American visits Bangladesh's CRAZIEST beach!

American visits Bangladesh's CRAZIEST beach!

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I LOVE BANGLADESH! This guy’s taking me on the ride of my OHHHHH Let's see what this guy's got over here. half an hour. Half an hour for 100. The horse whisperer won’t leave me alone Yeah.

What's up, bro? go, go, go, go, Very very nice! We're with the Beach Boys My man is taking his sunscreen seriously. I probably wouldn't be able to maybe have kids in the future Life's a beach. Let's go. Okay. Some really nice, expensive cameras just chillin on top of the trash can.

Interesting. I got my man here on the ATV. I've definitely got to take an ATV ride.

Not sure if I'm going to take the first one. I see. But I know he's going to. I bet he's going to pull up and try to make an offer. Salaam alaikum. Hello. What's up, man? How are you? I'm fine. How are you?

I'm doing very well, man. What's your name? I can't. I'm Q. How much for a ride for, like, 600. What's a full ride? Right here. Michigan Beach.

How many kilometers is that? Uh, two or three km. Two or three kilometers. Two or three. Salaam alaikum.

How are you, brother? Are you giving rides to. You guys. You guys work for the same company, or are you competitors or partners? We're not sure what's going on here. Maybe we're going to try to make a deal. So I don't. I don't want to go the full way down there.

How much? How far for just like 200. 200 Taka? I don't know. I don't know. Discussions taking place. Honestly, I kind of want to walk first and then and then maybe figure out this day I want to get loose. 300. That's more like three or four.

So how small the devastation work. You can see the to the fishing boat. 204. That's one bar. One. Well, that I can see it from here.

That's way too short, man. That's cool. I'm going to walk for a little bit and then maybe I'll take a ride a little later. Salaam alaikum. Thank you.

Yeah, well, we'll take a ride, but a little bit later, I did see another video Where a dude, I don't know, he got his ride for, like, 200 talk or something, so. I know, I know there's deals to be had. $3 to go to that boat down there. Absolutely not. them, but to take a jet ski ride too. So it appears that if you want to do the ATVs, the four wheeler, the jet ski, You have to be accompanied by one of the workers, one of the drivers.

I mean, I get it. They're doing it for safety measures. But I'd much rather do it by myself. You know, maybe maybe I'll try to pay a couple extra dollars, a couple of extra taka and see if they'll let me drive it by myself. But don't want to get anybody fired or anything. Here we go.

Our first steps in the beach. Oh. Oh, wow. Wow. It feels really, really warm. Wow. That's refreshing. Neil salaam alaikum. Let's see if he'll kick it to me.

Oh, here we go. Oh, Mama. OHHHHH I haven't played football a day in my life, but whenever he sees.

Whenever he sees some locals playing. Got to get in there. Get a little sporty with him. Oh, my knee. Just playing nice guys out here. I thought I saw these guys, like, 2 hours ago out here playing. I appreciate and appreciate the dedication to the game.

I feel I'm like a guy coming in for the close call. Thought he's about to run me over with that family on there. How many people they got stacked up on there? Got, like, three bodies. Plus the driver on that ATV. Okay. These must be the abandoned ships or I don't know if they're abandoned or just like, decorations. That's where they were going to drive me for $3.

Absolutely not worth it. I wonder I should ask that guy how much to drive me. All 100 and like 30 kilometers of the length of Cox's Bazar. So I was curious if these boats were abandoned, but it doesn't look like it. I think these guys are about to head on out.

It's like they got a bunch of, like, twine or something in there. Salaam alaikum. Salaam.

Are you going fishing? They didn't seem like they want to be bothered. Busy, busy, busy guys. But we do got this guy out here, and he appears to be. I think he's fishing.

Very curious about man, this guy. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Yeah, I saw him. He almost went down. You see that? Okay. Some big, big waves.

Not stopping them, though. I kind of. I want to see what he has. Salaam alaikum.

What's in the bucket? Hello? I got to chase him. He's running away from me. Something tells me he's going to be a lot faster in this water than me.

Oh, no. And he's going deeper out there. I want to see what he's got. I can't go too far in because I have my GoPro batteries in my pocket and. Oh, so. Oh, what the heck. Always picking up netting and stuff. There must be traps.

