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People are running and there is a line to get into the bus. I don't know where to go. There are so many people, it looks like the whole of China is here.

Today is not a public holiday or the weekend. It is very chaotic here! We have come to the biggest project in human history. Hey guys very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tourvashu.

Currently, I am in Beijing which is the capital and also the second-biggest city in China. The time is 8:00 am. Today I am going to see the biggest man-made project in human history. Today I am going to the Great Wall of China.

It is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is in China and it is very near to Beijing. I am sure that you will have heard of the name Great Wall of China. The great Wall of China is the most visited tourist place in China. More than 10 million tourists come to see the Great Wall of China every year.

Along with China, it is also one of the most tourist visited attractions in the world. I am going to the nearest metro station. I will go to a bus station through metro.

From there, I will take a bus which will take me to the Great Wall of China. I have come to the metro station. I will tell you the remaining information after reaching the place. It won't be good if I tell you all the information now.

Everybody is coming out of the metro. Less people are going and more people are coming out. I am staying here and this is the city centre.

This is a commercial hub. People from across Beijing come here. For working and many other things. The situation will be the opposite in the night. People are standing in the line. This is for going and that is for coming.

But nobody is here. There is no barricade but still, people are on the one side. But some people are coming to this side also. Beijing Metro was opened in 1971 i.e. before 52 years. This metro is 50 years old. This metro came but I have to go to another one.

This metro is also here. I think the train runs more frequently in the morning. There are trains one after the other. I have come out of the Metro station and the Metro fare was 3 Yuan.

Around 0.45$ If you are staying in Beijing, you have to come to this metro station. The name of the metro station is 'Jishuitan metro station' It has been written down. You will get a bus to the Great Wall of China from here. I am at the Metro station and the board has been put here.

'Passengers for Badaling Great Wall' I should take bus number 877. I will have to board bus number 877 which will take me to the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall is the longest wall in the world. There are different sections of walls. Visitors can visit the particular section to witness The Great Wall of China.

I am going to the Badaling section which is near Beijing. Badaling is 70 km from Beijing. This ride is going to be for 1 and a half an hour.

There are so many buses here and it is very difficult to find bus number 877. I will ask someone and then reach their exact location. I have to cross the road to go to the other side. People are running and there is a line to get into the bus. Bus number 877 has already come.

I think the bus is getting full again and again. I have to go inside. I don't have the ticket, I am not sure where to purchase the ticket from! She is providing the ticket. That's good. You can also book the bus ticket online. They are giving the tickets here, I will take them by paying in cash.

I have already booked the entrance ticket to the Great Wall of China. I will take a bus ticket from here. I don't whether they are ready to accept cash or not. She is holding cash so she might accept cash. It is just 12 Yuan, this is very cheap. This ticket fare is 1.7$, this is only for one way.

I thought it will be more expensive, but public transport is very cheap. It is not very far it is 70 km away and will reach in one and a half hour. There is a bus to the Great Wall of China after every 10 minutes. The bus is full.

I reached my destination after travelling for 70 KM. 'Badaling section of the Great Wall of China' There are many tourists here. People across China come to visit this great wall. There are many buses here which have come from many destinations across China.

There are buses everywhere. It is very cloudy, I hope it doesn't rain. The weather is not very hot.

I don't know where to go. I think I have to purchase an entrance ticket. You might be wondering why am I carrying my bag everywhere in China. The reason behind this is the passport. If you are going to any visiting place as a tourist, your passport is checked.

You have to carry your passport everywhere. You should never come out of your house without a passport. I think this is a ticket office. The information is written in both Chinese and English language.

There is no need to panic, you will understand it easily. This is 17$. I will tell you the reason behind paying this. This place is very crowded it looks like the whole of China is here. It is neither holiday nor a weekend. It is said that it will be even more crowded on weekends.

Today also it is very crowded! All these people are Chinese. There are no foreigners here because the country has opened tourism just now. There are no foreign tourists here. The entrance ticket to the Great Wall of China is 40 Yuan.

It is around 6.5$ If you want to go up and come down. 2 hours for going up and 2 hours for coming down. It is very crowded, I am not able to speak properly.

It's good if you can trek to the top. If you cannot do trekking for various reasons, you can take this sliding car ticket. One way is 80 Yuan and two way is 120 Yuan.

I have purchased the ticket for this. I think you will reach the top within 15 minutes. Tickets are 6.5$ but for transportation, it is 18$.

It is very chaotic here! I am not able to understand anything. I think I have to go to this side. A Board has been put here for the direction of the sliding car.

You can either take a sliding car or also walked upon The Great Wall. There are many sections of the Great Wall of China. Some sections are very far and some are very near. Some sections are very well maintained and some are not maintained. You can select anyone in those.

I have selected this because it is very near and it is very touristic. Many tourists come here because the first reason, it is very near to Beijing. The second reason is, it is very well-maintained and well-preserved. Some sections are very far it is not very good or maintained. I have come to the Sliding car station. This will take us to the Great Wall of China section.

This is a sliding car. This is a single Occupancy car. This is very long! People are leaving and I am going to set in one of these.

