$10 Go-Karting in Indonesia (with Ramadan)

$10 Go-Karting in Indonesia (with Ramadan)

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Hi! Guys, my Grab driver. Hello, sir! Luke. This is you? Okay, the number plate is different. Okay, thank you.

I'm going to go GoKarting, everybody. When I was at one of the beaches yesterday, I saw a GoKarting track, and I was just up in my hotel. I was like, all right, let's just go check it out, see if we can book it. If not, we'll figure out another adventure to go on for the evening. But GoKarting, who doesn't love a little bit of GoKarting? So let's do it. And Ramadan is all on the side here.

We'll see if he wants to go GoKarting. It might be hard to explain. Hey, can we stop here? Ramadan? No. One minute. One minute. Hello. How are you? I’m gonna ask. You want to go? Do you want to go GoKarting? I'm trying to take GoKart.

GoKart? Yeah, GoKart. You want to come? Yeah. Yeah.

This Grab driver- Yeah. Do it. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. We take. I will pay you for a ride. Here, you take this. Yeah, you can.

You can cancel, or I will cancel. I've come. I've made this so confusing. How do I cancel the ride? You want to cancel? Yeah, cancel. And I pay.

You have a day off. Thank you. Thank you very much. All right, let's shoot with Ramadan, and then we'll go GoKarting. All right, I will sit. I want to translate to make sure everyone's on the same page here.

So you don't have to wait for me. You can cancel the ride. I will go with my friend. Okay. Thank you. yeah.

I just don't want him to get about. I get five stars and we also give a tip. We add tip.

So you want to go GoKarting? You go out strolling. I don't know what that means. I'll just. Ah, I'll show you guys a photo of it. This is so much easier.

Here we go. Here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Beach. Cause I want to go go karting I want him to come.

Yeah. All right. Yeah. He's going. Thank you so much. I'm so sorry I have to put you through this, thank you. God, I'm such a nuisance.

But for perspective, the Grab drive, we rode, like, 2 minutes. It was another 10 minutes, and I had to pay 10,000 Indonesian rupiah, which is 1 AUD. So I gave him 30. I gave him a 10,000 tip as well. And he doesn't have to complete the ride. He's a legend.

And that he put up with my best. But Ramadan's gone, So Ramadan is going this way. He's getting the, the, the becak. that's what they call it in Jogja I think they call a becak here. So Ramadan is going to drive us around.

He doesn't speak a single word of English. And I know absolutely no Bahasa Indonesia, so this will be an interesting time. He's only 16. I don't even know if he's allowed to drive a GoKart. Maybe they have legislation in. We'll see.

Now, if we're unable to go GoKarting, everybody, we're going to have an issue because it looks like there's a storm coming in over there and yeah, over that way significantly even worse. But there is a mall next, the next by Trans Studio and it's like rollercoasters and like it's a snow park. So when taking Ramadan there is it's such a character I can't believe that yesterday it all started because he was just here and I thought his father was going to be the one riding the tricycle. We'll see. Where you from? Australia. Yeah, yeah.

Your country? Indonesia. Yes. Makassar? Nice. Yes. What's your name? Luke. Luke. Your name? Adil. Adil? Nice to meet you, Adil.

Your name? Andis. Andis. Nice to meet you. All right, guys.

It's been about 5 minutes since Ramadan has left, but it's chilling. Luckily, the cloud cover here in Makassar, limits the uh- the sun that comes through. So it's not too hot to sitting on here. If it was direct sunlight on me.

That would be a different story. But the we're kind of chilling, they have tuk-tuks here. They've tuk-tuks here in Indonesia. Have I seen a tuk-tuk in Indonesia before? Maybe in Jakarta. Another tuk-tuk! Max ride. But, we'll keep chilling.

Wait for them to come around. Here he is! Okay, ready? Good. You almost ran me over. They want to come? They come.

Yeah, you come. We can all go GoKarting. All right, let's go.

That is your mom. Mom? Yeah, mom. I have the parents permission. To take their kids out on a day trip to go GoKarting. I still don't even know. They know that we're going GoKarting.

I hope there isn't, like, age requirement here in Indonesia. Like it. It'd be crazy that he can't go kart, but he can drive on the main roads of Indonesia and that'd be hilarious. But-

I think it could actually be something. Yeah, GoKart. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. People are so friendly here in Makassar Everybody, they chillin. Hello.

You can say that like two people in the space of 100 meters saying hello. Ocarina Beach. That is the one Ocarina not the one that we went to yesterday for the first time.

And apart from the GoKarting, or is it the other one that had to GoKart? I think it's. Ocarina. There were two that we went to Bosoa? I think. and Ocarina They're right next to each other. Look at all these homes on the left here. Yeah, looking good.