You figure, Oh, man, this guy, yo, there is. There is nothing more dangerous in this world than water. People think I'm joking.

Absolutely not like swimming in these conditions. You get sucked right out. Taken in a riptide, never seen again. Do not play around when it comes to water, y'all. That's. That's my PSA.

That's my. That's my dad message for today. Who are these guys? Well, it's quicksand. Salaam alaikum. Are you fishing? Salaam alaikum. Let's see what this guy's got over here. Oh, is this fish? Oh, man. What do we got in here?

Got a lot of little microorganisms swimming around. What the devil. Oh, wow. All sorts of, like, little tadpoles and. Are you. Are you looking for gold or silver jewelry? My friend.

What are you looking for in there? What? Kingfisher. Kingfisher. Okay. I thought a kingfisher was a type of bird, man. Oh, this is a wow. That water is a trip straight up biology science experiment there.

Salaam. Thank you, brother. And then he's got this other bucket where you're just like 1,000,000,000 billion little creatures floating around in their protozoa. And you. There are some, like, big, big sea worm in there. Don't. Not only is the water dangerous, don't drink the water.

The water is disgusting in the ocean. Yeah. Dang. That was like a million organisms all in one.

That's the most aquatic life I've seen in years. I got some birdies cheering on the boat. beach hair don't care had had to let the lettuce flow. I see how like a father and son combo here. And I'm curious what they're trying to find. Salaam alaikum.

Salaam. How are you guys? Hello. Are you going to cut up on funa like gold? I think they might be. Are you.

Are you looking for jewelry or gold or fish? Okay, just. Just a little language barrier there. Not sure what's going on. I don't know.

I can't tell if they're looking for, like, precious metals or, like, certain types of. I don't think they'd be looking. Maybe they're looking for fish eggs.

Come in below. Please let me know. What are they looking for out there? Here's another guy over here. Let's take a closer look, because I'm curious to see if maybe he has some stuff separated that he wants to keep. The sand feels really nice on my feet, by the way.

It's not too hot. It's still early morning. Do you want to swim? I've been to some black sand beaches and. Oh, man, you should just burn. Burn your feet right off. Okay. It looks like they, you know, they find a reasonable amount of trash and they pull that out.

I said, I'm a Laker. Are you brother? What? What are you looking for? I guess we're not going to find out, but. Yeah, Yeah. Very, very curious what they're trying to dig up.

All right. Well, we've reached the end of this segment of the beach, but I'm curious if I can go on this at all, this little corridor here. Oh, man.

Yeah, it smells terrible in there. We're not walking in there. It looks like a bunch of, like, trash and goopy water. Nah, I think we might have to walk back this way and see what's going on on the other side of the beach. All right. Back out in front of the Simon Resort. Now, we got now we got the people out here at beach.

Just starting to get busy now, trying to try to conversate with some people up here. They will meet some nice people. Maybe they can give us some insight if there's any parasailing or anything, whatever that says.

I guess we'll never know. They're going to stick in these orange colored chairs that I'm like, Oh, man, are you guys America? Are you guys sure that Bangladesh as well? Yeah. Where's the where's the parasailing? Where are the jet skis? I mean, they're coming down.

What's up? Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you. Well, okay, we came to the busy area and we already got hooked up to that school. Got to them. I'm not sure.

I'm sorry. I don't speak Bengali. Oh, thank you. Oh, cutting small. Cut it out. All your buddies are not barbers, Surinder. I think they're telling me I should get my hair cut, so.

Hey, nice meeting you guys. I'm sure that will be nice to meet you, man. Please. Yeah, Selfie. Of course. Overwhelmed, huh? Hey, this guy. Oh, you got it delivered. No, no, I know so many nice guys here, but the name Brant brand name Brant him American District.

That's my channel named Brant. Tim. I'm from America. Yeah. You guys with New Libya. You guys will be in the YouTube video on on Facebook and Instagram in about three weeks. know I'm like man I love it I love I love Muslim majority country man I yeah yeah Hopefully I will see you guys again inshallah each other so nice you know what's up, New York.

