ФАЛЬШИВЫЙ ТУРИЗМ в Аргентину / РОДЫ в Аргентине

ФАЛЬШИВЫЙ ТУРИЗМ в Аргентину / РОДЫ в Аргентине

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So, wait, wait, wait, let's drink coffee. 9.31. Someone will show up soon. And then talking to me with myself seems not very interesting. But if he does, let him write. Heard, seen and where someone looks. Today, I understand, is Sunday. Oh, someone showed up. Well hello. Once one person has appeared, then someone else will appear. And who's watching over there? Can you write? Drink coffee. It can be seen heard at least there, because I'm sitting on the street. And on the street, as a rule,

it is very hard to hear. That's why I'm asking this. Well, I hope there's a signal. There are already 11 people. Accordingly, probably, someone will write that they can hear me normally and where people are looking from. Come on. No, they all woke up, they didn’t reach the plavish to write. Well, then look what we have, like today, now it's hot. The fryer is stupefied. Which is why I arrived early. It is now 9.32 in Argentina. People. Well, why are you all so inactive? No one can write, is it audible or not?

And then we get, as in this very one. You talk to yourself, and you talk. OK. The main thing is that there are people. So. Good morning everyone. I have an hour. I finally decided to take the car to the car wash and stopped by, left the car at the car wash. She's on the block. The car is being washed. And during this time I can broadcast a little and talk about our news in Argentina. Already, of course, everyone who was interested is interested in Argentina. Everyone knows that we have, well, as it were, this is the most incident

with pregnant women who were not allowed at the airport. And with Russian girls. Well, today we will not discuss personalities and how Russians think about this topic. Because, frankly, everyone thinks for their own part. I will try to explain the situation to you. First,

what happened. And secondly, what does the Argentine think about this topic. I'm more interested in what the Argentines think, those who, of course, because I feel sorry for the girls. They were all, as they say, innocent. They all came just to give birth to a baby. Well, it's all clear. But we're not talking about that. We are talking about what the Argentines think about this whole situation, what it can lead to. So,

well, activity, I have no activity in the chat. And, the chat must be connected written. Damn, I didn't connect it. Well, what is it? That's right, he's quite lazy. Now I will try to authorize this chat. Here, and then, maybe I'll have something here. Wow, it's written, the chat is ready to go. Well, now someone

can write something there? Maybe he will now appear something in this chat. Okay, the chat is ready to go, but something is not being written there. So, after all, he is not quite ready for work or something like that. So, guys, three days ago, somewhere, the immigration service detained pregnant girls at the airport in the last stages, there 33-32 weeks, and did not let them go to Argentina. That is, they sat at the airport there for two days somewhere. They went, of course. I'm not a politician, I see a lot of people, I don't know if they are, I'm original. I can show you too, because I'm alive. My mother was from Chisinau, from Arabia,

which is now called Moldova. Kishinev. Moldova, right? Yes, sure. Spoke Russian with all Russians. Yes, because before, yes, Moldova was in conjunction with Kazakhstan. Yes, are you from Kazakhstan? No, from Ukraine. Because of whom? Because of whom? It's neighbor, neighbor. I know, I know. These are Moldova, Ukraine and a neighbor. Yes, but tell me one thing, the language is not the same. That's not a lot. Not now, but in Russian we speak, yes, Moldavia. Can you understand Russian? Certainly. And now I speak Russian. Who are you talking to? We are alive now, we are alive on the Internet. Don't look at 42 people? Well, listen, for example, I see, for example, a matrix with very handsome guys.

Where are they from? From Rus'. Are they from Rus'? Yes. Not from Ukraine? No. From Russia, who come for political things and because the situation... In general, they are from Kazakhstan. From Kazakhstan, where they don’t give a husband a head? Yes, in general. And how do they speak? Hello! I know, I know. Hello, what is it called? Hello Hello. No, my mom doesn't say that.

Yes. Thank you, what is it called? Thank you. Thank you. And goodbye, when will you open the phone? No. Bye then. We can say for now. No. It's like chao. No. This is true. No. Or goodbye. Goodbye and... There are a few words. Can you say, say, how, hello, how? Or today. Do you understand? It's shorter, more related. I'm left with what I've heard. I heard because she lives from the phone of another, from Russian.

Yeah. And, of course, the kitchen. I cook like a Russian too. Yes. One question. That is, you say that these are people from Rus', not Ukraine? No. OK then. Hello gentlemen. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Okay, everyone saw how the Argentines want to ask around what kind of people are coming who walk with strollers so beautiful and that's it. Are they Ukrainians or Russians? Well, basically, they are Russians, let's put it this way. Well, we just told them that because their husbands weren't taken here, they were, like, running away from the war. Well, God bless you. Everyone has their own reasons, which we will discuss. So what's the fun? The joke is that they were accused of fake tourism. And, in principle, this is true. Because they don't come here to save themselves, they don't come here to live, they go to have a baby and leave.

Recently, over the past three months, according to the migration center, more than 10 thousand arrived, about 11 thousand pregnant women. That is, 30 pregnant women fly Russians on each plane. Of these, 7,000 have already flown back. That is, they give birth, leave a power of attorney to receive their documents and dump.

And the migration services became very interested in this. And they started to figure it out. And it didn't happen one day, well, like, today for today. No. This began to be discovered much earlier. We began to interview the same pregnant women. And find out why they flew in, who told them, who said that you can get passports here and stuff like that. And helpers. That's what they got hooked on.

And, in general, they hooked on this topic and interviewed about 500 women in advance, who pointed to helpers who help them in this matter. Who are invited here because they advertise what you will get here, just come, get your passports. And it's illegal. So how is it illegal? It is not illegal to have a child in Argentina, parents and child will receive a passport. But it's against the law to make a business out of it.

