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- Good morning, dear subscribers! Hello, everyone! We are in Odessa again! You've been asking for a long time, and we came back here. Valentine Gnome! Yay! Look who's here! Hello. We came to Valentine again, you've been asking for a long time. And today we have an interesting route. - Yes, the guys came for a reason. I asked them to come here because recently we found a site where almost no man has gone before. This area is not on the maps, it hasn't been explored properly. And as we promised, we will go boating.

I don't if anyone has tried this before, but at least not in this area. - Is it as deep as a man's height? - There are some deep areas, but very far. - We brought two boats called Cargo 200.

- Yes. - Two Cargo 200 boats. - I hope, we'll see.

- He wants to dive already. By the way, it's +2 °C in Kyiv now, and in Odessa it's +20 °C. I'm very hot in a jacket. But what is the temperature in the catacombs? - +14 °C. But the water is pretty cold there. - Let's go. - Valentine, can we go inside? - Yes, of course.

- Wow, it's getting cool in here already. - The coolness of the cellar. - Valentine, is the temperature in the catacombs the same all year round? - Yes, of course.

In any underground cavity, be it a cave or a mine, the average annual surface temperature is maintained. - [Unintelligible]. - Yes. - Like in the cellar? - Yes, yes. - Absolutely right. - Are we going to inflate boats here? - Oh, no. - We have to walk an hour or more before inflating the boats.

- Oh, I thought we were going to do it right here. Are there any animals here? - Of course. Vitalik, I saw a little fox behind the corner. I drove him to a dead end, he hid behind a stone, but didn't understand that his ears were sticking out. He thought he was invisible.

- Cool. - So I quickly left so as not to scare him. - You didn't eat it? - I really like foxes in a live form, not fried. - Okay, let's go. Time goes by and we need to explore. * Music * - And here we have a fork of paths already. - Valentin, we already talked about this last time, but let's repeat it for our viewers.

How to navigate here if you are lost? These tunnels all look the same. Perhaps in 20 years of my outings, this is the only place on earth where you can really get lost. - What can I say? You have to learn it, and it's quite easy and very fast.

- But what if a person went to such a place for the first time and got lost? - You must be accompanied by a guide, whether it is the first time or the tenth. The guide must explain everything. - But how can you navigate here? Everything is the same. - It only looks the same. - Everything is the same.

- You will tell us as we go what to pay attention to. - Some special signs and peculiarities. - Yeah, it's very interesting. - Over the decades of outings, you form some kind of sixth sense, and it's hard to explain, but you intuitively find the right direction. - Absolutely right. It's intuition. Something you cannot explain. Actually, the intuition is just a complex of factors that you've been told, and they instantly work in your head without your full awareness.

- I dunno... - A football player knows exactly at what angle to hit a ball. But nobody can explain why. - A microscopic angle. Yes, and his hit is successful. - I go crazy when I come here. Everything looks the same to me. All these notches... - Who is mumbling there? - I don't know, maybe foxes. Hey, foxes, shoo, shoo, shoo!

How to call foxes, by the way? Do they respond to "pspsps"? - I honestly don't know. - Who's saying "pspsps" there? - Oh! - Who's there? - Oh! - I just came here for a tour. - Are you stealing lamps there? - Where else could we meet? - Are you stealing lamps there? - Hello. Where are you going with these boats? - Dear Igor, Roma Mauzer.

- Your humble servants. - Here, take it, I'm tired of carrying them. - Where are you going with these boats? - Carry them to the water. - Here we go again. It's so clear now that I came to Odessa. - One boat is missing already. - Friends, this is Roma and this is Valentine, these are the 2 most important dungeon professionals in Odessa. - We're not the most important. - Yes, you are. Let the people know that you are the best professionals.

- Are you good at it? - Yes. We met in 2008, and we gradually formed a tandem, quite a successful one. We explore catacombs and make videos. - These guys have their own YouTube channel, they organize tours. We'll leave their links. - Please, subscribe, like our videos, click on the bell. Or don't do it, we don't care. - The guys hold the region, so they can make a tour for you. - The region? Oh my God! - A tour through the karst caves, all this limestone.

