3 Days 2 Nights Adventure In Lisu Hill Tribe Village (Breathtaking Landscape of Thailand)

3 Days 2 Nights Adventure In Lisu Hill Tribe Village  (Breathtaking Landscape of Thailand)

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this video is brought to you by Squarespace it's not hot it's perfect wow there's only us three on  this whole mountain this is   honestly the best sunrise I have ever seen so we left Chiang Mai this morning and we are  driving about 2.5 hours north to a quiet and   peaceful little homestay in the mountains in  the area of Chiang Dao and Chiang Dao is a   district in the Chiang Dao Province and we're  going to be staying here at this home stay for   two nights to just soak in the fresh mountain  air and enjoy the beauty of Northern Thailand   are you excited for this I'm very excited we're  almost there we're only 3 minutes away and I can   feel my ears are popping already me too cuz we're  so high up we have beautiful weather today too we   can see the mountains so clearly but I think at  night and in the morning it will get really cold I think it's this one right here up on  the hill you see that yeah look Akipu   Coffee coffee and camping and homestay wow  look how cute that looks look nice can park here this is so cute look do you see this  oh my goodness [Music] hi are you   going to be our friend we came to the  right place I like this place already so the people who run this place is from the  Lisu tribe I'm just reading up about the Lisu Hill   tribe people that are in Northern Thailand so it  said originally they are from Southwest China um   the exact origin is unknown but all of the Lisu  people currently living in Thailand came from   Myanmar and it is relatively certain that the  Lisu more or less followed the Salween River   Valley from Tibet through to China to Burma and  then made their way over to Northern Thailand   200 years ago I heard of Lisu Hill tribe before  but I didn't know that they're Chinese origin even though we're beside the main road  it's so quiet yeah cuz there's not a lot   of traffic here and it'll be even more quiet at  night time when trucks won't be driving these   roads cuz I think it would be quite  dangerous at night yeah I see another cat   up there oh my God oh I love this place the  perfect spot too you can kind of tell that   they're still building parts of this like  on this land is it quite new I'm not sure   we found it on Instagram we saw like beautiful  photos of this place but it's not like a well   reviewed place or anything like that maybe  because it's far away but I love it's so far so we found someone to help us check in  and she's just going to bring us to our   tent this is our tent we're  the only tent here we get this whole space   ourselves it's pretty epic yeah wow oh this  is amazing oh this is amazing and the pillows   are comfy and we have these blankets and  the inside of the tent here is very clean wow you can see the mountains just from here we  actually pay 1,200 Baht per person uh per night   and that includes excursions each day which he  will take us into the jungle later at 3:30 today   oh and then it includes breakfast and dinner for  1,200 Baht per person for a tent does seem like   a little much but because we basically don't  have to worry about anything it's like going   on a 2-day all inclusive tour so it's pretty  awesome but it's quiet here like we're the only   ones at the moment but even when it's full I  think they only take 12 guests per night for   now so we'll see maybe we'll be able to make  some friends not just make friends with cats it's not hot it's perfect this place has  so much potential I'm so excited for it   I mean we're here a bit early as in early of  the business it's not really fully finished   but it's quite exciting to be here like  this before it's like an Instagram thing   you know which is actually where  I found it actually on Instagram okay this is where the toilet and the  shower is this is really nice yeah here wow mountain view toilet is it done yet no but I think these are  um like guest rooms oh okay there's three   there's three guest rooms out here that  face that side of the mountain and then   like a deck area for you to sit so there's  two beds inside and then the same pillows   and blankets would you prefer the tent or would  you prefer this I prefer the tent take a look huh okay two beds simple bed but it's not about  the room it's the view that they're looking at   look at that yeah that's pretty nice too you ready  I'm ready we're going on our first excursion yeah   this is Nong Matt the owner of the place will show  us around you have to close your door first this is like an Isuzu off-road commercial wow this is so cool it's it's not even a  road he just made his own path what the I was so scared but I was  thinking he knows his land so it's it's good but   I was like there's so many trees in here and  he was just through the high grass like you   couldn't see the road look at that crazy real  quick once again thank you to Squarespace for   continuing to support our channel and for  creating an awesome platform for building   websites not only do they have award-winning  templates 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10% off your first purchase of a website  or domain now let's get back to the video he said he used to hike this a lot but it's  been a while now that's why all the path is   all covered up with leaves and grass and  he's clearing it as he goes I feel like uh   my shoes doesn't have much grip so be careful  quite slippery yeah it's crazy how high we are   look at that I don't think we've ever hiked  like this before in Thailand like right   on the top of the mountain and going like  straight downhill where we could just roll   down I'm walking really carefully just in case  cuz both our shoes aren't very good for grip so when we booked the place to stay Note did  get kind of a list of activities that the uh   owner said he was going to show us um but we  didn't know in what particular order so it's   quite nice to start off with a hike today and  it's the perfect day for a sunset cuz it is so   clear today in the sky um I think other excursions  are they have like a avocado farm um they're going   