And it turned out to boil. It turned out to boil. Of course, the girls have now been released, but this does not mean that they have been released now, everything is calm. No, don't worry, calmly, now it's gone. On the contrary, everything became very restless.

The girls were released before the court decision so that they would not sit at the airport. Until the court decides what to do with them. Maybe they will give birth here? Maybe send them back? Maybe they will give birth here, the children will receive citizenship, they will not receive citizenship. And this is already being considered.

That is, as of yesterday, the consideration was suspended. Over the past year, 500 people who received birth here, received citizenship, left. Upon examination, their cases were suspended. Just for yesterday.

Kipish began sickly. Searches began, doors were knocked down. Because some of the helpers live in Puerto Moberro. The wealthy areas have thousands, as they say, hundreds of thousands of dollars. In general, they charge a computer, they charge money, they charge false documents.

In the same place, it turned out, they are already showing videos from Kazakhstan. The Kazakh family also turned out to be. They didn't open the doors, they knocked them out with this very sledgehammer.

Well, not with a sledgehammer, there is such a piece of iron-long police. They knocked out the doors and locks and entered. And they were there. They just didn't want to open.

That is, they knew that they would come and think, well, knock, knock, and leave. Well, they kicked down the doors and started a search. What's wrong with this case? This is what I always told, but no one believed me. And they believed that it was all the old grandfather was carrying a fable. Here the deportations were in Argentina. There were cases when people were deported here.

Everyone says no, Argentina does not deport, Argentina does not. No, Argentina, when it comes to Quilombo, as we call it, that is, to Shukher, it deports. And these cases have already been. It's just that this is rarely done and when Shukher is already coming. Many of the Russians who arrived began to lead, let's say, they forgot that they were tourists and thought that they could organize clans and businesses here, like tourists.

And like Argentina, everything is shaved. Argentina did not shove and starts typically good. More bad news, believe it or not, but I'll tell you one thing. The bad news for Russian tourism is that a criminal case has been opened on this topic.

And that it is the judge who leads her, I will not say her correct name there, because I can make a mistake and do not want, as they say, to distort the surname. Our federal judge is the most formidable, who once stopped a coup in Argentina here, who can put any president. And so his office took over the case. Well, this is not just some kind of judge, you know how, a boy, a girl, a judge, we’ll give something to someone, blur it out.

No, don't blur anything here. Searches will begin here, nixies-assistants will begin, exhibitions will begin, suspension, re-checking of everyone. The fact that, I think, well, or very naukharit. Such proposals are already coming that, like, it is necessary to double-check all those who have received citizenship and suspend or refuse. And I have parents, not children, but parents if they left. Why? Because the press took a lot.

All the newspapers, all the local news are now loading this topic. How does the Argentinean explain this case? They say yes, under our law, a child born in Argentina is an Argentine. This is the same parents.

Is, well, type too, will get Argentine citizenship within two years. None of the pregnant women requested said that she was coming here, that she was saving her child so that he would be born in a free country, and she was saving him so that he would not return to Putin's army. This is exactly what periodists say. And immediately takes him back.

Accordingly, she says, she has no intention of becoming an Argentine, nor a child to be an Argentine. This time. Second. Where, he says, then do all these Argentine children go? Where are they shipped to then? They are now considered Argentines, but where are they now leaving? This is two. Third. Either in Slovakia, or where they began to inflate this topic here, a couple of Russian spies have been officially caught, as it were. And they have Argentinean passports.

And this is where it starts to inflate an even bigger topic. Like, are we producing, damn it, these same ones now with passports that will beat Argentine all over the world, to do what the hell. And now the whole world will introduce visas to us here, because, you say, Argentina is handing out its passports right and left.

This topic has started to come up a lot. Accordingly, I think, I think this topic will develop further, and will develop very, very strongly. Of course, some of the helpers, to be honest, would have kept silent and now would have thought about this, but some even started trying to speak there. They are in the nerves on that nose.

And when you look from the outside, they said even more about themselves than, to be honest, justified. So, I think the nix will go. And so the nix will also go to those who are engaged in business here, such as cryptocurrency and the sale of drugs, such people are also well calculated in the chat. And if everyone thinks that it is so hidden, and everyone is so stupid, then no.

And it will go, because who has ranti, well, real, and who has it fake. That is where Babkizin comes from. The tourist is not allowed to work.

A tourist is a tourist. A tourist has the right to come and spend money. For some reason, everyone thought that Argentina was such a, like, snotty country, to which they came so smart and would do what they want and spit on everything.

So, this nix and went. Now this nix is ​​inflated very much. And it turns out that, of course, those who were engaged in this, fucked up those who really came here, as they say, to live here. This is true.

Because for all those, of course, nothing threatens them yet, but there will be checks. That is, where the money will come from, why you live here, whether you did all the documents correctly. Now every document that will be issued in Argentina will be rechecked a hundred times.

All this will slow down for a very long time. This is the judge, this is the judge. This is the same Argentinean judge. That is, she does not take nonsense at all. She takes on the cases of presidents, senators, things like that. She does not undertake, as they say, to carry a mukhrischik.

Therefore, on her orders, they knock out the door in these most expensive apartments and everything else. No one there will babysit anyone. I say, guys, I told you that, firstly, this has happened before. It has already happened with the Chinese, it has already happened once with the Peruvians. It will be with the Russians too, because it’s not just that he came and lives quietly and tries to settle his relations and, as they say, live in Argentina, but they arrived and began to collect their eks. We all provide services, we all do everything.

Infusion team no one understands us. It turns out that everyone understands everything perfectly. They are all such downright fools in Argentina.

Here is what happened to us. And we will see how it develops. So far, it has broken, as they say, into the fact that all periodists clung to this topic with their teeth.

