalis, our brand, our goal is to preserve the Lebanese Mouneh, and serve it in a modern way.

We have 2 lines of bread, which are our sauces, vegan, with pepper, apple, and olive oil, different flavors, and their colors are natural. We have jams, and pure sheep's meat, you can find it on Instagram, our page is I am making churros, this is a dough, sweet dessert, Spanish, Mexican, all chiboul, fried in oil, sugar and cinnamon are added, we can stuff it with caramel, chocolate, strawberries, we can add toppings, we can do a lot of things with it. We can make a merry cream and put churros on it. I will show

you how to do it, taste it and give me an opinion. Look what you like, you have Nutella, caramel, and strawberries. Who wants to taste the best churros in Lebanon, follow us, we have a place, we go to events everywhere. I am from Beirut, my name is Gop, I make Sijouk, Maanek, Bastirma, and Rostock. I am a cleaner, I work at home. Beirut is a phone number.

It is a strawberry covered with chocolate, I have raspberry and passion, I have passion, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. I have raspberry, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. I have mix and vegan. This is the idea, if you want to see it, everything is smoked, I have smoked chicken, which is smoked in this way. Chicken, drumsticks, then we make sandwiches or a plate.

We make chicken, chicken Fasfas, with many sauces. This is our idea. A new idea, we came up with it to see what it will be. Now, we are only in events in Batroun, there is another idea for a shop, we will be in Batroun. Hello, we are Woden Baker Fresh, we wanted to come to Batroun and taste our Manoucheh for the people. We brought everything to make Manoucheh for the customers from Raqqa, and we are preparing pizza, croissant, Bouchet, and juice.

Shawarma, nuggets, chicken, we are up, not in Batroun. Farrouj Faham, Farrouj Broasted, all kinds of sandwiches, Shawarma, meat, 50 kinds of sandwiches. Hello guys, how are you? I am Chant from Oussouz. We make hot dogs, baked potatoes, and more.

We are now in Batroun, in the spring festivals, and we are every week in different kind of restaurants. Follow us on Instagram to know more. Enjoy. Hanna Kebbeh and my partner Elie Kouyamejian, we are Pimp My Fries, a new thing we started with. We are trying it now in an event in Batroun, and they liked me, we will try it again in other events.

At the moment, we don't have a place because we are still new. Our idea is French fries, we start with the potato, we take it, and it is fresh, we fry it and do many things to get a special flavor. We add to it, it gets flavored, we have 5 flavors, we have cheddar, solid cheese, barbecue, vinegar, ketchup, and chili. We also have the cheddar tacos, all of them have a special flavor, and even if you taste it without flavor, it is still delicious. We recommend you to try it, please follow us, Thank you.

Hi, it's our new concept. We tried to get out of the traditional falafel, we got used to the same texture and taste all over. So we diversified the falafel, we have the traditional, which is the normal one, and we have our signature, the French falafel that has French sauce, and the southern island sauce.

They come with a submarine bun, lettuce, pickle, tomato, with the sauce inside, and our falafel is very light. It doesn't get tough, it doesn't get soft, and this is the differentiation that we have from others. So it's kind of a new abillage, the falafel. Our first location is going to be in Mar Mkhael, hopefully soon, so to know when we will open, you can check our Instagram page, غير فلافل, and follow us, and then you can know whenever we open.

My name is Dominique, I work in Mr. Robotron, we have a shop on the port, you can visit us anytime you want. Today we have fresh balamida kabab, it's different from everything, it's different from chicken and meat, it has a different texture, tasting, it's amazing, you should try it guys. This is a sample from our shop.

You can find it in the street next to the festivals. 124 0:10:12,000 --> 0:10:09,000 It's now handmade. In the first street in Batroun, you can find it. The recipe is the concept. We started with it as a family concept. It was me, my husband, and my son. The idea is the parmesan wheel.

Of course, it's the main reason. We put the pasta inside the parmesan wheel. It's hot. The cheese melts with it. It becomes very delicious.

Everything is homemade. It's very clean and delicious. You should try it. You can find it in Batroun and Tripoli. Welcome. Hi. Uncle Ash in Batroun.

The oldest snack in Batroun since 1989. We make everything sandwiches. Everything is homemade.

We are most famous for the subs, which are our specialties. We make sojouk subs, fajita, chicken subs, kafta and cheese, we even make sandwiches, tawouk and asbe, and cheeseburgers. We have a wide menu, you can find it in Batroun's market.

If you want to follow us on Instagram, also, Welcome to Batroun. The TV, of course. The TV. Hi, we are Farmy Grill. We are present in the Castile.

Every day from 12 to 12. You can see us in the events, wherever. All the Lebanese events, we put on it burgers, sausages, pulled pork, and the main thing is the farm burger. Farm grill, you can't turn it into something this beautiful.

But it is still a Kaakeh. Batrounian. But the touch is farm grill.

We will make Kaakeh with sausage. Pulled pork. Mmm. From the tastiest Kaakeh, to the best customer. Good morning. This is the Batrounian Kaakeh.