You live in New York? I live in Minnesota. Minnesota. I'm a full time traveler. Full time YouTuber, so I travel all over the world. Salaam alaikum.

Man, that was a group of. Really? I'm good. Thank you, guys. Thank you. I've been our nominee.

I mean, nice to meet you guys. You're from Bangladesh? Yeah. Yeah. Hey, man, I'm from America.

Where's the parasailing lady? Very nice. Very nice. Do they have parasailing on the shore? No. Okay. Thank you, guys.

Okay, Again, just a little bit Lost in translation. That's right there. Okay. I do see a jetski over here.

I'm curious what the rates are going to be for a jetski. We also see a dude cruising around on a on a horse. Or maybe that's like a pony if you haven't seen him.

My other videos, I don't I don't do the horse rides. Big Animal lover. If you want to do the horse rides, that's cool. Do whatever you want, you know? And I understand that he's these guys are trying to make a living out here, but for me, I don't need to ride the horse of the pony. I've ridden them before and it's kind of like a gimmick for the YouTube video. Oh, it's YouTuber on a horse, not the horse.

It's hot. It's heart attack out here. Horse doesn't want my big ass on top. Okay, so that's just how I feel about that. But you all. You all want to ride the horses? More power to you.

Do whatever you want to do. man. This guy's getting a seaside foot rub. I Salaam alaikum, brother. I've learned I'm here. My name is Peter Gita. Nice to meet you, man. From my America.

What's your name? My husband. Our monkey. I'm Keith Hassan. Nice to meet you. Oh, it's you again. Like a massage? Yeah. I was thinking to myself. Oh, sorry.

I'm from America, man. Well, how much is he charging you for the massage? 100 with 8000. And how long? How long? For half an hour. Half an hour for 100.

Oh, man. Okay, we definitely got to get one. Oh, yeah, you can have one. After you're done, I'll call him and I'll come get a foot massage from this guy.

Can you? Yeah, I'm just walking the beach, but, yeah, I'll get a foot massage when he's done. That'll be awesome. Thank you, brother. Nice meeting you. Okay. That's insane.

100 taka for a half hour foot massage. That doesn't even seem right. We're definitely hooking that kid up.

If we get a massage. I've never had a foot massage from. From a kid.

I don't know. That's kind of weird. Like, you know, in a way, like you feel me? Like. I don't know, child labor, like type of thing.

Of kind of feel weird about it. But people see you as. I'm like, I'm surfer boy. What's up, man? Bhangra, Surfer man. Salaam alaikum. What's up?

Oh, there you go. See, we got plenty other people to ride the horses. You don't need me, right? You don't need to see me riding the horses. Yeah, okay. A lot of people out and about.

Oh, kids. That's a hustler right there selling the water. Mad respect to him. Salaam alaikum. Salaam alaikum.

I love your skin. Jet ski. Yeah. So if I. If I. If I get the jet ski, you can drive.

You come with me. All right? Yeah. I want to go by myself. So can I. Can I drive it alone? Yeah, I can drive it alone without you. Long, long ride. Okay. Right.

I can drive. Yeah. Yeah. Do you come with or can I go alone? No, no, I alone. Hike. My, my, my. Ready?

The next day you are going to. I can't go solo, so how. How much? How much for the ride, Coach Whitaker, You sell it for 1000 to 1000 shoes. This is also from Embiid. Oh, that's. That's way too much That's really fast.

One big great big right Because that that's true. That's too far. How far will you take me for 200 Taco. I don't know They got to add 2000 is way too much for joining me here so yeah.

You want me all right? I only want I only want to ride for a little bit, though, especially if I have to have, you know, somebody with me. I'd rather rather ride alone. You dig? How much for a how long for 500. Can we do the long ride for 500? This one. Bigger, shorter, shorter.

But let's. Let's do the long one for 500. No. How much for the short ride? Short. Horizontal, shorter. 1000.

How long is the long ride? Only to win this one big with this one. How much for the 2000? For the big one? I don't know. You can just go. Don't know about that.

That's a little too much for me, man. Thank you. How much is my children involved? All this gold. Yeah, Yeah. I'm sorry, man. I'm going to go. I'm going to go on it on the beach and see what else I got. Thank you, though.

