AL ULA, Paradise in the DESERT Our Saudi Arabian Adventure العلا السعودية

AL ULA, Paradise in the DESERT  Our Saudi Arabian Adventure العلا السعودية

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welcome to another planet it's pretty it's for a cafe you can't even see it welcome   to the mirror this is a Saudi hug okay guys  welcome to the elephant rock I can't believe   that they have created well actually I can  believe they've created something so cool cheers welcome to another planet this is alula  Saudi Arabia possibly the most difficult   place we have ever had to travel to after  a six hour bus Journey from Medina the   reality of traveling Saudi Arabia on the  local buses is that well especially here   in Medina the bus station the Saudi standards is  a bit of a dump we've got five and a half hours on   this bad boy we then got a taxi that couldn't find  this Chalet that we're going to be staring at for   the next two to three days we actually found this  place on Instagram and we don't actually think   it's open yet it's not completely finished but  we got an incredible rate to be literally staying   in Mars is slowly becoming the most popular  tourist destination in all of Saudi Arabia and   you can definitely see why join us this has got to  be the most outrageous location we've ever stayed   in it's pretty spectacular and it feels so surreal  to be surrounded by this is home to over 200   000 years of human history and is home to Saudi  Arabia's first UNESCO world heritage site how cool   is that but we are actually kind of stranded so  we have a few days here so um we were told that   we could actually get a bike and ride to town we  can't it's quite followers away we are stranded   in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the most  unique rock formations ever it's not a bad place   to be surrounded we could have done it with a car  but never mind we will spend a day relaxing here   in our Chalet so we have our own private swimming  pool hence the bikini we have our shallow as you   can see there you have four hammocks because  I think we can have four to five people here   obviously the backdrop is absolutely unbelievable  um we have a barbecue oh my gosh look at this we   didn't know this so we have no food we're in the  middle of nowhere but we're gonna make it work we Glide over there over there just everything about this is so so  unique you know there's you can't see anybody   else about you can't hear anything and  um it's prettier it's another planet it   really is we are as remote As It Gets right  now you cannot hear a thing listen hello   the echo with the huge Canyon that is behind our  Chalet it's like the perfect protection from the   Sun Saudi you're actually putting so much money  into this destination every day you see like a new   famous celebrity or singer here performing in the  middle of the desert but I would say at the moment   in terms of Transportation it's not quite ready  you need to have a car which we don't the only   place to get a car is in town and we're like how  do we get to town taxis can't actually find our   location so we're definitely gonna book a couple  of the tours through the next couple of days to   explore the entirety of al-ula but this afternoon  I feel like we'll have to just jump on the bikes   and hope that we can find a cafe we haven't  eaten it's like two o'clock in the afternoon   I literally cannot get over this place  like the location is outrageous he's also   got like this bedwind tent it's a little  tent that uh we haven't been explained but   not much has been explained we are still very  excited oh this is cool so you could come here   of an evening food and drink if you need to bring  some I have to say it is very very hot in here he's giving us a lift a local cafe landscapes it's a lifesaver it doesn't speak English thank you so much he really has saved our  life this is the cafe of recommendation   which I think is called it's the  only thing near us and I mean again   Matt is still into the Rock  This is is pretty spectacular this is ridiculous it really is built into the  rock face I've never seen anything like it and   also I kind of haven't heard that you have to  pay entrance fee even though we're coming to   10 riyals per person even though we  need to eat we need to eat it's been 24 hours okay I see why we had to pay an entrance fee we're   in the middle of the rocks look at  this I do not know where the cafe is you literally have got to whoa Dodge underneath  the caves to get through to the cafe is the cafe   this way it is thank you okay this is the most  unique place I have ever been to look at this just to go for some breakfast we all walk in  between two different Rock faces it's almost   like a narrow Gorge but wow Molly this is unreal  this is insane you would never have thought that   those tiny little packages would leave you lead  you out into