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Good morning! So this is our second day here in Vietnam. Now let's go DIY for a walk. So the good thing here in Bui Vien is that you are greeted by the post office, all the sights are next to the office. We didn't walk there anymore. We grabbed and then we went to explore. The only basis for us guys is this. All those in Pilup will go here.

Right? So let's explore Saigon. The grab was cheap. 100 baht is only 100 pesos.

Going to the post office. There, we are here at the post office. This is the old post office built in 1886. Right? Then in front of him, this is the cathedral case made. Sorry, sorry.

So, let's DIY first. The first place we visited was the old post office. So, we didn't really research what was in it. But they said it's good to send it here. Let's try whatever we see inside.

Picture you first love. There it is. Let's go in. Let's go in. It has also become a tourist spot. There are shops, there are SIM cards, there are...

What is this called? Souvenir shop? Wow! There you go, there's a postcard. I'll send my mom. This is Vietnam Post. Is it not for sale? That's for sale. Vietnam Bank Notes. Let's see if...

Ah, there are 50. So, 50 is the lowest... There are 100. Yes, there are 100 too.

Not yet... Oh, 20 too. Maybe old. We haven't handled anything like that yet. The lowest ata is...

May 10. 100 ata? 10,000. May 11. Oh, X1. Oh, 1.

So, let's buy him first, right? Very good. What? 400. May 100. Dear. How much is that? We only have a taxi that costs 280 to 800 pesos.

So, 400 is like around 1,500. It's only 99. They have coins.

Current coin? Coin collection. That's the easiest thing to do for pricing. Supposedly, we are in Laos. We were in Laos before. Let's memorize how much 100 baht is in Laotian Kip. He's the same in...

He's the same when he's in another country. That's our trick. We are not telling you to do that.

Here's what it is. The Saigon. How much? How much? There. Ayala, only 80.

Still nice? The size is Large I wish it was small. Or is that just a joke? The man hasn't seen me yet, promise. Right? Did you notice too? Then it's a bit colorful.

Right? It's like this, look. Pink. It's like Kenji's Journey. There it is, of course the famous keychain. 100,000.

100. Or 90,000. It's just this. Cheap Masiyad Is it a ref magnet? Is not.

It looks like we only need 1 million dong right? There we can complete the pasalubong Even things like this. O. Right now we only have 800,000 dong in cash. There, listen.

Tuh. Tuh. That's it. That's it. That's right, we can make the video longer.

It's just to prove that it's game of thrones. It's a music box. It's a weird thing that I noticed here in Vietnamese, they gossip inside the establishment, in the hotel, in the restaurant. Here, too, there is a whisper at the end.

Look at this. You will be amazed. What is that? Wet it. Read this. Floating rice men.

Then look again. Eeeee. It's been said. There are floating grains of rice. Wait, I can't focus.

How much is this? 50 only. All right. You like? Let's get So that's it. This is the post office. Let's move to the cathedral. Let's take a look while it's next to it.

That's all, he's doing it. That's it. This. But let's take a look anyway.

It is quite close to the cathedral. But first let's find coffee and breakfast. Because we haven't had breakfast yet. It's 12 o'clock.

This is where I saw that we couldn't find street foods. But I read that vietnamese coffee , Cafe Sua Da Cafe Sua Da is only 35. So it's cheap too.

This is where we will try. Then we just look for street food. We ended up here in the alley where everything was like books. I fell. But that's it. Let's try We have 5 baht.

5 baht? But torn. It can be hidden. So that's what we're looking for. This. Oy, The speed of what.

The speed of serving. So in the streets because it's bigger. So yeah. Here. Or, let's try later. Maybe we can find a replacement.

But it's a taste test. Or game love. Taste test. I can still smell it. What's up hey? Smells good. Wait.

Who do you want me to compare him to? In Laos? In Cambodia? In Thailand? In the Philippines? Nothing. Nothing? Or me first? Just wait. They speak good English here. I didn't expect it. I thought there was...

It was delicious. I thought English was still weird. But it's clean. Oh, the cleanliness. The clear. No, I mean, it's understandable.

It's delicious, isn't it? Philippines. Are you sure? Oh guys, look at this. In the Philippines, it tastes like XO candy. The XO candy was good.