- We hold the catacombs, they will collapse without him. - Okay, friends, let's save the stories for later. And for now, less talk because we still have a long way to go, a long way to swim. And the Cargo 200 is waiting for its time. Okay, let's go. - It's a bad joke about Cargo 200. - Wow, it's so cool here! This is my first time in this city and these communications. I'm not sure if I can call them communications. - No, you can't. - It's wrong, isn't it?

- These are not communications. This is an abandoned mine. An old abandoned mine. - Oh. I've been in the mines, but never like this. It was dug by hand, and the materials they mined here... Is it called shell rock? - Or limestone. It's called shell rock in simple terms. - Shell rock is a type of limestone. Limestone can be different.it may be of chemogenic origin when calcium molecules were deposited.

As in the limestone terraces of Pamukkale in Turkey. - It may consist of corals, shells... - Sedimentary. - Yes, it's all sedimentary rocks. From the point of view of geology, marble is also limestone, only it has undergone both pressure and volcanic temperature.

It was formed during a volcanic eruption from such weird limestones. - It's called "cherepashnyk" in Ukrainian. - Igorek, don't forget that we're at the ancient bottom of the sea right now. - Uh-huh. And these are all seashells?

- Yes, yes. - You can clearly see that these are shells. - You can see the shells here. - Oh! Why are they black? - Somebody burned something, since it's the entrance. - You can see the reason there. - Some hobos burned copper here? - No, not copper, it was a car tire.

- Some young idiots consider it a cool entertainment. We don't think so. - [Unintelligible]. Igor! Stop talking, you still have to carry boats for an hour and a half, don't waste your energy. - Something tells me that we have a long journey ahead. - Valentine, how long do you expect our tour to be? - As long as possible. - 24 hours? - No, less than that. Until the end of the evening... - 20 hours?

- Yes. - Half a day. - Let's do it half a day. * Music * - Valentine! - Yeah? - Tell us a story. I know that there was a precedent when a collapse occurred in front of your eyes. What did you feel at that moment? - A serious collapse happened right behind me around the corner. I turned around the corner, walked around the bush of dead ends. We call it a bush, this network.

Then I went back and felt a powerful wave of air behind me. Like a wind. I was shocked once I understood what happened. I came back around the corner and saw that the entrance was blocked with clay. I was very lucky that I managed to get out during this time. That was one of the reasons why I became a fatalist.

What's meant to be is meant to be. - So you knew that the exit was blocked? - I already got out of that bush. - What do you mean by saying you became a Valentist? - Fatalist. - Fatalist. The person who believes that the destiny is... - Inevitable. - Yes. - Who is born to be hanged will never be drowned.

- 1000 Ways to Die had an episode about the diver who was examining the fire tank, and then a helicopter flew in, took this diver and threw him in the fire, and he burned alive. - I think that... - You can't escape fate. - I don't know how to explain it in simple words.

In short, you shouldn't pull God's beard, for example play russian roulette or jump off a bridge without a rope. - But in general, let's say... - No one escapes their destiny. - If you're not meant to die, you won't die. And if you are, then there is a wonderful Arabic story on this subject. You probably know it. - Arabic one? - About the Death and a servant. - Which one? I don't know this story. - So...

The servant said to his master, "I had a nightmare today, where the Death came to me and said that I would die on the way to Tehran, where you are sending me." And the master says, "Let's deceive Death. I will send you to Damascus." After a while, the Death comes to the master and says, "Where is your servant?" And the master replies, "I sent him to Tehran, he's not here!" And the Death says, "What Tehran? I just came from Damascus, I've been waiting for him there." So... - Fate is inevitable. - Yes.

- Did you get the point of the story? - Of course. - I didn't. - Death knows everything.

- Karma comes instantly. - I know a song about this. - Do you know Mutsurayev? - "Mom, come and pick me up. If not alive, then at least dead, but take me away." Who doesn't know him? - Take me away so that death does not take me. - "Mom, I’m burned out, and the hungry dogs..." - And there are lyrics saying, who runs from death, runs towards it. This is what he sings about.

