an autumn trip to gyeongju, korea (tombs, forests, cafes) solo travel outside of seoul vlog

an autumn trip to gyeongju, korea (tombs, forests, cafes)  solo travel outside of seoul vlog

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Good morning friends. I'm so sleepy. Today we are going to Gyeongju. I haven't been to Gyeongju since   last spring and it was stunning. I will  link that vlog down below. That's one of   my favorite vlogs of all time. It was incredible. If you're looking for a place to go in Spring -   amazing. But we're going right now where it's  actually - like still a little bit hot in Seoul   but Gyeongju got like a sudden dip in temperature  so it's gonna feel like Autumn. I'm very excited. So we're just gonna walk around, chill basically. There's a forest I want to explore.

I don't know, anyway, we're gonna get on the  KTX. I'm here with just enough time to grab   a little bit of breakfast. Yeah welcome! Seoul  is waking up, it's noisy as heck so in we go! It takes about two hours to get to Gyeongju and  I'm very sleepy so this sounds like a perfect time   to talk about the sponsor of this video which  is Audible. As you guys probably know, Audible   is a wonderful service for all things that you  like to listen to including audiobooks but also   podcasts and more. They offer audiobooks across  every genre. I'm currently listening to Mythos   by Stephen Fry and to make it even better it  is narrated by Stephen Fry. If you're interested  

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again to Audible for sponsoring this. All the  information will be down below. It definitely   kept me company as we sped through the Korean  countryside and finally got to our destination. Hi everyone! Greetings from Gyeongju. It's so so  so windy - we have a typhoon coming in so I'll keep   this short. This is Bonghwadae tomb and we're  gonna get a little coffee and go to a tea house -  

I'm so sorry - but it's gorgeous, it's stunning. Welcome to Gyeongju, I love this city so much. And I can't wait to show you. I'm just gonna  be here for two days and one night and - oh   that's a cute coffee shop! Oh my God there's  so much to do! So let's see what we get up to :) Okay so it's a little less windy. We are at Godo Coffee which is right next to Daereungwon - the like main tombs that you have to pay to go  into. It's gorgeous outside. I had to take off my

jacket so it's like not quite Autumn yet but it is  so nice out. I just ran into um a girl named Holly   and her mom who are here so I'm glad they got  weather - good weather as well. So yeah what   do I have to say about it? I brought you here  before so apologies if this you've heard this   spiel before but Gyeongju - has motorcycles -  used to be the kind of original capital   and so this is where you will find most of the  Royal tombs, like the largest ones. They found a lot   of really interesting like treasure I guess and  stuff in here, like lots of gold, so a lot of things   you see in the museums are from Gyeongju. And this  city this entire city is actually a UNESCO world   heritage site so because of that, in this like  exact area, you actually can't build anything over   five stories so it just feels older, like  it feels small, you can see so much sky.  

It's really, it's a cool little place. It's  definitely become like very touristy even for   Koreans, like this little downtown area is very  trendy but it also has a lot of like stuff you   would see in like Hongdae or whatever like lots  of photos sticker booths and stuff like that. But   it has amazing food. I'm going to actually like I'm  gonna hit places that I've already been to but I   am going to a couple new places which is exciting. I'm honestly just down here to you enjoyed the   perfect weather and I literally I could get back  on the train right now after having this coffee   and I would be happy so yeah I'm just gonna  chill here for a second, we're gonna hit a tea   house after this - sorry we're just gonna kind  of cafe hop for a little bit - and literally   just soak up this sun that isn't burning my skin  and I'm not sweating. But yeah welcome to Gyeongju!

Hello I'm in the middle of a flower field.   We're gonna head over to - why do I even do this, I don't even block the sun from my eyes  - We're gonna head over to the bridge area, wrap  around to the observatory, maybe get a little   snack. It's a stunning day. Oh I almost ran into  a butterfly. It's a stunning day. The tour guides are so friendly.