Try not to get hit by the horse riding. Horse riding? Yeah, well, I'll tell you know what's up, man? You can read. Sure. Ride for how much?

Well, he's already putting it on your 500. 500? You buy from 500 for the short ride. How long this ongoing doing going to and coming back. Okay, I'm going to I'm going to come back. I got it. I got my phone. I got my batteries. I'm in my back yard a couple blocks right.

Oh, there's a safe box. I say box. Okay, I'll get. All right. We're doing 500 for the short ride. That's about five bucks. That's cool.

1000 will be great. No, I just want to do the 500 ride. 505 in a ride and then put that in there, too. Okay, so I'll go to the safe box. All right. All hundred. Oh, my God.

My name is Brant. And I'm Keith. I'm 100. Mondo. Nice to meet you. Like a player from America. I'm ready to go.

I am, brother. I am a blogger. Yeah. Oh, you're making YouTube videos and making do.

I am. You're. You're. That's great. Thank you, man. Hey, don't go through, I hope. Oh, yeah. Waterproof. Okay. Yes. Yes, Waterproof. Very, very safe.

Let's go. Jell o. Jell-O. Well, yeah. Let's go. We're going to leave my sandals over Little, and they're going to push this in the water.

I still don't think I'm going to get to complete my dream of driving it alone. But whatever safety precautions you can give, any tourist, get lost at sea. I get it. I get it, I get it. I get fun. They're pushing it in the water and. Oh, okay.

Come here. All right. You know, if you're not driving. Okay? I'm not driving. Yeah, I am. Drive.

If I must. Okay. Oh, yeah. Oh,

crunchy. You take that, you start inside, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah. On this side. Better on that side. Hold on to the side. Okay. Go. Hello? Oh, no.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Are you driving or am I driving on your drive? Okay, I'll meet you at 64. Oh oh, wow.

Oh, well, we're in the 500. You're off? Half off? Yes. What you mean, what do you need? My. What do you say? No. Oh, this guy are.

Oh, this is way faster than the one jet ski, Right? We took it out back, man. Over, down. Okay, we're better off.

He's going away from. Oh, Oh, he's on the way. Oh, my God. This how much fun it is to be on a jet skiing? Oh, God. This This guy’s taking me on the ride of my life! No one.

Oh, oh, Oh. Hey, bro. What's up, man? You might regret another ride. No, no, it's the short ride that. Wow. All right. No, no, no. This is good. This is good.

500, 500, 500. You know that. And you know how much fun I was having? Oh, 800 number. Oh, no, no.

We're going get. That was awesome. I mean, that was a really short ride.

That was about five, five bucks for now. Not for your here. What's up? How can you really feel? Great. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, great. Let me. No, no, no more rides.

Let me know in the comments that I get ripped off. I mean, it was super fun for 5 minutes, so that's. That's all I care about.

Super fun. Four, five, five bucks. Okay, Come on, get off. You got it. Okay.

Enjoy it. Yeah. Yeah. Having some fun? Thank you, man. I was coming up. I didn't really watch any other blogs out here, so.

Great. Thank you. Bike ride. His bike. How much for the bike ride? Oh, man. They know. They know. I got cash now. Just take it.

Come. Here we go. Okay. Oh, you're taking it off. Okay. Thank you. That was a lot of fun. No, no horse ride, man. No horse, right?

Oh, no. Hold on, brother. This guy's been aggressive. Aggressive in This guy's trying to even take the ATV ride.

Let me go over here and I'll grab you the money, bro. Yeah, I mean, maybe we could have got that for for last, But that was. That was so much fun for five bucks. I don't care. I got. I just got a big smile on my face.

Y'all, like, so, so fine. You dig? getting surrounded here. There we go, brother. Thank you, man. What's up? No tips. That was it. We agreed on 500. Take care, man. Thank okay.

That was so much fun. I think my stomach is rearranged. No, no Horse riding, please. No, no.

All the other people know that I have money, and they're, like, surrounding me removal. And we don't. We don't want anything to do with that horse. Nothing to do with that horse. Let me tell ya. Okay. Wow. No, no, no, no, no, no. Horse ride.