Yeah. What is lanti mean? Shave? Bagus means good. I just saw he said that for the first time. And I remember that from the previous trip. Bagus, bagus. It's like acha in Hindi.

All right, let's go. We got the coconuts the other day. Hello? Hello? It's a different person selling coconuts. Look at all the cars overtaking us. I forgot how ridiculously slow these tricycles are. And the suspension is so awful.

They're like, Yeah, especially when you have like, three people. It's like, up and down, up and down. It's so bumpy and this road is so uneven. I remember from from the trip yesterday was so up and down, up and down.

You got to go slow. So that's the Bosowa beach. I think they have quad biking there. Maybe.

Yeah. Yeah. yeah.

We're the biggest ones on the road. I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, we might not fit.

Right. Let's see. Hello? We want to go GoKarting.

Hello. Yeah, we want to He can't go. We have to go all the way back.

We can't just go there. Oh, my God. He's going to pull us all the way back because they won't let us go the other way.

That's just cruel. Why this let let the men go through just the barricade. That's just power trip on a whole another level. Yesterday, when we went through here with the tricycle, it was so, so, like, close.

All right, I think that's a paint ball guarding. You can play paintball here. Okay.

Hello. Thank you. Where is GoKarting? Go kart? [speaking local language] [speaking local language] Yeah, you take.

Thank you. Ah, here GoKarting. Yeah, yeah, we go here. This one. Yeah. Go kart. Go kart.

You park park? Okay. You parking? Yeah. Okay. Wow. Here we are. The GoKart place. Yeah, I just looking.

Look, there's actually people lining up. Hello. I can't believe I'm on this adventure. Ready? Ramadan.

Luke and friends play go karting in Makassar, Indonesia. Where do we do? Go kart. Go kart. Okay.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. How much rupiah? 100 and something thousand. Look at this. I've never seen this from a side. Look how these things operate. They literally just remove the front wheel of a motorbike and add on a little carriage. That's so cool.

Okay. Okay, we do three, three. Yeah, Ah, here.

Yeah. Hello. How are you? All right, let's go. Hello. We can do GoKarting? Go kart.

Not open? Open, open, open. Yeah. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Please. Please. Thank you.

All right, so this is the GoKarting track, everybody. Hello? Can we go in here? I almost hitting my head. They definitely need more signs here, guys.

Why do we do that? So many people, yet so few answers. Where do we pay? This way? So confusing. You do go karting? Here. And here. [speaking local language] [speaking local language] [speaking local language] Hello.

I can't believe how, in here. Hello Do you do go karting here? Over here? Yeah. So we paid there. This is- How difficult is it to go kart in Makassa? Okay. No worries.

The cashier- Take a break. Okay. Where you from, sir? Australia. Australia? Yeah. We want to do go karting. How much is it per person? 150 Ah, 150 per person.

About 5 minutes. Okay. 5 minutes? Yeah. 7 minutes. 200. Okay. 10 minutes, 250. 250. Okay. Okay.

And if when we pay, we then go. Yes. Okay. Okay. After you pay. Yeah. When will cashier come? Cashier? Yeah, please. Okay. I pay. Okay. Okay.

He take a break. Thank you. Thank you. We found somebody that speaks English. No, no, you sit you since you are the king.

No, it is for him. Ramadan is king. Hello. Hey. can we pay for three people go karting? Yeah, Yeah. Three for 5 minutes, please.

[speaking local language] [speaking local language] Single. Yeah. Like one. Yeah. Three, three. I go around and pay.

[speaking local language] Visa? Yeah. Why, Why. No he doesn't. He does. Is he scared or? He don't know. He don't know how to drive, but Ramadan knows because he has tricycle, becak.

So his friend pulled out because he doesn't know how to drive. So 150k for 5 minutes. 7 minutes is 200k and 10 minutes is 250k. Okay.

And should be good. Is this your first time go karting? Yeah. Very good. Yes. Two go karts. Thank you very much.

Thank you. All right, so we have to change into the jumpsuits. They didn't even ask for Ramadan's age.

He's 16, but he looks about eight. So we get all the helmets. Here, we got the go kart. And over here we have the jumpsuits, and we got bulletproof. this might be the paintball. this is paintball. So they do paintball in here.

So these are the paintball helmets, the vests, and these are the go carting jumpsuits. Yeah. Very good. How are you going to be the best Indonesian go kart driver? Australia vs. Indonesia. But I think he can read So it's like a full race jumpsuit. Yeah. Yeah.

And then this one, this. Very good. Yeah. Looking good? yeah. Safety. We got gloves.

Do you have four fingers gloves? Four finger? What I had to do is when I have five finger gloves as a four fingered person is of the outside. You have half face, possible? Yeah. Nice. Nice. It's definitely more safe on a full face. Okay, that's much better, we good. Thank you. Thank you.

