5 Days in Tokyo

5 Days in Tokyo

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After our trip to Osaka and Kyoto, we return to Tokyo, and spend our remaining time exploring the city. Revisiting old favorites, while seeking new experiences. - It's all hard - What are they? Oh. - I told you it's some kind of candy - It's all sugar Mm, mm, very sweet. A lot of sugar. - Thumbs up or down? Do you guys actually know that once upon a time I actually worked in a bubble tea shop.

Long, long, long time ago. Definitely gained some weight during that time. Just drinking all these different bubble teas.

I think I've probably drank like hundreds. I haven't had like a bubble tea ever since This is my first bubble tea since that time. I think it must be like 10 years ago or something like that. It's good, it's actually pretty good. I like it, it's sweet, it's nice. Can't complain.

All right, so we are back on the rooftop of the Mags Park building. This is where I said this was probably the best place to get a view of the Shibuya Crossing. However, there's a better place now, at least what I've seen, which is Shibuya Sky and we're gonna head over there tomorrow because we're planning to do it today but it was super packed already. Like everything was booked. You can only enter with a ticket. So you need like a ticket for a specific time slot.

So if you're planning to visit Shibuya Sky like we did and you just plan on showing up randomly, that's not gonna work. You wanna book in advance. You may need to get there a bit earlier if you wanna be there during sunset. So just be aware of that. Mags Park building is still here. Still really good view.

We're just waiting for before we head to our sushi restaurant reservation at Sushi Tokyo Ten. Looking forward to that. I think it's gonna be really, really good sushi. I've heard really good things about it. So yeah, see you there in a bit.

So we are on top of the rooftop access here at our hotel called One@Tokyo. The hotel's a very stylish, modern, newish hotel. But honestly, the best part about this hotel is the rooftop view because you get a very, very cool view of the Tokyo Skytree right behind me, if you can see right there. So we're just up here taking some photos of the Skytree. It's beautiful lit at night.

Lisa told me we can't actually drink here. This place is an obvious place to have a drink and enjoy the view. Right now it's winter, it's cold, it's wet. Yeah, during the warmer months, I would definitely be sitting up and chilling with a drink in hand. If it was allowed, that is. - The one I picked for myself.

- It's only available as hot. - Uh, expert. - Someone actually reads the menu All right, so we are headed to a small little temple and it's known for a lot of cats, a lot, a lot of cats. We just found the cat temple and look at the amount of kitty cats in this neighborhood. I think there must be hundreds, hundreds of them, hundreds.

We're on top of Shibuya Sky. Lots of people up here, almost sunset. A bit windy, naturally. Oh, the hair's gone, the hair's gone.

All right, we are in Akihabara. It's good to be back. It's time to nerd-out.

Find some souvenirs and all the kind of stuff for the fam back home. All right, so the first store we're heading into is Radio Kaikan. This is just floors upon floors of lots of anime and manga goodies. I think you could pretty much spend hours in here if you're really, really hardcore, but yeah, we're just gonna dive in and see what we can find. All right, so you're looking for retro games and you wanna purchase an old Gameboy or a Nintendo, Famicom, whatever, then the place to be is at Trader.

They have a floor entirely dedicated to old retro games. It's pretty cool. Alright, so we're done exploring Akihabara, we went to alot of different shops. We went to a cafe, a Monster Hunter cafe. We couldn't get in to the Final Fantasy cafe, it was booked the entire week while we were here, so. But if you're a bit more diligent in booking way before you come to Japan.

You can definitely visit the Eorzea Cafe, which is the Final Fantasy cafe that's here in Akihabara Around 10 in the morning right now. So we're not early, but we're also not very late. We are in Asakusa. Has a very historic old vibe to it.

Yeah, we do some exploring do some sightseeing and check out the neighborhood. There's a dragon down here Oh, regular, regular fortune. So like average, average life, average person.

Nice, you can keep this. - Yes. - All right, so we're inside the Art Aquarium right here in Ginza. It's very, very pretty. Recommended if you come anywhere near Ginza. It's a well worth the admission price.

It's very small, but not a lot of people here at the very least. So there's most definitely a lot of photo opportunities. And it's kind of like a mini teamLab to be honest, but with its own, you know, style to it. - Really didn't expect a lot from this. It's actually pretty good. It tastes like shrimp chips, I think or "Reje chips" as we call it in Danish Surprisingly okay, I would say.

All right, so we're standing right outside this very, I think pretty well known photo spot of the Tokyo Tower. Located right near a parking lot, basically. Done with some photos. So we're now gonna head to the Red Tokyo Tower, which is like their new sort of VR gaming kind of space. Excited to see how it is.

I saw some racing and I'm into some sim racing right now. It's my new kind of hobby. So looking forward to test out some of those racing simulators, especially the F1 one.

That's what I'm into now. You guys haven't seen Drive to Survive. That's what initially got me into it. I followed F1 when I was younger, but then kind of fell off.

Fast forward a few years, didn't really follow F1 until Drive to Survive on Netflix. Me and Lisa decided to check it out and now we're just addicted, I would say. We're just, yeah, I got my own like sim racing rig, a very humble kind of rig. Looking forward to check out the Red Tokyo and see if it's better than mine, probably is.

All right, so we're having some pancakes for breakfast, or should I call it late lunch, really. It looks really, really good. It makes me happy.

I think that's why it's called Happy Pancakes, right? It's really good Definitely recommend this for you guys, if you're in Tokyo or just anywhere where they have a Happy Pancakes location. Your feet will get wet in some spaces. Please take off your socks and tights in the longer area.

We're ready to head in to teamLab Planets. Let's go, it's super packed. There's a lot of people in here. All right, we are at Kura Sushi, conveyor belt sushi, where you can even play games after you finish like five plates. Once you've eaten five plates, you can put the five plates into like a spot. You get the chance to play a game.

And if you play a game and win the game, you get a Gachapon as a reward. Definitely different. I can see why people find it fun and interesting and why it's so popular here in Japan, at least among tourists, because I can definitely hear a lot of tourists around. So far, I mean, the sushi is always top quality here in Japan, even for conveyor belts. We lost the first game, the first game. So we got more plates, more plates.

- Round two. Ah, are you kidding me? - We have no luck right now. Two down. - I swear to God, luck is just not on our a side.

That's how it goes. That's how it goes. - You win some, you lose some, not much else can be done. Kura Sushi it's been a blast, moving on. That is our last day here in Tokyo, in Japan.

We do have a half day tomorrow that we're gonna spend, do a little bit of shopping before heading back to Copenhagen. But yeah, it's been a nice little trip, being back here in Japan and just doing the classic golden route, You know, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. We did have a quick sort of day trip visit to Hiroshima, but I think next time I do wanna spend a little bit more time there and visit some new places. And that's gonna come in autumn this next year. So yeah, hope you guys enjoyed our trip, right? And yeah, see you guys in the next one.

2023-07-29 12:00

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