I've said it before and I'll say it again  - also there is a speck of dust inside my lens   can't do anything about it I'm so sorry -  if you're visiting and you want to go to a   city where you can just take the train there,  you do have to take a bus or a taxi but once   you get to kind of the center point, you're  totally able to just walk everywhere, you don't   even need to really use public transportation -  obviously there are some other places where   you might want to go but if you just have  like a day-ish and you just kind of want to   go to a city outside of Seoul, this is a really  great one. I would also say Jeonju, but Jeonju is   a little bit smaller in terms of like what you  can do in the walking area but this is just so   stunning like you really can't see this anywhere  else other than Korea and it's just - oh it's   gorgeous. If you love trees, I mean, this city is  so green. It's got, I mean look at this, this   is just like a forest! I mean it's beautiful,  it's quiet, it's a little bit hellish in like   spring I would say. Spring was incredibly  crowded but now I mean it's quiet it's lovely   I just can't hype Gyeongju up enough. It's  really such a peaceful little place. So I'm  

going to walk to the observatory, walk around  the trees a little bit more, and then I'm gonna   get a snack because I can't say this every time,  I do this in every video, but I cannot live off   of caffeine and sugar. When am I gonna learn? So  yeah I will see you guys at our next stop.   It is school group day oh my God, there's like thousands of kids. Okay hi, we've made it to our  Airbnb. We're staying in a hanok so   I might not talk tonight because it's when  people are going to sleep. Hanok do not have sound   proofing whatsoever, the walls are like paper, so just keep that in mind if you ever do want to   stay in a hanok. Anyway I'm gonna take a little  nap, I woke up very early this morning and  

it's also like the hottest part of the day.  I'll see you guys a little later, we're gonna hit   the main tomb area kind of hopefully  at like golden hour-ish so see you then! Hey! So last time I was here, like I said, I was here  in - what was it - spring. There's this one particular   area that's a photo zone that is so crowded and  it still is even right now, but my friend Kaila   and I went around the corner and there's like a  gorgeous - I'll put the photo here - a gorgeous   cherry blossom tree that nobody pays attention to  but they just marked it off as like keep off   the grass now, so sad. But the photo zone's cute,  I don't know if I'll take a picture there but the   light is it's - it's an hour and 15 minutes before  sunset if you want to keep that in mind. Okay!

Hi! That was magical. Highly recommend coming in golden hour. And I'm going to I think grab a snack   and then honestly just kind of sit in another cafe  and soak up the ambiance. It's a little actually   too cold to be sitting outside, I'm in like a dress  and this little jacket and I'm a little chilly   so anyway I stopped by this to show you this  is a mogwa, and it can go bad but it doesn't   always and I once saw this - the only reason I  know this exists is because I saw it in a taxi   once and I was like why does this taxi driver have  a fruit like just on his dashboard? And Kurt told   me that these actually like don't really go bad  and they can kind of be really fragrant like when   they get over ripe and if you just leave  it kind of like in your house, it's a not air   freshener, but like a scented thing. Isn't that odd?  So when I'm - there's one that's like on my daily   walk and now that it's like mogwa season I'm thinking of picking one and bringing it into our house just to test it out. I don't know. But anyway  yeah so gorgeous, oh wait no the sun is hitting   it really pretty I'm going back - I'm gonna  take one more picture and then yeah I'll see you! Oh my God please don't fall you are set  so precariously on this table. I just got   peppermint tea, nothing really exciting, and  I'm going to chill and I decided to stay   outside because very soon winter will come  and it will be way way way too cold to sit   outside so I'm taking every single day  that I can. The sunset was magnificent, I  

couldn't capture it as well as it  was, you know, as usual but anyway. I'm freaking the hell out and ahjumma, like  halmoni halmoni level ahjumma just came   up to me and said that she watched  my video and she's from Busan and   I've literally never had a Korean halmoni say  that she wanted my videos. It's a beautiful day. Good morning, we are heading to a forest. See you there!   Hi guys so we've made it.  This is Samreung. It is just a  

forest and it's really famous especially like  certain mornings, Korea is pretty known for its fog   and this place gets it just looks so magical  but we have a nice clear day. Once again I don't   think there's anyone anywhere nearby so  I'm gonna go into the woods alone, great!   There is like, there are a lot of other tombs  nearby so I saw actually more school groups going   in so I'm not completely alone but anyway  yeah I'm going to take a little walk through   I love Korean pine trees because they're so  twisty turny and like always doing something weird   so this has just heaven for  me. I'm very excited so let's go!   This is like the most stunning thing I've ever  seen. I'm just gonna walk a little bit further   I'm not gonna walk deeper in because I'm not  like fully dressed for this - like I had no   idea this was so big. This is like part of the  National Park so there is - so many spiders   - but also so much hiking. I, when I got here  like I said, I was alone but then there was this   older couple that came and they look like locals,  they seem to just like hike this every morning. 

