ANTIGUA VLOG! ziplining, rum-making & local cuisine food tour! ️ Blue Waters Resort & Spa

ANTIGUA VLOG!  ziplining, rum-making & local cuisine food tour! ️ Blue Waters Resort & Spa

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foreign s that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda located in the heart of the Caribbean about a thousand miles to the east of Jamaica the island was born out of the Sea by a volcano 30 million years ago hugged by 95 miles of superb Coastline 365 pink and white sandy beaches crystal clear waters and glorious weather this is an island that I've loved more more every time I've visited boasting a rich and vibrant culture with both historic and modern influences there are a number of ways to immerse yourself in the island by speaking to the warm and friendly people learning about the Heritage trying delicious local Cuisine listening to the sounds of their music dancing to the drums taking in a local Cricket match or sailing the ocean I was currently invited by the tourist board and Traverse events to spend a week at a gorgeous hotel called Blue Waters whilst attending a number of activities excursions and experiences this is just a flavor of what you can expect in Antigua and Barbuda so be sure to check the links below and maybe this will inspire your next Caribbean Adventure enjoy the Vlog thank you thank you good morning everyone I am here at gatwick's South I'm flying with ba today really excited this is my third time in Antigua I've actually been on a cruise so I've been for the day and I've also sailed the whole island on a catamaran so I'm gonna leave my other links for my other videos below if you also want to see more this trip I have signed myself up to do other things a few things I haven't done before and I'm really looking forward to bring you along if you're new my name is Brogan hello I make home lifestyle and travel Vlogs and I'm really really excited about this one I think there's like 45 of us loads of other content creators from around the world so we've got lots of Canadians Americans and Caribbean content creators as well and it should be great we're going to be doing our own things in the day smaller groups and then meeting up in the evenings I'm really looking forward to it alrighty because I am flying along today I booked the number one Lounge I personally love a lounge at an airport I like that it's nice and quiet I like that I can just get my breakfast I'm gonna hungry yet but there's a group of us so I'm gonna chat away to everybody get to know some new faces and then I'll get myself some food and I'll let you know what it's like I always like to see what the selection is to see if it's worthwhile so they've got muffins and cereal you're getting fruit sausage bacon beans oh they plan out I just had some of these little tiny hash browns bread and eggs I'm just gonna fill up my reusable water bottle Antigua 37 let's go [Music] this is Kirsty some of you may recognize Kirsty actually we've been on the 30s trip together I'll link thirsty below oh that is not good no me neither oh my gosh you and I are gonna Factor 50 up this week I love flying so this is actually a fun day out for me just the flight alone I just love it I love the feeling of knowing you're going somewhere you know oh I see I'm in economy and I asked for a window seat but unfortunately I got a wall but that's okay there's a slight window behind me so I'm gonna have to try and film out of there oh my gosh I really wanted to see that at the cinema I'm gonna watch that [Music] we have just landed we're at the airport we are a huge group here this is just the UK lot we obviously have people from all over very exciting getting to know everyone we're heading to the hotel we're all staying in a variety of different hotels I am at Blue Waters and I'm so excited about it so I'm going to show you what it's like but um yeah I'm just happy to be here you know first impressions always count they've given us a lovely cloth it's nice and cold and it smells of yeah it's really nice okay so this is the reception this is the front I will show you that properly in a bit but we've checked in and they've given us a water bottle but not only is it water bottle they've actually personalized it they've literally put a little name tag on it which is very thoughtful and adorable really nice little touch we're getting in a little buggy to take us to our rooms so we're actually staying in little Villas so they have three sections I'll show you on the map we've just stopped for Binny she's staying in here I'm pretty confident I'm in this one the Cove Sweets oh my gosh so this is the entrance oh I'm down here I was so happy I might actually cry like I actually I actually feel so overwhelmed by this room oh my gosh I I feel really spoiled like this is stunning like absolutely stunning I concur I thought I was in a hotel room I'm not I have a whole big Suite to myself okay I need to compose myself so I can give you a room tour let me take off my bag and let's do this because this is my room okay so here's the front door I'm on the ground floor nice big mirror as you've seen come on round I'll come into these rooms in a minute but let me just show you the bedroom first oh my goodness let's just pan round and take a moment it's got really high ceilings the fan is making absolutely no noise beautiful big bed lovely lovely decor and oh it's so pretty it's so beautiful and then I've got a nice little sofa and Lounge area you could fit so many people around here big TV on that side as well like one TV wasn't enough we have a second TV we have coffee making facilities we've got towels and then out here I have a balcony and a private infinity pool so this is shared with the rest of the Villas and there's like sun lounges I can literally sit here and then come back into my room if I want and a view of the sea I think this could actually be one of the nicest take hotel rooms ever so this is the walk-in wardrobe closet area just so nice there's robes in there loads of space to hang my stuff iron ironing board safe and then the bathroom I saw it from here right and I said to the guy that showed me around this is fit for a queen I have two sinks obviously it would be like a couple's if you were with a partner and then shower and I thought that would be it and then I turned around and there is a lovely freestanding bath benj and I actually got the chance to see one of these rooms for the day back in 2020 and I didn't expect to be in one of