We are Batrounian Kaakeh. We have been in the market for almost 3 years. We are selling food for festivals. Pure Farm.

You met us in honey, you met us in Mouneh. You will meet us soon in vertical farming. We are still continuing with Sponsor Your Own Beehive. If you want to raise bees, invest in bee farms, take 100% natural honey, he comes and asks us and we give him all the instructions. We help him and teach him. He does sponsoring with us in Afeer.

He gets 100% natural honey every year for 3 years. At a very special price. The phone number is 03-983-571.

Instagram is pure underscore farms underscore Lebanon. Good morning. I am Majdar Gham from Batroun. I make ice cream rolls. You choose the flavor you want. I put ice cream with it and I make it fresh in front of you live.

You eat the best ice cream. Hello, we are the Billy Boys. We are now in the event in Batroun in the Spring Festival. You will find our branches in Jbeil, Zouk, and Dubai.

We make burgers, appetizer salads, and American food. Hi, my name is Jouzy Mansour. I am an artist. I am currently studying biochemistry at Lebanese University.

And there is my art. I use it as a small business for me. I have been painting for like 5 years. I am a self-taught artist.

I have never studied art. I am based in Batroun. My Instagram page is artconcept. Hurry. It is his sixth time.

He is still changing things. He hasn't got tired. Hello, hello. We are Jbeil, so this is the new collection. There are summer beach bags and beach hats.

All of that won't go with the water, and beishares won't happen to it. So let's go, we are waiting for you. And for those who like our collection, they can follow us on Instagram.

Hi, of course, we are Forever Little, a Lebanese brand made in Lebanon. Everything is toys, furniture, decoration, wood. Everything is made of wood for children.

We have a page on Instagram, and on Facebook. We make everything natural material. Everything is painted on water. So nothing is toxic for children. We make things from the first time a child is born, we have items up to 10 years old. We have toys that make them grow their sensitive parts.

We have toys that are not gifts, and we have gifts for the holidays. And we have decorative items for the rooms. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook. You can find us in June. We have a small showroom on the highway. Telephone 03908686. Not Rincón.

Hello, I am Paul Abbas. I make surfboards. The brand is Bahara Surfboards. I make surfboards and sand and puddle boards. I started in 2011. I wanted to do surfing but I didn't have boards in Lebanon.

So I decided to make my own board. I started from a hobby, and I became more serious. Surfboards are my only income. Tell me where. In Nahar Ibrahim. You can find the brand on Instagram.

If you have any questions, ask me on Instagram. I make sand and puddle boards. I put bamboo and cork inside.

The pad is made of cork. It gives them strength. It is lighter than fiberglass. It looks beautiful. I am Paul Abbas. I make surfboards. ♪♪

♪♪ 268 0:20:23,420 --> 0:20:10,000 ♪♪ ♪♪ Hi, how are you? Welcome to Batroun. We're having an art exhibition here called Capture in the House of Mona. It's in the heart of Batroun. And we are Bay X Art, which is an art curator that collaborated with the digital art director myself, Mayasa Mehdi Andranian. We collected 10 different Lebanese, exception of Tom Young, because he's pretty much Lebanese as well, all their collective arts.

And we combined what their interpretation is about capturing moments. Each one has their own moments and how they see things and their own perception. So it's a combination of different mixed media, photography, paintings, installations, as you can see. This is Hadi Baydoun's art piece. And welcome anytime to visit us. We're going to be open till June 4th, every weekend.

From Friday, Saturday, Sunday, from 3 to 8. ♪♪ ♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ -♪♪ We go to events of course. All our work is on the fire ring. We light wood, grill everything, and do live cooking 323 0:30:07,720 --> 0:30:02,500 5-4, 6-4, 5-4.

and live station for all people. I make different types of Saj. Here, in the festival, and at home. 71, 813, 725, in the neighborhood of Saydeh. They say that my dough is very

delicious. And my food is very delicious. Your smile is amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Wow! Our name is Al Mina Lebanon. The idea started when we wanted affordable gifts to give to the people we love. We make steel, we draw, and we implement the drawings on steel.

We can add concrete and wood. You can find us on Instagram, Al Mina Lebanon. On Facebook, Al Mina Lebanon. The phone number is 70441628. Beit Ibrahim. We make the Baraleh alcohol.

100% alcohol, with methanol. It's been 3 years. We make the best grapes and the best kinds of anise.

We also make flavors. We have Kharoub, strawberry, blackberry, and lime. You can visit us in Ibrahim. We have an old house, we renovate it. The Karke is inside.

You can order live, like we are, and order the best bite, with the raw meat, and drink a glass of Ibrahim and a glass of Arak. Charbel Makhlouf, owner of Makhlouf Miel. We are a family business. My father started it in 1991.

We reached all this. Everything is made with natural products, 100%. You can find us on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Makhlouf Miel. We deliver worldwide. Each one of these is a color, because each one is from a region. This is from the coast, from the region that has lemons, this is from the middle region, 600-700 meters, from the Lebanese forests.

Makhlouf Miel Makhlouf Miel Makhlouf Miel Makhlouf Miel Makhlouf Miel

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