Australian plays HOLI with locals in INDIA (Holi in Old Delhi 2023)

Australian plays HOLI with locals in INDIA  (Holi in Old Delhi 2023)

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happy Holi happy holidays oh thank you happy Holi happy Holi Julie yeah happy holy where's your  color where's your coherence all right we'll go play now play Holy they are so cute I've got my hat on to protect the  uh color from going in my hair so that's why I'm   wearing a hat it's lathered in uh hair treatment  and dry leaving condition everything so we didn't   get the coconut oil like everyone told us to get  I forgot so we're going with leave-in conditioner   um the streets right now are so much quieter it's  empty it's empty there's some action I don't know   if you can see but there's purple on the floor  over there in that building so someone's been   throwing stuff already so Holly's a little  different in Delhi than other other places   because Jelly's like a metropolis then I'm  gonna party to check out after that right   yeah to the two different types of Holly we're  gonna try AMC you know what each one's like happy Holi oh yeah thank you thank  you my first bit of holy thank you happy Holidays happy holidays thank you we  have to find some where can I get them back   side of the hotel of the hotel okay  perfect I've got it on now thank you yeah like a long holiday how long uh like maybe  a few months information Central yeah it's okay   we're just gonna play Holy today we're fine  hey brother it's all good thank you thank you   let's even add on today on Halloween day oh  that was my first bit of Holly I'm excited we   have to get we have to go buy some color we  have to go buy some colors yeah we do so we   um I've been asking everyone for the last  few days is everyone here in the street   all around here is everyone play Hollow here  and everyone's like yes yes everywhere all   on the street and I can't see anyone like  there is no like human life here right now   so I think we might head to maybe old Delhi  there is no one around I'm so I'm so confused   except this puppy beautiful hi Jessica he  looks like a little kid out there there he is I'm scared good night happy Holi so I can see like  obviously it's been played   maybe last night or something like that but  there is no one around so we're just gonna   head off to Old Delhi we've been walking around  the blocks for a little bit and um nothing's   really happening so let's head over there people  are touching yeah life is colorful I like it online payment online yes what do you think yeah we don't want to do that that's all right  excuse me people straight from here yeah there is   an information center oh it's okay it's okay which  place is open yeah that's all right that's okay   all right thank you I don't feel comfortable  in that so we might find somewhere else   it's okay it's okay thank you shukriya oh darling  yeah old Delhi Street Street near there Street 100 okay hanji yes happy Holi accident happy Holi thank you all right so all you got here is a holy  happy Halloween okay I feel like there's   more people around here so you want what you  wanted a bit more I think going on Happy Holi okay this is a little bit more  sort of what I expected there's a   few more people around here than  uh than in Cornwall Place whoa I want some color but this feels there's actually  people around here so this feels a lot better   it's cool there's still some families around  it's a family thing it's a traditional family   thing more so than the the stuff you'll see on  social media you know yeah well come back here if you do it happy Halloween how much how much um do you want one I don't know  how much it costs 40 rupees 40 rupees 40 rupees okay all right um yeah right thank you red looks cool shukriya that's okay happy Holi  thank you thank you happy Holly thank you happily happy holidays  thank you happy holidays thank you oh purple happy Holi oh yeah yeah happy Halloween happy holidays thank you pleasure to meet you you too thank you  okay I'm getting progressively more color   now this is cool we've got purple  yellow pink red yeah I can taste it you guys are covered I how many subscribers 30 000 I'm scared oh he was doing  something dangerous okay okay what is it wow yes yes God Temple oh  Temple yeah yeah yeah really happy holidays this is definitely hello there's this is definitely more of a Vibe than  where we were for sure I think old Deli let's   see food they show you snacks do you have um  do you have chai chai what can we buy tea tea no teeth what's your what's your favorite one  best one best you like which one recommends 10 Rupees yeah oh it's okay thank you delicious okay oh happy Holi shukriya there is way  more going on here in the streets happy Holi again happy Halloween happy Holi thank you thank you oh that's why you got it everybody's  sitting down eating and eating some   sweets I guess you go to Temple and eat  some sweets after kind of you I feel like   I can have as probably my teeth this is  definitely more of the place to go for   shopping with some poly flavoring coconut with  some probably red