these oh it smells nice too I just feel like I'm not going to want to leave the resort like I have got a few activities but now I'm thinking I don't know if I want to go no I will have this is what it looks like with those doors open so you can have a bath while watching the TV with a view look at some of these little touches with the towels oh wow I am in actual Heaven we're on a breakfast plan because we're having meals out so I'll try and show you some of the meals or we'll go and have lunch we'll have dinners here as well shade the buffet we'll have breakfast there's even a little Pavilion I'll show you that down there at some point the sea looks incredible I have to FaceTime bench immediately foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's Tuesday I've been awake for a few hours but the sun is now up and it's absolutely gorgeous I'm tempted to go for a swim actually while it's quiet this is Paradise isn't it it's really dreamy look at the water down there oh my gosh so there are three Cove sweet so that one there also has a pool so this pool is shared with also like four rooms up there maybe there's like a big sweep at the top it's actually only half past five and yeah I'm very tempted to go for a dip I think I'm gonna do that but I had a very nice relaxing chilled evening last night I was so exhausted so I decided to stay in order some room service and watch some Netflix and then I fell asleep quite early which is a real rookie error because that's not how you beat jet lag you have to try and stay awake for kind of as long as possible really I didn't do that I went to bed quite early so I've woken up really early so that's not great I'm gonna have to schedule in a nap today what hard life but I had a really exciting activity that I signed up for today so how this trip is working is that because there's so many content creators they're organizing lots of different activities across the island and we basically signed up for which ones we wanted to do so I know a lot of people are actually going to Stingray city today which benj and I have done before I'll leave the link to the Vlog which we included that experience but here's some pictures of us at Stingray City it's a really great experience where you can literally touch them swim with them it's very odd but also amazing so that was on the agenda today but I decided to pick the Academy of rum which is a rum class experience where you get to make your own bottle and take it home as well it's actually down in English Harbor so we're at the top of the island an English Hub but it's down at the bottom which again I've shown and filmed when we sailed the island on a catamaran I love English Harbor so I'm excited to go down there today my brother loves English Harbor too there's some lovely bars and restaurants around there but my point is is that it's about an hour drive down which is not too bad at all but I wanted to have a real variety of things in this week to give you a flavor of what you could do obviously you could just come and stay in this beautiful hotel for the week but I'm here to try a few things and give you some ideas but for now I'm not getting picked up till half 11 so I'm gonna have breakfast this morning swim relax I've got some content and work to do to share the hotel and then we will get regarding one of the hardest decisions I'll have to make today which swimming costume do I wear [Applause] so from what I've gathered there are three restaurants you do have to pre-book for dinners which I found out last night but they also have all-inclusive here I'm on the breakfast package because we're eating out a lot of our meals in other places but they also have cocktail bars like a beach bar they have water sports included in that as well so you can go and do snorkeling kayaking windsurfing and they have kids club it's family friendly here so they have babysitting as well I noticed and a ton of activities like yoga and rum tasting and I think I might do Aqua aerobics tomorrow I need to sign up for that at reception because I've got nothing on tomorrow breakfast starts at half past seven so I thought I'd show you a little bit more of the reception the grounds down the front and we'll go from there but it's so lovely peaceful oh it looks like there's an adult pool actually should we go and have a look at that I think this could be the adults only pool lovely beds and look at this view I do actually remember this now I'm getting a bit of deja vu yeah there's another Pool down there let's go down there I want to show you that but look at this oh my gosh if you've watched that Vlog you'll also remember this but look at this path down here these little gazebos they even have on those floaty trampoline things in the water absolutely gorgeous this is the pool we went in last time right next to the restaurant on the left there something I really like is that they have loads of water stations even here there's two so you can fill up water bottles which I really appreciate and then there's another Beach bit down here how incredible is this very dreamy there's some guests to the left but I just wanted to show you this section I'm not sure what this restaurant is called I need to get all the names Sandy toes and salty kisses oh my gosh that's so cute oh this is just so dreamy this is where I bend a nice out I love it so much and they've even got little sunlight lounges out on the water there can you see and they still have this little Podium thing which we sat on in 2020 and look how clear the water is seeing the Caribbean is just amazing what a resort here is another Pool another little bar area and then there's another big restaurant here which I'm gonna have some breakfast because I'm absolutely starving so this is the reception I didn't get the chance to show you yesterday but I did want to just give you a feel for the hotel because I like to see stuff like this this is the reception and so they gave us those lovely hot towels and then they have a nice bar area here as well and a piano I also wanted to show you kids club because I know loads of you with families quite like to see things like this and I obviously can't film children so let me just see if there's a possibility I can have a little look inside let's have a little look so cute oh my gosh oh they've let me have a little look inside while there's no children in here look at this little space how sweet there's everything in here wow look at all the art on the wall beautiful the lady that was in there was