Adventure travel ''SALPA SILICHUNG'' with Bhumi & frens || MUNDHUM TRAIL

Adventure travel ''SALPA SILICHUNG'' with Bhumi & frens || MUNDHUM TRAIL

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Namaste everyone ! This is me Sanjip Rai. Welcome you all in our channel Sanjip Jina We all are here today, we are going popular and powerful local pilgrimage called ''SALPA SILICHUNG''. Its altitude is 4100m from the sea level. Please watch our video till the end, like,comment & subscribe our channel, Thankyou ! Jina and Jonson are not going because of long and difficult way.

Harikesh sir and bhumi brother are with me. Weather is not very good today. Namaste all ! I am going Salpa pilgrimage with Sanjip and Harikesh brother. Namaste ! This is me Harikesh Acharya. We will do fun as well as pray with god for everything. We are sharing our journey with you all stay with us. Thankyou !

My name is Yugen Rai She is Jina my wife ! No, i am not your wife (kidding hubby) Jonson is sleeping in his basket, His mom is carrying him. We are preparing to go now. We will show every aspect of our travel. Bhumi brother, Anil brother,Rojan,Harikesh,Yugen are already here for Pilgrimage journey. My boy, Jonson Sarmila sister in law holding Jonson Say hi to all Jonson He is Rojan from buffalo shed.

Carry all belongings guys Let's go ! Bye Jonson, See you ! Let's go guys Bye, Sister in law sarmila, Jina and Jonson Say bye to your dad Jonson. We are starting our journey to Salpa, I think it takes 4-5 days to come back. We are getting neighbour shephards shelter. Let's go Anil bro. Weather not good today bro.

Don't worry sanjip. I wanna make a call to my wife. Let's go guys Safe journey to all Abhilash's shelter Yak shed Let's go We are leaving Dilpa My ear phone is broken. Don't worry, I will buy for you.

Harikesh sir, How is your Journey ? Fantastic Enjoying Awesome Another upper Yak shed. Hello brother ! How are you guys ? Greetings to all Namaste,Tasidhele Take a rest guys Not now, we will sit here when we will back. Really ? Ok Singing and dancing DENDI bro Enjoying is the habit of DENDI ...(song)

Let's go slowly....( song) Dilpa Nagi is the name of this place. Bye DENDI brother. Thankyou, bye.

Take care guys. We are on the way to salpa Lovely girl, I LOVE YOU ! I die for you ...(song) Singing love song.

It is cloudy weather. I want to wear my cap This is bitter plant.It protect us from negetive viberation, we believe. Chhurpi made from yak milk. He is cutting chhurpi Tasty chhurpi Omg ! Scary yak He loves this place, she doesn't want to share it with others. It's ok ! we are going.

Very bad weather Friends reading the board. We are taking rest for a while. We are having some foods here. We all are sharing our foods. Popcorn and soyabean We are leaving BALAUTE BHANJYANG now This place is JUNGE Where is Rojan ? He is coming I am local shephards Happy to see you guys.

Thankyou sanjip Come to see me sometime Destination is far away and way is so confusing. Another hill called ''LAURE'' Not easy to walk, but enjoying This place called LAURE it means stick. People leave their stick here and get another stick from here. Did you change your stick ? Yes Here is a yak again give her way Be careful guys, he looks dangerous.

Omg ! Now the way is straight. It lies in 3626 m from sea level. Now we are going slope down. Here is a shelter.

Boys are carrying dry firewood to cook rice. This place called RAWADHAP, we are living here tonight. Harikesh bro is making fire. Can you bring water please brother ? Ok brother. Please come here Bhumi brother. Cooking rice We all are working together.

I'm cooking curry. Potato and soyabean curry Come to have meal Rojan. Come on everyone. Delicious meal Weather will be clean tomorrow, hope so. We are eating meat because we are going plgrimage. We are eating veg.

Serve yourself guys. Enjoy meal everyone Make strong yourself for tomorrow guys. I'm enough NEXT MORNING Goodmorning all ! This is the second day of our trip We spend last night in this shed. Keep watching us Thankyou. We can see our destination, it looks very far from here.

