Aaichya Hatacha । ft. Lalit Prabhakar, Hemlata Prabhakar | #Bha2Pa

Aaichya Hatacha । ft. Lalit Prabhakar, Hemlata Prabhakar | #Bha2Pa

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This topic is very much important How did I forget? That topic is... Marriage! Yes, how could I forget that? We were missing out on such an important topic while making 'Khichadi' You asked, "What more do you need in life?" A daughter-in-law would be enough I think we should start roasting Papad I think this much discussion on marriage is enough to make your Khichadi delicious No matter where you travel across the world which fancy hotels you eat in. Nothing compares to what your mom cooks. This is the photo from the time of your birth. You were only 5 days old So I was handsome from such a young age So this is you 5 days old And this is you on your third birthday This photo... from your Tonsure ceremony We used to tie a cute pony on your head So my fashion sense was so good from the beginning This photo is from your second birthday See this? I have worn sandals over socks And I have pulled socks over my pants You were already doing fashion That too of your own kind Actually, my father always liked clicking my photos And we didn't have a camera of our own No, we didn't So he used to borrow it from someone and...

Actually, he used to bring it from his friends If you wanna see my half-naked photos Now is the only chance *Giggles* I think my style originated here What do you think? These are pictures of my dad Lalit was so unpredictable He was stubborn about the things he liked He wanted them without any delay This means I was like that. I was stubborn (Someone from the background) Was? *Giggles* In fact, he still is stubborn In today's episode of Aaichya Hatacha, We are going to make the dish that I have eaten the most Actually, it's the second most. Khichadi. Because the number one dish is the beating by my mom's hands Since childhood.

Yes I was receiving beating since childhood That's why I have such a good figure now Thanks to all the beating That's because you were so mischievous And you were stubborn as well You couldn't tolerate it if anything was placed right It was like you were trying to make me angry and beat you And I was a bit aggressive too Not 'Was'. You still are Yeah, maybe I still am So you wanted to eat Khichadi right But... we have to give a reason for making Khichadi Actually, there are many reasons But the main reason is, I have stayed away from home for many years I have stayed in Boarding, Then I was away from home due to many shoots So this is the only dish I can make And Khichadi doesn't get spoiled in one day We can still eat it the next day after heating it I personally think it actually tastes better on next day Yes I agree Because I used to do that only I would make Khichadi at night and eat the remaining Khichadi for breakfast on next day It used to get burnt a bit Especially that burnt part used to taste good it tastes especially delicious on the next day That's why people make it in excess and they eat it for breakfast on the next day I think people who go to foreign countries usually make such dishes only Because they're easy to make The ingredients are easily available as well In our upcoming film 'Sunny' The character 'Sunny' goes through some hard times after going to a foreign country and due to a lack of such habits So I think if his mother would have taught such dishes to him he wouldn't have faced any hard times Because we don't want you to face a situation like Sunny, we are making a simple, easy, and straightforward dish in this episode. The dish is delicious and loved by many In our 'Khandesi' style of Khichadi, the main ingredient is homegrown rice The Garam Masala (Spice) is 'Khandesi' as well But the fried onion is important as well Another special thing about our Khichadi is, Peanuts.

I eat Khichadi only if it has Peanuts I eat only until there are Peanuts Lalit needs at least 2-3 Peanuts with every bite That's why we use Peanuts, coconut, then, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and so much more in this Khichadi And the one who wants it has to cut the vegetables This Means Lalit will cut onions if he wants to eat Khichadi But I'm an expert in such things So you will witness my skills in cutting onions, etc. If Lalit visits home during the Diwali vacation, he helps me a lot with cooking And he makes all the dishes wholeheartedly and he observes how things are done Yes I used to help in the kitchen very often even if I didn't know how to cook. Even if it is Diwali sweets Yes, no one else would make Chakali in Diwali except Lalit. Look, we use extra oil while making Khichadi That softens the rice I haven't finished cutting onions yet Yes, you continue. Meanwhile, I'll heat up the oil and cook Peanuts.

No, let's fry Onions first Alright. I know you have asked Father about this he makes very delicious Khichadi So the cooking is by me, but he's using his Father's guidance on what and how to use in Khichadi and the whole process too So now instead of 'Aaichya Hatacha', I will say, I'll see 'Lalitchya Hatachi' Khichadi Let's see how he makes it Yeah, it's true... If you use more Onion, the Khichadi becomes softer. It feels more than rice That's why we are using extra onion So, the first thing is fried Onions Actually, in my method, I fry Onion slices before pouring oil Yes, that reduces the moisture from Onions, and frying them gets easier That's the father's process Correct Should I turn up the heat to maximum? No! I think we should keep one thing in mind while cooking We should never hurry If you want to make the most delicious dishes, remember, it's okay to take time.