That's why you shouldn't pull God by his beard and pull death by its collar. - Yes, absolutely. - Don't pull anyone by anything. - Let's not linger here then - It doesn't mean that we shouldn't follow safety regulations. We are in the catacombs where one guy... Well, we can say he was meant to die here in these catacombs.

It happened not so long ago. He violated every imaginable and unimaginable safety rules. He went alone, was probably drunk, fell in the well and drown there. It happened 20 minutes away from this place.

- Roma, unfortunately, he was meant to die here. As we know, he was a good guy, but he used all sorts of substances. And the honorable Creator decided that it's time to stop.

It's better to die this way rather than to slowly die from breakdown or overdose. - our opinions are divided. I am for a rational approach, and Valentin is for a mystical one. - Was it you who found his body? - Unfortunately, yes. It's a bad story. Everyone was looking for him already. He was lost.

- I was looking for him, but in different catacombs. But he was in a completely different place. Nobody was looking for him here. - 8 days have passed, am I right? - How long could he stay alive in that well? - A couple of hours. - Cold water? - Very low temperature, yes.

- Hypothermia. - Yes, unfortunately, yes. 8 days have passed, I was leading a tour, and for children, 16-17 years old, I guess. Two boys and one girl. The well is located in a branch on the side, no one usually goes there. It is not usually shown, it's very gloomy.

Suddenly I decided to show this well. I said, "I will show you a well, few people know about it, it's unpopular, but you will see it." We came close to it... Something lied in the well, the body was all white due to interaction with water, I thought it was a mannequin. I said, "Somebody must have thrown a mannequin there, look how detailed it is, just like a human." And the girl says, "This is now a mannequin."

I came closer and understood that it wasn't a mannequin. The hair was too realistic. And rot began to spread from the body. So... I was shocked, the kids even more. So... - You had to stop a tour? - Yes, and the next day Roma and I led emergency workers to the body. Police officers etc. And the body lifting procedure was just awful.

You see, there were a lot of emergency workers, they are strong guys, they had a cool sliding ladder. Nevertheless, Roma and I had to help to lift the body because it was very difficult. The angle was uncomfortable, the rope was rubbing, and so on. - And the body was probably soft. - Yes, it was filled with water. - Must be very difficult. - Roma and you have different opinions. Is it possible to get out of there or not?

- And I have a different question. What about the note? When did he leave the note? - He left a note he left a note in a rented apartment on Moldavanka, although he is from Cheremushky. He wrote something like, "I'm in trouble, I broke up with a girl, I feel depressed. If something happens, look for me in the catacombs." Such a story. - Valentine, do you think he fell there on purpose? - No. I think the guy was drunk, he was walking around trying to cope with depression, to put it mildly. With the unwillingness to live, and he came to see an interesting well.

And he suddenly slipped. There's a very steep slope. - These are just assumptions. Because we don't know the real facts. We have a lot of questions about this situation. Because he had a large knife in his pocket, which he didn't even try to use to get out. We didn't find any flashlight with him, not a single one. And his phone was in his backpack.

We also lowered the mobile phone on a rope to take underwater shots. A waterproof one, it leaked by the way. Anyway. We tried to find flashlights. And we didn't find any, neither in the well nor in other places. So, there are still many questions about this situation. - Can the locals use any methods of walking in the dark? Is it possible? - No, people cannot walk in the dark.

People can't. You can try to. This is a cool experiment. You can tell someone to walk around the corner and go back. You won't even be able to walk to the corner. You will fall, hit your head on the wall twice, and break your leg And that's it. And even if you know these catacombs well, you will need at least a cigarette butt or anything. - Minimum light source. - Minimum. At least half lumen. But without light, you won't be able to navigate.

- We did experiments when there were competitions in Odessa. You take a lemon, stick 2 wires in it and connect a small diode. And the diode starts to glow. Or you can use a potato. - Yeah, I know this school experiment.

- And even such a tiny source of light is enough for the eye to get used to the darkness and for you to be able to see wall outlines. - And what if you squeak like bats, emitting ultrasound? - By the way, does ultrasound propagate in mines? - No, it doesn't. - Are there bats here? - Of course, there are. They see something with their locator, but bass propagates better here. The lower the frequency of the sound, the better it spreads. Infrasound. - According to the legends, monks used to sing in their cells in order to navigate the tunnels.

