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- Roma, have we warned anybody from the outside about us going in here? - We warned, but it will be no good anyway. Because I haven't left any detailed coordinates on where to find us. All I said is that we are going here. And that we are going to use boats.

I hope that if... Damn, another piece of the wall has fallen. Yeah... - What were you saying? - I hope that if something happens, people who know where the water is will find us. - And I don't really like the rocks falling from the ceiling. - Usually the... - Usually they never fall. - Igorek, have you ever witnessed falling rocks from the ceiling? - No, that's my first time.

And it's surely not the best feeling in the world. - Got it, yeah, yeah. - Some old bag. - Uh-huh.

- Guys, we would like to give away this officer's GP7 with the box and filter. Full set with a filter. It's a very relevant nowadays, so it can be useful. Maybe someone will like it as a souvenir. To win it, just write the most original comment about of what fairy tail character Gnome is reminding you of. And in a week, we will choose our winner in our Instagram Stories.

Whom we will send this gas mask. - What is our situation? - It's quite interesting. Unfortunately, only for me and Roma. We surely shouldn't go there today, but we surely need to go there tomorrow. This passage is completely unmarked.

There are files stuck inside the walls. Nobody has touched them in years. They are like this since 1928. Going there is a dead end. But I had this feeling I had to go there, so I went. At the end there is a bottle of "Mirgorodska" mineral water. And a cracked wall that was cracked with someone's help..This is what Prolen did. Recently. So it's totally undiscovered. - So nobody has ever been there? - Nobody, beside him, of course.

- Could you please tell us more about collapses? - How dangerous this place is? Huh? - Pretty bad. - Because... - This place is almost completely blocked. Because rocks fell on Roma twice already. - Behind me, too. It's pretty dangerous here. But what can we do? - A wall fell? - A piece. Such a piece of wall fell 2 meters behind me.

- How would you rate this level of danger? - It's very high, but not insanely high. - So you think it's not possible that we'll be crushed by a ton of soil? - It is possible. But the chances are not that high. I wouldn't recommend not only a beginner but also an experienced person to walk here.

We will turn around and swim to the right wing. Mironich and I recently explored that area, and there's good water everywhere. - We've just been there and found out that we can safely swim there. - Yes, yes. - Say, Sus, you're an experienced man. - And very careful.

- How do you rate this place? - We don't have to be careless. Having fun is one thing, but being in real danger i another thing. All the rocks are alive here. This one, this one, and the one behind you. And the one behind our Cargo 200 boat too. It's quite possible that we might stay here for good. We should swim very carefully and not touch anything. Everything is alive here. As Roma said, we upset the structure of the mines.

- The balance. - The balance. Because there was no soul for years here, nobody breathed, yelled or released gases here. - I have mixed feelings right now. On the one hand, I feel genuine fear. - Animal fear. - Yes, and on the other hand, I feel bliss. - Guys are fighting already. Anyway, friends, let's explore. - It's dangerous, interesting, but let's explore.

- Where do you see the Cargo 200 inscription? - Right here on the wall? - Coincidence? - I don't think so. * Music * - What falls more often? Walls or ceiling? - Ceiling. It's hard to tell, actually, but I would say it's the ceiling. - Is it possible to define when it fell? - I'm not sure, but I think it's a fresh collapse. * Music * - Look how these stones support the ceiling. They're literally fighting for their lives. - I'm 40 years old, but I'm safe and sound. - We can forget about Valik now. Valentine is too busy enjoying this place, we cannot stop him.

- Oooh, I have a hole in the boat! - Big one? - I have a hole in the boat. I'm sinking. Rescue me. - Roma is drowning! - Okay, I'll just drown with my boat. - Just don't turn my boat over, Romchik. - What is the depth here? - Pull my right hand. - Aaah! - This one? - I dislocated my shoulder. - What should I do? Valentine, help us, you can stand, and I'm just floating here.

- I dislocated my shoulder! Wait, wait, don't pull me! - How can I help? - I need help. Aaaahh! ***** - Try to stand up! - I'm standing already. - Are you joking right now? - No, I need your help.

- Stop holding me. Go to the right. No, it's left. Now lift my hand up. Forget about the boat. Lift my hand.

- Now what? - Aargh! - What, what? - Phew. - I'll need somebody's help. - I need you to pop my shoulder back. - I don't know how. - I know you don't. I need someone to support my shoulder from below.

- Are you serious right now? - I am. I'm dying. - What should I do? - I need to pop it back. - Can you step out of boat? - No, it's torn. - I got it. - I can stand here.