Now they are watching her, now she won’t just blur, because this is the topic of hot pies, let’s say so. Secondly, the office of the judge who is leading this topic, this is the second question, this is also the judge. And thirdly, don't forget one thing I've always said. We have an election year, presidential elections this year. Primary elections will be in August.

Accordingly, the government will not be able to cover up this topic now, even if they love Putin or whomever, because this will mow down their ratings in the elections. So it will not blur this topic. And they come to their own, as they say, to what it aspired to. We honor what you write while I have a question of the mind. I mean, time is short. Yes, I am writing. Seen and heard normally. Oh, thank you, Eugene, thank you.

Hello. Normally seen, heard, excellent. The thing is, I really am not. So, the girls did not sit for two days. Well, maybe more. I don't follow Russian girls specifically. So I tell you from which side the Argentines look at it.

Of course, the girls will look from their side. And all, as they say, the Russians who came here will look from their side and tell, as they say, what they consider to be right. The people are already gathering. So. Few hours. And, well, there is more. This, thank God. So, they are there, to say, did not suffer.

Yes, everything is fine. Image sound. That's right, no need to use and devalue Argentine passports. Here, that's exactly what I'm talking about. What do Argentines now think with their selfish question. Like, we're handing out passports left and right.

Our children, who were born and are considered Argentines, do not know why and where. And one more question, which also began to be discussed very strongly in the media, in newspapers and in all that, on television. This is what a child has two parents. The girl arrives alone, gives birth. Tourism. For money. Money began to open.

It turns out that some helpers took up to 30 thousand from the richest. And they even gave some fake certificates and all that. Dollars are meant, not pesos. Accordingly, they will turn well there. This is all and all helpers in chains.

Now there is still a second parent who is unknown to anyone. And if you know, then even here, for example, you are married, not married. A woman comes with a pregnant man and says he is dad. And he is recorded as a dad. You know he admits he's a dad.

And that's it, no one does DNA here. Are you married or not. So now you can say that. He takes some, I don't know, a military criminal there.

Or political, damn it. He says dad. And he automatically gets an Argentine passport.

So what kind of business is this? That is, we, the Argentine bosses, still do not know who the girl will declare as dad. Be that as it may, this is the resale, so to speak, of Argentinean passports to people who, in general, are, in principle, prosecuted by law tickets. And in all that. In business, they took it. That's why this judge took over. What I told you.

So, probably, this shop, I think, will close soon. And I can even guess, although this is my guess, it can be in general, well, sort of, well, this is just my personal guess. I assumed that they would introduce visas for Russians. So that everyone who applies for a visa will watch, if she is there in these weeks, then she simply will not be given a visa. Ask what, where and why.

'Cause a dude like this is coming, he's coming, he's getting passports throws in a power of attorney and leaves. This has never happened. And they say if the girls would come and stay here to live, that's one thing. Yes, everyone wants to leave the war, everyone wants their children. Mother protects and wants him to stay, well, like he left the war, that's one thing.

And if the girls leave, no one knows where. And even a passport is not expected here, but by proxy. It's a completely different story. That is, this story will be stopped.

So, Russophobia began, like a campaign. No, no Russophobia has begun. The Argentines began to behave correctly, as they should behave. Each country protects its citizens, its laws, its passports. And do not attribute everything to the fact that the whole world is Russophobia.

You just need to come, get settled normally, like all citizens. Russophobia has never been here and never begins. And we don't need to weave any crap. Russophobia in the case, by the way.

So because of the goat problems will be normal people. This is what I said, that first of all, I don’t give a damn, I have been living here for 26 years, I have a passport for a long time. And I live here all the time. But normal people who came here will really get settled here, because they don’t want to have anything to do with Russia, but they want to live in another country so that their children live without war. That's what they screw up, it's true. You might think others start by doing nothing.

I'll tell you this, they don't do it en masse. It's massive. Once upon a time, the Chinese tried to create, and the police quickly figured out who was imprisoned, who was shot. Then the Peruvians tried somehow to do something, and just had fun on the bus to the border and back.

So now it's your turn. That correctly writes what Russophobia. I have already said a hundred times, there is no Russophobia. You don’t have to say your shit when you arrived, you did something, and then you have to say that these are fascists, this is Russophobia, the whole world is just Russophobia and that’s it. Maybe you need to take a look at yourself. Then everything will be fine.

It's one thing, as they say, to do business on this, on Argentinean passports, it's another thing to come to live in Argentina. I am sure that everyone who came just to live in Argentina will not have a damn thing with them, no one will abuse them , and everything else will live, work and live. But those who came, as they say, either do business, or sell a cat, or something else, or give birth to passports to receive, yes, this will stop, look.

Well, yes. So. Medina, I think I won’t block you from here now, but to be honest, we will block you, so you and your Russophobia stuff , and you know what, and go over there, close to Solovilov. Here.

Everyone writes that the more I study Argentina, the more I begin to like the country. Right? Right. This country, I have said before, they will take a long time to inspect, they will harness for a long time, I also warned on one topic, if someone thinks that he will be carried through, he will not be carried through for one simple reason. Before doing this, about 500 pregnant women were already interviewed . When do you think the pregnant woman will start questioning the migration center or the tax office, or someone else who will depend on whose documents and start asking why she came, who helped, who arranged the apartment, who did it, who did it. Do you think she will worry about those helpers, or will she turn them all in to get documents, especially if she knows that she can get and don't want problems. She will betray everyone.

And so the search began, the doors were smashed, and everything else. So do not think that no one knows, there someone gave me some cash, and that was the end of the matter. No. If you worked illegally, and you can’t work legally in this, some will say that I am a monotributist. No, a monotributist has no right to receive any loot. If you interview many girls, then the fact is that, in general, they did not wake up this topic, because I know that everything is the other way around, but let some comfort, let them comfort, this is not their right.