- I think it's just a myth. - It's impossible for the range of human voice. How many hertz are in the human voice? - Those are not the same frequencies. Not at all. - Do you think it's fake? - It's fake. - What sound experiments can we do here? - If you're lost in the catacombs, you can take a rock and bang it. These vibrations will spread to the adjacent passages, and you can be heard.

* Music * - Look, here's a tape, the most primitive type of navigation. And we also found rubber bullets. Roma Mauzer says it's from a gas gun. - It's some cr*p. If we search, we can find a bunch of normal bullets in these catacombs. I mean historical ones.

We recently found 1938 Mauser rifle cartridges. 20 rounds, and all new and intact. - Do you have photos? - Of course. - Will you send them to me? I'll put them in the video. - Sure.

- Are these the new or the old drawings? - The old ones. - This one look like some Teletubby. - Yeah. - When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was some modern scribble - But this is how they depicted a demon or the Devil. - Why does it have such horns? We saw a lot of drawings with the beetle with such horns. It's some kind of beetle man, and he always has these particular horns.

- This is the image of the devil. - Why specifically devil? Is it because dungeons are close to hell? - Yes, something like that. We will see a lot of crosses and other religious images. People were very religious at that time. - There are also many drawings of miners carrying a cart with stones, and behind them stands a lord who beats them with a whip. I've seen a lot of these. Or there are drawings of half woman, half horse...

- For such drawings, you would be immediately shot back then. - So, a half woman, half horse, and behind her is a miner making love. - These are the common historical drawings. Some of them depict a woman doing laundry, and behind her is a man. And this man came home after working in the mine. That is, time passes, but themes in art do not change. And we see what people were thinking about, this is history. - People always wanted to mine stones, sell them, eat, drink, buy cognac or to make love to a woman.

- If you're lucky enough. - If you're lucky enough. If your woman is asleep, you go to the shed and drink cognac. - If she has a headache, you go to the shed. - And what if your horse has a headache? * Music * - Friends, according to your numerous requests and comments, we made Super Sus hats. So, if you haven't prepared for the cold, visit SuperSus.Shop and buy the warmest hats that will protect you from any cold.

And we also have new handmade magnets with my beautiful face. You're very welcome to buy at our online shop. - Valentine, do we have a map? - Yes. - A map is needed for a visual understanding of what the catacombs are.

Look, this is why they are so similar. First of all, we see the entrance here. If we give Sus the map... - It's such a mess. I don't understand anything. - Come here.

- This map is useless. It would be much interesting to go from here to here. - The place where we are going to swim is not even on the map. It's a little further. - Really? - Yes, we have to go through the whole thing... - So this is just a part of the area with no entrances or exits? - It's very far from here.

- So why catacombs are so difficult? They are very old and very confusing. Like a crazy labyrinth. As Valentin says, these catacombs look like a web made by a spider on LSD. Because back then the most important criterion was the quality of the stone. Miners got paid for big, quality stones. - And its quantity. If you mine poor quality stones that break easily, you won't earn money. You go home with nothing. It was a very hard and low paying job.

Therefore, they made passages only in the direction of a good stone. And here we see the consequences. - And this crazy labyrinth is the result of bad stone. - If the stone is bad, you go in a different direction. - Miners went for a good stone. All the maps of the ancient catacombs look like this, like a crazy labyrinth.

Like something terrifying. All the maps of the Soviet period became much simpler And post-war maps resemble a lattice, and it's very difficult to get lost in them. - Just like New york streets, right? - Yes, Manhattan geometry. - Because the payment system has changed. People were paid not for a stone, but for a shift. - Did it affect the quality? - Bad stone was not brought to the surface.

- It's not completely true. The main point was the quality of the stone. Under the tsar, they could afford to choose the best stone. But they almost exhausted all the reserves, and therefore, by the Soviet period, they already ran out of the best stone. In Soviet times, after the war, people were realized that it didn't matter what to mine. All stone was bad. So, there was no point to look for a good one. It is worth noting that the French catacombs of the 14th century look like our Soviet ones.