Making Khichadi is not time-consuming anyways Lalit, add Garlic. No, first we will add Peanuts The show's called 'Aaichya Hatacha'. But the methods will be mine Oh yes, how can I forget, you are showing me your way of making Khichadi Alright Lalit, do you remember when you learned to make Khichadi? When you were in the First Year of BSc I was returning from the village and called you Until then you only observed how I and your Grandma used to make Khichadi At that time you made Khichadi enough for 5 people Was it delicious? yes, definitely! You made it on your own It's all just talent and skills, nothing else Now, let's add Peanuts And... Don't hold back while adding Peanuts Just add them Lalit likes Peanuts so much Add them as much as you like There's no measurement for that Now you can add Garlic No, I'm still unsure about Onions Onions will be cooked along with the rice No need to fry more... Let it turn reddish Alright, you do what you feel is right Today I'm going to learn from you We'll add Garlic in the end because it gets cooked faster No, the Onions will make it get cooked slower Listen to me and add garlic Should I add it all? yes, add it all. It'll taste good Let's heat the water as well I mean, when we add the water at the end, after all the onions, rice, etc.

we usually use water at normal temperature. But we don't do that, instead, we heat the water already and we add that water. It helps with... I think you can explain it well The homegrown rice that we are using is grown using less water That's why we use Hot water to help with cooking About washing the rice, I remember you told me, that we shouldn't wash it for too long, because the essence is lost The homegrown rice from our village has its own flavor washing it removes its flavor Its essence is lost Yes right Our rice isn't polished. It's all raw from the farm. And we have used three types of pulses.

Which ones? *Instant Regret* Are you asking me? There's this one... Yellow one Tell me their names. What's the 'Yellow one'? One's Urad Dal (Magnet Pulses) It's Toor Dal (Pigeon Peas) Yes sorry, there's Toor Dal Mung Beans Yes, there are Mung Beans. and... and there's Masoor Dal (Indian Brown Lentils) Yes you remembered Masoor Dal If we used Urad Dal then Khichadi will be very delicious, right? no, we don't use Urad Dal. I was saying that only. yes because it's very moist Now we are going to make, Curry! Yes, Curry. Now you can close the Cooker's lid.

Now it's boiling right, and the cooking process is started. Now we only have to wait for two whistles. On a low flame Yes, low flame, now make it lower. All the way down. the Khichadi gets cooked better on a low flame You might know, the Khichadi of Birbal is known for that Yes, so this is Khandesi Khichadi and I have taught you the process.

You learned it from Grandma. Yes, my mother taught it to me because she used to work on a farm Father was a teacher So after returning home from school, I had to cook something. And Khichadi was the easiest dish to make.

I learned it by observing my mother and grandmother. and then started to make it. The village atmosphere and water make this dish taste even better.

It was cooked on the earthen stove. Because there was no gas available. That's why it was cooked on an earthen stove. It was so delicious I don't think Khichadi is a fancy food.

It tastes even better when you are in hurry. Or when there's less time and you're hungry For that, you don't need a measured recipe Anyone can make it I think, when I started staying away from home, I was in 6th standard. I was staying in Boarding since 6th.

The concept of staying alone... You learned there That experience is totally different. you have to do your own work. You start to become self-sufficient. Because when you're staying at home, parents take care of many things. Things that you don't even know of. They're small things.

But your family such as your mother, elder sibling, and father take care of such things. You don't even know these things. You then realize many things so suddenly when you start living alone. Cooking is the most important thing of those things. Because all these years we get food already served to us.

And we don't know the process behind it. So when I was in boarding, I was in charge of the Mess. Do you remember that incident? Your cook didn't wash the Methi (Fenugreek) and cooked it directly. And you made an incident about it. You were stubborn about not eating the unwashed vegetable. So your teacher made the cook bring the Vegetable again from the market.

And made him cook once again. Rebel! So you were always like this if you took leadership, you always remembered all other things too. You were keen on the quality of the food reaching the plates of students. I think we learned so much there.

we even made our own pickles there for the first time. I mean I had seen it in the village. Because we are going to enjoy two more things with this Khichadi, because they're like mandatory to be in this dish. So it's Khichadi, Curry, Papad of Nachani, and Pickle. 3, 2, Come on Give it a push... Should we? Why should we force it on the cooker? It'll do it on its own.

