AMAZING! American Blown Away By Korean Hospitality (Bike Touring Korea Ep.#2)

AMAZING! American Blown Away By Korean Hospitality  (Bike Touring Korea Ep.#2)

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good morning from a beautiful morning here in korea i found myself a nice little place to call home last night here in this beautiful little park there's a little bike rest stop up there right a beautiful i think it's a river but it looks like a lake because it's not moving too fast over there but there was another couple that camped here last night they were up in the gazebo and so i thought i think it's okay to camp i mean i still don't really know for sure but when i popped my head out about an hour ago they were already gone and so i'm not really sure what the uh the rule is here nobody said anything yet of course there's tons of early morning cyclists out doing their thing all right all packed up and ready to go first i want to eat some of the fruit that i got last night so i uh i was in the supermarket last night and i saw a bunch of people buying these and i've seen them on the side of the roads as well and they kind of look like squash to me but i did the translation on my phone it it just translated to melon and so i've never seen a melon like this but let's give it a try let's see let's see what what it looks like on the inside not even really sure how you're supposed to cut into it so i'm just gonna chop it right in half huh maybe i wasn't supposed to do it that way okay a lot of seeds in there okay that's really soft on the inside it's kind of like a looks like a pear almost on the inside hmm probably not eating this right but it's all right Pretty sure I just ate that wrong. I think you're supposed to maybe eat all the the juicy stuff in the middle that has all the seeds in it Because that's kind of where all the flavor was and maybe just spit the seeds out I don't know That's not how it usually works. So you cut open a cantaloupe or something you pit it You know you get all the seeds out of the middle and then you eat the flesh, right? The flesh doesn't really have much flavor though. I don't know All righty, I am uh ready to roll A couple things I want to point out before I leave though There is actually pretty good public wi -fi right here at the uh little bike rest stop here They also have a little body weight workout machine area over here They had a lot of those uh closer to busan too like every 500 meters every kilometer or so they had Eight to ten different machines, you know, mostly older people working out on them, but still really nice to see All right, let's get this show on the road Looks like it might rain tomorrow Or tonight maybe but Today got some beautiful weather and a beautiful course to cycle on Let's see what this food truck is serving up. I thought I might have to go into the city a little bit hit up a convenience store, but They probably just have coffee Good morning I can't read this.

Do you have food? Yeah, what do you have? Oh cup cup noodles and egg No eggs just a cup noodle, okay. We have some energy bars Okay, sure I'll try one Noodles maybe the the spicy There's two kinds Spicy And also I'll try a doctor you in this too Drinking beers Has some heat to it definitely gonna Have to get something else though, but the lovely lady right here. She just dropped off some Some kind of smoothie on the house Yeah, nice that is so good good. Nice little berry, nice little mixed berry smoothie as well. I think that is. Oh man, after the spicy broth, that's good.

My nose is rubbing. I guess I found where all the white onions come from in South Korea. Look at that. That's a lot of not a bad tunnel got it lit up nice and bright got some art on the walls it's nice and cool that little boy obviously loves his big sister look at his face smashed into there thank you so much america very good thank you korea is good i like it it's good you know i was kind of just thinking i'm finally out in the countryside finally getting a first look at you know some some countryside korea you know some kampung style and they're like apartment clusters and i look over here and bam there's like 50 of them right over there you don't see that in uh in japan at all you know in tokyo obviously you have skyscrapers and whatnot but they're still kind of sporadic here they're just like all bunched together and they just shoot straight up it's kind of crazy but over here you just got countryside and a few rolling rolling mountains got the lake over there the river and one straight road through the trees let's say you can go to susan changhwong jingyong jingdo media none of those ring a bell not a one but uh got off the the cycling route to shoot into this small little town and get a bite to eat that AC feels good I think I found a good spot this place is packed it's a small town and yeah almost every scene is taken it's good look at the size of those bowls Wow beef soup, it'll suit me okay sure okay I'll let you whatever you recommend that's kind of how it works here but it's kind of fun going to places you can't read anything it's like whatever you recommend it looks very very hot wow look at that that is boiling over wow that gets some chappy sticks and a spoon can't eat that yet though but that is simmering look at that damn also it comes with some bean sprouts uh something some other kind of veggie and fishies learning something new every day here so i'm sitting here like okay i'm not supposed to eat this they didn't give me a spoon chopsticks they hide them right here look at that korea is amazing wow all right so let's let's have a look here we got some tofu clear noodles some cabbage so this is the uh the kimchi soup right here that means good i haven't had a lot of kimchi soup before but it's not bad it's pretty damn good being even better on like a really really cold day uh you know maybe not cycling through the heat right now but still good still good it kind of has a sour taste to it too it's probably from the kimchi right sour and spicy those are some big bowl of the soup right there wow they had the cold noodles okay so those are some more cold noodles hot cold so maybe i gotta get used to the cold noodles but uh yeah i have to cut the noodles up with scissors even yeah so i think i gotta get used to the cold noodles it's a hot it's just on a hot day it's just not working out even though it tastes good they're being kind enough to let me try thank you That's pretty nice.

