A CHRISTMAS HOUSE TOUR: English Victorian Terraced House

A CHRISTMAS HOUSE TOUR: English Victorian Terraced House

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[Music] It's finally time for a festive house tour. Yes, it is. Yeah because last week we showed you our Christmas trees and this week we decorated the rest of our house. Yes and we just went through all the rooms and it puts us into such a festive mood and we hope you will enjoy the tour. I love it because it's not too much so it's not a Christmas overkill. No. No, I hope it's not. The only thing that's now missing is our dining room. Yeah. But without further ado we hope you will enjoy the tour. Welcome to our house. In our hallway we have

this little console table that we have made I think about three years ago. This is an old tier stand and on the upper tier we put some fruit on it and these are artichokes. Then some mushrooms. Another paper chain with some red baubles. Looks very festive. Here we have something from Germany. Winter children and some mine workers. And this is from the

Ore Mountains. And what I mustn't forget is, so here we we have our coat hanger and we used two of the hooks to display some of the paper stars we made. And we think it looks quite nice against the William Morris wallpaper. So yeah. And oh yes. Here we have a garland for the staircase. And this is something we've been doing for a very long time. We've always

done that in Germany as well. And the decoration is very old. I think about 25 years old. I made the the ribbon or the bows with my mother and it looks very nice and is very special. Another part of our Christmas decoration is the greenery that we put above the bigger pictures here in our hallway. Let's go into our very cosy snug. And Jörg was so kind

and he just made a fire which is so nice because today it's actually quite chilly outside. As shown in our previous video, we have this gorgeous little Christmas tree here. And a couple of days ago we got the wicker skirt for it. And it looks so nice. And we're currently watching Home Alone which we do every single year. It has become such a classic, hasn't

it? As shown in last week's video we have our candle arch from the Ore Mountains in Germany. And here we have a smoker from Germany. Some paper trees that we made two years ago. Then the paper chain. And this is quite exciting because we finally started our gallery wall. It's not finished so it does look a bit strange at this point but we will work on it. And we got the paintings from an antique place and we absolutely love them. And this here is so special for us because it shows Mullion Cove in Cornwall which is

very special to us because this is the spot where here can always spend our very first holiday in England. On our antique table here we have a candle and the plant in German is called Weihnachtsstern. I think in English it's poinsettia. Then Dominosteine. Domino cakes. And a couple of things from Villeroy & Boch. And another painting and we just added a tinsel garland to make it look more festive. Something else that's new. This is a gorgeous antique table that we only received last week. And

on it we put our German Christmas pyramid and it's the perfect spot. Here's another paper star. This is the view from the kitchen into the snug. We really love spending time here. It's so so cosy. It's such a wonderful room. It's not a big room but I don't know. It's just, it has such a wonderful atmosphere and vibe.

And this is the kitchen and we really hope we can change the worktop next year and also the tiles. Um yeah, we just want to change it and I I think it will really change the look of the kitchen. We do love the the cupboards and we didn't do this. We found it or it was like this when we bought the house and it's called because we get so many questions about these cupboards and it's a Farrow & Ball paint called Breakfast Room Green. Now we only have decoration here on the shelves but we always put our big Christmas tree in here because we spend so much time in the kitchen. I do edit most of the videos here in the kitchen because it's such a wonderful room. And yeah, we have a breakfast and dining area here. I hope we can redecorate our actual dining room next

year and some candles from Susie Watson Designs and this time the red and white stripy candles. German Christmas sweets or treats. Lebkkuchen. And this is our nutcracker from Germany from the Ore Mountains and another bigger poinsettia.