cleaning she said it's very quiet right now and it's not a lot of kids but they do really love it in there so that was sweet now I'm gonna go for breakfast it's at the Palm restaurant which is around this corner and it's closed right now but we will come back to the boutique later but to the left here this is the Palm I feel like each day we're gonna have to try something different because I love the sound of this oh thank you so much I've got a little fresh fruit smoothie it's raspberry and mango so I'm gonna enjoy that but I love loads of things on this menu so we've got the Caribbean oatmeal porridge the pancakes sound good can't go wrong with a lot of these eggs but they also have a three egg omelette which sounds good then obviously you've got the Continental too so I can go up and get things after examining this menu for far too long I'm gonna go for the burrito with the egg bacon cheese Avo and tomatoes that sound really good to be honest I like the sound of everything so I think we'll just have to try different things as we go it looks like I can get a little bowl of the porridge to try from up here and as you come along oh my goodness it's amazing there's loads of fresh fruit of it down here you can do toast and oh wow look at these pastries I'm going to take some of those back to my room 100 we like to see it they've got oat and soy and things for allergies too toppings and then let me go on the other side oh they have Fruit Loops I love Fruit Loops Weetabix and then more fruit and Continental bits up here here is the breakfast burrito oh my goodness it smells and looks so good the burrito was nice it was just quite a lot so I'm only in about half of it and I'm going in for some lovely fresh fruit I've just finished a load of melon I thought oh no I haven't showed you so yeah I got my fruit had my smoothie I'm reading my book lovely I'm just setting up my little sunbathing spot this is lovely I've got the Jonas Brothers playing I've got my book perfect I'm all Sun creamed up too I like having my space in the shade to put my body out a feeling of the sun on your skin is so nice look how glorious it is out there I've been very much enjoying sitting in the sun sitting in the pool reading my book my dress yesterday the beige one was new look and so it was this I bought a few of them exactly like it and I'm wearing snag tight shorts underneath and yeah she's nice and floaty and loose I love these sort of dresses for holidays this bag was very old from Primark we have driven about 20 minutes down from the hotel we've come to Big Banana they do pizzas Wings Burger sandwiches wrap some more we're gonna go on inside there's just four of us for lunch here for a minute which is nice so we had our lunch at big banana I had a fish burger chips it was very nice I also had like a mango slush thing it was really good it's quite a hot day today and we have driven all the way down to the bottom of the island we're now near English Harbor area okay this is Loose Cannon Beach I think opposite it is the Academy of rum so I'll leave there in scram links below if you want to check them out they actually have free rum tastings but they have like a workshop they have sauce so that's what I signed up to today we'll wait for the rest of the game to get here and then we'll get started thank you what's your name I'm AJ by the way AJ I'm Brogan nice to meet you you're actually number one ah number one oh I've got my own name on there look at that personalization oh I love it oh it smells amazing oh get ready guys oh you made this pretty great oh you got loads of flavor spice Maple coconut whatever you guys be trying six of them wow and for the braver view we've got something called pirate strength Aroma the world's strongest banana rum oh my gosh we're even before purchase Oh My Gosh okay so this is what it looks like we're just waiting for the rest of the group to get here and they've put a station for each person with loads of different flavors of things we're gonna taste them we're gonna make our own yeah I'm excited I love rum so you know obviously I wouldn't be here if I didn't laugh around that'd be weird all right first things first we are putting on all right so guys our course today what we're gonna do we're gonna start off with some taste this we're gonna try all of our runs that we made here in-house uh here at Galley Beach um from there we're gonna start to talk about the Stills how they work what's inside of them um and uh why we need to use them and then finally guys we're gonna dig into the place that you can see on the table and those flavored jars and we're going to create our very own unique bottle of rum today uh depending on what flavors you guys put in there and what percentage you guys want on so this very first one on the left hand side guys is let me know what you think [Laughter] [Music] I'm sleeping on the bus back to the hotel 40 but it's much smoother I'm doing something my thing is doing something that's perfect you're making rum ah wow I worked really hard for that so this is a much wider version of uh Bailey's um this is the strongest rum 80 wow is it gross I know I can't there's a big metal rod that goes into the rum into the center of the Big Tub Heats it up the very first thing to evaporate guys is the ethanol or alcohol steam gets pushed down we've got cold water pipes which then recondense that liquid back down into its a liquid form which is what's coming out the egg get to choose whatever you want to go into your bottle of rum today right now it's time to make a run I'm gonna go vanilla banana because the vanilla and coconut would be a good choice I think so banan's a bit different like vanilla and banana rum I feel like that's a good choice AJ I have a question yes I would like to do vanilla and banana vanilla and banana yeah but what sort of quantities do you recommend so are you wanting to just stick to those two flavors I would then recommend 150 of the vanilla okay 50 of the bananas the banana is a little stronger yeah yeah it is a little bit of concentration here vanilla and banana really potent because we're diluting them down later in uh rum and water [Music] right here he's teaching us about an alcohol painter thing so we're going to test the alcohol percentage bits basically let go of it let it drop down with the liquid meets on that white wine or yellow lines for some of you that is your alcohol percentage Yeah going straight into the big cylinder there bringing it up to 800. it's my first taste of time [Music] yeah it sounds nice but it's so strong oh yours is smelling awesome you're smelling like the maple I haven't put any Maple in it yet what were the two play was it these two vanilla and banana it's banana um as air bubbles will expand all the way upside down bring the wax to where the metal ends perfect all the way out wonderful one more quick all right see that was a major rush we had the bus turn not gonna hat so you're quickly getting it so I didn't get the chance to obviously just share how much I loved that ROM experience it was so good AJ the host and the owner of the bar was just so good he talks a lot about the RAM and I just really enjoyed it it's quite therapeutic actually like measuring out what you wanted and what ingredients and learning about rum and how they distill it and stuff it was really cool so massive thank you to Academy everyone for having us I'm Gonna Leave the link and details for them below I have 20 minutes to turn myself around and we're going to a really beautiful fancy place called Carlisle Bay I think it's a hotel and it's a really Lovely Hotel and we've been asked to dress nice and look at me I have 20 minutes it's just because we're quite far away on the other side of the island so there's a lot of like Khan zigzagging so I'm not gonna waste any more time vlogging I'm gonna tear myself around and I'll be back in 20 minutes and oh my gosh it's so beautiful Heather let's go my shower is broken and I absolutely desperately need a shower I've called for maintenance to come I'm not going to be ready I'm not gonna I'm gonna have to get a taxi myself I do not have time for any vlogging but this is my cute little dress from Matalan I'm going to carry my heels and put them on in the car I am half an hour behind everyone else which is highly embarrassing but what could I do and it was not my fault the shuttle wasn't working so anyway I'll show you when we get to the hotel I feel a little bit stressed and flustered but I've got to go and get this taxi so see you there all right I've just arrived I've obviously missed Sunset but walking into the hotel and it is beautiful [Music] hi oh my gosh so what we got let's have a look mac and cheese yes oh we can see inside here you go corn on the cob Hi how are you good amazing it smells incredible yeah [Applause] [Music] I just fell asleep on the bus because it was quite a drive back so I'm feeling a little bit groggy it's always really quite hard to film a big group event like that and I met loads of lovely new people the food was amazing the atmosphere was nice they did like a welcome speech I wanted to go on a sailing Excursion tomorrow but it was fully sold out by the time I my fast fingers tried to get to it so there weren't any other options I thought would be fun to Vlog so I just decided to skip tomorrow and I'm not doing anything I don't have any excursions or activities I'm looking forward to my chill day tomorrow so see you in the morning good morning everyone I wanted to show you my nice swimming costume from next with a matching cap town I love it feeling like this is a Vibe today I'm very excited so I'm gonna pop this on to go and have some breakfast and I'm going to do Aqua aerobics at nine read relax get cocked out today haven't had any cocktails yet kind of a crime so I've just been down on the beach I've just walked to the end where those kayaks are and along again took a few photos and I also dipped my toes in the water it is so clear I can't even cope I mean look it's actual Paradise I'm definitely gonna come swimming in here later but oh my goodness it's so nice first thing in the morning when it's so quiet swimming but my upper class starts in an hour and we all know that I need to eat first this is a fun breakfast I've gone for some fruit and I've got a little pastry there and then I've also got myself some fruit loops because one on holiday with some oat milk and I've ordered an omelette too and here's my omelette too it smells so good I'm living the dream so I did Aqua aerobics in the pool just down there and it was really good I had a really good time actually there's only five of us and I've got a nice little bed set up in the corner there which is lovely and I've just arrived at the bar because it's almost 10 and I'm ready for a cocktail so let's see if we can order one this is the cocktail menu so we're gonna have to wait oh my God they have so many things amazing oh my goodness the pool is just so lovely I'm quite enjoying being down here I think I'm gonna wait for the bathroom and I'll get my cocktail and I think I'm gonna take it back to my room oh my gosh this is so cute there's like a little shop down here oh I have got my pina colada it costs 15 with tax and tipping this is a bit cute they just brought around a little fruit Kebab it is getting very hot so um I have just facetimed benj I've been reading my book on the bed here I did try and sit out in the shade but it was just too hot obviously I don't really do an awful lot of sunbathing and even today this morning when I was by the pool I was fully in the shade just my legs that were in the sunshine a bit and that is because I have just previously finished some treatment for some skin cancer that I had on my arm it is actually kind of at the very end of that treatment and they may have to remove it it's like really fading now but obviously it doesn't mean I have to be super super careful in the sunshine I have topped up my sun cream again not just because of my skin concerns but I am just really pale and I really struggle in the heat so for me I just don't like being out in it for too long especially in the middle of the day so I'm actually going to have the nicest chill afternoon I'm gonna go get some food for lunch because I'm kind of a bit peckish even I had a fairly big breakfast quite fancy like a chicken sandwich or something so I'm gonna see what I can go find I'm not sure if I've fully shown this restaurant but this is why I came for breakfast as well there's a lot on the menu That's not quite to my taste they have some really nice things that they have Echoes they have the burger that I had the other night in my room service but they don't have anything sort of simple for a lunch you know like for me I want to sit by a pool bar and eat a club sandwich and so they don't really do anything like that and the prices are quite expensive when you're not on the all-inclusive so maybe keep that in mind if you're on the all-inclusive then no drama I just asked if I could