Go, go. Please, Please. Wasting his time. I don't want to be rude, but if he's following me, I'm not going to take the horse ride, so he needs to get up and get on. Ben? Yeah. You're welcome, brother. Right. Went right when I was up

here. I've a bird. It. What's up? How does he do? I put in for two or three weeks. Week? Three weeks? Yeah. Take care, man. Nice to meet you.

You're right. When it rained. When I got off. Right when I got here. Thank you, Brother Donovan.

No, no, no. Thank you. Right when I got off, the jet ski was like tips. Tips? Give me tips. Give me tips like that. I think the way to do business. Come on.

I understand that everyone's trying to make a buck, You know, trying to make a living, but you got to go about it a little differently than that, All right. I'm going to run that. No, no, no. Thank you. The horse whisperer won’t leave me alone please. Yeah. Let's go.

Scram. Get out of here. Oh, man. Two Too funny out here in Bangladesh, y'all.

Okay, I'm going to. I got. I've got to change the battery. Am I going to leave my phone just because that was. It was very like.

No, please, no, man, I don't want to read the words. Thank you. All right. Had to drop the cell phone back at the hotel.

Looking back when I was in Pakistan, I paid. It was the equivalent of $10 for 10 minutes. So I don't know. That felt like one, two or 3 minutes.

Who knows? Let me know again. Let me know in the comments if I get ripped off. I don't feel like I got ripped off because I had so much fun for $5. And I think any longer and I probably wouldn't be able to maybe have kids in the future because that was a bumpy ride. I said, I'm going to get myself guys.

Salaam alaikum. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Nice to see you. selfie squad pulling up. Yeah. And I'm here. Well, good for him. Nice to meet you guys. One lining up for the pic, Well, little do they know that I only brought a little bit of money now.

Salaam alaikum. What's up, bro? How are you, man? Hi, there. Good. Now, how much to go All the way down? We're actually 200. 600 for the full ride. Right. The price went up.

I think it was. It was about 200 a couple minutes ago. How much? How much to take me to the sugar.

Up sugar Now I'll do 200. 200 is all I can do to honor. Will you take me 200 days, sugar in our beach? 100. 500? I can't do if I don't have 500 on me, man.

No, I just want to go down there. 200. Otherwise, I can walk. Okay. Okay. It's one one. What about. What? About 200? This one. Sit down. Sit down for a picture.

200 might write in. You got me confused. Okay. Thank you so much. What? I should've. It took the ride earlier in the day when the guy had me write for 200 a picture for 200 taka. Be gone out of your mind for a picture, y'all.

Salaam alaikum. No, No horses. No, thank you. Okay. I'm cool, though. I get that. That's. They don't get people be like, Oh, for the content. You got to ride the ATV.

I mean, if I'm not riding by myself, it really. It's not that exciting. Salaam alaikum. Oh, no. We got.

We got everybody rolling up on me, man. Oh, now it's 300. 300 for the ride. Sugandha.

What do you. What's. What's up? How far is Uganda? Natural beach next beach, 300 flat rate. Okay, let's do the.

I got 300. Okay. I am. I am. I.

Am I driving? Okay, let's put my feet on it. I'll put my feet up here. Okay. Okay. I guess he's taking the wheel well.

Right? Right. Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah. All right.

Just press. Just press it. Okay. Oh, yeah. Okay. This is What's up? Well, now we got a dog over here to the left.

I kind of want to take it slow to make the most of the right make the most of the stranded tiger. Yeah, I've known 19 tons of this now. Nice to meet you, man. And it's a beautiful day to be alive.

Amaan, I'm Brant America. Yeah. Yeah. My first time in Cox's Bazar. My first time in Bangladesh.

Can I go a little faster or faster? I'm going to India. Yeah, you're. Whoa! Oh, crap. All the way down. We're. Oh, go, go, go, go, go, go, go back.

Okay, Just to show news and your. Oh, this is so fun, guys. So fun. Watch out. Kind of tell me your work is slowing down when we're ready to. Okay.