Or, but in Thailand, what is kalasa? Nothing. Maybe the one in... Caramel. Or, you don't record anymore? Not really. I said, I'm so happy. I tasted Vietnamese coffee.

Then you guys know, the weird thing in Vietnam, Pearl suddenly wants to be in my vlog. Pay attention to all my vlogs in Thailand, he doesn't like it. So, let's not try the coffee suada, or how to say sua, coffee, suada. Well, Beh. But I saw the bread. Let's go.

Well, the famous one, the Banh Mi. Banh Mai? Banh Mi. That's it. The bread. Or, this, this.

There you go guys, the Banh Mi. Banh Mai. Banh Mi.

Let's order. How much? Tao Lai 20,000 Dong, cheap. Like 30 pesos.

Oh, 30 baht. 50 pesos. 50 pesos. wow Then when you add, I don't know. Let's see how Kuya does it.

Honda Lead That's right, there's a Honda Lead here. That's it. Chili. Hey, something, like cilantro. Chili. Do you like chili? Chili, yeah.

30,000. How? 20,000. Is that still expensive? No, 50 baht. 80 pesos. Oh, 30,000 tolo. 20,000.

20,000? Yes. There are 20 here. How much? 20. 20. 10. Okay, thank you.

That's it, I really endured for a long time not to take the subway. Excuse me. I got choked up, you sneezed So there you have it guys, for a long time I endured not to take the subway in Thailand because it is actually the subway of Vietnam.

So there he is guys, he has, what is it, cilantro, right? Then there's chicken, like that. Then, let's taste it. Delicious.

You didn't just take a picture of me? Wait, it's hard to eat. But it's delicious. What is he, the chicken steamed so very healthy. He felt so healthy when I ate it. Let's move here.

Why? Shall we move? Yes. Delicious? You know, it's a good thing we're here. Cheese! So, that's it, we have already moved to the Vietnamese official. The food is good. He is very healthy to eat.

Tomatoes, fresh, cilantro, with cucumber, lettuce. Then the chicken is steamed, then there is no sauce. Just done, that's it. right? It's delicious, it's delicious. Turns out he has mayonnaise. Guys, I'm just phone recording now.

Because it's suddenly more convenient. Instead of the GoPro that I charge every day, it's just a phone. Then I realized that my phone has 1080p. One of the things we noticed is that here in Vietnam there are no spaghetti wires.

As in, then the tree will be beautiful. Here in Saigon. The tall one.

Yes, the tall one. This is their city hall. hello Ho Chi Minh. 1980 to 1969.

Picture us here. Great, it's beautiful. It's like Rizal's Park. Their flag is really in the middle.

Amazing. So, that's the city hall, guys. Let's walk again. We will walk again.

We looked for the museum. We don't rely too much on maps. Let's just ask questions. It's better to use it. For old school. It is good to travel here in Vietnam.

Very convenient. They have many fields that can be asked. Like the tourist information. A lot of that.

Then their English is really clear. They speak English well. So, we haven't walked for five minutes. This is the museum again, no. So, post office there.

The city hall is behind here. This is the museum. We've been through it.

We just didn't notice. There, no. The War Remnants Museum. Pearl bought Buko. Alright, it's okay.

Ah, no, no. No, no, no. No, no, no. Come on, come on, come on.

Let's go. No, no. No good.

Taken suddenly. Philippines. Ah, no, no. No, no, no.

No, no. No, no, no. We need to go. Two minutes, two minutes.

I won't pay, I won't pay. One minute, one minute. No, I don't pay, ah. Wow, I said no. I said no.

Look, look, look. Okay, remove, remove. What? Remove. He broke what he did. Actually, this coconut.

Pearlyn was forced to buy the two earlier, but I didn't video it anymore. It seems like it's normal. Other people's behavior is normal, but what was done to us was terrible. I don't want to, right? Then you will be told a bad word.

I really don't want it. Right? No, that's not okay. Because you will be told a bad word. It's not okay. damn It happened to us. This, we take what. 30,000 dong is 50 baht, 100 pesos.

Here at the War Remnant Museum, Vietnam. We entered. Someone is shooting a wedding.

I thought you would obey what he did, it turned out to be wood. The scammer earlier, oh, here at the museum. What's up? It's a boat. Does it have a boat? Oh, wait.