Like a lattice, very boring and impossible to get lost in. Why? Because there was no point in looking for the stone of the highest quality. - Does the compass work in the mine? - Of course. - And we can find the direction? - Does the compass work underground? - It works right here. But not everywhere.

- How far will we walk today? - By kilometers or by time? - By kilometers. - Kilometers do not matter in catacombs, time matters. Sometimes you can crawl 2 km in 3 hours, and sometimes you run 4 km in an hour. - It depends on the complexity of the passages. Today we have not the worst route, so I think that we will reach the water in 1 hour. - [Unintelligible].

* Music * - Okay, friends, this map makes me dizzy. Let's go swimming already. I don't know where to go anyway. Take me to the water. - Somebody drilled a hole here. - Was this done recently? - No. 20 years ago. - Why is the stone fresh then? - These are small landslides. - Look there.

- It will collapse soon, there's a crack in the middle. - Everything is going to collapse soon. - Wow, I'm so excited! I've never been to such a place before.

I'm overwhelmed with emotions. All these old tunnels and historical inscriptions. I'm so excited! Let's go further. I really love this kind of travel. - Be careful with the boat. - All these narrow passages are so cool. - Wow. - Come on.

- Wait! Guys, wait for me! - Where did they go? To the left or to the right? - Hello? - It's a sound absorbing material. Shell rock is the best material for building houses because it is very warm and sound-absorbing. [Unintelligible].

- See how the mine collapses under rock pressure. It's already cracked. But in dangerous areas, you can't do what I am doing now. This is a safe area, only one wall is cracked here. - [Unintelligible]. - Actually, this part is properly secured, and what I did now is absolutely safe.

But I strongly do not recommend doing it in other places. - What are these layers? How many centuries did it take to form them? - Frankly, I don't know. Only geologists know this. - To my shame, I don’t know. But it really took centuries. - Probably one and a half thousand years.

- I have no idea, Vitalik. Unfortunately, I don't know. - What's with the russian warship? Has it been already pulled out, do you know? - For what? Gee. For what? - We could take their equipment. - You think so? - However, they must have taken everything with them while they were drowning. - [Unintelligible]. - Were those Stalinist times? 1928. Was it Lenin or Stalin?

- Stalin, of course. Lenin died in 1924. - Did Stalin ever come to Odessa? - Never. Thank God, never. Mikoyan was in Odessa, he was the Minister of the Food Industry, a friend of Stalin, be the way. He survived despite all the repression. - Did Lenin ever come here? - Never. Here was the younger brother of Lenin, Dmitry Ulyanov, who lived in Kholodna Balka and worked as a doctor in a local hospital.

- Really? - Yes, in 1902-1903, if I'm not mistaken. - Wow. - Lenin had great connections in Odessa. He was connected with the local underground cells of those idiots who prepared this all in 1905 and even before that - What did they prepare? - The revolution. - Igor, when were you born? - In 1973. - You are almost as old as Sus. - Yeah, almost my age.

- I was born in 1972. - What?! - What? - I thought you were... - You thought I were young? Roma isn't so young, too. - I thought you were much younger. To be honest, you look really good. I'm not joking right now, you look very young. - I quit drinking alcohol. I used to look much worse. - Yeah, probably.

- I also got new teeth. - Frankly, you really shocked me right now. - I've been sober for three years, and now I look younger. Okay, let's go. - See genes also play a big role.

Bodies probably preserve better underground. - Put my old photos in the video. I used to look more than 50 years old. Like an old grandpa.

Once I got new teeth and quitted drinking and smoking, my skin started to look younger. - The body is recovering. - Yes. Imagine what I would look like if I played sports. - This is... What is he called? Pinocchio. Gnome, is it really your tag? - Yes, it is. I no longer do this, but at the age of 16 I was so young and stupid and drew my own marks on the walls. - Did you draw it with charcoal? - I wasn't even born yet.

And you were already climbing here. I had been exploring this system for three years already by that time. - Sus, which one of you was the first to start climbing dungeons? - Gnome, of course.

