Adventurous Trip to Dolomites Part 3

Adventurous Trip to Dolomites Part 3

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Hello folks. We are now in the Italian region of Ortisei. We have just taken the cable car up and we are standing on Mount Seceda. Sorry if I didn't pronounce the word correctly. We are currently on Mount Seceda.

as you can see, this beautiful view, beautiful meadows, beautiful pasture. The weather is finally good again. Compared to Drei Zinnen, Pass Giau, Mount Seceda is relatively flat one hill after another until the top. Such landscape is definitely suitable for skiing.

I prefer mountains like this. There are also a few huts and houses scattered around the area. I find such mountains much more beautiful. Guys, is that Edelweiss? Edelweiss is what it says on my Cappy. the two look a bit similar. But I think edelweiss has few leaves.

In addition, the edelweiss can usually only be seen from a height of 3000 meters. we are still at 3000 meters altitude. Therefore who knows.

I only ate salad for breakfast. Now I'm starving. very low energy I was just walking past a hut and saw these freshly homemade donuts but for €5, well, hunger is hunger, there's nothing you can do about it. I need to replenish my energy a bit now.

fried flour with powdered sugar on top. But anyway, I need sugar and energy at the moment. "So romantic of you."

"We met us again with such a great view." "what?" "We almost kissed and now you're here." “May I join?” "The romance is already over." "With a Chinese it only gets better." "Diversity is the key." "We want to move on now" "oh my god, guys give me some time" "Are you kidding me now" "oh my god, I almost passed out down there at the Daniel Hut."

"I treated myself to a €5 donut." "What is doughnut?" "these fried dumplings with powdered sugar on them." "good" "yeah" "the last 100 meters is waiting for us" "don't babble, that's more than 100 meters."

"He meant the height." "Oh shit." "But in general there is still 10 or 20 km" let's take a quick look. I think that's where the oxen are.

"Hello" "muuuuuuuuu" "muuuuuuu" "muuuuuu" "muuuuuuu" Look, the other one is rubbing against this carpet thing. he is just taking a shower. that's the little muuuuuuu that's the way to the top. the path is practically built on the mountainside.

that is the way to the top. The path is practically built on the mountainside. That's a different feeling. It is approximately 1 meter wide. we are accompanied all the time by this heavenly landscape. the path in front of us leads to the top.

an unusual experience. Guys, as you can see, I think we now have to take the steep path to get up to the summit. the increase is estimated to be approximately 30°. Yes, we've come this far, we have to finish it. let's go After careful consideration, it turns out that it's not the way up after all. yes, that is the path to the summit, but there is no hut there and the path is only for professional climbers.

I saw that the path is actually very steep and dangerous. I don't know where either of them are right now. I assume they are in a completely different direction. After considering that I want to go back to Munich with all my limbs, I decided, let it go. "What have you done?" "I thought you were so brave that you were over there and climbed up the path."

“We’re doing that now too.” "I do not think so." "Where the path ends, where there is a signpost, there is actually a way up." "but do you mean straight up or up to the left?" "You see this little arch. That's the way up."

"But there's the dead end, there's nothing there" "How to the front left?" “Do you see people up there on the left?” "It's actually forbidden there. Normal people aren't allowed in there." "Otherwise everyone would go there." "On the upper path there is a sign with 'professional climber only' on it." "Where are you going now? " "What's it like up there?" "Very nice. You have a view of this mountain." "It's a bit dangerous, you have to look a little bit."

As I suspected, the two boys went completely in the other direction, I'm now going where they were and the two are now going where I was just there. We'll meet down somewhere at the Troje Hut. We're officially at the summit , which is the summit that's open to the public. Behind me is Mount Seceda. As always, a wonderful view. The Alps really have something special in them.

and where we are right now is at a height of 2518 meters. As you can see, there are so many other peaks and mountains around us. The highest is 3200 meters. That's why the Alps are not just one mountain, but they stretch for tens of thousands of km long.

But we did it. look what the two are doing right now "I see you still have enough energy." "oh bad. Better let the professionals do it." "You have Chinese genes in you."

Apparently they still have enough energy. "Have you ordered beer or food yet?" "No" "Are you planning to" "yes, yes, of course" "ok, then I'll wait" We've finally arrived at the Troier Hut with an empty stomach. The best thing about hiking is a cold beer and food like schnitzel, pork knuckle, even though we're in Italy now. so guys, update. us We were supposed to take the LIFT back down to the parking lot. But we enjoyed the beautiful view at the hut a little too long.

We were then 5 minutes late before the lift closed. The guy at the lift of course saw me with a look of contempt moment looked at me so he would say, "fuck off now" so we have no choice we have to walk. It takes an hour and a half. The positive side is that it's not raining. It's nice weather.

"we can do the nice Enjoy the view a little longer. "Right, that's it." So long story short. Departure. yes guys, we are currently on the way down the Terminator is very fast. He hops like a young deer.

I have no idea why he runs so fast. I'm here, Vitalii is behind me. It's nice though. Very nice view. There were two girls walking in front of us. Maybe that's why the Terminator wanted to run so fast to hit them.

"yes, Terminator we are not a machine like you" the grind continues. Update, we're still on our way down to the parking lot. This permanent downhill really hits my knees and lap. The thing is, the paths are so rocky, sometimes big stones and sometimes small stones. This is very dangerous because it is very easy to twist your ankle. I think every basketball player knows the feeling.

Especially when running down, your heels touch the ground first. If it's a little uneven because of stones, then bang, you'll just fall over. that is very dangerous. That's why it's exhausting. We were a bit surprised why the Lenard ran so fast. We already suspected that he wanted to talk to the girls. Now the theory is confirmed.

It's also good to go with a companion because that way the time passes faster, at least in terms of feeling. Yes, Lenard. The Terminator with the master plan. well, we have to keep grinding now. Guys, it's better than expected. It took us almost an hour in total to get down to the parking lot. What a relief.

We now want to go to another lake before it gets dark to enjoy some views. and then drive home. That's the plan, that's the prospect... ah my arm is already hurting.

everyone is chilling here. That's actually the train we're supposed to take down. but as I said, it's closed. That shit Col Raisse It's not good. Well folks, today is the last day before the return journey. We're leaving the apartment straight away.

we packed everything. The two are already waiting for me downstairs. But it was nice in the Dolomites, until next time. Ciao Ciao. Guys, it's currently a quarter to ten in the morning and we've just come to Lake Braies. The parking lot here is already completely full.

so no idea. Look, there are so many cars there already. A big snake. This is a very popular spot because there is a very beautiful lake. So basically an Instagram hotspot. Many are there very early, especially Chinese and Arabs...

so people, so our five-day trip to the Dolomites is over. In summary it is very nice. I recommend everyone to come here. A bit of hiking. and we see you in the next adventure.

bye Bye

2023-12-11 15:16

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