That's pretty good. The noodles are just, they're cold like that. A lot harder to chew. I think that's what you gotta get used to is the chewiness of the cold noodles.

Thank you. Delicious. That's good. Well that was random. That was really random.

Where's that guy's cobra at? Oh shit, heel. It's pretty cool to have these little lookout points on top of the dam that you can come check out. Whoo -wee.

That's kinda cool. You can even come inside where it feels like a sauna. They don't put the AC on here, do they? Oh, it's actually really nice.

Hardwood floors, some chairs over here, some plush little stools and benches over here. This is really nice. Inside of a dam right here. That's a first. Be a nice place to have your office, huh? You can sit right here.

have that look out and luckily this place has a little convenience store too so that's one thing that was really cool about Japan is that you kind of go to the cities and then there's seven leavens and losses everywhere being out on this on this cycling course there's not much of anything on the course itself and so here in this little dam center area they have a little you know little convenience store a little area you could sit down and eat I ordered some some more shaved ice it's kind of pricey though it's 10 ,000 but it's like seven dollars 25 cents for shaved ice and I'm like you know what it's hot I'm going to go to the shop, and then I'm going to get a drink. Thank you! Thank you! Mix it? Mix it! Mix it! Mix it! Okay! No, I'm going to mix it. Mix it! Mix it! Mix it! Mix it! Mix it! Mix it! okay okay a little bit okay okay all right thank you kind of thing i know what you were saying there just kind of eat a little bit at a time but a lot different than the one i got yesterday uh this one of course has the red bean paste on there it has some mochi with some more red bean paste some sort of fine powdery stuff what is that called they have that in japanese too but uh anyways this one also has some almonds and so so cold so nice wow that is like some of the finest shaved ice i've ever had okay back on the road again i am not making very much progress today it says i'm still 105 kilometers from degu check out all the wooden carvings pretty nice hello hey hello yeah I'm just not making very much progress today am I and I have about 105k to go so I'm definitely not gonna make it today I'm just gonna take it nice and slow the sunscreen that I got I was taking a look at my video just turned me into tin man it made me all silvery and shit so I had a need to get some new sunscreen so I don't look so terrible in the video worried about my appearance now all right I think this is it so I just found myself in a nice mid -sized town there's a you know still a lot of people around and a lot of shops there aren't any of those huge skyscraper apartment buildings so it's a nice small mid -sized town I was looking for a nice thin toe and I a nice hot spring to go soak the body because i need it i need to get this silver stuff off my face and i didn't really get a good bath last night so let's go check out a korean style hot bath just got out of the bath it's pretty good compared to a japanese sento sauna it's pretty different i mean more or less the same but like the style and how to set up is pretty different um here they had like 10 stand up showers when you walk in you wouldn't find that in japan thank you nice cola smoothie and then uh yeah basically they had a sauna they had some hot baths they had a huge cold bath which was like basically just like a swimming pool almost that was kind of different but more or less the same thing so what i'm gonna do i'm gonna get some stuff to go because i'm really not that hungry but i'm gonna need some food later nice all right those are beautiful and they're blonde nice that's okay you good yeah it's okay sorry those look amazing like how they just give a huge stick of margarine just like kind of like mark the bottom a lot of butter so he put strawberry kiwi mustard and tomato peaches on this all four sauces that's that's going to be interesting okay all right all right i love to try what is it called again right fermented rice It's like a 4 -minute rice drink, okay.

Wow, okay, smooth, that's nice. Okay, I'm probably going to forget that. 4 -minute rice but it doesn't have a sake flavor at all, it's kind of smooth actually.

Okay, I'm pretty beat, so I'm just going to hang out by the river. There's a park right over here, going to find some place just to call home for the night and probably wake up early and hit the road. I was looking at the map and looks like it's gonna be some some upheels finally and so I was like man I just took a shower I'm I'm in no mood to climb climb some hills right now so I'm gonna scope out some of these pagodas over here I got a nice view of the river and just call it a night and chill out and just relax for a little bit and eat my extremely saucy and what's gonna be sloppy sandwich I don't think it's gonna be very good but I'll give it a try hey aren't you cute aren't you cute huh little poodle it's not bad mmm -hmm so I can't remember the last time I set up camp when it wasn't pitch dark outside feels pretty good actually still got a little bit of a nice sunset in the background so I just basically came to the very edge of this park on Google Maps it actually said there was a campground over here but I don't think there really is a campground there's this little observation deck right here but it's under under maintenance right now and so they have it closed off so I don't have to worry about anyone going up there and staring at me in the morning there are some bathrooms just right over there and so really nobody like the walking course is right there so I shouldn't have to worry about anyone bothering me in the morning but look at that pretty picturesque right there you got some wildflowers in the background yeah so I'm just about gonna call it a day now I'm pretty beat friggin beautiful Mmm, these are pretty good too. Like little sushi rolls, they've got a little ham in there, egg, little pickled vegetables, some carrots.

Mmm. Alrighty, let's go try some Kyrgyzstan food, Kyrgyzstan -y food, however you say it. It's been a good thing about eating Korean food with Korean, but I'm going to show you how to do it. Pork. Pork.

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