Found in the Saigon River. Oh, maybe so what. Oh, boat. Cabinet size , oh. Oh, it can't be opened. Chips.

Chips. Chips. Chips.

What is this? Hongsheng. Maybe Hongnam. Maybe a toilet. Toilet, oh Huh? Maybe we'll see. Is not. The length. If I vlogged everything, it would be six more floors.

What is this? Ah, it's like underground. Yes, I thought it was a toilet. Because, what is that, Hongsheng, that said, Hongnam in Thailand is toilet. They had a meeting here. What did they say? Table and chairs placed in the living room of the shelter on November 1, 1963.

Sixty-three. It's like underground. I can't seem to breathe. Is there an exit? It was really long when we went through it guys. Ah, no. show

Good thing he's like that. I thought we were going up again. That.

Oops, what's that? It looks like there is a CR here. Nothing. Aha, okay. That's where we're from, oh.

That's where we're from, oh. So we just came back. It's the same.

Yes, in Thailand there is something like this. Yes, there is that too. Even that, actually.

Even this one, it's Thailand. That's it, the mask. Plaka, oh, music. Oh, this is the guitar, oh. Amazing. Oh, sword.

Record player. Hot, what? Hot boy. Ah, theater art. He's like this, oh. Oh, that's it. Here are the, what, these guns.

K2. That K2, that, that K2. It's like this, what, this gun. This gun.

It's like this is the, what, it's like this is the rise of their communism. Oh, that? Yes. What? This, an old flag of Thailand, is Thailand, Vietnam. That.

Typewriters. Lito Okay. So, the last thing we will look at is these airplanes. Someone has a chariot of a carriage. It's a Tank. Take a picture of me in the tank.

Vietnam. Tank. We got coffee again.

We rested here just behind the War Remnant Museum. They are really dirty. Okay.

This one, oh. 50, right? Yes. Okay. Wow, so, we also bought, what? Food. What is this? There is a boju. Have a fight? Yes, there is boju.

There is a boju. Right? It's like, he said earlier, macaroni, but what we call macaroni, is noodles. We do have chili with the pickled, I can't remember what he said. There is a boju. There is a boju.

Right? So, we're going to rest, we're done. It's beautiful here, that's what's beautiful here, the food is cheap, like Thailand, about 100 pesos per meal, that's okay, or 70 pesos. And then they have a lot of servings.

The only thing I really don't like here is the one from earlier, when the shoe shines suddenly, then something sticks to it, and then a bad word is said. Then the coconut, which I would not have included, because it is also expensive. But, that's it. That's all that happened, which is what happened, you can't say that Vietnam is ugly, because there is something like that. It happens guys, everywhere.

Besides, Pearl and I aren't the only ones used to it, people calling you, even if you don't want to, right? In other countries that we have been to, there is something like that, but if you really don't want it, don't want it. Here they pull you, or touch you, another is yelling at you. Hey! That 's how you think what, it turns out, you're just being called, right? So, we cannot give a wrong impression if we are not trained.

So, what I want to say is, that's how they are here. So, let's taste test him. Okay. So, yes sir? Hmm. So, yes sir? Okay.

So, sir? Okay. Okay. Oh, okay. Okay. Hmm. So, yes sir? So, yes sir? Hmm.

Okay. Okay. okay? Hmm.

Okay. Taste it. Carrot. Carrot white.

Oh Number one. Number one. Carrot white, okay. He's like... Hmm.

He looks like Me Goreng. Indonesian food. Same taste Indonesia. Vietnamese.

Vietnamese, ah. Same, same. Same, same Indo. Same, same Indo. Yes. Me, Philippines.

Philippines. Philippines. Same, he is the same in Indonesia. So, let's try the one with egg.

So, let's try the one with egg. He looks like Me Goreng. When the soy sauce was added.

When the soy sauce was added. Let's try the egg. Hmm.

Hmm. She is beautiful, sir. She is beautiful, sir.

Okay. Bukchi, Vietnamese, China. Bukchi, China. China.

China. No, the other one is an order. This is the motorcycle, Attilo. Yes. Okay, I'm done, love.

That's the beautiful thing. You saw that, helped me put it on. Teach them how to eat the food. Taught. Then earlier I was saying coffee as Thai, as if it could be pronounced in Thai. Suddenly someone Vietnamese said, What did he say? Coffee.


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