to make coffee make fire I don't know and I think  that's kind of the fun part about this is we have   two days here and we are just going to go of  the flow and see what you know living up here   in the mountain is like and experience nature  like the local Lisu tribe people experience it it's beautiful you get the full view of the mountain we have it's like vermicelli noodle stir  fried and omelette with rice and also a   soup but what kind of soup is this  oh homemade soup yeah potato soup potato and dill that's the first time I've had a potato  soup in Thailand this must be like a local   thing like the maybe like a Lisu people  recipe that's delicious I love dill I   like potatoes we have a lot of food yeah aside  from this we each get one of this and we have the   hot pot and the grill the grill is a bit  far for me so you have to grill the meat   for me okay this is the homemade plum  wine yeah oh it smells strong all right delicious wow three years three  years old umeshu and he doesn't   sell it yeah lucky he said he only  bring it out for special people oh that's really good yeah  we're going to be drunk tonight hey let's go to the tent are you cold yeah I'm so cold it's  16° wow but it feels like it's a 5° did you have a good dinner yeah that was  really nice I enjoy eating with everyone   like we were with the host his girlfriend  um also a family that's staying here for   two nights that they're from Phuket but  it was just so nice to eat together chat   it almost just feels like we're having dinner  with family you know family and friends and   tomorrow we're going to be waking up at 5am  so that we can make the sunrise I think Nong   Matt which is the the owner he will take us  to a special spot to see the sunrise together   yeah let's get into our sleeping bag and keep us  warm it's so I'm excited good night good night some coffee for you omelette and rice  for breakfast yeah nice and simple so we didn't make it for sunrise we just couldn't get up it was so comfy I had a  really nice sleep though mhm it was so comfortable   in the tent and this is nice too camping like this  but our initial plan was to have Rocket with   us if you've been following our videos Rocket  didn't make it here unfortunately but we have   good news Rocket is now getting help he's in a  he's in a rehab center right now so hopefully   fingers crossed that we might be able to bring  Rocket back on our next trip I miss Rocket me   too but I didn't miss Rocket when we were coming  up the hills here though I think that Richard is   a lot more reliable but Richard is boring yeah  it's too it's too easy with Richard you know we   were like let's go to Chiang Dao and we know we're  going to get to Chiang Dao yeah but with Rocket   it's like 50% chance we might not get to Chiang  Dao we might have stop on the way so Matt   is going to town and he asked us to come with him  to get supplies and stuff I think he's going to   get supplies to build stuff here but um I'm not  sure he probably going to take us somewhere too   okay I have no idea where we're going that's  cool I have nothing on my list for today so we're going to go to the National Park so uh 20 Baht for Thai people and  200 Baht for foreigners so you have   to pretend that you're Thai okay you know  what to say if they say what do you say one more time oh okay good wear  sunglasses too like this yeah we just had a quick lunch um with Nong Matt and  his girlfriend and now they've taken us to this   very local hot spring called Pong Arng did I  say it right and it's sort of a hidden gem   in this area it's not very busy it's pretty  cute we're on a nice little double dates and   it's so nice not having to plan anything we  just tag along and go wherever they take us   I think he's trying to fit in some like fun  things to do with us in the Chiang Dao area   before we head to the construction store yeah  that's actually the main purpose for him today   he has to grab some stuff from the store to  build more things at the campgrounds but yeah   we're happy to just be able to go to the local  places and see what they like to do in town I think I know why today is so  pleasant because it feels like   we have friends like we have friends to  hang out with usually it's just the two   of us but today we have friends we talk  we chill we go to places it's quite nice   come to Akipu if you're looking for some  friends friends for rent Hello Friends good morning ready for the sunrise yeah it's a 6:15 at the moment I think sunrise is  at 7 but we got to go early set up so   we can have coffee at the same time we're  hopping on uh the Villager's truck today wow sit in the back is good yeah I feel like today has been the coldest day out of all days hold on tight cuz there's  nothing behind us and we going uphill how are your ears it's okay I have I have  so many layers on right now I think I have   five layers on and a scarf and my hood  it's freezing cold my my hands are cold   oh this is going to be the most epic cup  of coffee we've ever had with this view I've never seen Doi Luang like that one day  will make it up there one day but right now   I'm loving the view of it that's incredible with  the different shades of orange you can still see   the stars in the sky wow wow factor like my  mind exploded I don't even know this is crazy oh wow toast and hot dogs wow Look at this condensed milk yummy this is honestly the best sunrise view I  have ever seen yeah with the whole mountain as   the main like backdrop is so crazy I even forgot  about the sun the sun's actually coming up now but the mountain kind of became the highlight  of this whole experience wow the sun's coming   up and you can see the rays go across the  whole landscape yeah let me try to take this   is crazy take the shot of the sunrise for you Chiang Dao is really really amazing   I've never seen this side of Chiang Dao like  this I feel like Doi Luang Chiang Dao the   mountain is so iconic of this place  that I'm so glad we went to Akipu to get   to experience it for sunset for sunrise  even driving up to Akipu we were already like wohhh this is the perfect end to our 2-day retreat in  the mountains that's what it really feels like

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