on it by the time I eat it   um you guys can tell us the name of this that'd be  good [ __ ] a gingerbread man oh really my phone happy Halloween so we decided to book  our holy party as well we booked it   yesterday just we could experience  the two different types of holy the   ones in the streets and then also happy  Holi happy Holi and then also the holy   parties that you can have as well you  can go to so let's go to our holy party thank you thank you happy holidays thank you happy Holi happy Holi thank you happy  Holi oh purple oh thank you you gotta need some   red this is great I have no places left on  my face to put hallway at this point CCI CCI Constitution Club of India CCI CCI India yeah  no no okay uh CCI okay holy in his car now happy Holi happy Holi happy early oh all the colors I like flying in my own face  so this is that is so much that's kind of more   what I expected but I am absolutely covered in  color on my face and I think this is actually   a permanent color he said so yeah we'll see  how that goes without him tomorrow Happy Holi   so we're on the way to our party now it's called  Hollywood so it's a party that you can get tickets   to and I think once you get there you also have  to paint a cover charge what's going on here but that's another way you can spend  Holly you can also just buy a ticket   which I think sometimes they have drinks  there but it's more of a I guess safe   environment I mean I didn't have any  problems today though so happy early there you go happy Holi thank you okay it's the the gate man and we actually  have a picture of that in our hotel   that's for you happy Holi thank you you're cave  thank you happy Holi happy Holi happy Halloween   we go in here yeah okay thank you Hollywood yeah  ours is called Hollywood so we've come here each   no for a couple oh a thousand rupees for True  ticket um but I will say we booked this thinking   that I wasn't gonna feel very like safe or  comfortable out in the streets and I have to say   I felt kind of comfortable I felt like I was  I felt very like respected I feel like lots   of men didn't really want to even put holy  on my face um of course that could not be   someone's experience that could be completely  different so definitely everyone could have a   different experience but I felt like lots of uh  men didn't even really want to touch my face lots   of families were out pretty early it's still early  morning so maybe no one's very intoxicated yet thank you I feel very underdressed there's your  food oh cool yes is it ready yet Dosa yeah yeah   me um is that spicy a little bit okay all right thank  you spicy all right thank you thank you this is   not the spicy yeah not spicy that's good it's like  a like it feels like like a tea party to be honest   with you we haven't even got enough oh the drinks  are expensive but we get the 2 000 redeemed but   I feel like that's only going to use a thousand  drink we've already used oh this was a thousand honestly at the moment it's quite boring  the street Holly was so much more fun okay no so that is it for the party um playing holy with  the people in the street I prefer that I think   um but if you are if you don't have maybe as  much confidence as me or if maybe you're a   Solo Traveler art traveler maybe the parties are  better suited for you it was more of a controlled   environment like I felt okay putting my phone  down my GoPro down it depends on what you're   comfortable with but I was comfortable in the  streets today and I prefer that I had the best   time this morning in the streets of old Delhi  the halika Japan is really cool because the   night before you're meant to burn things in the  streets and that's like symbolizing getting rid   of like the negative energy like the negative  things and all the bad wrong things I just want   to tell you a little bit about Holly I don't  know that much about it so again if I'm wrong   feel free to correct me the beautiful symbolic  nature of Holi is that this day you come and   you throw a color on each other and it's all  about love and happiness and forgiveness and   everything is good again and I love celebrating  something that means something like that I even   had someone today when we were in the streets  of old Delhi saying that when you hug you hug   heart to heart and that's just something  beautiful to celebrate and you can tell   it's just a massive celebration and happiness you  can feel happiness today holiday happy Holi again this was holy in New Delhi in 2023 yeah YouTube YouTube yeah thank you  happy Holi where are you from thank you thank you happy Holidays happy Halloween thank  you happy Halloween happy Halloween Julie   yeah happy holy Julie are you sleeping  yeah Julie's sleeping time happy Holly   you're in trouble you're gonna take  a long time to get that off but   look at us it's been getting worse I'm  gonna try for the next three hours to um   get this off my face but what a great day in  holy thank you so much for watching my Vlog   And subscribe if you like my channel  thank you India this is amazing oh

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