$1 Street Food Hunt in Thailand / Bangkok After Flooding / Thai Food & Boat Tour 2022

$1 Street Food Hunt in Thailand / Bangkok After Flooding / Thai Food & Boat Tour 2022

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Hey hey hey! Welcome back to our hungry adventures! Guys, as some of you may know I've visited around a hundred food markets around Bangkok.. and if you would ask me to recommend you only one market that you should visit on your holidays in Thailand.. and especially in Bangkok.. then the answer will be - Wang Lang market.. in today's video we'll be visiting this place and I'm inviting you to join me..

I will explain why I find this place so amazing and why it has impressed me the most.. also we will be hunting for 1 and 2 dollars street food as usual.. it still exists in Thailand and it is still very delicious.. I will teach you a couple new words in Thai language, so that your holidays in Thailand will be more comfortable..

also please activate the subtitles, because sometimes I'm having conversations with locals and I'm translating those parts in English and other languages.. you just need to turn the captions on in the settings of your YouTube player.. yeah very easy.. all videos made for the past couple years have subtitles - in case you didn't know.. anyway, if you have got some time and empty space in your stomach, and if you are ready to waste your precious time together with me..

then join me in this hungry adventure! let's go! This is the result of the everyday rain.. there are dozens of bags with sand to protect the pier from flooding.. hopefully it helps..

Hello.. I'd like to go to Wang Lang pier.. The ticket cost 30 Baht, we/ve got a big tourist boat.. I'd like to go with an ordinary boat.. You can get a ticket for an ordinary boat at this counter..

thank you.. Hello, I'd like to go to Wang Lang pier.. You want to go to Wang Lang.. How much for the ticket? 16 Baht..

Hello.. where is the orange boat? Please, wait for it over there and I will tell you.. okay, thank you.. For the past couple years this pier called Saphan Taksin pier (Sathorn pier) has been improved significantly.. it has become much cleaner, much safer and maybe even bigger..

there are staff members speaking English, so if you don't know which boat to choose - they are willing to give you an advice.. they get public boats, which are cheap.. and they've got touristy boats..

a ticket for one day with this touristy boat will cost you 150 Baht.. but I've chosen the most budget-friendly option, which cost only 16 Baht.. orange boat! very hot.. it's raining but yet very hot..

this stop is ours.. it is number N10, called Prannok pier.. or Wang Lang pier.. basically it's just the second pier after Wat Arun (temple).. this is an express boat, and I think the journey took around 20 minutes.. but the stops are really quick.. maybe just 15-20 seconds..

and then they keep running forward.. thank you very much.. and this is it.. we have arrived..

we just need to choose the entry.. because here is the one small and narrow street (soi).. and there is another one.. there is no such official entrance.. and Wang Lang market is located next to the Siriraj Hospital which is huge..

and on the opposite side from Thammasat University.. next to the Grand Palace.. which is why around midday this market is really full of people.. and if you're coming here for the very first time - it might be a little bit overwhelming.. however, take a deep breath and try to enjoy it.. because here you will find an amazing variety of food, especially southern food, halal food..

and it's going to be tasty and not expensive.. here is a roti shop, for example.. I think we should start with roti.. Hello.. Do you have roti mataba? with chicken or beef? what options do you have? chicken and beef..

I'd take roti with beef.. mataba with beef? yep.. here is the most delicious roti in Bangkok, isn't it? how much for roti? roti mataba with beef.. 50 Baht.. thanks a lot.. oh it's very hot.. may i have another one?