What's about to drive straight off into the fence? It's kind of hard to drive and log at the same time. You didn't, but. Oh, we've got a problem. Has put putting the shirt on.

Oh, I wonder if it's like maybe you got to have a shirt to be like, be registered or something to drive these in a certain my dress. That's your dress. Okay. Oh, that's your company, Seeb Beach by Coach Bazaar. Beach bike. All right, Best rides. Best rides and cocks. Bazaar.

I love that. Got an appetite. Look back on it. Oh. Oh, it was long ago.

No, he said no. She's a beach bum. Get on. Oh, we got a competitor. Oh, go slow.

Slow. Okay. We're coming up to the busy area now. We got to slow it down on this issue.

On their points on the beach. Sugar On their beach. Okay. Oh, got like the wreckage of a theme park here that the market's in better days. Amusement park. I don't know. Y'all call it your country.

Country's direction. It. Is this the end? That was fun, man. That was fun. That was. Well, we're at the 300 taka. But again, let me know in the comments about 300 finish. Yeah. Okay.

We can stop right here. Thank you, brother was so fun. Yeah. That he can't feel. Can't w smile on my face. It's so fun. Oh, man. Okay, popping off and we will get you your money.

Could you hold that for a second while I, like, grab a toy, grab your cashier. One, two, three, three. And our target is.

Thank you so much, brother. So you take them all right? They were doing well. So just you jetski. Oh, no, I. I just wrote a jetski. And how much for the jetski? I'm curious. 500. Thank you. 500 to 1000 500 to 1500.

How many minutes for 500 to 2 minutes. Okay. Okay. Thank you, brother. So that was the exact same price that the other guy quoted as 500 for for 2 minutes. So I guess that's a fair price.

Oh, no, thank you. I think Very very nice! just went I just went down there. I just went on a jet ski ride. Very fun. All right. Very fun. And.

All right, what do we got? This guy coming up over here? What kind of fruit is this? That's nothing like guava. Just guava and mango. Oh, it looks really, really nice. So I'm like him.

You love Cox's Bazar. Okay, we got some. We're with the Beach Boys Slum. Slum? Okay. If only there was a way I could tell them that I just wrote the jet ski, and I don't want to ride the jet ski, but this is Jet Ski Alley. Way more people down here with that, will I? No, I just rode the jet ski, bro.

I already motor. I already did it. Maybe yesterday. I don't know. Well, we'll see. We'll see how my lower extremities, you know, money. You know, these guys making deals? Oh, yeah, It is a sun.

So I bet if I came here on a monday where it's not as busy, maybe they'd be trying to make more deals, but it's whatever. We never. Hey, no, no, I'm good, man. I'm good for my seventh year.

I know, I know. It's a beautiful jet ski. $7. That was fun. Yo, yo, players. I heard already. One on the jet ski. No, thank you. I already drove. Already one? No, no, I just went on a jet ski, bro.

Beautiful little shot. So I'm like, I'm with some guys. Yeah. Hi. I'm Platinum Key Capital. My name is. Nice to meet you, man. Are you guys are you guys riding the jet skis today? Yeah, I even know I'm from America.

Oh, okay. But you know what I love? I I LOVE BANGLADESH! Oh, yeah. It's nice to meet you guys. A letter. Oh, man. Okay, this is chaos. Bitch down here.

Screwed up. Fine. What did you call it? Yo, this place is a madhouse. Way, way more people out here.

And so many people approaching me trying to give me a ride. Yeah. What's up, bro? There's a lot of cool dudes out here.

A lot of cool people. And then we got all these folks just chillin, just going for a nice little swim. Hey, let's get in the water a little bit because I don't have anything valuable on me anymore except my set, my GoPro that can handle the water. Oh, that man's. That man's got a big camera. He's taking photos.

I guess you can pay to have your photo taken out here. Oh, man, we don't want to go. We don't want to go to one. Oh, yeah. Yo, Cox's Bazar got.

Oh, Cox's is let y'all. This is an absolute blast. Just wait until a little later in the day when. Oh, this feels so good. You just feel so good.