the cafe in the middle of the rocks thank you this is the coolest location for  a cafe ever turns out they don't have lunch   so we have a couple of snacks and we have  a Saudi coffee look it comes this little   oh my God a Little Teapot  have you got the capabilities I'm good I still think over the fact that like  Sally coffee is like this murky yellow color   but it's in the middle of the canyon yeah it's  an incredible place to drink some Saudi coffee   so all of this came to around 11 English pounds  on for breakfast and lunch I have a date okay so   at least it healthy healthy traditional  but I hate sweet things in the morning [Music] this is us until we figure out some form  of transportation we're gonna be walking   the desert roads hello my friend  I'm so sorry that's okay how are   you nice to meet you my friends okay  let's go let's go one more time laughs so we thought we were going to end up lost but we  actually found a local guide from Ala his name is   tawfiq we've met him and he has taken us to the  Mariah the mirrored building the largest mirrored   building in the world according to the Guinness  book of records and apparently it's got over 9   000 mirrored panels this is pretty well we  have tofique for a few hours so he's going   to show us some of the best things to do this  you can't even see it it looks like it's just   reflecting the Wilderness but this is insane only  in Saudi this is absolutely insane so this is the   real Wilderness the mountains the rock formations  behind me and there is the mirrored building that   is which is also a concert hall oh my God it is  unbelievable look at the shape of this thing it   holds up to 600 people and we're actually lucky  because supposedly if there isn't a festival   one or a concert you can't actually access this  area wow like Molly said only in Saudi so this is and you've seen all the changes so I didn't go out never sure and this is  the mirror wow honestly it's just such a   unique concept and apparently in a couple of  days Alicia Keys is actually going to be here   performing it's such a shame that we miss it  but I still think that being able to see this   please have a photo okay welcome to the mirror  this is a Saudi hug it is almost an optical   illusion we're driving up to it and  we didn't even know that it was here five minutes is long enough no one wants nine  thousand mirrors looking at this ugly mug okay guys welcome to the elephant rock here  the nature is participating as our heritage   here in alola honestly how cool is this  so this is a 50 meter tall natural rock   that has just formed into a shape of an  elephant I think you can see there you   have like the body of the elephant and then it  goes down into the trunk it shows the complete   contrast of alula you have this super modern  man-made building of mirrors yeah and then a   natural wonder that is equally as that's an  elephant's trunk and not an elephant you know the closer you get the more you can see how  this thing looks like an elephant with the   perfect walkway in the center and actually  behind we've been told is a brand new burger   restaurant that does the best burgers in all  of alula I think there's some sort of I can   hear music and some sort of Festival only would  you be in the middle of Mars and they've put a   fancy state of the art burger restaurant has  now dressed me appropriately for the desert   of alula and as you pass underneath elephant  rock they have this area where you can just   come and it's all free to sit down these really  fancy lounges and there's just so much going   on there's another little cafe here we we're  getting burgers this is and smells so so good   it's well recommended and I can't believe  you can sit on a burger at elephant rock maybe one jalapeno burger one original  thank you very much thank you so much [Applause]   lemon Burger in the middle of the Saudi  desert this is insane I can't believe   that they have created well actually I  can believe they've created something   so cool in the middle of the desert but  these are Cheeto fries so it comes with Cheetos and sour cream on their flight are  good and then what we didn't realize is they   give you mini burgers so you actually  get four even though we only paid for   two but they're like small ones so this is a  jalapeno burger oh my God foreign [Applause]   next to a like 200 000 year old rock and they  are some burgers I was about to say I think   they they are a close Contender with Five Guys  good morning from Mars otherwise known as alula   Saudi Arabia what a legend tafiq was he just  shows again I know I keep going on about it how   great Saudi hospitality is he took two hours out  of his evening to show us some of the best spots   in the area the mirror elephant rock there's  so many contrasts and so many amazing things   to see in alula but they have fixed the bikes  at our accommodation and we