- Aah, it hurts! - Let's just... - Did you hit it? Or what happened? - Let's talk later about it. Roma, stand here. - Igorek, what are you doing there? - Harder? - It doesn't pop back. I won't get out of here.

- Roma, what should we do? - I don't know what to do. - Has it ever happen to you before? - In catacombs, never. - Just stand here. Wait, wait. - Aarghh! Lift my hand up! - Sit on a stone. - Maybe we can put you on a stone? - I just want to scream. You know that Chekists used to dislocate people's shoulders because it hurts like hell?

- I can't walk. - Sit on a stone, calm down, and tell us what to do. - You need to pop the shoulder back into place. I would do it myself if only I knew how.

- Igorek, do you know how to do this? - This is absolutely impossible to do without a doctor. - Are you trained in medicine? - It's better to try than... - Than not to try. - Is there a particular way to pop it back? Roma, do you know this? - I remember how they did it in the emergency room. A chair was supporting it from below, just like Susanin right now.

- It hurts so bad, it doesn't work. Push it down. Aaaah! - Like this? - What should we do? - Don't do anything right now. - I can't bend my arm. I can't bend it in the elbow. - How should they move it? To you, from you, up, down? Explain it to guys.

- I don't know. - Because they are trying to do it instinctively. - The joint is dislocated right now. You should pop it from... - This is very serious. - I get it, but what should we do? Pop it back or get out of the catacomb as is? - No, I can't walk. I walk like this.

- He can't... He'll simply go crazy from pain. - Uh-huh. We need to pop it back. - No, I will try to pull it with my body. Are you standing firmly? Yeah, just stay like that. Okay, now I can stand in full height.

- How did this happen? - Dislocated, that's all.... - I don't know what to do, guys. - Roma, don't worry. - The only thing you will have to do is to rest for a while. - VoFa is a big man, but he screamed like a little girl when his shoulder dislocated.

Like screamed. I've never heard something like that from him. - Yeah? - Yeah, screamed like crazy. - Were you with him? - No, he called me and screamed in the phone. - I was with you when he called. I thought he was joking. - I've also thought he is drunk or something. But no, he really screamed.

- Guys, stop bringing it up, guys c'mon. We don't have much time, we have to decide what to do. You have to understand that it's unlikely we will pop it back. So we will have to leave him here, and somebody has to stay with him as well. We will have to bring the doctors here, saviors etc. - Let's bring him to the land at least. - It's no joke, guys. We have a real situation here.

Yeah, we have to get to the dry land somehow. Someone, somehow, need to pop it back. There was a moment when I asked Dima to take my hand, it could pop back in, but it didn't. It's popped out and muscles are spasming and not allowing to put it back in. Let's help you get back to the dry land, and then we'll figure it out.

- Why should we pull it? Won't it be even more dislocated? - You must pop it back. - Maybe we should push it instead? - You should pull it first and then push it back. But we don't know how to do it. Just like spine. You pull it first. Not just pushing it back.

Stay strong, friend, stay strong. - Let me try. Shall I pull it? - You can try. - It's gonna be okay. - It's just pain. - Muscles spasm. Hold my hand. - Do you know any traumatologist whom you can bring here? - No. - We can figure it out.

- No, it doesn't pop back. - A person is injured, it's no joke. We were joking around when we started filming, but now we have to think how to evacuate a man from here. Whose hand doesn't work. - I think his shoulder got dislocated not for no reason. Maybe we would get into even bigger trouble if we went any further.

- And just a couple of minutes ago we were joking about Cargo 200. - This is pure fatalism. - Yeah, pure fatalism. - And the tunnels go further and further. We just started our journey. - Yeah.

But what can we do? This is life. - Crazy. - And the water is cold. - Very cold? - It's super cold. I stood in the water for only 5 minutes, and I'm already cold.

I'm shivering right now. Yeah, dude. We had the same situation in Kyiv. We went to the bunker for the New Year.

I tried to open the hermetic door, twisted my hand the wrong way, and it got dislocated. It was just hanging like this. And then I fell. I got a shock and instantly felt terrible pain. He is calling and screaming. - It's very cold. I'm literally shaking.

- Yeah, I felt the boat is vibrating, it turns out you are freezing. - Not that much... - Wow..."Philipp Plein" - Yes it is. - Elite... - Well yeah...

- Just look what happened to the retaining wall... - All of this soon will fall apart... A big piece of rock is just hanging in there...

- There is a huge crack in the wall. This whole thing is going to fall. - Water soaks into the stone and makes it very vulnerable. People who are good in puzzles tell us what's going on in this picture. Armed robbery? One man is trying to rob the other one... - For everyone who likes outdoor activities, tourism, or is an army man. Please check "FENIX" flashlights.