- Gnome, were you the first one? - In 1986 I started to do it officially, but in fact 4 years before that I also explored the dungeons, but it wasn't serious. - Without documents? - No, just like other amateur diggers. - Friends, Gnome has his own YouTube channel, and he makes tours of the Odessa catacombs.

So, please, subscribe to his channel, support him and write if you want to meet Gnome in person. We will leave all his information here. Here, "Gnome 89".

- Let me correct you, it's not just my channel, but Roma's as well. Besides, he does the lion's share of the work. - What share of the work do you do? - I do the intellectual part of the work, and he... - A Lion and a Fox. - Yeah.

* Music * - By the way, look at these arrows on the ground. - Yeah, someone carved them. - Was anyone just messing around here? - No, someone marked the way, but it was clearly an inexperienced person.

Any experienced person knows that that area isn't very interesting, there are no main roads. All connections to other areas go this way. - I set my own record when I got lost for 10 hours.

- I'll tell you that. My friend Seryozha Konovalov, unfortunately deceased, a famous dealer. I mean, he wasn't a real dealer, it was just his nickname. In the early 80s, at the beginning of his activity, he worked in the village of Usatovo, there's a very complex labyrinth. Much more complex than this one. He got lost for 2 days. Since he went alone, he thoroughly prepared. He had two charged mining headlamps.

- What about supplies? - Hm? - Supplies. - Food. - Food, water. - Oh. He had food only for one day.

- And must have drunk water from wells. - Yes. - When you're lost, you don't think about food. - The well water was clear. In those days, there were no problems in Usatovo finding pure water. - Can we drink water here? - Frankly, there are some places with clear water. Only some places.

- Can you take us there? We'll drink some. - Where we go, we can find puddles of crystal clear water. - It's just... - Not 100% pure. Medicine, chemistry and physics have proven that nothing will happen to the human body, even if you drink a glass of the dirtiest water. The body will remove all the bad stuff.

- You're wrong. If there is a blue pestis in a glass of water... - Pestis? - Yes. It's called blue pestis which is the infectious agent of bubonic plague. It's true. - No, what about regular ponds? - I'll tell you that, dirty water can be teeming with staphylococci. - Staphylococcus fingerus. - Yes.

- Staphylococcus aureus that you can find in snails. - What is that mailbox? - Wow. - It was hung up as a joke. Here's the base camp around the corner. - You can get a letter in this box. - Oh.

- Choose. Shall we go there or here? Which path is better? - Guys, tell us from a professional point of view, how are things going with the gas situation here? What devices have been used before? What do you currently use in your work? - In Soviet times, certain norms and regulations already existed. In Tsarist times, when they mined stone, no one thought about gases at all. Because it's not even supposed to be here. That is, there are no sources of gas here.

But in Soviet times, miners used these things. I found it in the catacombs in the village of Ilyinka. It's a Davy signal light They lit it outside at normal oxygen levels. And by the height of the flame, the miner could determine the state of the air. - Oh, so when there's too much oxygen, the flame becomes high, and with a decrease in oxygen, the flame becomes low. - And look at the interesting shape of this hook. This is so that it could be inserted into any hole in the wall.

It hangs where you hang it. And now we use this thing. This is a modern gas analyzer. It turned out that there is a place in these catacombs where a person almost suffocated. This is our mutual friend with Valik. - Yes, a wonderful researcher Andrey Kalugin found a place with dangerous gases.

- What kind of gas was there? - I think, it was methane. There was organic, a lot of organics. There was no ventilation. And roots stick out from the surface in that place. One day, we'll go there with a gas analyzer and check. - Did you find it in the catacombs? - In catacombs, yeah. - Here's the stamp. It says 60, I guess.

- Is this a brass lamp? - Yes, it is. - Can you twist this thing? - Yes. - But I can't take it out.

- Did the miners carry a canary with them, or is it fake? - It's true, but it was in the coal mines. - Is it a serious device? - It's a very serious device. It has a feature which allows you to find out who didn't brush their teeth in the morning. - Susanin, try it out.

- He breathes too little. - You got busted! - Someone cooked drugs here? - No, people say it's alumina hydrate. But it's not completely true. What's interesting is that in life, we are not dealing with exactly the same arrangement of molecules as in a school chemistry textbook. It's actually aluminum hydroxide. i.e. it is H2O3 multiplied by something. Most likely by 3H2O. It's very beautiful...