are just finishing   oh our morning workout look at this  place this is our front drive this is me arriving home in our Ula Saudi Arabia  this is absolutely look at this place that's hard work he definitely burnt off the  burgers from last night but it's time to show   you our Chalet lakusha Chalet where we've been  staying so obviously I've shown you the outside   I've shown you the scenery I'd highly recommend  this place because if you look at some of the   fancy hotels they are like a thousand pound  a night it's ridiculous and if you have a car   this place is absolutely perfect but as you can  see huge sofa area living room we have a smart   TV we have a kitchen so you bring your food  we actually found out that we have bread and   other things we just didn't find them so you can  have your breakfast have coffee have tea and then   that bedroom has three beds in it so  you can have people in there we have   a bathroom and then the main bedroom in  here also has a bathroom and honestly I   just want to show you look at the view  from your bed it's insane unbelievable so we have headed down into the alula old town  this place was an incredibly important settlement   back in the 12th century for the pilgrims  heading from Damascus to Mecca but today   there is a flipping Starbucks they call this  Starbucks I've ever seen we wouldn't normally   go to a Starbucks but I think a Starbucks in the  desert town roof you kind of have to go to it Cheers Cheers what a cool location for a  Starbucks we've got a strawberry something   strawberry and cream Frappuccino which I hate  Starbucks as well yeah it's not my favorite   but we are right next to some hundreds year old  buildings and we're surrounded by the rocks and   you're in the middle of the desert so it's really  it's got to be the coolest Starbucks in the world they really have done the old town  so well so you've got all of the old   buildings one which is currently being  renovated into a fancy restaurant and   then you have souvenir shops that are  all like boho um arts and crafty I like   the history and I like the fact they've  turned it into something that's so cool it's crazy to think that didn't start really  getting Popular until only three to four years   ago and now they've turned it into this Hub in  the middle of nowhere in the middle of a desert   there's now an international airport I'm drinking  a Starbucks underneath these huge Sandstone Cliffs   next a thousand year old buildings it  really is the most unique place it's   like a cross between the Grand Canyon  between Uluru and between Cappadocia   this is crazy they're living in the future in  the middle of the desert you can get these pods   electric pods that take you around to different  areas of alula look at this ridiculous this right here is the view we're hoping to  get from right up here Old Town plan was to   head up this no I'm not pointing at it this  is this that the Citadel of but apparently   the only way to go up there is to book a  tour which is 20 each which seems a lot to   just have a Viewpoint of the old town we just  thought like imagine going up here and you've   got the actual traditional Old Town buildings  for Sunset would be great but um 20 no chance   we've stumbled across an art exhibition and I know  nothing about art who even thinks our exhibition as the Citadel was closed we're gonna  have something to eat earlier we   actually made a reservation at this  place called somewhere it's one of   the best restaurants somewhere  where supposedly somewhere what look at this place unreal we have our Fountain  we've got the backdrop it's so good cheers we   definitely are somewhere we actually booked  this place on the my table app thinking that   it was going to be packed it said 100 people had  already booked today but we forgot we'd come for   an early dinner everyone and Sally doesn't eat  until like 10 at night so we've got the whole   place to ourselves it's a little expensive but I  don't know how in our Lula they have made so many   of these what would you call them I don't know  like Michelin star award-winning restaurants in   the middle of the desert tastes expensive hi thank  you very much yes thank you that's great thank you   so much they look amazing truffles are good thank  you this is yours thank you that was honestly the   quickest Food Service ever but this just looks  too aesthetically pleasing to eat look we got   two chicken warmer what are they called buns oh  my God how do you even eat them and then we have   two lots of different fries Matt's got truffle  and cheese fries and I have spicy ones and the   bun even has the name definitely not gonna  forget where you are are you ready [Applause] that's delicious it's like I don't think   the buns are so soft chicken's really good it has  kind of like a Big Mac sauce in there eating lemon   truffle fries with a backdrop like that and this  is