People are very happy. People of all ages are here. There are young and old people. Even the kids are here. This is a very long sliding car. I can sit wherever I want.

I will sit here. I have to be very careful with my camera. It might slip off my hand. He is going to help me.

This sliding car is already leaving as soon as I sat. He is locking all the seats. It was joint, he is separating the seats. He has separated the seats. We have come inside a cave. This experience is very adventurous.

The sliding car is inclined towards the top. After exploring the great wall, we are going to come back on this sliding car only. It is very inclined. It's like climbing a mountain. It has inclined more than 45 degrees.

We have come to the Great Wall of China. Everyone is being taken off fast. We have reached the top. It is also written 'Entrance to the Great Wall' It took 15 minutes to come to the top here in the sliding car. I showed my online ticket and they have given me a printed ticket.

We have not yet gone to the top. The sliding car did not take a till the top. I have to walk along this way. I will go as high as I can. I can see a location on the top. This is the Great Wall of China.

It is not very clear on the camera. Where you see, you can see only the Great Wall of China, We have to climb the stairs to go to the top. We have come to the biggest project in human history. The great Wall of China is longer than 21,000 km. Can you believe it? It is 21,000 km. It was made on the northern border of historical China.

There are many myths for the great wall of China. The first myth is that the whole 21,000 km wall was made at a time. It is very wrong, it took more than 2000 years to build this.

I mentioned in my last video... There were many rulers and dynasties in China. The great Wall of China was constructed during the different dynasties part by part. The first part was started to construct 2500 years ago.

The second largest dynasty in China was the Ming dynasty. The dynasty was there before 600 years and they did the major portion of the wall. They made the work of joining the Great Wall of China. The great Wall of China is known as an 'Engineering marvel' Countless numbers of labours were taken for the construction of this wall.

There is no count for the labourers. This is very massive! This is only a small section of the whole big massive wall. You can just imagine the complete Great Wall. This great wall was constructed to protect the northern boundary of China. This is not only a wall, but there are many towers in this. There are barriers, Barack and fortress.

Many historical monuments have been constructed in this great wall of China. This is not only the wall. There were many reasons to construct this wall. To control immigration and emigration. To control the business. To control the import and Exports.

There were many reasons for constructing the wall. There are frequent dips and highs in this wall. Sometimes I have to climb and sometimes I have to get down. There is a straight path in some places and steps in some places.

All the stairs are not of similar size. Some are big and some are small. This is a very irregular structure. This wall started from the Korea border. This has gone till the last province which is Shanhaiguan. That comes in the border of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan It is started from the extreme east and has gone to the extreme west of China.

Different types of materials were used during the construction of this wall. The majority of the wall was made from Brick stone and cud stones. These were brought from the mountains. A sticky lime motor was used to stick the bricks together. Similar to cement but this is not cement. In the places where bricks were not available, even wood has been used to construct this wall.

An interesting fact about the Great Wall is, places where limestone and lime mortar was not available to attach the bricks, the sticky rice was also used to stick the bricks together. The sticky rice was also used to stick the bricks together. Still, the whole wall is standing straight. It has been damaged in some parts. But they are re-constructing it to preserve it. While constructing this wall, it was known as the longest cemetery on earth.

More than 1 million people had to lose their lives while constructing this wall. It was very common in ancient China... People who were involved in the crimes and who were about to get death sentences were sent here to build this wall.

Many ancient criminals have constructed this wall. This is my 3/7 wonder of the world. I have visited the Taj Mahal in Agra and Petra in Jordan.

I have also visited the Giza pyramids in Egypt. It doesn't count as the 7th wonder of the world, it is the 7th ancient wonder of the world. Many people are stopping me and taking photos. I was not making a video at that time.

I am the only one speaking the non-Chinese language. Everybody is speaking in the Chinese language. There is another common myth about the great wall of China. That, this wall is visible from space and Moon. This is not true.

This wall is not visible from space and the moon through the naked eyes. This myth was started 150 years ago. When no if a human had been to space and Moon. You will need a telescope to look at this great wall of China from space or the moon This wall is so massive! If you stand anywhere on the wall, wherever you see you can see only The Great Wall. This wall is so long, you can see it everywhere. This is south of China.

This is north of China. This great wall divides the North and South in the Northern boundary of China. I am at so height that I am sitting and making a video. Otherwise, you will hear just the sound of air and not my voice. He asked whether this is my GoPro. I told yes.

He told that he has forgotten his GoPro at home. And he is very sad because of it. 'I have come so far and I forgot to bring my camera' There is another popular myth regarding this wall. That this wall was built to protect China from Mongols and Genghis Khan. This is not true.

The first Imperial king of China started to construct this wall. In 200 BC. Mongol Empire was not existing at those Times.

Mongols emerged in 800 AD and Genghis Khan came way longer after that. This wall already existed even before Genghis Khan's arrival. This is the wall.

This is a watchtower. There are thousands of watchtowers in this. A watch tower has been constructed on all the peaks.

