Εμείς, Αυτές και τα ΚΤΜ μας| Στο Δρόμο για Μαρόκο S2E1

Εμείς, Αυτές και τα ΚΤΜ μας| Στο Δρόμο για Μαρόκο S2E1

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Whaaat? It is not showing the speed! We are not even going to reach Genova! We take this adapter which is connected to a gopro battery and our phone Wow!!!! We are going to chech if our motorcycles are ok, We are very worried about this! The greatest adventure of the Greek Adventure Riders just began! The same 3 guys that one year ago conquered the northernmost point of Europe, Nordkapp, this year we have set an even more difficult target, To reach the Merzouga desert in Morocco! This time together with our girls. If you want to follow this adventure, Subscribe to our chanel to make sure you are not going to miss any of the episodes that are comming up! Grab a beer and enjoy! So our journey has started with the 6 of us, This time together with our girls, Started from our town, Katerini, Our first stop is going to be Igoumenitsa where we are going to take the ship to Ancona in Italy. Our girls are going to be with us until Barcelona, from there, they are goinf to take the airplane and return to Greece and we are going to continue riding to Morocco Our journey from there on is going to be more adventurous The first part is more touristic We are equiped with the best mood We are going to have fun! - Let me see you got stung by a bee Unfortunately the ship's time schedule changed the days so instead of starting in the afternood, it changed to midnight.

and we had to ride at night. The good thing was that we had done this route many times , and we didn't mind that we are not going to miss the scenary Just for this trip, and more specifically the off road trails that we want to ride in Morocco, Myself and Giannis, some months before, we got 2 same KTM 890 Adventure R While our friend Sofos stayed with the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R that we owned. - Our first stop at a gas station in Grevena. To drink some water and stretch up Here are our girls. How are you holding on so far girls? Zoi you are the most inexperienced with bikes.

- It's really nice! - How is your butt? - Just a litte bit, we have a great seat (1290R) - You 'll see as we go on... They are studing Giannis's bike, even though it was brand new, had some issues before the trip. Of course everything was fixed so we assumed that all the bikes were ready for the up coming adventure.

Suddenly, even before we arrive to Igoumenitsa Giannis's cruise control stoped working Thing that made us worry for the continuation of this journey. - Got help us to make this jurney with no issues! Unfortunately this was not the only issue that we faced My KTM 890 that had no issue so far, started to had some problems when we arrived to Igoumenitsa. - We just checked in, and i can see that since we arrived here, the Tracion control and the ABS are not working... and made me worried very much Also the speedometer stoped showing the speed but in my confusion i didn't notice it at all.

- Hello - Tickets and passport - Speeking Greek - Hey guys are you Greeks?! - Lets go team! - Sofos is all day long on Zoi! Even inside of the helmet... Zoi is wearing her helmet and Sofos is still trying to kiss her. While we were waiting to get on the ferry, A crew member recognised us and came to say good luck on our journey. - We parked out bikes and Sofos is taking off his clothes! I made a misstake, I placed this strap, infront of the exhaust, and it got melted and now it is not openning, but even if it opens it is not going to work. That was a rookie misstake! The ferry from Igoumenitsa to Ancona takes 18h and all the cabins were fully booked many months in advance so we had to find the best spot we could to spend the night. - Here we are with our sleeping bags, ''desperate times call for desperate measures'' Sofos? Are you going boxing? - While we were relaxing in our sleeping bags, The shipps speakers called mr Dallas to go to the reception, and we suspect that someone wanted to help us and found a free cabin for us.

I am turning off the camera now, to not insult anyone - They have a cabin, with a discount... a 2 beded cabin comes a bit more than 300 euros... - We are great here! As you figure, we prefared to sleep in the sleeping bags and save some money for the rest of the trip.

- Goodmorning! we woke up, took care of our sleeping bags etc. We got probably the last fedo esspresso that we are going to have at the whole journey. Just to sum up what happened yesterday... Giannis's 890 dosn't start easily when it's cold, otherwise on the road it was great, except the fact that in some cases the cruise control couldn't be activated.

and he had manual throttle luxury extras. My 890 on the other hand that never had an issue, as soon as we arrived to Igoumenitsa, started having problems with the traction control and the ABS unit. ...unnecessary stuff, how did they ride in the old days? Let's hope it's something that is going to correct itself and we are going to be ok from now on. - The couple keeps doing their stuff.