a post restaurant I shouldn't be using my hand foreign that food was absolutely unreal last night  I was a little bit worried I was trying to   show off be a little bit of a gentleman take  Molly out for a nice fancy meal and I thought   it was gonna I thought it was gonna damage my  wallet alula is not cheap but for all of that   it came to around 40 which I don't think is  bad at all but today our third day in alula   we are checking out the highlight of the area  and that is hegra you might have heard of Petra   in Jordan but today we're seeing her little  sister we have one tip is to rent a car taxis specifically you have to have  a guide to go on one of these   buses and it's around 30 pounds per  person and we meet up with a big group thank you thank you this is amazing this is the first of the four  stops that we will be checking out in hegra today   you actually get as long as you want at each stop  so the buses drop you off and then you can jump on   the next bus whenever you are free which I think  is really good and um hair grow was home to the   nabatian people of course they first settled in  Petra and when they were in search of water along   their route they made it here set up their city  and there's over a hundred tombs which you I don't   think you can explore anyway not at least for this  one but look at them the way they're just carved   into the side of the rock I don't see  how they can still stand with like the   intricate carvings like just sitting in the  middle of a rock in the middle of the desert it's crazy to believe that they didn't really  start excavations around here until 2008 and   that was when it was enlisted into UNESCO the  first world heritage site in all of Saudi Arabia   and behind us is the most famous tomb of them  all tomb of lithan son of kuza and how they   managed to carve this is remarkable it's on  the front of like a semi-circular type Rock   who needs Petra look there's  absolutely no one else here not only it hammers to create this in front of the unique Palace I'll locally  named this tomb it's uh uh actually owned   to a commander in the Army and it's the most  biggest tomb we have in all of higra so it's   not complete as we can see in in the bottom  there and this is telling us the process that   they start from the top till they reach the  end and over there they have stopped because   uh the scientist actually was wondering because  of that so that's why they started to study the   certificate what it's not complete why and when  they study the certificate they discover that   it's only mentioned the owner name so there's  no wife no generation so they believe he was   a single a bachelor and died in the battlefield  and buried there it's crazy to think that over 2   000 years ago people came with their camels and  their Caravans from Petra and produce something   as magical as this to think at the most famous  tomb we were the only only ones there like it's   just can you imagine that in Petra yeah  you just you're just not going to get it   I definitely recommend coming in the afternoon  as well as you can see we also have stop number   three which is girls Mountain to ourselves and  they believe there's over 30 tombs here and   over 20 of them were women that were buried in  the tombs hence why it's called girls Mountain literally surrounded by a wall of tombs and number  26 is the only tomb in hegra that you are allowed   in quick run here we go I'm gonna slip oh wow  so this is what the inside of a tomb inhegra   looks like you can see where they would put the  bodies in the Tomb this is what they cast them for and that is just about our time in what a  way to spend our final day Petra without   the crowds I definitely recommend doing it in the  afternoon we pretty much had the whole place to   ourselves because everyone was scared of the  hot midday Sun but wow in only a few years   they have completely transformed the desert  of this area into this tourist Hub and it's   only going to get better like I said a mix  between the Grand Canyon Cappadocia and   Uluru in Australia all combined into one and I  think they're adding direct flights to Europe very   very soon which means this place is just going to  become insane there's going to be so many tourists   that was lucky to be able to experience it  before it completely blows up and I love the way   that I each stop yesterday you could just  jump on whatever bus when you wanted so you   could have as long as you want and it wasn't at  all where you only had five minutes and you had   to run around really really enjoyed it I would  definitely come back here in the future it has   been the highlight of our trip in Saudi Arabia  but we are now heading to a little town in the   middle of nowhere called Rider to see a man  about a camel we'll see you in the next one [Music] thank you [Music]

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