I don't want a plastic bag, may i just take this one? thank you.. looks very yummy.. just 50 Baht..

what is it 50 Baht? 1.1 USD? hello.. is this pennywort? how much for 1 bottle? 40 Baht.. and what is that? celery with apple.. celery? never tried it.. celery also costs 40 Baht? okay..

can i pay with scan? yes, it's over here.. Don't need a bag, I want to drink it now.. drink now, okay.. is this passion fruit? yes, it is.. what else.. it's lime.. Thai lemon..

this is avocado.. and that is avocado with passion fruit.. this is guava.. and beetroot with apple.. excellent, thank you very much.. what an amazing breakfast - a roti with beef and juice made with celery and apple..

this is celery with apple, isn't it? and apple.. in Thailand "apple" is not "apple"..  in Thai language "apple" is "ap-pan"... "ap-pan".. "com-pew-ter".. it's good.. I want one more bottle, because it's tasty.. I'd take beetroot..

how do you call beetroot in Thai language? "beetroot".. there is no special word for it in Thai language.. ah okay.. beetroot for breakfast.. why not?

Guys, I've ordered one more because it is really tasty.. and even though I believe there is no beetroot in Thailand as it's all imported.. it's still very tasty! I love it..

10 years ago you was only able to find juices with lemon, lime, orange, pineapple and etc. but now we're living in the modern time and people prefer to drink vegetable juices and smoothies.. which is why now there is beetroot, there is avocado, there is pennywort.. so many of them..

and they're literally everywhere - you need to go to a grocery store or to some fancy smoothie shop.. can find it in a market.. together with amazing beef roti mataba.. I am very hungry.. wow! this is so good! unbelievable! we've got our first portion of carbs, protein and fats.. and now I'm ready to enter this "uncontrollable current" of street food and people.. there are many customers at this shop, which is a good sign..

it means the food here is tasty and we should try it too! hello.. is this fish cake? yes, yes.. made with fish? it's with fish? yes, but it's not fried.. I want one.. sure you can have one..

eat here or at home? want to eat it now.. yes, can put it in a bowl.. yes, can eat here.. "Ka-Lam".. I don't lnow "Ka-Lam".. This is "Ka-Lam"..

vegetable.. cabbage.. "Ka-Lam" is "cabbage"? I want the biggest one, and the most delicious, please.. thank you.. take a sit..

I am going to eat with dog.. Can I eat with dog? Hello dog, are you afraid of foreigners? where are you going? guys, this is "hor mok".. which is basically a fish cake curry steamed in this steaming machine..

how much is it? "hor mok".. 35 Baht.. 35 Baht.. 35 Baht.. sometimes this translating machine in my head is having fails, which is why I'm forgetting what language I'm actually speaking..   35 Baht.. which is 1 USD..

$1 street food.. very juicy.. oh very spicy.. very spicy! spicy spicy.. you want some water? I don't want because if it's not spicy - then it's not tasty.. yeah it's cooked together with cabbage.. excuse me, what is this in Thai language? "Ka-Lam"..

"Ka-Lam Plee" "Ka-Lam Plee" is "cabbage".. a new word for you, guys.. cabbage.. can eat it all! you want some rice? No, thank you.. I am on diet..

he is on diet.. desserts diet.. very good! another reason why I love this market so much is that you don't have to get up early to enjoy this variety of food.. you can come here in the afternoon time and still find lots of street food, many choices.. and enjoy it the most..

most of the restaurants are open till dark, until 6 pm.. and officially this market is open till 6 PM, but I'd recommend to come a little bit earlier.. if you want to enjoy the beauty and the variety of foods you can find in a morning market, but prefer to stay in the bed longer..

alone or with someone.. then yeah - this is the place to visit! because even now - it's almost 2 PM and I think the rain is coming very soon.. and yet there is still so much food to try here! exuse me, is it flooding everyday here? yes, everyday like this.. raining one time, but then flooding for 2-3 days.. a lot of water..

you speak Thai well.. I can speak just a little.. speak very well! Beautiful shoes, maybe we can change.. sure, let's swap! every day it is like this..

this is the reason why I've stopped traveling for a while.. why I decided to stay in Bangkok... because when you're on the road - you're basically just spending all the time in hotels, waiting for the good weather.. ..... what is it you're doing? are those for children? no no, I mean what are you doing? video for Youtube? yes, making YouTube videos.. what's your channel? "Mickey Stotch" it's beautiful..