have a club sandwich and take it back to my room because there's a 15 tray charge on top of the service and tip it is a little bit burnt they did this at the Burger the other day it smells very grilled you know it should be tasty it's just a normal club sandwich and I'm gonna watch them tell you in fact I bought my iPad over I've got some Skittles as well I bought in the little gift shop yesterday I'm almost ready for dinner I'm wearing this green dress from next I love it the eight of us that are staying in this hotel are actually eating dinner in this hotel everyone's eating a different place but we're staying here tonight because they are hosting a culinary evening called Chasing Sunsets they're hosting it at the Rock cottage which is their Flagship accommodation it's meant to be amazing down there I haven't seen it yet for an array of offerings that will excite your taste buds there's gonna be Jazz if you're on the all-inclusive it's included and it's part of Restaurant Week which is exciting so I think there's going to be some canopies and then they're doing like live stations and it's a celebrity chef called Andy Oliver there's going to be barbecue chicken roasted pumpkin grilled shrimp lamb loads of lovely food so I'm really excited about that this is what the dress looks like in the mirror I'm just wearing my havianas with it and I just need to pack a little tiny bag for my phone keys and Camera good let's go so this is Rock Cottage a bit fancy and exclusive they've got pictures of the hotel down here just give me a chicken saute that's a little look oh wow how romantic is that look at those chairs wow oh my goodness look at that there's a little Pontoon down there we're like the first people here this is around the other side look at this pool oh my gosh imagine staying here like this it's so secluded in private and oh wow and then look at the sunset just around here they're setting up some jazz we've just been down on this pontoon taking pictures and videos because look how lovely it is some of the others are still down there what a special magical gorgeous place just stunning [Music] oh it's shrimp and tuna oh it smells incredible oh wow this side's got a view of the hotel so my room is all over there so look how beautiful this is the waves crashing and look how lovely this setup here is thank you wow [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] these are little touches that I really like they've done a turn down service this evening which is so sweet I am very sweaty I'm about to have a shower and take my makeup off and pack my bag for tomorrow but that was a really lovely evening really nice food bit different beautiful sunset gorgeous like setting and the music it was just really nice I really enjoyed it we didn't have to go anywhere because we are in the north behind like I said so we have had to do a lot of Journey so it's really lovely that we just stayed all day enjoyed the hotel tomorrow I've signed myself up for zip lining which I'll talk to you more about it tomorrow but we'll see how that goes I'm a bit worried about the Heat and the bugs because I'm being bitten a lot and although I have bug spray on me I still seem to be getting bitten so we'll see how that goes but anyway let's go to bed because um I need to sleep and yeah see in the morning she is zip lining ready I'm in my kind of Gym gear I guess I'm kind of excited now I have finished breakfast with Benny it was lovely I'm going to leave Benny linked below because she's so lovely and I had the omelets and I had the Fruit Loops again so I got a clear favorite breakfast but um I'm just gonna see if my Taxi's ready because there's two here I think I'm the first and only person going zip riding from this hotel all right so we have arrived this is the check-in area we are quite a big group don't you see everyone here and this is the Forest Area this is so cool oh my gosh I'm excited okay I have put all my things in that Locker [Music] these dominant hand goes on a short sling sit and you're right like this never get your hand in front of a moving Charlie because you might cross your fingers all right ready okay let's go all right straight away oh my gosh it's a wobbly Bridge oh okay gotta put these big gloves on they're like gardening gloves oh my gosh they're ginormous oh my God they're so stupid okay all right let's go for it did my first time here first time doing this here but not my first time ziplining yeah yeah yeah okay what's your name Kevin nice to meet you how many zip lines are there six we're doing six oh but there's 13 total oh wow okay cool go for it Kevin it up a little bit don't all right so you go to the edge watch it on hit your back or your body okay ready foreign [Music] [Music] Okay so we've done four zip lines out of six it's warm but it's fun I feel like the adrenaline is already pumping you know like I could do this all day but everyone's just going one by one we're moving along quite quick [Music] thank you that was a good one excited to me my friend yeah it's like perfect good yeah that was fun well the view is amazing glad you like it that was great thank you you've got me keep coming keep coming oh my goodness I can't believe we did this so fun it's so cool to do something a bit different when you're away sweaty and hot but doesn't matter yeah how cool is that really fun I don't know how much I was able to sort of show for you but you got the gist hopefully and it was just a really good group experience come with a bunch of friends I was first up and I loved it I could do that all over again um because the adrenaline rush is just so good so anyway we're now gonna move on and go and get lunch I'm starving we have just arrived at Darkwood Beach Bar all right here is my lunch I just came out to the beach to take a picture of it but it's a proper Caribbean traditional dish of loads of different things I'm not sure actually what everything is but I will find out what is this one again this is the coconut [Music] nice thank you Whistle Stop tour at this beach bar because we are coming and going as we have such a crazy busy schedule today but it was really nice it was lovely to have proper Caribbean food I enjoyed it a lot and it's very busy in here so this is called dark wood beach bar but it was lovely had a nice time now we're going back to the hotel I'm wearing a really pretty very summer holiday dress I picked up in Matalan and I've just had a shower and it is only quarter past three however we are going out again like