Get a cabin guys, don't struggle! - It's too expensive! - We will contribute as well for you to get a cabin... - If we don't get COVID here, we wont get it anywhere. - The time is 19:00 in Greece so it is 18:00 in Italy, We are off to Genova and the Gps says we are going to be there 23:07 without any stops. If we calculate the stops as well, because it's 5h ride, we are going to arrive there around 01:00 at night. Look what we are going to do, We want to hide our sleeping bags here, so we wont be carrying them for 23 days! And we are going to come back in 23 days to take them...if we find them!

We do those stupid things all the time! People are going to think that we get rid of drugs! - Hello guys! Just outside of Ancona, The issues of the traction control, the ABS and the speedometers hit again. - Whaat??? The speedometer is not showing the speed! Whaat?! Whaat?! Whaat?! We are not even going to reach to Genova! Let me switch it off and turn it on in case it has an "evil eye" It shows 0 speed. hahah "Jesus Christ help it". hahaha "In the name os Jesus Christ" It is working! So it was probably the "evil eye" of the people talking about it in the shipp. hahaha

- Yes it is working fine now, i don't know later on, ask me again. It was already night time, we were still on the road ant the little issues were coming and going until at a stop we had, we discovered something completely new. - Wait wait, the lights have an issue! - Man the bike is switched off and i just inserted phone charger! - What are you talking about??? - What is that??? It's a miracle! Miracle! From where does it take the power? I want to try it on mine as well.

I hope it's not contagious. I am stressed now, do you think it will be the same to mine as well? Woooow! hahaha No way! No way man! Miracle! What is it connected to? -The phone and the Gopro! Let's try Sofos's 1290 No that's the good one! While we were busy with the problems of our bikes, our girls were cold and wore their raincoats to get warm. - They look like they are going to clean the streets. We arrived at our hotel in Genova at 01:30 at night.

Our super kind host was waiting for us until this time so we could secure our bikes at his underground parking. Thank God, because it whould be a nightmare to try to find parking at this time and being so tired. - Sofos lost the last turn and he is coming now.

Where are you guys?! - What's up? - Man it's the first time we come to a so nice apartment - Our view - Wake up guys! Are you stil with your underwear? Are you with your underwear as well? - My body is in pain! - What did you do to him last night? - I didn't do anything! - If she did, i couldn't wake up at all! - Have a look what view Giannis has. - We are going to have breakfast now. We will have a quick ride in Genova, just to get an idea how is the city, unfortunately we can't do anything more.

This days schedule was overloaded and we shouldn't waist any time so the plan was to have breakfast and start riding right away. - Come on make up your mind and choose a sandwich! - Salami mozzarella tomato and... - Italian. - Is it good? - Very good. - Sofo what do you think? Should we come again? - No! hahaha - We left Genova very early after breakfast. We plan to be at 11:00 in Monaco We can have a coffee there and some rest and finally start seeing some sights because so far our trip is a bit boring.

We arrived in Monaco! a very beautiful city- state that is famus for it's wealth, the casinos and the Grand Prix - Wow! - Are those any good guys? We don't have many in Greece. In Katerini we don't have any so i guess they aren't good. - You are going to run over this little dog, careful! - Such a nice little dog. Do they not wear any bra in Monaco? Of course rode the Grand Prix track but with the traffic and the heat, it wasn't as pleasant as we imagined When we finished our ride in the tiny Monaco, which we red that it is even smaller than the Cental Park of NY we continued to Nice. - The beach is really nice, like most of the cities by the sea Nice is a big, clean and beautiful town with a very nice beach that people enjoyed their swim - We are at Nice and we face the same problem as in Monaco, we are not allowed to park our bikes somewhere for a minute to grab a coffee and go.

we parked there and there and they asked us to leave now we parked here and they said that it's ok for a little bit. Over there there is a scooter parked but only ours are a problem. We are going to have a quick coffee and grab a french baguette. To relax a bit because it's too hot today, and we are still tired from yesterday that we didn't sleep properly The square that we are now is very nice.

- Hey Vicky, what are we going to eat? - You are probably going to take this one. - You know me very well! -How are they called girls? Foca? - Focaccia - Rocket, mozzarella, truffle oil and salami. Very nice! - Have a look here the experienced guy We get this wet with some water, - Did you do this with sparkling water? - No it had tap water in - With Soda it is even better you know! hahaha - It works like a fridge, liquid cooled All set! - Are you going to be cooler now? - Oh yes! - That was Nice. We head to Cannes now. And then to Marseille where we are going to spend the night. Cannes are about half an hour away from Nice.