And some festive stars on our windows. This is another angle. And it's so nice, this window, so the house is from around 1870/1880. And the kitchen is an extension so the old house ended where you can see the window but they left this feature which is so great. We do love it because I mean we are German and we always say we're allowed to switch up things a little bit because usually this would be the dining room but we use this as a snog and the front room is our dining room. So we just changed it according to our needs. So

this is also just this is another painting we got last week. Another antique painting and because we have this and this one here. We've had this for 20/25 years, we thought that the other picture would be a great addition. [Music] And now let's go upstairs into our guest bedroom. Here's our little gallery wall that we I think created about two years ago. And here we have, in case I'm out of breath do you excuse it

but gimbal is quite heavy. Now here's another painting, an antique one and we just added a green garland for fun. And there's more decoration here on this staircase. And this is a decoration that we've used for decades now. And we think it looks so nice basically

everywhere. It's just um, bags and little guardian angels and yeah. Now let's go in to our guest bedroom. And here we have a little Christmas tree and we always use or we keep Christmas cards. And these are wonderful Victorian Christmas cards and they are such a lovely addition to this I would almost say whimsical room. This is a very recent Christmas card. We only got it last week. Also Victorian and it looks wonderful. Now here is a very old

candle arch. This candle arch is about 33 years old and one of our very first Christmas decorations. Maybe it's 34 years old. And I remember it so well. I think we got it from Aldi back in the day so it's not high quality or anything but we kept it and as you can see it's still working so why not use it? A little wreath here. And some of you might remember our gorgeous balloon that we bought at a castle Howard in Yorkshire last year. It's just so wonderful in this room and we have tiny wreaths

on both our table lamps. And mushrooms. And let me see, here we have another father Christmas or another, a father Christmas. [Music] Our main bedroom is next door and we don't have a lot of decoration in there. Christmas decoration that is. Some candles. We made we made another paper chain. And we have some sweets here. And that's basically it but in case you missed this room. We showed it about three months ago. This is it. And no, it's actually not true. We have another candle

arch here. One of the very old ones. It's almost antique I would say and yeah, this is our main bedroom. It's not, it's not yet finished so we always have something to do. We're looking for another painting or picture here. Well, I really like some Christmas books here and by the way in case you hear people, we have an event outside. So this is a very lovely book, 'The 12 Days of Christmas'. And it has amazing William Morris designs so this is not really a book that you would read because it's very very tiny but it's all about the design I think. And this is another lovely book that I can really recommend,

it's called 'Round about the Christmas Tree' with lots of short stories so yeah, that's very nice. And another book that I've had for many years actually. It's called 'Tidings: A Christmas Journey'. And I must admit I fell in love with the with a book cover because it looks so nice. You know by now that I have a weakness for foxes and yeah, that's a very

nice book as well. And this is our main bedroom. [Music] And now let's go to our attic room. Okay, this is the door to our attic room and it has a little wreath which makes it look very festive. Welcome to our attic room. These are all the cupboards that we had made last year by a joiner. So this is one side. This is the other side. And it's so great. It totally transformed this room and of course

gave us plenty of storage. And we use this space as an office but also as a snug because it's so nice up here. These two slipper chairs are very very special to us. They are antique and we had them reupholstered. And this is a Charlotte Gaisford fabric. And in case you missed our very special video where we went to Charlotte Gaisford's house in Northumberland.

And she was so kind, she gave us a tour. And she is an amazing fabric and wallpaper designer. And when we saw this fabric, Jörg actually chose it. We thought it would be so perfect for this room. And the fabric for the cushions is also Charlotte Gaisford. We couldn't love it anymore. Now mince pies are an absolute necessity during the festive season here in the UK. And as you can imagine Jörg really loves them. This here is something from Villeroy & Boch. In German it's called Spieluhr.

[Music] We've had pictures for many many years apart from the one in the middle, the big one. And Jörg always wanted to have like a maritime style room and yeah. We have the Samsung TV up here called The Frame and you can use art on it which looks so nice. And just a couple

of days ago we bought this picture from Etsy. It's very cheap, it costs I think two pounds 50. [Music] I hope you enjoyed our house tour today. I enjoyed it very much. And now I'm hungry and that's why I will have a mince pie. Yeah. Good? Excellent. But what's what's the drink on the table? You didn't show. That? Hmm. That's some port wine. Right. Yes. And that's

a good combination? Always. Okay. So Cheerio. Cheerio. And bye bye. Thank you so much for watching. Bye.

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