We have been using them for a long while. They aren't scared of the water, good undergrounds, in all sorts of conditions. They will always save your life. I recommend them to everyone. We have been using them for over 10 years. All sorts of models. For filming, headlamps... Small ones to look into the hatches...

Super powerful ones for cinema filming. All sorts of models for everyone. Especially it's very relevant during these times, where there are a lot of blackouts all of over Ukraine. These flashlights will bring light to your house. Thank you, FENIX for sending us your flashlights. You guys can check them out, the link is in the description. - Roma, you can't walk at all? - I can, but only to the first blockage? - He can't cross the blockages. - I can't… Yes.

- So you won't be able to exit this place, right? - Yes. - The expedition has been sent to search for doctors. That is Igor and Gnome. And we are waiting with Roma. He is resting. - Resting. - Don't talk too much, safe your strength.

- The pain is so strong I can barely speak. Luckily, I'm in the boat, and it is heat insulating, as well as the clothes I'm covered with. I'm in the Hazmat suit, which is also heat insulating. I mean, it's cold a little, but I won't freeze. Because in this underground condition, cold is the biggest threat. Such a small nuance, like a boat getting ripped... I mean, I had a shoulder injure, but nothing serious.

And it all come down to this... In the worst time possible. I hope they'll bring the painkillers and the medic will pop the shoulder back in. With it being popped in, I would be able to at least move the hand. Because now it's not even hanging, it just stuck in one position. - It's just I can't even imagine this... I mean, when this happened to LoFa, a bid dude, he just screamed and said "I can't do anything". I asked him, are you joking? And he said "I can't do anything with the hand" and that's it.

I can't walk, he says. I asked him, what do you mean? How is your hand related to your walking? I asked him what your hand has to do with you walking? He says, "I just can't" - Yeah, the nervous system just gets paralyzed… Nerve impulse is just too strong. You just want to lay down and that's all. - Yeah, just lay down. Don't waste your strength.

- I'm trembling from cold. But when I do so, the hand is hurting. So I'm trying to lay still. - Here, have some meat... - Uh-huh. - Feeding me like a pensioner. - Well yeah. We are both in our forties, a year or two and... - But at least you will be the most experienced in the nursing home... - Opa... Opa! - Entering like kids enter the school...

You'll probably want to poop soon. Do we carry you? - Nah, I don't need to take one yet. - You'll want to once you are done with this food. - It is what it is... * 4 hours later * - We waited for them for a long time. - 4 hours and 30 minutes. - We have almost fell into the despair. Thought everyone has died.

- But turns out they were coming… - Gnome is all good? - Valik is all good? - Everything is a-okay. - We would wait for another 30 minutes and leave. - Gnome, we wanted to start moving. - We had an idea, that's for sure. Oh, hello, old timer! - 200 gram? 200 gram are you...

- Don't do this. Or we will have to argue. [Unintelligible] - The journey has only begun. - Gnome have you lost something? - Cigarettes! - Maybe you put it in a different pocket? - Unlikely, I don't have a jacket with me and nothing in my trousers. They have probably fell off along the way. - Have you changed your clothes? I don't remember how you looked before... - Valik, you can take your jacket if you want. - No worries, all good.

- The thing is I couldn't forget it anywhere. We lost them along the way. - We'll find them. - I need them now! - You want to smoke? - Yeah, I need to smoke right now! - Mister, what happened to you? You were okay before...

- [Unintelligible] * speaking on the background * - Igor said that you entered the catacombs at 21:40 and found us at 23:31. I took you 1 hour and 50 minutes. - At least something alike... - Valentin, nobody smokes in here.

* a lot of chatter * - We'll find it. When was the last time you smoked? - I don't know. We were rushing like crazy. We smoked once in a million years. - Ask Igor. - Igor, you were gone for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

- Sorry, didn't hear that. It was a very difficult journey. - Because... - Because? - What was the most difficult part? - Let's leave this place, and I'll tell you.

- You are tired? - Of course, it was very hard. And that's considering we were in the right mind... Prepared... - From here to the exit on "Mahno", meaning through two districts, we walked without me not smoking even once.

And I told him we will run very slowly. He started gasping for air. - Yeah, that's true. - Very good tempo, yeah? - Very good... - I even asked him to stop, because he was outrunning me. - Also, because I panicked, we were going in the wrong directions. So we got lost a little. I basically lost my mind because I panicked so much.