So. So, I said that molts ran, the criminal office planton was muddied there, they deceived, confused, they realized that lava ends in Russia, so they crawled through the world of the bloody regime. Well, yes, there are such trochs, but I would call it differently. Here, when the war had just begun, many people left, because, really, well, they don’t want to have anything to do with this business anymore and they don’t want their own children to go into mobilization , and that’s all. And they came here just to live. There was a very

big wave. And then, when it was the mobilization that started, the rest were already running, let's say, which, in principle, if they had not been taken by the asses there, they would not have been running in principle. So this is a slightly different plan. This is the people

who went. So different, of course. Now everywhere, today, too, you already say hello at every crossroads and feel sorry for just other people, those who really came here to live. Here, of course, God forbid, for some reason now, damn it, they will, as it were, delay the issuance of documents.

They will give them something, but one thing, you know, everyone was shouting, oh, she hasn’t arrived yet, she’s already writing in the chat “How much will I get the documents for? How long will it take for me to receive the documents? Like, having almost sent me anywhere, I received the documents in two days, or “I will give a million, like to send documents to me in Moscow.” Now this is not something like “How much will I get the documents for”, now the question will be different. Will I get these documents at all? That's what's funny. Because they began to detain them every day and everything for rechecking. So now they will fully check all the grounds on which you are going to receive them. And those people who were going to quickly get them and start working, living, of course, will have to suffer delays now.

In, they write correctly, honestly, that's right. If we Russians did not consider ourselves the navels of the earth, we would be worthy of ourselves, and the concept of Russophobia would not exist at all. Yes, just as Argentinophobia, for example, does not exist, so there is, I don’t know, Argentinophobia, there, other countries have a phobia. For some reason, they noticed that there is such Russophobia. Exactly. And only we think that there is something for us to do. It's not, no, it's wrong.

There is work, but it's not how it's done. Here the girls were detained, they immediately went, like, almost on strike, to file a lawsuit and that's it. They felt that it was not their right that Argentina owed them. Yesterday, in my opinion, there were, of course, few people there, but there were fifteen people, they took posters, went, stood there in front of the presidential palace, like, damn it, a strike. Oh, sorry,

for my, as they say, this is the most, bare, like, strike. That is, they want to show what they are supposed to do here. It never crosses my mind that Argentina owes nothing to any of the tourists. This is Ukraine, oh, I'm sorry, Ukraine, Argentina gives, if he wants, these documents, they are obliged to give. That is, you may not be given them, and it will be the right of the Argentine government to give you or not. They are obligated and they break the law. You see,

they didn't let the fake tourists in, Argentina, let's go on strike, go on, get even more angry , the press will bring it up, even more, it will be shown on all channels, even more you will be glad that the Argentines will say in the Constitution that you have arrived, and fake airs are spinning. Do everything that is being done, everything, as they say, is for the best, because I can see what is going on. The more he starts to resent and yell and scream about how, like, damn, the Argentine government is not right, the more he resents himself, because, frankly, at the moment , most of these that are yelling, they are just tourists at the moment , and accordingly, a tourist who demands another strange photo from the government, and you go to America, demand it, shout there in front of the white house, shout and see what happens there. If they didn’t make enemies out of the Russians themselves, corrupt from the lesson, then everything would be fine. America angered 28 countries for the last light. And Russia is their aggressor.

Well, you know what I'll tell you, so far, in my opinion, these 28 countries have not attacked Russia, and, in my opinion, Russia has attacked and bombed other countries, so there's still how to look. Well done, Argentina cut off the oxygen in time to all those who would have made a dump out of the country very quickly. Well, they haven't closed it yet, but based on the investigation, based, as they say, on the decisions of the courts, it will be seen how the case ends. It's still a work in progress, so we'll see.

And how could a mother with a child move in without a father? After all, you need a power of attorney from the pope for the entry of the mother with the child without him. It's a joke, registration. Well, look, I don't know how she got in. Probably should, if with a child, maybe she has this power of attorney from dad. We

don't know. And secondly, there are pregnant women who simply arrive pregnant themselves. And why did everyone pay attention, everyone is flying straight on the 32nd, that is, or whatever it is considered there, but I’m not a woman, I don’t really know if it’s the 33rd or what week it is. Well, in general, these weeks before the birth, just to fly in and give birth. That is, this business

turns out. And they start screaming here , well, like, damn it, we are in such weeks, she delays. And on the other hand, everyone says, why did they climb into the plane during such weeks? Weeks like this are supposed to be at home.

Here. So there 's really, really a problem here. That is, if we count, it seems, as if no one violated anything, but on the other hand, everyone considered that this was a loophole, and this loophole would be used. Well, when they began to build a business on this , on this loophole, the Argentines abruptly decided that their passports were more important than the business that Russian pregnant women would do . Greetings. Thank you. Greetings from Arpetersburg.

Russia, our sacred state. So. We will not run anywhere, especially to Argentina. Why are you, dear Leonid? Don't run. I'm not calling anyone. I, on the contrary, tell

what is happening with us. And here it is. There are enough people to run besides you. Look, damn it, there are already 30 pregnant girls on every plane . Sorry, damn. This is not counting those who simply drive normal families.

We are only talking about pregnant girls. So there is, of course, no one will run anywhere. You have to stand there. There are enough things to do at home.

Why are you here? We're here somehow and would survive them. So, right, the Tver kitchen speaks to Vanni Sidorov. What have you done for a great country so that a greater one will come? Yep, yes, really great. Every tricky op has a box. So, well, the fact is that I already said. As if they were hooked here for these leftist passports, which are then at the disposal of the Cherznakov in Europe, there, all sorts of spies.