- So what happened here? Someone destroyed an aluminum spoon? - It was just left here. - Aluminum oxidizes. - Yes. This will never happen at home because aluminum is actually a super active metal, although we consider it passive. In a matter of seconds, it gets covered with a dense protective film of Al2O3. In humid conditions, it will never react with anything. In the catacombs, humidity levels are very high, so aluminum is instantly hydrated and breaks down into particles.

_ So, roughly speaking, this is its protective film? - ...alkaline reaction destroys the oxide film. - Are there any snakes, lizards or scorpions underground? - Of course not. Our land is the blessed land. - Truly blessed. - There's nothing life-threatening here. Under the ground, there are little spiders that are more afraid of us than we are of them.

You can also see centipedes, even I am not afraid of them, although I'm afraid of insects. - Scolopendra. - Valentine, do you believe in a rat king? - Maybe. I’m willing to believe it happens, but... - What is this phenomenon? - ...it's not confirmed. Let Vitalik explain it to you. I don't like this topic.

- Under unclear circumstances, a bunch of rats, around 30, 50 or 100 of them, get intertwined with their tails in a circle. - And live like this together. - And then they die and wither like this.

- I feel very sorry for them. - It's not clear why this happens, and scientists cannot explain this phenomenon. - They form a ball? - Like a big pile of dead, withered rats with their tails twisted together. - But I want to mention that rats are incredibly intelligent and friendly creatures.

They are easily attached to a person, and more than that, they can die of grief if the owner leaves them. It’s amazing that ants have a complex society. Ants and bees need a complex society, because on their own, they are incredibly stupid creatures. It has almost been proven that when they are together, they form a collective mind and some kind of invisible social network. - Yes, bees have a collective mind.

But rats don't need it. Every rat is at least as smart as a cat. Nonetheless, they try to build a society. - They are self-sufficient, but living in society is much easier for them. - Just like people. People are absolutely self-sufficient beings, but since they have empathy, they want to build a society. - To enslave another society.

- I don't think so. Rats are not b*stards like us. - Got it. - Yeah.

- Are rats taking over the world? - They will do it after us, I think. Judging by what is happening in the world, our civilization has 150 years left. If... - It's good if we still have 150 years. - ...if this idiot doesn't press the button. And after us, the rats will create a normal society here.

Why haven't we made contact with intelligent alien life yet? Because they don't see intelligent life here. - There's a problem... - Not all people are stupid, though. - Most of them are. But we're the cool guys.

- But God chose Noah and five more guys. Here we go again. - Will you spare 100 righteous people? But will you spare 10 righteous ones? - Gnome, do you consider yourself a righteous man? - I consider myself... I can't swear on video, can I?

- You can, I will censor it. - I'll try not to. There is a moment in the Gospel when Jesus asks a person, "Do you believe in God?" The man replies, "Yes." "Good. But do you believe in the Devil and tremble?"

"I'm the Devil. I believe in God and tremble because I know I'm the Devil." I'm the ancient demon of Sirius. They kicked me out 14,000 years ago for bad behavior and said, "If you visit some decent planet again, it won't end well for you. But with people you can do whatever you want because they are such a**holes."

- Is this why you wander through the dungeons? - Yes, kind of. - [Unintelligible]. - What shall we do now? - We finish our drinks and go.

- Stop sitting around, guys. We recently found an almost unexplored area. We have to explore it. Let's go. - Igorek, what is this? Did you do this? - My father tagged it. - What year is this? - Father also left his marks, he was here. - Igorek, is that true that you're Tsoi's son? - It remains a mystery. We can't...

- You hid it for a long time, but our subscribers found out that you are Tsoi's son. - Yes, they did. - Maybe your father f***** your mom on this stone. - I'll hit you right now! - And then he left this mark.

- Leave my family out of this! * Music * - Guys, we're going to swim now! The tunnels are completely flooded, I'm so excited! Cool! Please, let's go faster, faster! - A piece from an old saw. * Coming soon! *

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