I said it's a busy day today because we're going on a Sunset Cruise as a whole group this will be really nice I'm really looking forward to it I I just wanted to quickly say before I run off that I had a really good time at the zip wire today I do think that it's an activity you'll want to do early in the day or late in the afternoon because obviously it is warm but it was a really cool different experience obviously I have zip lined but I haven't done it in a setting like that it was really fun I was a bit worried there was going to be lots of walking uphill and like a mini hike but it was none of that you kind of bopped one one zip line to the next and you ended at one and then you were straight on to the next which was kind of fun I didn't realize it'd be like that so a real Adrenaline Rush a little bit different if you're the kind of person that likes to come to a country like Antigua and have Beach time and some Caribbean food and then something fun then ziplining would be for you like I said I really love Stingray city as well that's in obviously in the water and being out at Sea like on a catamaran is also amazing lots of the group have been out today on boats and you can also go over to Barbuda which I've not been able to do but they have a restaurant called Nobu on the island which is a chain that's a Japanese restaurant I love sushi so I really wanted to eat there so definitely on the bucket list for the future but so far we're just over halfway now of the week and we're actually the trip kind of finishes tomorrow but we're staying an extra night so we can fly home back to the UK on Sunday so yeah it's crazy how fast it's going but I'm really enjoying myself I'm having a good time it's really difficult to Vlog when you're constantly in conversations and meeting people a lot of networking a lot of socializing but I've met some amazing fellow content creators and this kind of trip even though it's sort of a pressure creating content and working essentially there is still some down time as you saw like yesterday and the choice to pick and choose what you want to do anyway I must go but I'm looking forward to showing you the crew so I'm going to take you along yeah it's stunning outside I'm feeling so happy and so grateful that I get to do things like this like today I was on such a high when I got to the end of that zip wire and we all high-fived and everyone was cheerzing with bear I didn't have one but it was just nice it was just a really nice Vibe so let's go and do Sunset Cruise we're right down at the Captain's Tavern rum bar here but this is also where tropical Adventures is and these guys do Island safaris they do catamaran cruises and they have a few different boats so they're just cleaning up this one which I believe is ours and then this one to the right they've got a catamaran like a nice Harbor down here and they used to have a little gift shop so I want to have a look in here in a minute look at this it's so nice oh my gosh what a Vibe oh my gosh they have pin badges I actually already own this one this is such a cute shop okay so this is the one this is called Island Outfitters this is right by the bow it's not leaving for a while I think they've got us down here a bit earlier so I'm gonna go and have a little look in this shot oh I really like it down here duty-free shopping this is Heritage key oh that's helpful to know Heritage key yay look at this oh my gosh this is so fun everyone's getting a drink love it gorgeous [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] good morning everyone it's Friday and I left you at the sunset didn't I on the Sunset Cruise which was so much fun we had some really good music some rum punch I actually had a rum and coke and there was some like canopies going around and it was just a really good vibe I just really enjoyed it got to know lots of new people I dance I took loads of photos and then afterwards about 15 of us I think went for dinner at the same place I went to the other day big banana because it was literally a two minute walk from where that cruise was and I had the chicken pasta as you can see it was delicious it was exactly what I needed because I ate lunch at half 12 and then I didn't eat dinner till about half nine so I was very hungry before we got on the boat I did also stop and have a nice ice cream with my friend Sabrina so that was really good that was at a little place called Fred's right by that Marina area that Harbor it is Restaurant Week as I said here in Antigua and they are doing loads around the island I am going to go and do some sort of food tour I have no idea where we're going I've got a morning to sort out my content first then I'm gonna go and get breakfast and then I'm gonna sit by the pool read more of my book I really want to finish my book all right I'm sad breakfast I've ordered the smoothie of the day I don't even know what it is today I'll just say because we give the day please because it's just a bit too hot for tea or coffee also ordered the pancakes today every day I've been having some watermelon because it just tastes so good here it's like a top tier snack oh my gosh I wish you could smell this caramel pineapple oh a dreamy look over that breakfast was so so good like I said I want to go and pop in the sea because we're going tomorrow and this is my last chance look how beautiful these flowers are I love them I'm gonna go back down to the roof restaurant and pool where I was the other day which I'm gonna go in the sea and I actually noticed they had another little secluded beach around this corner so this is where I was this is obviously the balm restaurant here and then the pool where I did aquaerobics also another thing to know it's half past nine and look how many free beds there are like it's really quiet time of year to come if you're interested but this is the beach I wanted to show you look at it this is actual Paradise I just desperately wanted to get in before I have to go and do the day oh my God look at it look at the sea oh yes oh my God it's so nice yay I'm in the sea I'm swimming in let's see how deep is that oh it's not deep at all the sun has just gone behind a cloud but I'm gonna swim over to the podium I'm not with bench but I think it'll be fun okay I don't know how I'm gonna gracefully get on this but fine here it is they also have one here which is actually got Sun lounges on it which is kind of fun but look at this oh it's like a slight Bob you know like a slight sway I'm the only one in the sea