Then it is not known who the daddy is, who will be presented later, then it turns out that they came here, as they say, people, damn it, from war crimes, daddies turned out to be all now, damn it, Argentinean passports. And everything like that . Well, plus the Argentines immediately said, they said, if we continue to do such crap, then, accordingly, it will turn out that, they say, other countries will close our passports, Argentina is looking for a hotbed of shit, and like, damn it, all the passports are running around, who hit, and they give us visas. Accordingly, of course, the Argentines do not like this at all. Before that, they could get visas from many countries and the world without visas, and now, because of all this, they, like, lose it, well, as it were, people don’t like it. They protect

their interests. And I think it's right. So.

They ran away to speak the language of the country they considered their homeland. In general, I don’t answer nonsense , I don’t understand what it’s about . Let them get a residence permit, live on a common basis, at least two years, and then a passport. Well, they started to take on this, they started to suspend the receipt, they said they would double-check, in my opinion, everything will be double-checked for the last year. To whom they have even given it out, everything will be double-checked, whether everything was, so to speak, as it should be, or there was also intent, and in this they, they say, even annul. But for now, this is...

Well, in general, there are hints of that, hints. This, again, is not a fucking official statement. So no shit, not an official statement, so, well, no matter how much you pay attention to it, but there are hints that there may be such a thing that in this state of affairs the child will become Argentine, but there are no parents. Because the child is born on the territory, and parents were given, as it were, in addition, as a gift to the Argentinean. For this baby Argentinean. And if this continues, there may be such a development of events that, yes, a child was born, yes, he is an Argentine, and you are with him, but with your passports. So.

We didn’t leave, I don’t intend to go anywhere, but it’s interesting to see how people live in other countries. Well, look at how people live in other countries. This is how they live. Here is a table in front of me, that's how he lives. It's Sunday, early in the morning, 10.06,

I still have two hours, but I left now , 10.06, I still have about 20 minutes, although my car has probably already been washed, there is a car wash on the right. I decided to wash the car, after trips to Znogorod, after trips it’s the same, for all sorts of pills, I drove a car here for washing.

This is how young people, you see, do not hangover, they came, he sits, the girl, the guys, they eat their buns, the girl drinks juice. On the other side of the coffee, on the third side, they are also talking, sitting. We saw that at first a woman passed by, she was generally interested in commerce, where she spoke and began to ask me how in Russian it is, in Russian everyone, who is here, throughout the organization pays attention to who is running here, such young families, like with children. This development of events was to be expected, these people, they did not want to give a damn about the country, which is on target, dump the passport, entertain the stagnation, be Armenian, right, I agree.

So, here Kremlepotov is discussing, right. So, Lenin, not understanding the situation in the world, read quotes, find out who attacked whom, Bill's thirst unsubscribed from this channel , Vixie unsubscribed, how can you print in this very one, so don't lie, no one here unsubscribed if you unsubscribed, You can't chat here. And if I unsubscribed, the flag in my hands, I don’t understand, I don’t understand. So, put on a T-shirt, as I saw, there are grandmothers running around, like Putin's army, well, run, shout. And I will somehow continue not to understand, not even to understand what kind of frenzy I don’t want, how it’s going on. It's about the fact that the tourist is pregnant, she came alone, gave birth, and recorded someone as a dad, then leaves, takes the Argentine away, the recorded father does not know about the departure of his child from his homeland.

You can count like that. Please tell me what the consumidore final means and what to answer, nod your head. It means that purchases for my use, and not for resale, are correct. Consumidore final, that is, you are the last consumer of this product. Because if the consumer is final, then you will not resell it, you do not need to issue an invoice for it.

There are some factors that buy from a store for resale. They say no, they need an invoice, and right at the checkout they can get an invoice, that is, well, an invoice is an invoice for the fact that they bought it as a product, and they have the right to resell it later, well, if they have such an activity. And the consumer is final, it is called that you are the last one who will use it, well, that is, for home use, for your own. And even earlier it was like that, they asked, now they almost don’t ask, they ask A, it turns out that cash is effective.

So don't let go either. Well, since now almost no one pays in cash, they don’t ask that anymore. Well, like, you pay in cash or you don't.

But, if you are suddenly asked to be efficient, this does not mean that you are stingy effectively. This means you will pay in cash. Or a card. Leonid, unfortunately, everything is clear. And I remember from childhood, they spent it at the grandmother of the Cherkasy region in Sofia. And good.

It's better to be, and to be honest, it's better to be, I think, like me, than, damn it, like some people who are killing in Ukraine. And what are the conditions for Ukrainians in Argentina? There are no plans to accept Ukrainian refugees yet. I didn’t take this action, and I didn’t have to take it, but I already told you. There is a whole video where I showed documents with which Ukrainians can easily enter immediately for three years, as if with the right to work, that is, they can immediately go to work and all that, to process this refugee. And then stay to live, leave your whole life in Arentina, take citizenship or get into the NIZH. The only thing that is bad, and why Ukrainians do not come here, is that there is no help here upon arrival.

You don't want to live any more. You have to work somewhere, and you have to live somewhere, and what you have to eat for, and no one here helps or decides for you. So because, of course, the Ukrainians can go a little closer. So, the people are going, well, let's go for a walk now, I'll cry now.

And let's go for a walk. Now I’ll pay, let’s go for a walk, because a lot of people have already gathered, they’ve come with strollers, and I’m taking a table. So now we'll pay and let's clear a table, because I came here in the morning, there was no one at all, and I decided that we can sit and chat. Now let's walk and talk. Move the cap to pre -bay.

So everything is clear with me, I'm Rutsovok. Okay, so be it. In general, I believe that there are normal people everywhere, and there are idiots everywhere.

Unfortunately, in some countries it has become too much. Yes, he's still posting here. And, we discussed about Ukrainian refugees.

