Andalucia - 2023 - iPhone 14 Pro Max, 4k, 60 fps, HDR

Andalucia - 2023 - iPhone 14 Pro Max, 4k, 60 fps, HDR

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Citroen C4, quite nice! Oh, it has a HUD! It's nice to be here. Birds are chirping. That kind of car. Oh, it locks itself when I walk further with keys in my pocket.

Little smaller with normal lens. This apartment is so good! I'd say the temperature is about 16 Celcius. It feels so warm coming from Finnish winter. Behind that highway is the shore.

The walking route there starts here. The Hotel is behind those trees. Guarder parking lot. And electric sliding gates. Good morning from Costa del Sol, Spain.

The map says, I'm on a untouched natural beach, - But you can see pieces of concrete and other trash. I'm alone here So this should be like a national park-beach. Wait a minute, I'll check the map. Yes, according the map this is Playa Naturista.

Doesn't that mean this is beach of nature? These are hotel's summer pools. Now they are closed. The ants are eating your food! My balcony is the one with light on. A VIEW TO GIBRALTAR Two countries on a same trip. A rainy day. Gladly I took my raincoat with me. Here I'm walking in Gibraltar.

The rain strated almost immediately I came to England. It was nice weather in Spain. Not as neat as it was in Mijas.

Can I get through here? Or is this only an entrance to a house? Maybe here? No way! I think those are the old moorish walls. Hi cat! This must have been the town border. The guards have stood here. The first monkey staring the tourists.

Unfortunately the Top of the Rock is in cloud. There is a 400 meter fall to the coast. You can't see anything. A small monkey! Wet monkeys. So small! What should I do? A monkey is on my shoulders.

Do you activate when I get closer? And even closer it unlocks automatically. This is fun! The road goes through the runway. It's closed when an aeroplane is landing.

Where does the sea change? Just here! Behind me is the Atlantic Ocean. And behind me is the Mediterranean Sea. It's calmer than the Atlantic. This is the southernmost place I can walk in Europe.

I could get a little more, but I can't because the gate. I think they won't open if I rang the doorbell. Atlantic and Mediterranean. And Tarifa. Back there you can see the coast of Africa.

This is the closest place of Africa on this trip. I think because yesterday's heavy rain these banks have collapsed. There are several bulldozers building those banks again.

Yes! My guess was right. The path is under costruction, so I'll go back. I have walked almost five kilometers this way.

STREAMING TO FINLAND Walking to see the sunrise. Welcome to the sunrise. Sun will rise in a couple of minutes. You can see some interesting phenomenons.

First, tomorrow will be full Moon, so if you turn 180 degrees, - you can see almost full Moon. You can also see the shadow of the Earth. Those clouds are not yet illuminated by the Sun.

Sun is still under the horizon at this place. But you can see sunlight on those clouds because they are more east. Is there more celestial things happening? The first ray of the Sun! Beautiful! And the opposite side you'll find the almost full Moon. The Sun has risen! Rondo! No, Ronda! Escape, a tourist group is coming! And now the thing, why everybody comes here! Wow! It's quite something! This should be the second largest bull fight arena in Spain.

This place reminds me Tallin's Toompea, in Estonia. Old buildings and a view from above. I think the car is that way. Is this too the Moorish architecture? Soon I'll go down there. Houses are built in the caves. Or under some kind of visors.

How must humidity is there? Nice view from the balcony! Hi there! What kind of animal are you? Som kind of mountain goat, are you? Please, dont ram me! Maybe this is unfinished restaurant with a great view. I don't think this is abandoned. Unfinished. Toilets, I think. Wow! You can see Gibraltar there! I forgot to eat and drink. Well, at the morning I ate one bread.

But now I'm thirsty and hungry. Lamb rogan josh, with naan bread and beer. The last breakfast. It's ten to nine and I have to hand over the room at 10 o'clock. Car rental ends at 2.15 pm and -

flight departure is 4.35 pm. I still have time to do something. Maybe I'll go back to Mijas. That's all, folks. So much I drank soda in a week. It's clean and neat.

This was a good hotel. Last night was a little bit noisy. I woke up 1.30 am and it was hard to get sleep after that. Waking up from a deep sleep makes adrenaline to rise up.

So, it's bye bye! Now handing over the room and by car somewhere. 14 C temperature, not too warm. That was my apartment, 20 E. Back to Mijas! Are you in a bad place? No! Piece of cake! It's nice just to sit here. Beautiful view an no people. 36 litres diesel, 760 kilometres. Very economic.

It makes 5 l/100 km. The fuel costed 59 €. What is missing? The window.

2023-03-27 14:47

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