However the traffic was heavy because there was a ship exhibition at the port. - It's really busy here. Hey guys! - We need to get cool a bit because it's too hot. - Best place in Cannes. - Did you say that we found fredo esspresso in Cannes? - And not only, we found ice as well. - Fredo esspresso 4 euro, bottle of water 6 euro...

I think we are going to fill our camel back with coffee! hahaha - Why don't we wear our swimming shorts? - We are leaving Cannes, it was very nice. The best thing was that we found fredo esspresso We couldn't even imagine find this coffe here. we are heading to Marseille now, it is about 2h ride. I want to try a couple of local dished We are in Marseille, the 4rth city we visited the same day.

- I think it's the second biggest city after Paris. Even though we were very tired, we decided to visit the church Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde before we go to our hotel, which is in the highest point of Marseille and is the most popular sight of the city. We chose our hotel to be at the old harbour of the city, so at night we could go out on foot and wont have to ride our bikes.

- Look how nice it is. Every place is full of people - We parked temporarily our bikes. We are not going to leave them here, just to be safe. we are looking for our hotel Vicky is calling them.

It must be this huge building, but there is no sign. - What's going on Vicky? - That's the most annoying thing, to arrive at your destination tired, hot and thirsty and you can't find your hotel because there is no sign and they don't aswer the phone. and it is not even cheap, it's about 300 euros a night. - Hey man, are you going to unload everything? - I don't want to be the only one robbed! You took your stuff out.

If you were leaving them, i whould too. It wasn't even dark yet and we were feeling worried about the safety of our bikes. - That's why he was asking us if we are going to unload all our suff? We have traveled in so many countries and it's the first time we feel so stressed about our bike's safety. Nobody wanted to risk it, so we decided to park our bikes in the most cental parking of the area, under the Mall - Can we park for tonight? -Yes. - How much? - 30 euro.

-All together? - No. - 30 euro for one? - Yes. - Theo all 3 of us... Come on Sofo Theo go to the side. Wait! At this parking the charge was 30 euro/night/bike! Although it was very dirty with trash, even with human feces and it didn't feel safe at all! - Careful there is shit on the floor. They are peeing and shiting in here! WTF! - Tired! This is our apartment for today.

It is in the center of the old harbour. This is the reason we booked this apartment. That's the old harbour of Marseille. The cathedral up there. ...and whatever this is. That's the place to be.

Generally we can see many people here that they are not very friendly... Of course we are not afraid of foreign people, we have traveled a lot. Last year we crossed the whole Europe. But here in Marseille is the first time we are really worried. There's an ambulance. We parked in an underground secure parking, under a Mall.

But we still feel insecure. There are many people staring a bit strange We couldn't even leave our bikes alone for 5' to get our things to our apartment. We were even afraid to do that. - Eri can you tell us what happened? - With the seat that you have on the 890, my tail bone is suffering If you don't do something i will go back by airplane! - You put a rally seat on the 890 to do this trip 2up! - Yeah but i have a sheepskin as well.

- You did this on purpose so they wont follow us again. - Sofo...tell us the truth man! Are you afraid for our bikes, where we have parked? - I hope... They steal them so we have a piece of mind! Take them! Take them so we can buy better ones! - I am not afraid about mine! If they steal it, they wont go far, they will get caught! hahaha - Check this lift for four people.

- Are ou sure we fit? - Watch your hands - Eri what did you press? For food we went at a restaurant complex at the old port Everything was full but we managed to seat at a very nice place. - That's nice. Is the sofa soft enough? For our tired bottom.

We are not spending much time to each place so we try to taste local dishes. So this night we all got fish food that Marseille has a tradition - That's a typical plate in Marseille, shellfish. Some lemon - Is it alive? - Alive and well! - You know what will happen after eating this?! - What? - Eat it all, don't leave anything. - You better leave it Gianni. - It's good guys, why don't you try it? I will eat them all. Where are you going to find that again? - Is it nice Sofo? - It's nice, but not much! - Bouillabaisse - Is that the traditional one? - Yes that's a specialty of Marseille.

- So that's the traditional plate in Marseille, mussels, fish, potatoes etc. Fish soup. It's nice! It's not even close though with the fish soup in Norway. - We had a nice dinner and a drink, but we are still very stressed for our bikes safety, we are going to check again if they are ok.

We are going to check if they are still there and if we can do anything else to secuse them. - Damn man, i so only the 2 of them there and i got relly scared for a moment. Unfortunately we couldn't do anything better apart from patience until the next morning. That night we slept with one eye open.

The next day we are going to visit Montpellier and Barcelona where we are going say goodbye to our girls and continue alone to Morocco!

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