All right. Go, go, go, go, go. Here we go, everybody. So here is our go kart. This is adult. Adult. Okay?

And we have kids. It's nice. Yeah. You. You just sit them. Yeah. YouTube, Facebook, Luke Damant. Yeah, Luke Damant.

Oh good. Welcome to Makassar, bro. Thank you, brother. Thank you. Hope you enjoy this. Thank you. So which one is accelerate? The gas in your right foot and the break is your left foot. And that is it. And that is it.

Okay, that's for the first one. Run. Okay. And come back here. Yeah, yeah. Just hold the break. Hold the brake.

Yeah. Okay. yeah. yeah. All right.

We're going to get used to it. It's like I'm at outdoor area. Just gain control that we have the camera angles right? Seriously, if you don't if you hit like, the side here, you're pretty dumb. Yeah. Very good. Sorry. Yeah. Okay, No problem.

No problem. Good? Okay, You will. Yeah. And maybe you can film when I am going.

Thank you so much. Good. Go, Ramadan! All right, let's follow. All right.

We got to overtake him. Let's go. All right. We got to take those corners a little bit wider, I think. Make sure we maintain speed. Here we go.

Let's go. This here is tough to maintain space. We're catching up to Ramadan. We're about to lock in. One minute and thirty left. Very good.

Yeah, that was so good. So much fun. How do you know this thing? I saw when I went to the beach. I saw on the, I just see. And you can play. Yeah, Yeah. All right. It's so hot right next to me.

We need to get a good thumbnail with Ramadan. Okay, I got thumbnail pulled up. Okay.

All right. Perfect. Thank you. Good walk, then. yeah? Yeah. How long have you been in the Makassar? Two days.

Tomorrow I go to Toraja. Yeah. You travel? Yeah. Yeah. All around Sulawesi.

You are number one. Number one. You one, one, one. Number two. Yeah.

Okay. Thank you so much. Up. Yeah, so much fun. Hope you enjoy Makassar. This is so good. How long have you been working here for?

Four months. How long has this been open? Just four months. Oh, new. Yeah. Wow. First in this place in Makassar. Really? In your country? Yeah, we have. Yeah. Which one better? This one.

Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, bro. What is your name? Nice to meet you, Luke. Yeah. Good luck. Good.

Very good. Thank you. Thank you. Very good. All right, guys, that's so much fun for 5 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime out.

You want to get those? [speaking local language] [speaking local language] What did he say? [speaking local language] [speaking local language] He said here is so fun. He say thank you for you.. What do I do with this one? I just leave here? Thank you. You broke the trophy. Ramadan's a mess. I don't know.

We have his. Tour guide. Yeah, he's tour guide. [speaking local language] [speaking local language] [speaking local language] He take me yesterday. He took me to get a shave. Yeah, where? Barber tattoo. [speaking local language] [speaking local language] [speaking local language] Can you ask him? Does he go to school? [speaking local language] No? Why? [speaking local language] He don't have more money for. Yeah.

Because they are selling on the the street. The the water. He said don't have much money to buy- Shirt for school. How much money do they need? [speaking local language] He doesn't know. Okay. Thank you so much for, bro, you're legend. Thank you.

Thank you. See you. Yeah. Yeah. What a great guy. He was awesome. Thank you. He was so helpful in translating. Like, it's been surprisingly difficult in Makassar to translate.

Like, just have a basic conversation. [speaking local language] [speaking local language] [speaking local language] Yes. I'm just saying yes. Very good.

I mean, after that performance, maybe I should be the one riding the the tricycle. Let's go go karting. Done.

Hello. Bye-bye. See you! I imagine like ten people on that truck at once would be so hard to overtake. I guess that's the name of go karting.

Also help for having someone that spoke English. I actually got to actually know more about Ramadan and his situation. So obviously like today's a weekday. So usually they would be at school because he can't afford schools to like the clothes for school.

So he doesn't get to be educated because when I was translating it did cross on my mind maybe whether he even could read Bahasa because if you're not going to school, then where else would you really like be able to learn how to read? So I did cross my mind like, maybe he can't even see the translations. The I'm now I'm doing so now I don't know how we can help. We're going to need our ticket here. You have ticket. Very good. Hello, how are you? See you.

Bye-bye. Guys. If you're in Makassar, you know where Ramadan stall is and where his family is. Literally right near the centerpoint of Indonesia. So I'm only here for, you know, the 8 hours I fly out early tomorrow.

So if we're able to organize something to get his family helpful, to get him and potentially his siblings in school or whatever they wish, then please do reach out. If you are from Makassar and we can talk about it, organize something. I just you know, to say I've been in the city for like 36 hours, so I'm not entirely sure how it all works. I know I can just give them money, but it's don't know what is the process of having everything best to suit their family's needs?

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