We can see here stone bow and arrow. Stone coin Three stone These all stone images indicates our Rai caste (Kiratee) culture. It means we Rai caste( kiratee) are living here from the time of civilization. So, We love this place. This place is called ''NIKASA'' We are leaving this beautiful place now. Small pine tree.

Very danger steep (land) Feeling heavenly We are cooking rice here now, we are hungry. May be we will reach our destination today. Anil brother is making fire. We finished our lunch Now we are moving from here. White rhododendron Place ''MANE'' related to buddhist religion. Sherpa and Tamang community worship this mane Some holy words of sherpa language.

Blooming rhodendren flower Beautiful place Here is a small settlement of sherpa community. Place - KULUPUNG This is the border of two district SOLUKHUMBU & BHOJPUR Did you have lunch ? Yes Border is in under construction. Let's go guys ! Big stones Looks like dinosaur We will stay here this night. We will go holy pilgrimage lake tomorrow morning.

We are living in this shed tonight. We are having pop corn and soyabean Organic food, tasty and nutritious Good night all. Good morning We are near by our destination.

This is the third day of our trip. Keep watching us thankyou ! Take everything which is needed for worship ok Let's walk guys This place is almost 3400 - 3500 m height from the sea level. You can see SILICHUNG hill there. There is a holy pilgrimage lake, which is our destination. We are going down towards lake.

Bhumi brother is vlogging They are our creater SUMNIMA & PARUHANG. We are praying We believe that, if we pray here, god will fulfill our all wishes. We are praying for good health, prosperity & peace for all.

All are doing round of lake. Doing round is one of the way to pray god. Let's do round bro This is the temple.

We are praying inside temple. We are doing round now. Water is so cold. Thankyou god ! We are going upward now.

This lake called '' SALPA'' and now we are climbing ''SILICHUNG HILL''. This Hill called ''SILICHUNG'' Very difficult way to get there. Come up guys. They are making tiktok We come from this middle hill today.

So tired We are in 3650 m height from sea level. We cannot get water here because of height. My friends are walking in rock way. Very danger way. Danger way. Be careful guys.

Bless me a lot my lord. We are near to our destination. Now we are in 4035 m height from sea level.

Snow still here This is the highest hill of our district BHOJPUR. We are here in another pilgrimage called ''SILICHUNG'' This is our final destination. Bless me a lot my lord. We all are praying to fulfill our wishes. This is one of the popular pilgrimage of Nepal. Many people visit here every year.

This is the way of pray. We can see one of the mountain from here. Amazing place Rocky hill '' SILICHUNG'' 4035 m height from sea level. Hill made from rock We are going to get incense herbs. This is incense.

These are SUNPATI & BHAIRANG PATI We use it while worshiping the god. We all are taking organic incense. Wonderful place. We are going back. This food is the best for cold weather. We are going back to shelter now.

Bye bye SILICHUNG, bless us. Anil brother is singing a song. Enjoying and singing Life is too short.. let's love to each other...( beautiful nepali song ) My friends are singing beautiful love songs. SALPA is covered by cloud. We back again in SALPA lake.

There are pigeon in lake. This is the shed, we lived last night. Getting small and beautiful sherpa settlement. This is the place we cook and eat our lunch yesterday.

We are in NIKASH now. There is black yak May be we will get our shed today, hope so. Here is laure ( place to change stick) Raining I forget to bring umbrella. NEXT DAY We were trying to reach shelter yesterday, but we couldn't. We spent here last night.

Are you ready guys. We are on the way to our shelter. Shephards close the way for sheep. Here is a small pond called ''TARA KHASE'' Friends are talking about political issues of country. Anil and Harikesh brother still talking in same issue. They are talking about development of country.

We are in DENDI brother's shelter now. We are near our shelter. Hello Jina ! How are you ? All good. Hello Jonson Jonson look at your dad Thankyou so much for watching our channel - SANJIP JINA

2023-07-14 23:57

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