Autumn In The Alps - Episode I (Heiligenblut, South Tyrol, and the Dolomites)

Autumn In The Alps  - Episode I (Heiligenblut, South Tyrol, and the Dolomites)

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[Music] [Music] [Music] There's something magical about visiting the  Alps of Bavaria Austria and South trole in   Autumn after the summer crowds have gone  home. The leaves begin to turn, there's a   chill on the air as you leave on your morning  hike, frost begins to appear in the meadows,   and snow begins to fall again in the higher  elevations. Even though I was pretty trashed   after my 12,000 Mile road trip to Denali, Canada  and Colorado, I knew I wanted to return to the   Alps before the Fall colors were gone for the  year. So on October 13th, I dropped what I was   doing and jumped on a Lufthansa flight to Munich,  and from there, made my way South through Bavaria   into Austria. First on my list was a return trip  to the beautiful mountain village of Heiligenblut   which sits at the foot of the highest mountain  in Austria. It was pouring rain when I arrived   at the Berg Crystal Hotel on the 14th and  it was still coming down when I woke up on   the following morning. Even though it hurt  to get up early while it was still raining,  

I was glad I made that decision as the storm broke  apart revealing misty peaks in all directions. I'm in Heilgenblut and it's very  rainy. October 15th. I'm staying   in the Berg Crystal Hotel and I'm just  going a little walk before breakfast. Some of the higher Peaks have snow. Leaves are  changing. It's a very beautiful place to be today. That peak just opened up.

Some clearing conditions Still a little bit of fog and mist [Bells ringing] I didn't put up the GoPro yet. I just  wanted to get this...Tthis is how I   0:03:59.680,1193:02:47.295 [Music] got out of my hotel. There's a little  tunnel through this apartment thing. So I'm on my way out of Heiligenblut and  um heading to Lientz first... I still   don't have any volume on this thing...  what the heck ...uh and then from there to Issinger Wehr [Music] [Music] ...right in front of me this year  I'm on the second floor last window [Music] Some of these colors here looking really nice. On  the way up to Val Di Funes. Not too crazy about   those clouds up there. It might be covering the  peaks in which case this will all be for naught.

[Music] in Autumn of 2019, I accidentally drove up the  small walkway that you see in the foreground   and summarily got yelled at by some of the local  farmers. They had changed the rules since my last   visit in 2017 and the town of Santa Magdalena had  since built a new public parking lot to handle the   crowd since this valley had become so popular  after photos began appearing on social media. Val defunis is easily one of the most  beautiful and bucolic locations in all   of South Tyrol. If you're thinking about simply  driving up there and taking some photographs,   be prepared to park at one of the  parking areas at the edge of town   before hiking up a few kilometers  above the village for better views. [Music] [Bells ringing] It was clouded over and very hazy when  I arrived on the evening of the 15th so   the light wasn't that great but here's  one of my shots from 2017 to give you   a better idea of how this Valley can  look on a typical evening in Autumn. [Music] On my trip to the Alps in 2019, I spent  some time shooting around the towns of Seis,   St Valentine and San Cipriano. I made the  trip South mainly to get a reflection in a  

little Lake above San Cipriano called  "Wuhnleger." The mountains above the   lake are known as "Di Rosengarten" which  is German for "Rose Garden". The title   comes from the way they light up in  red at Sunset especially in Autumn. [Music] While I was exploring this area I kept looking  for a particular Church in Seis but never   managed to find i. Since 2019, it was featured  in a recent film called "A Hidden Life." After   seeing the church in the film, I promised  myself I would track it down on this trip,   but finding it turned out to be a bit  more complicated than I had anticipated.

...this church of this town. It's  nice, but it's not quite as um...  landscapey as.... where do  they want me to go here? the others but it's cool  then...cuz... it's perched right   on top of the Town ..."continue  straight then make a u-turn" Whatever the **** that was from Google I went  up like a little goat path trying to get to   this church and it's wrong! It's either the  wrong church or the wrong way to that church.   It's down there below me... right there! But  that doesn't look like the right one... that's   the wrong church! That is the wrong church!  It's a COOL church, but it's the wrong church.

... the after getting  blocked off..." 50 kmh speed limit   Camera Head please watch your speed" um from uh St   Valentine.... "50 kmh speed limit Camera  ahead 50 kmph speed limit Camera ahead" ...afternoon evening light. It's almost 6  PM, and these uh yellow and orange leaves   really light up nicely uh ...On my way back to  Lientz. Val de Aurina... or Val Arina val...   whatever uh Big Shadows. Not a good place  for Sunset. Did not go all the way up that  

Valley. Need to look at that again. Trying to  figure out what I was after um...but I know I   passed dozens of fortresses and churches on  my way here and one of them was across the   way. There's two or three churches that I saw  that were way up in the Hills. ...this thing is   just like perched on the edge of a cliff what  the actual frick it's a hotel! Wow... cool! I'm on my way up to Baita Segantini.  That's my car it's right down there.   Tiny little bit of color down here  in the corner so I'll try to come   back with a better Sky if I get  a chance. These peaks are crazy So here's the view...Baita Segantini.  It's going to be better with a sky,  

and is the wide angle with the iPhone. You  can come down here and you get can   pull the mountains further down into  the lake so it's kind of like that. [Music} I'm taking off from Baita Segantini. I  had more footage facing it but I got to   get out of here it's an hour 40 minutes  pack to Bano I got to do some shopping. Another view of all the um... yellow...vineyards. [Music] [Music] [Music] As you may have concluded from my earlier  search for the St Valentine Church,   one of my main goals on this particular  trip was to focus on finding chapels that   are scattered throughout South Tyrol, often  perched in high and remote locations. One  

of my favorite chapels in this area is the  Chiesa Di Santa Barabara which is located   at the top of a small and sketchy mountain  road in the San Genesio province of Bolzano. [Music] The chapel dates back to the 15th  century and was constructed by mine workers   from the Valparola Valley. The views from  this tiny little church are stunning and   well worth the white knuckle drive on a road that  is more suitable for golf carts than automobiles. I have to uh interrupt my time lapse  if something really exciting happens   but these clouds just rolled in. It's like  the perfect night to be up here. There's  

supposed to be nothing going on tonight  according to all of my apps so I'm glad   my apps were wrong. I don't know what's wrong  with my voice... I sound like Clint Eastwood. One of the greatest challenges when shooting  in the Alps in Autumn is finding the right   weather conditions for the area that  you're hoping to shoot in. In 2017,   I couldn't BUY a cloud over the 10 days that  I was shooting in five different countries. [Music] in 2019 there were several days where  the sun didn't come out at all and   I just sat in my apartment watching  the rain pour down in buckets. This   year proved to be challenging in a  different way as storms would break   and clear skies would appear with almost  no warning at all. So on October 22nd,   I had my fingers crossed as I set out on my second  attempt to find the St Valentine Church in Seis.

Okay so I'm trying to get  to the church before all the   clouds disappear and I got a really bad  feeling that is not going to happening. Look at that! I'm not going to make it, am I? I'm going to get to the top of  this Ridge there's a couple of farms. Hopefully won't be  a big deal if I walk down [Music] In spite of the odds, the low clouds  lingered over the town of Seis as the   Schlern Massif towered above. I was able to  spend a couple of hours shooting photos and   time lapses before the Sun finally  slid behind the clouds in the West [Music] [Music] [Music]

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