- Can you imagine how much I panicked as well? - But still nonetheless we figured it out - I'm never going to catacombs again. - For real Igor? - Speaking about Igor... Viewers... This is his first time in catacombs... Can you imagine how many emotions he received today? He got into the labyrinth... And he was shocked by just walking in here. Then he got into the boat. And was surprised how cool it is to swim in the flooded area, and everything was fallen apart as well... So Igor is MVP of the day. He received emotions for 10 years ahead. Nobody has received so many emotions in catacombs as Igor today. So you should envy this guy.

- I can agree. When we were returning he said "We won't be rushing back so quickly..." And started running... Shortly after, he was out of breath. - Also to add to what Mauser said. We had a drama with Gnome… It was very difficult to work with him, to pull him together.

To put him on the right path, so that he could guide us. Because he was either wanting to rest or he was getting lost... We were also stopping to remember the right way... - That was at the end. Do you remember what happened in the middle? - It was the end for you, because you knew we were close to the exit. For me, it was a middle of nowhere. - At the end we were doing a full circle for five minute straight...

- Gnome, we decided that we would put Mauser on the boat and just drag him with us, remembering the correct path along the way. - Do you think we would succeed? - No, that's for sure. - If you are lost. Stay where you are. - I thought the same thing. I thought we would miss each other on the way.

- You should absolutely not do it. - Igor has felt how it is to exit the short way. - We have also fed Roma with army ration. We warmed it up, fed him with a spoon. - Yeah, we did.

- All inclusive. [Unintelligible] - To this day, this leg can solve any problem. - Do you know little jūjutsu? - I'm deeply sorry. But please find at least something that can be smoked. - Valik, where could you lose them? - Somewhere there...

- It's unreal... I can't smoke for so long. It's a wrong interval... - Because it will take one hour to get to the store from here. And not smoking for so long... Insane... - It won't light up... - Don't break it. - I'm breaking the filter... - This cigarette butt won't save me... It will only save you from my whining, but just for 3 seconds.

- Let's do it! - Do you think it's going to end so soon? - Why are you smoking from that side? - Because it's a filter, have a look! - What filter? It's a paper. There was half of the cigarette there, and you threw it away. - Wow... You are right... - Put the white thing in your mouth. - Put it in your mouth. - Yeah… Put it in the mouth is an interesting proposal.

- Of course. If you smoke, you put Satan's junk in your mouth... - What? - What do you mean what? ? You just woke up or something? - Odessa is a Christian state. - Guys, is the conflict started brewing or something? - Don't worry, no conflicts. - A very weird alternate reality conflict... - It's his world, his...

- Uncle Gnome, your shoes are untied. - Smoke it already! - Did you wet your foot or something? - No success... - It doesn't drag? - It does, but very badly. - Let me do it for you.

- You won't be able to... - Do you want me to find a pack for you? - Uh-huh. Off you go! - Don't go there. It's just crazy.

- Why so? - Because it's a labyrinth. - It's a normal labyrinth. - I missed the moment when it happened. 5 minutes! - When did this happen? - I lost control for 5 minutes! - Underground? - While you were waiting for me.

- It won't light up. - Doesn't work? - Not at all. - But I'm safe and sound. I can take you anywhere. I can take you to Usatovo on a dry road... - We must remember about curfew. - It's not about that. - It doesn't matter. The most important thing is to get out of here.

- I must get out of here, smoke and drink something. Because I will go crazy. - Drink what? You are already drunk. - [Unintelligible]. - You can ask someone for alcohol here. - No way. - I know why.

- Done. Now the next one. - Come on, come on. - Be careful with your fingers, Igor. - I know. Done. - Someone, take it from below. - Valik, wait.

- There's a space blanket in the backpack. - Okay, Roma, see you tomorrow. - Okay, bye. - What did we decide? - We decided to carry me on the stretcher, because I can't walk on my own.

- How far should we go? - Well, in catacombs... The distance here is measured not in kilometers, but in time. Time is more important. And it will take a lot of time. We were afraid of the curfew, but I think it will be over when we get out of here. - Valentine, will we be able to get him out of here? - What else can we do? - Will we have to carry him for 6 hours? - No, I think less, but...

- Since it took you an hour and a half to get here. An hour and a half. - 4-5 hours. - It will take 4-5 hours? - Depends on how lucky we are. I think 4 hours. It's that...

We have no other options, Dima. What if it takes 12 hours? - Are there any other passages going into that direction? - No. We are under the road to the Kyiv highway. There are fields, stem mines. - What will the blanket do? - Vertical wells. There are no other passages.

- Will it relax him? - Roma, once you get better, we'll continue our journey. So no more excuses. You can't say no. - I'm gonna pass. - We will replace you. Don't even worry about that.