oh it's so dreamy what a nice place to be I feel so lucky I know I'm gonna be back home next week sat on my desk for hours and hours and I'm going to be thinking about this moment this moment where I got to sit or lie down on this nice bed the sand oh my gosh I wish you could feel the sand look at this I don't know if you can appreciate this sand is like so soft oh it's so lovely we're gonna go back and get ready for the day and I've been told that because we're on a food tour it's likely that we're gonna run over in time and just enjoy eating together so I'm I've been asked to pack a bag of clothes that I can wear at the dinner tonight it's an island that I believe we can get to Via Hodges Bay which is one of the other hotels that the group is saying out some of the group and we're basically having our closing party there I think we're eating there I'm not quite sure but it should be really good so we're looking forward to it I'm at the reception I'm just waiting for the taxi I think I'm the last pickup today which is fairly nice because give me a bit more time I'm wearing this nice little blue sporty dress from m s and I've got my away one bag on me they don't sell this anymore I think it's limited edition but I've also packed my evening outfit in my beach bag so that is that I'm really looking forward to doing this I'm quite hungry now actually after that swimming and oh it's morning I've had wow okay this is our first stop it smells good wow so we've just arrived at the Captain's Table it's called it's this tiny little building here that's been running for over 10 years and this is the first stop on our food tour where they'll be making us some food obviously and we're gonna be trying some rum and they've got a still band playing which is so lovely so let's go and enjoy I'm looking forward to seeing what we have this first dish was actually my favorite of the day it was Seafood fried rice fried conch fish and salt fish and it was all so delicious and homemade and amazing and then we had a bit of a talk about the history of the rum on the island and had some tasters and enjoyed this English Harbor was nice the food was amazing the fish tasted so good and then we got to try lots of the different rums next stop was one stone which is a Rastafarian restaurant and they cook all the food in these clay pots to give the food a real herpy taste and just in case you don't know the best appearance for these are living as close to Nature as possible so that means the try and keep the food as healthy as possible they had lots of great things on the menu but we were all very kindly offered a pea ball which was so delicious it was actually really lovely and soft and I enjoyed it a lot and I also had a nice fresh fruit smoothie as well which came in this very plain plastic bottle and then we moved on to a place called The makery which is a bakery Deli and Juice Bar they've been running for over 31 years and kind of gave us a selection of pastries we're gonna do this cheesy one first oh it's like a hot cross bun it's like a Cheesy cross bun it's a little [Music] it's all right muffin [Music] then we visited this very popular restaurant called Almas we've been running for over 50 years family owned business and they gave me a very lovely dish of chicken and rice for our final stop on our food tour we have come to the cricket stadium it was quite a surprise I've seen we've been past a few times but I'm really sad benja's not here because he would have loved this I've just facetimed him and he was like no way it's such a cool Vibe because these seats here they're like open plan like just grass that you can sit on and then they have actual seats as well and obviously you've got the flag in the seats there but it's just a really cool grounds to be at really nice obviously there's no game right now but they do have food vendors here so they had a few cocktails in these bags but I ended up having some really lovely mango and coconut ice cream and it was absolutely perfect to end our food tour I really love the day so from the last thing you saw would have been ice cream at the stadium I'm Now quickly dressed with the lovely Nicola polka dot passport I'll leave a link below let me join the hair and have room and had a quick shout I got changed we've been chit chatting away and it's been really nice actually but I'm here at Hodges Bay which is a really nice hotel and it's where we're spending the evening they have a little island called prickly pear where we're getting on the boat and we're going over to the island so I'm gonna try and show you as much as I can but it's a really nice resort just like Blue Waters actually but it's very nice so let's go [Music] okay this is such a Vibe I've got Benny here look at you looking gorgeous we're gonna go and look at the um the bar thank you [Music] good morning everyone last night was so much fun I didn't film an awful lot but we went to the island we had the music we had a buffet dinner it was really nice came back and went straight to sleep had a really nice time I have been up for a while I've just started packing I am moving hotels today with the UK lot so as I said there's lots of people from lots of different countries some of them flying home today so we're moving to a hotel called The Royalton I believe Blue Waters has been so lovely and this morning when I went for breakfast the lady that worked at the reception I think her name is Deborah she greeted me by my name and remembered it and she knows my room number now without having to ask so it was just like really nice touches I really loved staying in this hotel I think it's definitely quiet right now I wouldn't necessarily come at this time of year because they don't have all the restaurants open and I would have loved to have tried the both restaurant and the spa was closed on Wednesday which was the only dials available but overall I think it's really beautiful it's definitely on the more expensive end at the pricier end but it is all inclusive and you've got a nice variety of pools and activities they do every day room is lovely I will say the housekeeping has been absolutely Immaculate perfectly spotless all my stuff organized on the sides the room is lovely and cool I have had a few hiccups here and there when my water didn't work but mostly I've really enjoyed my stay here so thank you very much to Blue Waters for having me [Music] thank you wow this is the reception this is nice it's very different isn't it look at the stage they've got here