I said that Ukrainian refugees have better options to live in better countries than in Argentina, because they almost never come here. But Russians have few such options, and they accept bad countries calmly and normally, but if you behave normally, you can live here all your life and enjoy a quiet life. But some do not sit, as they say, arrange kipish, arrange business.

Well, a tourist has no right to set up a business for this business, and they begin to pay. Here is the correct answer. I am not talking about Russophobia, not about how anyone thinks, I even say that they did not legally violate entry as tourists.

It's just clear that this is not a tourist, but these are just peoples. And then they began to interview the girls, and they even told who helps them and how much it takes. Accordingly, we went on the topic that these girls are being used, they are lured, they are offered, they are put on sites like issuing passports and all that. And it started to roll out.

And if they started, then they will unwind. And this is all about his Russophobia training, but that's his business. Here is your position has become. What needs to be done to introduce order in the field of maternity tourism? The fact is that maternity tourism in the homeland should not exist at all. There must be a way to tell you to travel, give birth and take away passports, this shop will not be welcomed in any country .

And it shouldn't even exist. It should exist that if a woman came here to give birth and wants to live here, that is, welcome. If a family is fleeing the war and wants to live here, welcome. And if you go for passports, and then go home to draw up maternity capital, and then it is not known to whom these passports are passed on, this will be stopped. And this is precisely what will be put in order.

So nothing super-duper happened for those who just came here to live. And how much they want. But for those who decided to build a business on this, yes it happened for these. Complex. 550. Welcome.

Thank you. Thank you. Let's go, boys. Let's go and walk a little, because I don't want to take up space, there are already a lot of people there. The car is washed, it's lying around. You still have to pay for the car.

So, here is the coffee Kiniento Singvento, that is, 550, but I immediately forced it there. This one, let it be. I streamed with them and that's it, so a thousand should be left.

Guys, the car is washed, it costs 2700. 2700. The car has already been washed, now we will pay. There's a washed car. Probably for another 10 minutes we walk around the territory here, ask, and then I will pick up the car and drive on.

Do your business. So. Uncle Donya, hello. Denis. Fully agree with you with the name of Argentina. Everything helps, it's time to rein in.

Got used to how doctors are at home retreat a couple of silverfish. Yeah, that's called, we don't rip off our own. Yes, I see, so we do not rip off. This is a simple example.

In chats. Since they offer to bring 19 thousand, 13 thousand from the airport to Buenosaevsk, there it is, yes. Do you know how many airport taxi rides to Buenosaevsk? Well, around 5000. Guys, go, come, go, just take a taxi, come to Buenosaevsko, it will cost 4 times cheaper. So, everything is good, the conditions are created for the convenience of people. They may not climb, not bring with them with someone.

Well, in general, we served with the priest. If you want to see, now we ... So, no, well, of course, I won’t be able to go for 35 , but I have to pay for the car. So let's go pay for the car.

I'll switch the camera. So, I don't know where I threw the paper. And I probably know now. I'll find now.

Olya. I said that I would leave it for another 15 minutes, let's go and walk for another hour. Here is my car washed. So, I'll throw my purse here so as not to carry it.

And let's go for a walk for another 15 minutes. So. It's very noisy here. Washed the car and will do, as they say, a short walk. So. Here now Russians are asking $100 for a taxi from the airport.

A full plane of pregnant women, I think, would embarrass anyone. But the fact is that every full plane is pregnant. This is where the embarrassment comes in. The embarrassment is not that one plane has arrived. It's been many months before that

. By the way, I don’t know why no one pays attention to the fact that this issue has been discussed in Chats for a long time, that pregnant girls are being interviewed by migration centers and centers where documents are issued, they are asked why she flew in, who helped, where she got the information from. And everything like that . I mean, it's been in the making for a long time. So. You, Leonid Moderators, need to start to ban all politics in the Chat. The thing is, let me explain. In principle, I would ban. I just

stream with a different program. If I stream through the YouTube application, I would take a bath right here , and that’s all. It happens that it helps me to ban when the Moderator watches my stream.

And since I'm streaming now, I want to make the quality of the troshka different, well, so that the quality is there, say, 60 frames, the YouTube application does not give good quality, I use another application. Here in this application I do not have the opportunity to ban, well, how would you say, on the air directly. It is necessary then, yes, and the Moderator or even connect. No, I'll come later for a bath. No way, I think we'll survive a couple of morons in the chat. They always appear. They see that there is a stream somewhere, they always climb like flies, well, you know, on honey, climb on all sorts of streams to drive their crap. So,

well, we'll survive. We are not proud people. We can survive. So, I completely agree with you. So.

Booking when booking the Boin Salvis hotel offers a taxi ride from the airport to the center for free. And it's happening. Everything is correct. So, now the heat is in the region, for two days now, in the region of more than 30 degrees. Look, let's go to the other side and walk around the district a little. Or not, okay.

Let's go on this side. I see which side I will not be so hot. I'll show you this. It's a bit of a libertarian.

We will go through it. In the direction of somewhere in the Chinese district and back. So, write your questions, and I will change the screen saver picture. Look. Why are there few people? Because it 's very hot. The windows had just been opened during the day . We sleep all night with air conditioning. Only in the afternoon the windows were opened, when the heat dropped a little to ventilate.

And now I’ll come and we’ll be again, maybe if I turned on the air conditioner like that, all day. Because somewhere else it will be hot to poison. Somewhere around 39 degrees in Buenos Aires. Today, the streets are still empty for one simple reason.