Push it a bit but why, it'll happen on its own. Don't... what are you doing? This will fasten things up. It's really close. We'll wait for one whistle only. because it's building up. Let it do its own thing. Yes but it's not happening No no, let it do its own thing...

It was so close already... So what... One thing about the Curry made in our house is, something that I and my brother complain about. In our house, the Curry never has the same taste again. So whenever we like the taste of Curry, we literally beg our mother to keep the recipe in mind.

Make the same curry next time. But that never happens. The next time it will always be a bit different. And my brother and I are so particular about the taste of curry that we like. He tells me to shoot the recipe of Curry every time, and make the same Curry the next time. It's a great idea. So tell us about today's curry.

I can't guess that... Kadipatta (Curry leaves) When you add Kadipatta, add it while rubbing it between your hands. That makes its smell spread throughout the house. In this, we will add the paste of Chili, Ginger, and Garlic. because I like Curry with this paste. Instead of cutting, if we make paste it gives a unique flavor to Curry.

The Curry is sweet, sour, and spicy. We also add Jaggery to it. It's spicy at the same time. Keep pouring it.

All of it? Yes, pour it all. When you pour it in, you should keep stirring it. Otherwise, the buttermilk is spoiled Now add water...

It's not hot yet. And keep stirring it. Alright.

If we stir it well, it'll be mixed in no time. It's okay if we don't add Turmeric to it. We make that kind of curry as well. But today we're going to add some Turmeric because we have to eat it with Khichadi. Now we will add Salt to Curry only when it starts boiling.

Then we will add Sugar because our Curry is sweet and sour. And we add Sugar or Jaggery in Sweet and Sour Curry... No, don't... Just let it be. Let the steam build-up. Should I turn the flame up? Yes, it's okay if you turn it to the max. And? What else is going on in your life? Lalit's marriage is the only problem. So many girls are ready but when's Lalit going to agree...

So I think this topic is very important while making the Khichadi. If you want to make your Khichadi more delicious, along with the ingredients, this topic is very much important. How did I forget about it? That topic is... Marriage!

Yes, how could I forget that? Actually, the thing is, you didn't meet me during the Pandemic and not even after the pandemic. So I was so happy about meeting you, I completely forgot about that topic. It's our important topic.

Why isn't Lalit marrying? We were missing out on our important topic while making Khichadi. You asked, "What more do you need in life?" So a Daughter-in-Law would be enough. I think we should start Roasting Papad.

I think this much discussion on marriage is enough to make your Khichadi delicious Now we'll start roasting Papad on the Gas. So these too are homemade Papads of Nachani. I still remember, in my childhood, when these Papads were made I used to like the dough used for this.

It used to be hot and if you eat it with oil and red chutney, you'll really like it. Just like I enjoy the Khichadi you make, which dish do you like cooked by your mother? I like Stuffed Brinjal made by my mother. She used to make delicious Stuffed Brinjal. Overall she was a better cook, but her Stuffed Brinjal was something else. Have I eaten it before? Now our Khichadi is ready.

See, every grain is soft. Hot Khichadi, Papad, Curry, and now you'll start eating. I'll serve it on a plate for you. Enjoy and give your feedback. Very good girl, very good. Yes, it's good. I think Akash should have been here.

Take some Curry for him. He'll say you make it perfect for him. Today we have shot the recipe. So you will remember all the measurements. Now I'll show you how to eat Khichadi. Take Papad, add some Pickle to it.

yes, add some Pickle. And Peanuts are mandatory too... And then... Eat it like that. Is it good? Feels like heaven.

Great. Try some What exactly is good about it? You're right... It's actually good. It's such a simple recipe so I think you all should try it. So I suggest, you should try making Khichadi. Try Curry too.

And let us know how your Khichadi and Curry were by commenting on the video. The dish is very wholesome. So make sure to try it. And our new film 'Sunny' is coming out on 18th November. And we have already launched the Trailer and Songs. So share your feedback about the Trailer and Songs through the comments. Sunny is a boy staying away from home, different from his family, yet, missing his family Trying to make new friends in the foreign land And cooking is the most important part of staying away.

So Sunny starts working in a restaurant. He's working in a Cafe. That's a funny story. You can watch all this in the 'Sunny' film. Watch this video and you should watch 'Sunny' in theatres It's releasing on 18th November.

And BhaDiPa too... Facts And if you haven't subscribed to Bha2Pa Channel yet, then please subscribe. also, like and share Share this video with the maximum number of people Thanks, mother, it's really good. Take some Curry This was made a bit with my methods, that's why it's so good. Khichadi by Lalit Only Curry by Mom. Right? Curry is good too...

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