just go check in at the reception all right we've come to our first restaurant just go and take a look inside this is the buffet so they should have a nice mix of things exactly what I imagined Anita wants oh my gosh it's ginormous wow there's loads of things oh my gosh it smells so good too all right quick Remy tour we've got nice big wardrobe and mirrors bathroom shower oh yeah it looks nice nice nice nice this is the bedroom the bed looks nice and big little sofa in the corner there nice big area here store your luggage there big TV I actually really like it I'm assuming the pool is around that corner yeah it's just in the distance over there and down here they have swim up rooms too but the view is obviously that's the walkway there so you'd have to sort of decide if that was something you'd want for that but yeah if we're going on First Impressions this feels very resort-like it's much bigger than Blue Waters it's got a lot more restaurants and choices and it feels big blue Waters is definitely more boutiquey and was easy to get to everything so I think we're all going to eat in different spots there's a Caribbean restaurant there's an Italian a steakhouse a buffet we just had a quick lunch at and there was one more that I forgotten already and there's also a spa and I'm really Keen to possibly have a massage they close at half six I think it's about half three right now okay I've come into the spa there's no one in here now so I thought I'd try and show you I am just gonna spend an hour in here it was 50 to come and use all the facilities but I've been in the sauna and the steam room very nice to swam a little bit red but they've got a big like pool area there's no one in here they've got relaxation rooms so they have these it's very loud we have these a really nice one your back so let me just this is the other side of where that area was and this is the relaxation room I will say I don't know where that is the big jacuzzi at the end wasn't working the shower at the end also wasn't working and the steam room didn't have a lot of steam the sauna was nice the Jets were quite strong on my back but it kind of was nice but there's there needs to be like a pool area that you can sit by there's no music playing in here either just finished in the spa and I liked it I didn't love it if I'm being honest it's nice there were some flaws do I think it was worth fifty dollars maybe not but it was a nice place for me to be I really actually relaxed so that was good I'm actually gonna go down to the coffee bar and see if they'll make me an iced coffee or I might get a cocktail because one all inclusive this is the dining area so all the different restaurants are sort of stacked next to each other and then there's some down at the beach as well this is my final evening outfit I had a very lovely viewer I cannot remember who it was but she sent me the link to this dress it was from New Look and she was like I think this would look really nice on you and I bought it because I loved it it's actually like a nice pleated long floaty dress I'm really excited about wearing it and I've washed dried and straightened my hair oh and these are the shoes I'm wearing as well they're sparkly flats from accessorize dinner was nice steak was okay it was nice it was nice we had a creme brulee for a dessert a lot of them have gone to various bars and are drinking some of them are at a show some of them were going to karaoke Benny and I decided to go to bed our flight home is about nine o'clock and we're getting picked up about six so I have requested a late checkout that's all for me I'm gonna get out of this dress I'll see you tomorrow morning it's 7 A.M oh it's about quarter past actually and Benny and I are gonna go for breakfast in a minute I've made the bed and made it look a little bit nicer because I paid to have the room until 5 p.m so that we can sort of chill in here and get ready before we have to get our flight checkout's normally at 12 so I need to go to reception reprogram a little thing and then um do that but yes okie dokie let's look at what they've got for breakfast so all your usual pastries oof my gosh what spread we've got little mini pancakes all French toast big full English I don't feel the need to have like a big breakfast because I can come back for lunch so we're doing omelettes over here yes that's what we want we want an omelette so we've been by the pool for a while I'm reading my book I am going to finish it today and I thought I'd show you my view because it's actually really nice down here they have some floating bungalowy stuff um rooms at the end a beach Sun lounges pools swim up bar lizzo's going on here let me show you so this is my current View and there's the bungalowy things so it's really nice this is the pool bar it's really nice and they've given us towels and I'm just working on some Instagram stories hi okay this is the pool bar menu so I think we're gonna go for a Mudslide which isn't that one there but they have loads of great things and it's all included so I went for a fruity Fiesta it's a slushie but it's strawberry mango banana and orange juice it's so good but also they have a Mudslide each too which is vodka Irish cream coffee liqueur chocolate and cream I am sweaty I've been in the pool we've been sunbathing it's been so lovely I think the plan is lunch and then one more dip in the pool just like a last hurray and then come back and start getting ready for the flight home we are all on the bus going to the airport and it's quite noisy but we're leaving the hotel now I have just got to the end of editing this video and I want to say thank you so much for watching it I hope you enjoyed it coming 20 with me a huge thank you to the Traverse team the antique and Barbuda tourist board all the people that made it possible both out in Antigua and back in the UK all the lovely content creators that I spent the week with and that shaped my experience I had so many amazing conversations and learned a lot and just felt totally inspired and I really enjoyed making this video I said on Instagram that travel just brings me so much joy it just makes me feel so happy and I really really enjoyed all the content and all the experiences so thank you for watching this make sure you hit subscribe so you don't miss Future travel videos that we have coming up and uh yeah thank you again to everyone that made this possible for inviting me see you very soon bye foreign [Music]

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