We have a summer season and a summer season, basically two weeks of vacation . And every 15th , Saturday, Sunday, it's a change of season. So now those who were at sea or somewhere else on vacation, for example, will be returning in the evening, and the first kintsen was sitting, the first 15 days of February. And those who go to the second kintsen, that is, to the second 15 days of February, they started leaving yesterday, the day before yesterday . On such days, even before the evening, those who were on vacation did not return, and those who went on vacation for the next two weeks had already left. On such days

it turns out very empty in the city. And it's cool. See. Such days are to enjoy, but also hotter. So, do you write anything? So, oh, is it by taxi or remission? How about on a bus ? True, it's a two-hour drive. Well, I don't understand

what? Ah, on the bus, if at all on the bus, bus, yes, I don’t understand at all, on the bus, bus, yes, I already forgot about it. There are also buses, but I would not recommend. Well, I don't know, I didn't recommend it. I haven't ridden them in a very long time.

In the sense that the bus goes into all the holes there, it takes so long. Of course, maybe not two hours, but maybe two hours. What, some kind of car flew there , is it picking up something from the other side? Patrifying, a police car drove up, like a tow truck, probably. Some will be pulled.

I don’t know why, but, in general, there is a joke in this. And, here, probably, the dude came running, takes away. The police left him at the pedestrian crossing , they wanted to steal his car. It must have been someone who complained. Because when he leaves in front of the garage, and then he sat down, and this druva, which, well, a tow truck, does not work in this area, then the police come and drag it away.

They probably wanted to drag him away, but the man jumped out. Let's not argue with him now. So.

Lenin, tell me, what is the reason for the lack of respect of motorists for pedestrians? No one is allowed on the zebra. Yes, we have it. It has nothing to do with us.

Right hand rules don't really work. Just how is it here? Who is first is right. Well, it's kind of used to it. It's not that there's no respect or what.

Of course they pass. Not all, really. They also let you pass on the zebra, if you specifically go. Well, it's not like you're going to stand. You can stand. Three cars won't let through. The fourth, on the contrary, will stop

and will show that let's go, go. So, well, yes, it's true. There is such. That you will go out to pedestrian crossings, if you do not start moving, you will stand, then no one will stop and show you. Go there guys. This is true. This is what we have.

If you are driving there at the crossroads, like you're on the right, you think you have to perform there. But if he was the first to rush, well, as it were, even though he is on the left, then you better slow down, otherwise he is unlikely to perform there. Well, in a word, there are three of us . Present. Present. Strictly-strict traffic rules are not respected. I mean that you don’t always have to drive according to the rules, otherwise they can put you in another car. This is true.

Is it true that they don't go outside without sunscreen in Valentina? No it is not true. I go out in the evening and in the morning, and now I go without sunscreen. Here. Come out. But desirable, desirable. I would recommend, if you don't want to catch some skin cancer , something else, it would be better to use it. For example, I

have a jar at home, not even one, but two sunscreens. If I went to the park or whatever, we'd get smeared. And since I left early in the morning, at nine o’clock, and I think I’ll be back at about ten, then, of course, well, we didn’t get smeared. That is, I. And I also always have a can of sunscreen in my car . If I'm on some kind of fishing or something, then two or three times a day I have to smear. Because

you burn, and after that you will also get sick with all sorts of skin diseases. Because the sun is wildly hot. And yes. So I wouldn't recommend going out without sunscreen. Well, not to say that it doesn’t go out into the street right there. Now I'm

walking around without sunscreen. But now in half an hour I won't be here on the street anymore. I don't think I'll burn out yet. Now it's ten, twenty- seven, half past ten. I want to walk.

Australia. Second option. For the first ten years of their life, a child must live in Australia in order to obtain citizenship. They can do something similar to Australia. Well, that would be nice.

Well, basically, basically. I think they can. Now no one will directly change the Constitution wildly there. You know, after all, you can't change the Constitution so easily. But all sorts of restrictions can take away . Like a lizard regime. You don't need to change the Constitution for this

. Like, as they say, to give to a child, but not to give to parents. If they have not lived, for example, there are two years or three full years in Argentina. That is, the child, if it is required by the Constitution, I think that this will be given to the child immediately at birth.

But parents, it can lead that, let's say, parents have to live there, I don't know, legally for three years. After that, do not leave, and then get passports. This is what they can. That is, this does not require, as they say, referendums. There is no need to change the whole Constitution for this. To do this, it is enough to approve a resolution of some government there quickly there at some Congress there, in parliament.

This is done much easier and faster. When they want, laws are passed quickly here. When they want. So, as I understand it, we are doing it now , I am already looking where I have come. We are now making a circle around Chinatown and back to the car. And I'm going guys. So

ask your questions. Yes, please like. Please put likes. Prompt me. Childbirth in Russia, this is still a roulette. Every second.

Korozhenitsy make a case. In order not to spoil the statistics as a result of generic ones. Fine. Well, yes.

This, I understand that this is still a roulette. But for this, you know, I think, I think that if women in labor in Russia, I don’t think that they go all the way to Orientina, they spend here from 5 to 30 thousand dollars, after that, besides buying tickets, except who live to be saved from caesarean. I think that for such grandmas, if they offer such money to doctors in Russia , they are unlikely to do what they do not want. So, here I would argue with this question.

People spend fucking money to give birth here. Fucked up. Still, not everyone will spend money on tickets to fly here. Secondly, here helpers pay. Thirdly, then you still need to live during this period. So such grandmas to be saved from a caesarean, I doubt it.

So. Work for migrants without knowledge of the language. The point is, let's make a distinction. Work for migrants who do not know the language. The thing is, who do you call a migrant? Well, who is a migrant? A tourist who came without a visa for three months is considered a migrant, or what? No.

What kind of migrant is he? He is a tourist. In all countries, a tourist is not allowed to work. According to these, it is in any country. The tourist is not allowed to work. A tourist has the right to go to museums, restaurants, enjoy life, take pictures and that's it. Do you yourself think that since I arrived and am sitting here, it means that I am a migrant there? No.