There are hundreds of men like you in Odessa. We'll hire someone not even for 100 hryvnias, but for 70. So don't even worry about that.

We will find you a replacement. - What about friendship? - What friendship? - You sold our friendship for 30 tokens. - Business is one thing, friendship is another one. Consider, I already forgot your name. So you can go to hell. You can go to hell. I don't know you.

- Ah? - Uh- huh! - Is that how it is? I am irreplaceable! - This is how business people talk. - Now take the stretcher. - Okay, let's go. * Music * - Why is he so heavy? - Do we have any wheels to roll him? - In general, we do, but we didn't bring them this time. - I can hold him from behind, his legs are light. You can go, I will hold him.

- What a heavy b*stard., - [Unintelligible]. - Valentine, are your legs okay? - I'm okay, I'm okay. - Don't step on Roma. - Roma, maybe you will go on your own? - Maybe. - Because we won't be able to carry you through these rocks.

Valentine, help us. - Valik, better show us the way. - Should we rest a little now? - Romchik, I think it's time to stand up. - How do you feel? - I'm okay, but the pain is strong.

- Here we brought him. And there's a narrow gap further. - Yeah, and a collapse too. - What now, Valentine? He should go on his own now? - No, not him. - I mean, should he get off the stretcher and try to go on his own? - It won't work. - Why not? - Because it won't.,

- He got an anesthetic injection. He can walk a little. How many such collapses we must go through? 2-3? - A couple of such collapses, but a little further we have to go through a strip of blockages. I mean, once we get through these 2 collapses, the road will be fine, but then there's a strip of blockages. - Look, go help them.

- How can I help? - [Unintelligible]. - Valentine, what do you think, is it an accident or is it some sort of fatalism? Maybe the catacombs are trying to tell us something? Maybe we shouldn't have gone further today? What if there would be a massive disaster waiting for us? - No, I don't think so. We could go further. It's a different thing. Roma shouldn't have gone further.

Perhaps there was something bad for him. Let me give you a stupid example. He could find an inscription about his grandfather on the wall, which would be very offensive to him, and this would be some kind of strong disappointment for him.

Something like that. I don't know. This is just 1 of 10,000 possibilities. - It didn't happen for no reason. - Of course.

- Nothing just happens. - Absolutely. - Of course. And we shouldn't have been in Odessa tonight. - Nothing just happens. - We shouldn't be in Odessa tonight. We should be there in the morning. - Maybe you are right.

- We came here in the morning. Maybe while we are here saving Roma, a rocket is already flying into our house - Yes, but now you will stay alive. God bless. Maybe this is the reason. - Are you already used to war? Have you been in Odessa all the time? - Yes, of course. I must be here. I have to watch out for the catacombs.

- You help your people here? - They hold the whole district, the whole Odessa Oblast. - Yeah. - How did you feel about the start of the war? - Scary. I'm very ashamed, but on the 24th I woke up late because I went to bed very late. I woke up because of endless WhatsApp and Telegram notifications.

"Are you okay? Are you okay?" People from different countries started asking me whether I'm fine and still alive. "The war has begun!" And I was like, "What?" Something like that. It was very scary. None of us expected. And what about you? The same thing.

- How do you get someone out of the catacombs? You'd need 16 people. - In some cases, you have to get a person piece by piece from the rubble. When a person is dead, you have cut their body parts. It's impossible to drag them through the rocks. A person is cut up and taken out in pieces.

- Yes, it actually happens. Sometimes you have to do this if the person is already dead. But since he's alive, we have to get him out of here safe and sound. - ...the green backpack. And don't forget my jacket. - Romchik, be very careful. - I will, goddammit, I will. It hurts a lot. Every movement brings pain.

- Valentine Pokotylivka. - Gnome, where should we go? - Ahead, where else? - Show us the way. - Ahead! - Show where. - Right there. - Just ahead? Show how you overcome obstacles. How would we carry stretcher here? How do you imagine this? Look at these tiny tunnels.

A man without a backpack barely passes here. - All these collapses. - You're going to be okay. - You know, when something unexpected happens in your life, you understand that the biggest treasure isn't money, it's friends. - Shut up there! - It's not money, it's friends.

Luckily, I have friends like Valentine. We are friends exploring the catacombs together. And there's Slava who came here at night with a full kit just to help us. And Maxim Snar who dropped everything to come here. It's a risk for him too, he's not a rescuer, he's just my friend. So, guys, appreciate your friends. Because who else would come to save me from the ass of the world in the middle of the night? I'm scared to even think where I am.

This is a story. Appreciate your friends. * Music * * ADVERTISEMENT *

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