In the far North East of China, Manchuria ethnic people live. 'Manchurian' word came to use by them. This wall was majorly constructed by the Ming dynasty. Manchuria tried to attack China and take control over China but they couldn't do due to this wall.

In the forest region, there was a guard. Knowingly or unknowingly he opened the portion of the wall. After that, Manchuria people attacked the Chinese and the Guards. And took control over China. When Manchurian took control, it was known as the Qing dynasty. It is written as ‘Qing’ but spelt as ‘Ching’ In the Chinese language ‘Q’ is read as ‘Ch’ ‘X’ is read as ‘Sh’ ‘X’ is ‘Sh’ and ‘Q’ is ‘Ch’ I have mentioned ‘King’ many times but that is ‘Qing’ I knew it but I Forget to tell.

The last dynasty of China was ‘Qing’ which is a ‘Manchuria dynasty’ After that, the Republic of China and China country were formed. 100 years ago I have brought a water bottle and some snacks from Beijing. If I had not brought, there are many shops here.

Prices are expensive because this is a tourist place and it is situated at Heights. You get all the items. You get a photo and certificate for 30 Yuan so I have also made one.

You can take a photograph and you will be given a certificate with your name and date. That 'You have climbed the Great Wall of China' This is for 30 Yuan It is almost 4.5$. He has a printing machine here. He will take a photo and print it and give it to you within a minute.

Selling this for 20 Yuan, this is a very big and thick golden card. This is gold plated metal card. He will write your name in English on this. He will write English or Chinese name on this for 20 Yuan.

I am thinking of taking this as a souvenir. All the people who have brought the card from here are Chinese. I am the only tourist here.

My handwriting is not good. I have taken 2 souvenirs. One for 30 Yuan and one for 20 Yuan This is ready. This is a golden card. It's time to take the sliding car and go back.

I was thinking about the great wall of China when I was in school. I was in a class 4th or 7th. I don't remember it exactly.

I had studied about this wall in my History subject. I had never thought that I will come to China and witness The Great Wall of China. I wanted to visit this wall from past four years.

I couldn't come due to many reasons and the pandemic. Finally, after so many years, I have completed this wishlist. I have sat on the sliding car. There are so many Souvenir shops but nobody is forcing you to buy the items. In India, Egypt and Jordan, people force you to buy their products.

People are not even coming near to you. You can come here by yourself and it's your wish to buy it or not. This is very good.

Unlike the Taj Mahal and the Giza Pyramids, entrance fee for the locals and foreigners are the same here. The prices are different in India, Egypt and other parts of the world. It is done in many countries, but not here. The fee for foreigners and local is the same.

That's very good thing in China. I am going back to Beijing. So many people here this place is very crowded.

Many tour groups have come here. There is tour group everywhere. People have come here to travelling. I will take the same bus number 877 and go back to Beijing. I have come to the place where I wasn't allowed yesterday without a prior appointment.

Currently, I am in Tiananmen Square. Many sources tell that this is the largest city square in the world. If this is not the largest, this is one of the largest city squares in the world. This square is so big that it can fit in 60 football fields. This square is very big. More than 1 million people can stand on this ground at a time.

It is drizzling so there are not many tourists. Yesterday it was very crowded. Since it's raining now the place is very empty. The Chinese government have made a new rule to enter this place. You have to take an appointment one day before visiting this place. You can come to this square only at the given time slot.

We should book an appointment through WeChat. WeChat is a China application. WeChat was also used in India but now it has been banned.

WeChat is one of the most important applications in China. You can do everything in your life through just one application. Chatting, calling, taxi order, ordering food, booking something. Shopping from websites. Purchasing train and flight tickets. All the things which you can think of have been integrated into a single application called WeChat.

This is the National Museum of China. This is the Parliament of China. Local people can just take an appointment show their ID and come inside.

When I entered, they checked my appointment and passport. The offices checked my visa and also took a photo of it. After that, I was allowed inside. I will tell you the reason afterwards. This is a very important square for China and China's history.

There is a Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. He was the founder of the People's Republic of China. The people's Republic of China was established in 1949. 74 years back. Mao Zedong was the chairman of the China Communist Party. He created the PRC.

His photo has also been put in the square. It is very far from here. I have to go close to show it to you. The square is so big that if you stand at the corner, the other end is Invisible. So many people are taking photographs. The security behind Tiananmen Square is this square witnessed many Historical events.

Many political events and demonstrations have been conducted here. And are conducted very often. In 1989 a world-famous protest was done in this Tiananmen Square. You can refer to the internet for this. I am not going to tell in detail in the video.

In Chinese language the meaning of ‘Tiananmen’ is ‘Gate of Heavenly Peace’ This is a very big Tiananmen Square. On this Gate, the founder of PSC photo has also been put. Tiananmen gate is the national symbol of China.

Chairman Mao Zedong's photo has been put on Tiananmen Square. A few years back, Minor ethnicity people living here had put black ink and fire on his photo. This is the reason behind the security of this place. So that the incidents don't repeat. That is why they check the ID always.

So that the officers have the proof and can trace them in future if needed.

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