There are no jobs like this. This time. Second. What do you mean I don't know the language? While you are a tourist, learn the language. Learn the language first. What do you want the whole of Argentina to learn Russian? To be a good migrant? No.

I also couldn't speak for seven months. I ran with a dictionary, then there were no translators like on the phone and everything else. He ran with a dictionary in his hands. I was looking for a job, part-time work and everything. But he made documents and studied the language endlessly. So no one here is obliged to adapt to the migrants, let alone tell the truth. Migrants, what are migrants?

On what basis is it an immigrant? Migrants who have received documents and all that, who have the right to work. And then, as he gets out, these are already tenths. Hello fishermen! We have a winter fishing season in Rosar itself. Oh damn, I'm jealous to be honest. We do not have winter fishing as such. We drown snowmobiles,

carry away on the ice in the open sea of ​​Okhotsk. But this does not stop anyone, as long as the spine goes. Here, thank you, thank you, fishermen.

The root is found only in the sky. Why is this spine only found in the sky? In my opinion, the root is found in a lot of places, guys. Salute you for having the Brazil-Paraguay Church join with you. Hello everyone from Nor-Argentina. Thank you very much. Now I will translate. In general, here you are

from Chaco they say that this is the most. Welcome to the North of Argentina. There, next to Paraguay and Brazil, Chaco invites you. Here's the man who's watching Gustavo, he said welcome to their Chaco. So you see, everyone is in Benesaeres.

Benesares. Here Chaco invites you. What Benesares. So, we approached Chinatown. Now we will go through them. Not everything is open early in the morning. It's only just beginning. Guys, this does not mean that if someone really wants, what I was saying does not mean at all that if someone really wants to stay in Argentina, then now he cannot stay there with a kelomboy and all that.

Who wants to really stay, live here, work, as they say, and just live and develop, in principle, there will be no barriers for this and all that. And the obstacles, I think, will be only for this business. And for the helpers who decided to do illegal business on this , and tourists do not have the right to do this.

Here. To live abroad like tourists, clean up according to documents and start here, as they say, to provide services, do business and get paid for it. If these helpers did everything for free, that would be a different question. It would be a gesture of goodwill, as they say, to their compatriots. This is one.

When these compatriots pay from 5 to 30 thousand dollars for this, that they arrived 3 months earlier, this is viewed in a completely different way by the Orientinsk government. This is seen as a type of fraud already and a prohibited activity in Argentina. Why is there no winter fishing? This is Antarctica. Have you seen anyone in Antarctica who sits over the hole and fires the spine? Antarctica, you know, how much from Buenos Aires? Antarctica from Buenos Aires somewhere in the region of 4 thousand kilometers. Guys, it's like you go to the other side of the earth, damn it. No.

We do not have winter fishing. And in general with us, I don’t know, I didn’t hear it at all. There is even ice somewhere, but I have never heard of winter fishing here. We are located in China area. You are considering. My friend, come to Sakhalin.

You'll be surprised if you've caught a root in the sky. Oh right. The language is quite simple. In some ways, it switches with Russian in structure. Language schools are both expensive and public. The recording is in progress.

The academic year is also correct. I say. If you want to live in this country, learn this language. Do not think that the whole country, wherever you want, will teach and adapt to you. It is you who should adapt to where you came, and not the country to suit you.

So yes, who said that it would not be difficult, no one said. It will be difficult, you have to learn the language, you have to try to communicate. He will never help anyone create their own collective farms. There will be no such type of my collective farm here , in this collective farm we will live among ourselves, boil, among ourselves, drive loot. And like it will be a separate state in Argentina. No. Argentina will not become a separate state.

First, everyone who learns the language will leave your collective farm. Your collective farm will become uninteresting. Not for this they went abroad, on the collective farm. Firstly. Secondly, the tax inspections of the Argentinean, in general, all your collective farms don't care. If you notice, those who live in Argentina, you go to some store like Cat for shopping and they ask you for a document number.

And what is this for? This is to the fact that under your document number the tax already knows how much money you spent. The time will come when you receive some Argentine document, you will be asked where the day is from. How much will you spend in stores, how much money is that. We don't see a tax report showing you paying for any earnings. So far, few people pay attention to this. I don't think anyone pays any attention. Everyone thinks

as always, that everyone is stupid, but they just don’t pay attention to the simple question that everything is registered and they ask for your document number everywhere when you spend some amounts. Come to Kota and buy for 30 thousand, for 20 thousand your document number. This is about the fact that the tax office then automatically calculated how much they spent, and asked where it came from. Now we will probably have to meet with our people somewhere . Maybe he's still sleeping at this time? No, I already met today.

I once wanted to get an orientation passport, because I really like the country, culture, nature. It is a pity that now because of the Russians it will be much more difficult to do. No, it won't be harder to do. Well, yes, it will be longer, I will look more carefully , that is, the basis and all that. It's true. Bye, now. Then maybe everything will settle down.

I think that eventually everything will come to an end and it will settle down. Something will be destroyed, someone will be imprisoned, someone will be deported, and everything will begin to yield. Everything will start to fall into place. Fish

are loaded and unloaded. They brought fish and all sorts of boxes in the trash. Chinese supermarkets are opening. Loaded like Sunday. Now the influx will come.

Vaughn, see? Well, depending on how you wanted to fall into it. I don't explain it. It's not like everyone is a dick, no one is screaming that no dick has come. For those who normally wanted to live here, I think there will be no special obstacles at all. Well, as for those who wanted to kind of stir up business here, I think that it is unlikely that they will succeed very much.

Here. Look, it's still blooming. Look, people speak English. This is all. What do you want us to have.

We have all. As they say. Oh, what the Chinese have drawn f

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