Salaam alaikum. Oh, my man's got the cricket jersey on, you know. He knows what's up. Oh, you're probably like Brant dunked the camera in the water, but I got the windscreen on and the windscreen probably one like dry also, like six days. It's like a bunch of foam and stuff. So please forgive me, man.

You know, the crowd just swelling out here, y'all. Unbelievable. No, no, no, no, man. I want right now. Did you want to go low? Please, sir.

Blow up in my private space trying to. Trying to sell the jet ski I'm also seeing, like, a lot more of these kids giving massages on the beach. You know, I just don't feel right about that.

And I understand they're trying to make money, but I don't know. I just I don't I don't want some little kid giving me a massage again, just like the horses. If you want to get massages from the kids out here and support them, that's cool. What's up, man? Nice to meet you.

I'm gonna be all right. I'll be your mama. Mama. Nice to meet you, brother. And Salaam from. Salaam alaikum, my man.

My man is taking his sunscreen seriously. Everything. That was a brother. Nice to meet you, man. I've been our nominee. I've done a lot. It's nice to meet you, Abdul.

Oh, and then we got the banana boy, little brother. This meets your and those, like, fresh air. Well, I had only brought out 400 Bangladeshi Taka and already spent 300 on that ride. Seven bucks all together, though, for that much fun. You know, we're short.

Like that's a mega deal in my book, But let me know that I did. I paid too much. What's this guy selling here? Oh, I think these are like some traditional Bangladeshi snacks.

Salaam alaikum. Oh, he's got, like, they kind of look like samosas, but I know they don't come to Moses here, and they had some hard boiled eggs in here. No, nothing like on a hot day at the beach and a nice, warm, hot boiled egg.

Am All right. Salaam alaikum. My man over here is on the water and the snack is Oh, man, we are. But, I mean, we've got a fan club following me here. Well, not always.

And for the staff, for the salaries. Hey, I regret we're in the sunglasses zone. Oh, thank you. Yeah, you're welcome. I was looking that way. They got me looking this way. Hey, Bangladesh. Yes. Yes.

Yeah. It's nice to meet you guys. Oh, okay, brother. Yeah. Yeah, Me balancing your love. No,

I've never. I've never known Keith. My name is Ben. Nice to meet you, brother. Yeah. Cool, guys. Thank you. You guys going about? Yeah. I'll see you here.

Oh, yeah, sure, sure. There it is. You know what? God damn it. Again. America. Oh, the excitement. Oh, again.

All right. Nice to meet you guys. Yea yea. Yea. Yea, yea.

Channel name is Brant. Tim. It's my name. They had me on Tik Tok and they sold my followers and I got really excited about that. How many pictures were taken from you? I left you. All right. Thank you.

I think this is like the the everyone's had me take, like, more pictures of them in all different poses. Okay, one more. You're back.

Hey, you guys, take care. Oh, nice to meet you, man. Thank you. Oh, God. That was so funny.

I always love stopping to take pictures, but. Oh, my gosh. Hey, I don't think we're going to make it off the beach, guys. They're about to get as long as they come.

Oh, very. Come on. Like, this is a picture we've taken.

All right. Hey, big smile. I'm good. How are you, brother? You're not. Not to be like. I don't want to be. Sound like a jerk or anything.

Oh, it's up. Yeah, sure. Um, but, like, I mean, one picture is enough. Multiple poses a little crazy. that was a really funny experience. So always happy to take a picture with anybody.

I like the multiple pictures and different angles like, come on, like one one, one picture and I think are good. Once they saw how many Tik-Tok subscribers I had, they all, like, wanted a better picture. That was very funny. But hey, it's just part of the gig, part of the lifestyle. Salaam alaikum, friend. Life. What a trip.

It's the one thing we haven't done in this video is just to sit down and, you know, just let the water hit my toes, hit my buttocks and and, you know, and just take a moment to reflect on, you know, how special this place is and how great Bangladesh has been to me. And how can hello how kind of people have been to me. And the overall vibe of Cox's Bazar is mega, mega show You all very happy, very thankful to be out here. And thanks to everybody watching for for your support and all that man coming in, come and take a look at it with me and put yourself in this moment. I'm just going to be quiet for like 20 seconds. I just want you to listen to the sound.

2023-08-01 22:24

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