And then there's, I've seen so far like four other  people clearly like here to hike. It is so quiet, so beautiful, but really well maintained.  This is like a proper path with the like   but it's beautiful, the walk that I've  gone on so far has had almost zero incline, this   is the first time that I've gotten to any  kind of hill and it's not even like that -   I mean compared to what I usually accidentally  get up to on this channel. So definitely if you   are looking for a little outside of the city  center thing, I just took the bus - I'll put   it down below exactly where I stopped but  like drop me off at the entrance. Oh my God! Also just as an aside, oh and I am using my black  and white film camera so I'll update you guys   with what comes out - I have no idea  what the first 10 pictures were.   But I went to summer camp as a American kid  does sometimes, and I remember they were trying   to teach us how to recognize poison ivy (or oak) and  the rhyme was "leaves of three, leave them be."

Everything in this forest has three leaves! So I'm  just not trying not to touch anything. Anyway yeah   they're now, there are some more photographers.  The light coming through is so beautiful I wish I   had better skills, you don't need better equipment,  you just do better skills, I wish one day but   yeah everybody's, as usual, super nice - smiling, noddings, saying hello. It's good   vibes here. But I'm actually gonna head kind  of back. I do have to catch a train so I'm   gonna get lunch first and kind of relax,  look over my footage and stuff but like what a beautiful place! So definitely  like this is top of my list, this was   so nice and I was only here  for like an hour but...Sanreung Forest. This was not planned - this was  just the only place that was open right now,   gorgeous! Well that was lovely. I have about 30 more minutes  before I need to leave to catch my train but  

I'm not hungry now but I know I'll be  hungry by the time I get back to Seoul and   I want to show you guys a place where you  can eat. I feel like because I had those two   kimbap like I haven't shown you where to eat  so I'm gonna go grab I think just some jjigae.   I don't know, but I'm gonna get a  meal. That chocolate salt bread was so good!

Anyway yeah this was just stunning,  a stunning view. Let's get food! So very pleased, that was actually really  good. I didn't have any like super high   expectations - it was really good jjigae. So  now I'm gonna head to the - where? - train station.  

It's getting a little toasty today, it's back  to warmer weather, but yesterday was glorious   and yeah this whole area, I mean you can't  go wrong, every single thing around here is so   cute. And I need to make sure that I'm going the  right way so I will see you at the train yeah! Korea Okay my friends, hi we have made it to Gyeongju  Station where I will be taking the train home   and I'm very sleepy - that jjigae like knocked  me out. It was so warm. I also didn't mention   that - okay KTX going through - I didn't mention that  place that I went to, had hot konguksu which I've   never seen before and it - I was intrigued but not  intrigued enough. Anyway just again thank you   to Audible for sponsoring this video, link will be  in the description box, but if you would like to   give it a try 30 days for free you can go to or text caricakes to   500 500, info down below. And yeah as always  links and stuff for what I did will be in the   description box and I just really can't recommend  it enough - there's so much to do like outside of   the Gyeongju area, there's like incredible temples  like way up in the mountains and stuff that's   reachable by taxi or public transportation but  if you just want like a day and a half trip   and you want to walk everywhere, it is a really  great place. Again if you're kind of like a  

beginner of outside of Seoul travel - wonderful.  So I'm going to join all these people who   are probably getting on my train and I will  see you guys next time. We have one more video   in Korea and then I'm gonna be heading to the  States for a bit, giving you some autumn content   over there. It's going to be my first Autumn of  my parents living on the East Coast so I'm really   excited to fully experience that and of course I'm  going to California I'm going to see My Chemical   Romance twice, maybe three times I don't know, I  have no idea what's going on but I'm very excited.  

So anyway thank you for coming with me to Gyeongju, and I will see you guys wherever I am, okay? Bye!

2022-10-13 23:39

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