280 Baht.. hello hello... be careful.. what is this yellow thing for? for a boat? (a joke) it's better to make a boat.. (a joke) I couldn't find a way through..

and I couldn't find a pair of rubber boots for 45th size.. which is why I made a turn and have come to this street from another side.. however it's flooding everywhere here.. there is a theory though that the ground level of Bangkok is going down..

and eventually Bangkok will be underwater.. which is the reason of this flooding.. and there is sense actually.. because if you are coming to the Bangkok Old Town or to Thonburi, which used to be the capital of Thailand long time ago..

it's located on another side of Chao Phraya River.. in the residential areas you can find that local small roads are lower than the actual ground and actual new roads.. which means 30-40 years ago the ground level was completely different.. which is why they are doing these fences and barriers of concrete.. nevertheless it's still a lot of floating areas in Bangkok in the rainy season..   and nobody knows what is the way out of it.. what is the solution?

boats instead of motorbike taxis? six months - riding motorbike taxi.. six months - riding a motor boat? flip-flops, crocs and rubber boots..   this is the future.. potential future.. or maybe not..  write in the comments what do you think about it? and because of the flooding in the soi (in this small street).. many street food vendors with small tables and small stalls have moved right here on the sidewalk.. which is why walking on the sidewalk have become a bit challenging..

because if you are walking and want to buy something - you have to stop and the person following you have to stop too, because this sidewalk is pretty narrow.. it is the reason why so many people keep walking on the road together with taxis, motorbikes and cars..   rainy season - you have to be creative! hello.. I'd like to order an iced Americano, please.. another reason why I love Thailand and especially Bangkok is that you can walk somewhere on a road or on a sidewalk..

and there is basically just a table with a professional coffee machine.. and for 40 Baht which is 1 USD - you can get a cup of a strong real coffee.. Americano with ice.. served in a beautiful cup with a straw.. one dollar coffee.. real coffee.. not coffee from a sock! (a joke).. can't imagine anything like this in my home country.. and can you?

This is "Khanom Jeeb" which we can call pork dumplings.. steamed pork dumplings.. and they look really beautiful.. one portion costs 50 Baht, which is a little bit more than 1 USD..

and they are amazingly tasty! Usually I don't eat pork that much .. however "Khanom Jeeb" is one of the exceptions..  "khanom jeeb" and "sai krok isan" are 2 most favorite street food dishes for me.. dishes made with pork of course..

why do you shy? I'm buying one box.. it's a bit hot here.. it's a bit difficult to walk.. which is why I'm getting out.. besides, I feel myself quite full.. nevertheless, I think I still have never made a video without chicken...

we need to find some chicken too! hello.. how much for one piece? 45.. I'll take one.. thank you.. thank you, sir..

okay, thank you too, sir.. delicious fried chicken.. okay, time to go back! thank you..

and this is Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) really close the market.. maybe just two kilometers.. and we're back to the beginning.. it was a lovely tour... DIY tour.. boat, market, food - all combined together..

I highly recommend Wang Lang market for visiting at any time of the year not just when it's sunny.. even now it's still fun.. for some reason many foreign tourists don't know about this market..

however it could be a really great one-day tour.. because the market is located on the opposite side from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho (Temple of Reclining Buddha).. on the same side with Wat Arun.. on the same side with Icon Siam Shopping Mall.. so you can visit so many places in one day..

I highly recommend it for visiting.. you just need to use BTS, arrive to Saphan Taksin BTS station, and walk out using exit number 2.. walk 50 meters, buy a ticket for an orange boat for 16 Baht..

and take a ride to the pier which name is N10 (Wanglang Pier).. alright guys, this is it.. hope you have enjoyed this episode.. hit the "love" button or even smash it! subscribe to the channel if you aren't already.. share this video with your friends... I'll see you in the next episode pretty soon.. bye bye!

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